General terms and conditions of sale by xiagong0815


									General terms and conditions of sale

    1.   The buyer has to accept all included transactions without any reservation of our terms
         and conditions of sale and abandon any individual condition of sale.

    2.   Our catalogue and pricelists can not be considered as a fixed offer price for our models, parts
         and deliveries.

    3.   The prices are specified from departure from our warehouse situated in Ingelmunster
         (Belgium). The transport risks and responsibility are for the buyer of the goods. Te salesmen
         can’t be hold responsible under any circumstances.

    4.   The terms of delivery are only given as information and without any commitment by ZIZO
         NV. In case the goods aren’t delivered on the time from foreign countries, the salesman can’t
         be hold responsible under any circumstances and the sales agreement will take place.

    5.   All our invoices are affordable by delivery except for export products. These will be paid in
         advance together with the transport costs.

    6.   The sold products will become the property of the buyer after the full amount is paid. After
         handling over an unmarked cheque the delivered goods will stay the property of ZIZO NV
         until the full amount is paid.

    7.   Complaints concerning quality, quantity, conditions of the goods, must be reported written
         and registered and within 8 days after receiving the goods from ZIZO NV.

    8.   In case the buyer will not fulfil one of his obligations concerning his order or concerning the
         payment of the selling price, the salesman con make an interruption within 8 days after he
         has informed the buyer, in case of destruction or interruption of the transaction caused by the
         buyer, there is expressly agreed that:
               The salesman has the right to appropriate the advance paid by the buyer
               The compensation interests due by the buyer are fixed at an unchangeable amount
                   that equals 25% of the selling price, not included the possible additional cost.

    9.   Each invoice will be paid on its expiry day. Our invoices which are payable by delivery day
         have the same expiry day as the delivery day. By explicitly mentioned other agreement for
         example payment within 30 days, are below mentioned conditions used;
              By not payment within the determined period, we have the right to collect an
                  interest of 3% each month, due from the expiry day mentioned on the invoice.
                  In the case of non payment within 8 days after sending a reminder the invoice will
                  be increased with a fixed and unchangeable compensation of 15% of the amount of
                  the invoice and with a minimum of 125 euros. The salesman has the right not to
                  deliver all the other ordered goods until the outstanding invoices are paid.

    10. In case of a dispute concerning the contract, only the court of justice of Kortrijk is
        competent. Every cost resulting from the legal services of lawyers and bailiffs or from the
        legal proceedings are automatically to he debtor. Thus, the customer shall pay the total of the
        aforesaid fees plus total of his ZIZO debt as mentioned on the sale conditions.

    11. Mentioned on front site “general terms and conditions of sale on back side or on page 2 of
        this document”. These will be considered read and accepted by the buyer. These terms and
        conditions of sale are also on the order forms. Under any circumstances there will be no
        difference from these terms and conditions.

    12. All invoices are made in Euro and payments will be made in Euro.

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