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									   February 14, 2012
   Superintendent Randy Clegg
   Burnsville-Eagan Savage Schools
   100 River Ridge Court, Burnsville MN 55337

   Dear Superintendent Clegg,
   This is a request for information and public records under the Minnesota Government Data Practices
Act. I’d like to inspect the following records:
   - The separation agreement between District 191 and Tania Zaverta Chance, human resources director,
approved Jan. 19, 2012.
   - All personnel records for Tania Zaverta Chance deemed public under the data practices act including:
employee identification number, gross salary, salary range, terms and conditions of employment, value of
pension and fringe benefits, job description, previous work experience and date of first and last
   - The existence, nature and status of any and all complaints or charges against Tania Zaverta Chance.
   - The final disposition of any disciplinary action together with the specific reasons for the action and
data or information documenting the basis of the action involving Tania Zaverta Chance.
   - Terms of any agreement settling any dispute arising out of employment, including any buyouts or
settlements. Please note, under Minnesota law, any settlement that involves the payment of more than
$10,000 in public money must included specific reasons for the agreement.
   - Any and all correspondence, written or digital, by district officials to staff members concerning Tania
Zaverta Chance’s employment status from September 2011 until February 2012.
   Whenever possible please make these documents available to me electronically and in a timely manner.
   If any portion of the request will be redacted, please notify me in advance in writing, including the
specific Data Practices Act citation, including section, subdivision and category that make this information
as private.
    I request a waiver of all fees since I am a reporter for Pioneer Press and the release of this data will
contribute significantly to the public understanding of the operations or activities of the Burnsville-Eagan-
Savage school district. If cost for this data will exceed $30, please provide a written estimate in advance of
filling this request.
   If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, you may contact me by phone at 651-
228-5557 or by email at cmagan@pioneerpress.com.


   Christopher Magan
   Reporter, Pioneer Press

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