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									Compagnie de Saint-Gobain SA


Compagnie de Saint-Gobain SA                                                  Financial Snapshot

                                                                              Operating Performance
Fast Facts
Headquarters Address
                                    18, avenue d'Alsace, Courbevoie, 92400,   The company reported revenue of US$59,997 million
                                    France                                    during the fiscal year 2012 (2012). The company's
                                                                              revenue declined at a compounded rate of 1.76%
Telephone                           + 33 1 47623000
                                                                              during 2008–2012, with an annual growth of 2.57%
                                                                              over 2011. In 2012, the company recorded an
Fax                                 + 33 1 47625207                           operating margin of 4.59%, as against 6.28% in 2011.

                                                                              Revenue and Margins
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange       SGO, Euronext Paris

Number of Employees                 187,891

Fiscal Year End                     December

Revenue (in US$ million)            59,997

SWOT Analysis

Strengths                           Weaknesses                                Return on Equity

Diversified geographical presence   Limited liquidity position                The company recorded a return on equity (ROE) of
                                                                              4.39% for the fiscal year 2012, as compared to its
                                                                              peers, SIG Plc (Ticker: SHI), Owens Corning (Ticker:
Enhanced financial leverage         Ongoing legal proceedings                 OC) and Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited
                                                                              (Ticker: 5202), which recorded ROEs of 3.72%, -
Strong market position                                                        0.54% and -1.75% respectively. Furthermore, the
                                                                              company reported an operating margin of 4.59% in
Opportunities                       Threats
Growth in French construction                                                 Return on Equity
                                    Significant skills shortage in Europe
materials industry

Strategic acquisitions              Stringent regulations

                                    Volatile input prices

                                                                              Liquidity Position

                                                                              The company reported a current ratio of 1.31 in 2012,
                                                                              as compared to its peers, SIG Plc, Owens Corning
                                                                              and Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited, which
                                                                              recorded current ratios of 1.66, 1.78 and 1.09
                                                                              respectively. As of December 2012, the company
                                                                              recorded cash and short-term investments of worth
                                                                              US$5,804 million, against US$2,406 million current
                                                                              debt. The company reported a debt to equity ratio of
                                                                              0.72 in 2012 as compared to its peers, SIG Plc,
                                                                              Owens Corning and Nippon Sheet Glass Company,
                                                                              Limited, which recorded debt to equity ratios of 0.40,
                                                                              0.59 and 2.44 respectively.


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Compagnie de Saint-Gobain SA


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