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					                                            OASIS EMPOWERMENT CENTER
February 2012 Vol.9—Issue 2                      Setting People Free!                          An Outreach of Elim Pacific Ministries

     Giving our all to Jesus opens
                                                         Steady Progress!                                            she is the first Oasis
doors to the miraculous! Remem-                                                                                      graduate to now bene-
                                           When we welcomed our first ladies into the
ber when the little boy gave his                                                                                     fit from the Shelter +
                                           Oasis in January of 2004, we did not have
lunch to Jesus? Thousands of                                                                                         Care housing program.
                                           much to offer. We had renovated a pool hall
people got fed as a result. Even                                                                                     She and her daughter
                                           near a massage parlor and gambling den in
when it looks like what we have to                                                                                   Tabitha will be able to
                                           Harmon. The ladies would hear the loud music
offer is not all that significant, we                                                                                stay for up to three
                                           through the floor from the karaoke bar below
discover that God is able to do                                                                                      years. “Today I work
                                           but were safe and starting a new life in a sober
more with a surrendered young                                                                                        to help other women
                                           environment. Amanda was one of our first
                      worshipper                                                                                     find God and life clean
                                           ladies we worked with in those days. In the
                      than a well –                                                                                  and sober,” she said.
                                           midst of the different challenges she faced
                      trained       or                                                                               “Through God, Zion,
                                           then, and all the ups and downs, we are rejoic-
                      even a profi-                                                                                  and Oasis I can share
                                           ing with her in her new life she lives today.
                      cient person                                                                                   how I break through
                                           What’s more is that she is now helping others
                      of affluence.                                                                                  problems      and     the
                                           find freedom and victory as she serves on our
                      Fridays nights                                                                                 blessings I receive on a
                                           staff. In addition to being part of our recovery
                      we stared the                                                                                  daily basis. My daugh-
                                           ministry team, this month Amanda is moving
Fireplace to spend time with our                                                                                     ter and I have a great
                                           into her very own apartment. It’s not about
young adults and to focus on                                                                                         relationship now, in
                                           having good luck or finally getting a break in
making disciples. All we want to
                                           life. Amanda has had to make some very diffi-      fact my girl believes in me now and also has
do is to place what we have in His                                                            faith in God.” We are proud of you Amanda!
                                           cult choices as she has had to let go of things
hands and to watch him multiply it                                                            (See www.elimpacific.com for full testimony)
                                           that she used to try to hold on to in order to
and bless those around us.
                                           just to get by.                                               The Dream Project
   Mike Gibay is our missionary
                                               Amanda started                                 In Guam, more than 15% of the women are
from Yap and has been serving in
                                           using drugs and          More Miracles             unemployed and most of those who are
the Tondo area of Manila among
                                           alcohol at the ten- happen when we                 working are earning below the poverty wage!
people who scavenge out a living
                                           der age of eleven-                                 25% of Guam’s people survive on welfare.
around the dump there. This year
we have a goal to take some of
                                           years-old and con-       stop looking at           These statistics are overwhelming! Oasis is
                                           tinued for more                                    developing a much needed strategy to pro-
                                           than 30 years. She impossibilities &
our Oasis ladies on a mission trip
                                                                                              mote financial literacy that will lead to great-
to make a difference. Amazing
things are happening among us
                                           was at the point
                                           where she thought
                                                                  simply offer what           er opportunity. In February, Oasis partnered
                                                                                              with the Guam Small Business Development
as we spend time listening to God
                                           she was going to we have to Jesus                  Center and began the Micro-Credit Program
and offer Him the different things
                                           die from using                                     that teaches women how to develop a busi-
in our life. We are convinced that
                                           drugs and alcohol                                  ness plan among other important entrepre-
God does not need us to wait until
                                           and her friend recommended Oasis as a place        neurial skills. This is another facet of recov-
we have gotten it all together to
                                           where Amanda could find sobriety. “Zion Fel-       ery that we believe is part of what Jesus does
be involved with Him. All He asks
                                           lowship was the door to getting the very help I    in his work of restoration and making all
is that we put what we have into
                                           needed. I had no trust, faith and truly did not    things new. Oasis is a place where dreams
His hands to let it be blessed and
                                           know the real meaning of love,” Amanda said.       come true! Progress continues to open the
multiplied. Just think about what
                                           “Today I am a born again Christian and have        Oasis Boutique that will create more jobs for
all could happen if we trusted the
                                           been clean, sober, and happy for 20 months.        our women and gain practical work experi-
Lord with more of our lives, focus-
                                           Every bad habit Jesus Christ has removed           ence, while we bless the community. Come
ing on Him rather than on what
                                           from my body.” Amanda is now a caseworker          and join what’s happening at Oasis!
we see as our inadequacies!

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