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									Help Yourself Study

       A guide inspired by Dr. Seuss
Vocabulosio Mimosio!
                                         Read it,
                                         Write it,
                                         Think it,
                                Crow Crout!…

    Use the words around it to figure it out!

“I commenced by inuring my body to hardship.”
                     Page 8, last paragraph, 3rd sentence

What better gift than info for free?

And to think
  you are even
    saving a tree!

  Outstanding Awards for achievement,
But put on your veils of bereavement.
     This little site charges, you see,
     Alas, you will have to pay a small fee.

To better understand your book,
Give this site a look!
                     You may be impressed
                   By this Frankenstein fest!
1931…oh what fun!

              It’s Alive!
                    And that’s no Jive!
The gore of 1994…

              A spin on the tale,
              That doth prevail
              Closer to the book
              Than any other schtouk.
To refresh your mind
       and prep you for Frankenstein,
             You should ask: what is a motif?
                   We will tell you! What a relief!

 Motif—any recurring element that may have
symbolic significance, or is a recurring idea or
        central argument or message
                 synonym: theme
            A symbol is a symbol itself
      While it may be something else…

Symbol—any aspect in a literary
 piece that is representative of
  something other than itself
Has anybody got a scheme
       For finding any sort of theme?

           Theme—a fundamental and often
       universal idea or message explored in a
      literary work; usually implied rather than
                   explicitly stated.
These themes might help you to know
   All that Frankenstein has to show!

           Human Accountability
           Social Alienation
           The Nature of Life Itself
  Walton hears a Who

   Characters in the story…
         Do you believe what they say?

Read about their glory!
And of the sins in their
 A What?

What is happening here and
What will happen soon?

Think about the stories you share,
And what they mean to you.
Where oh, where oh, where it’s at

Would the tale
fall flat?
  When did the hen make a friend?

   When in time is
     the story set?
What Meaning
From that can             Does it matter if
you get?                    it’s on a boat
                                or a goat?
                         Think about the
                         time it was
Ask why, oh why, oh me, oh my!

      Curiosity did not kill the cat,
           Words in history made him fat.

                    Ask why when you read
                    to learn what you ken

           Use this skill here,
           and then…
           use it again!
Quills and pages and inks,
oh my!
Canvas and paper one
can ply.

Twisting words on a dime,
Slowing and speeding or
warping the mind!
Active study
                     Use your noodle
           And a pen or pencil to doodle…
          Underline, star, highlight and circle.
       No matter if it red, green, yellow or purple!
Books to help you out,
what’s that all about?
Paradise Lost
  A story by John Milton
  That Mary Shelley built on
  An epic of Sixteeny Sixty Seven,
  (It’s not about Heaven!)

                       Two stories entwined
                       Adam and Eve leave The Garden behind.
                       Satan Poisons the Earth
                       While reveling in Hell’s Birth
Cute… but amounts to moot.
So our craft is not blighted,
Here are the Works Cited.
The Cast…
                                          Alicia the rhyming mileetia
                   Mistress Krys designed all this
Peter’s Pics Pulled the Presentation Powerfully
                                         Marky Mark on a library lark
             Morrigan opened the symbolic door again
Astra Assembled the likes of Adam and Angels
                                  Mohammad the study site shaman
                  Jason juggled a maze of movies

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