Energy and breathing

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                                                Energy and breathing

Breathing plays an important role in our lives and in the great physical power, where the human can live without food and
                         But could not live without breathing more than 5 minutes max approx.

     Not much is known the correct way to breathe and most people use less than a third of the capacity of the lungs
Although the breathing air is free and made him God to us everywhere without restrictions Valtnevs proper cleaning device
                           Body in an effective manner by more than 15 times the normal way ..

                                                Types of breathing

                               The first type of breathing is the following: Breathing vacuum
 This method of breathing is that purify the blood cells of any impurities and to get to this way of breathing you can do the
                                                          following: _
                            1_ inhaled from the nose up to number 4 and the lungs fill with air

                                       2_ Keep the air inside Khusum to number 10

                                      3_ deflate slowly from the mouth up to number 5

              The second type of breathing is: breathing for power generation

                                         1_ inhaled from the nose up to number 4

                     2_ branch of the air from the mouth up to number 4 and if you turn off the candle

                                         3_ and then repeat this exercise 10 times

You have to practice exercises for breathing and breathing vacuum for power generation at least three times a day (in the
                                              morning, midday, and at night)

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