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					                                HOPEWELL HERALD

 November 2011                                      “The Church on the Hill”

       Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Franklin, Indiana

Dear Hopewell Family,
As we approach the three month mark of our being here with you all, I continue to
count it a great joy to be your Pastor. God has blessed us with growing
relationships with each other, and some moving experiences together. What a joy
it was to sing a new song together this past Sunday (Oct 23) as an active
response to the Word God had spoken to us through Jonah. I am grateful to
Meagan Hash for learning the song “Mighty To Save” and for leading us together.
I have shared with you how preaching my way through the book of Jonah has
brought me both conviction and inspiration. We serve a God who IS might to save,
and who’s heart is deeply concerned for people who are separated from Him.

Let me take a few moments to remind us of the four main messages that God has
given us from Jonah’s story. I want these truths to be clear in our minds as
together we declare to God that “You are The Boss of US”. The clear theme of
Jonah is that God wants us to surrender our lives to His purposes! These are the
messages for us to continue to reflect upon in our daily lives:
      We can run from God, but we can’t out run God. There is no place we can go,
       physically or figuratively where God cannot pursue us. God pursues us not
       to pay us back, but to bring us back.

      God is generous with His grace, but He is thorough with His discipline. God
       disciplines those whom he loves, not to pay us back but to bring us back!
       (Repetition intended).

      God uses every step of obedience [that we take] for His awesome purposes in the
       world. Every effort we can give the Lord He will use for His Good. Even the
       incredibly evil Ninevites repented of their violence before the Lord.

      God wants us to surrender to His will for not only our own lives, but also to His will
       for the world. The book of Jonah closes with a clear warning to avoid
       Jonah’s deepest sin, wanting the goodness of God to be exclusively for
       himself and his people. Our God wants us to learn to care about the things
       that God cares about, like lost and suffering people we live with every day.

As we move this month into Thanksgiving season, and then the Advent
preparations for the coming of our savior, it will be easy for us to slip quickly into
the sin of Jonah. I know that I am longing for our Moger family to celebrate our
first Thanksgiving at Hopewell, and I want all the blessings of God to be ours …
It’s not wrong to want good things, but it is easy to focus on that joy, and lose the
joy of being used by God to be a blessing to others. Any blessing God gives is
intended to bring Him Glory, and be a multiplying blessing to the whole world.
In that spirit lets be on the lookout for ways that we, individually and as a body of
Christ, can serve others in our midst, particularly caring for the poor, oppressed
and marginalized. We will be announcing some opportunities for giving to others,
but I would be delighted to have any of you who read this letter contact me, (or
any of our Elders) to suggest a way that we could be actively loving the world for
which Jesus our savior died.

May You all Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

In Jesus’ Love,

Pastor Brad

Family Game Night

We will be having another family game night at the church Friday, November 11 at 7:00
pm. You can contact Michelle Plummer with any questions.

New Address

Pastor Brad and Stan Poe put up our new mailbox. It is located near the
handicap entrance.
New address: 548 W 100 N, Franklin.

Nominating Committee

John Stevens, Chair              738-2575

Debbie Myers                     535-7982

Katrina Browning                 374-1517

Stan Poe                         736-9792

John Ditmars                     736-6909

Mae Rose Poynter                 736-1497

Jean Williams                    535-4553

The nominating committee can be found working hard to fill the positions needed to keep Hopewell
“working”. These positions include the following: Session, Trustees, and Deacons. Committees which
offer a variety of ways to serve include finance, missions, membership, worship & pulpit, auditing, and

If you would be interested in serving on a board or committee, please notify one of the members of this
year’s nominating committee. If you would like to nominate someone else, please check with that person
first and get with a member of the nominating committee .

Thank you in advance for serving our congregation. God has given each of us individual gifts. We are
called to use these gifts to serve him and each other. See where your gifts can best serve Hopewell.

A new ministry for World Outreach is taking shape in the EPC. It is prayer mobilization
for our missionaries and ministries. Each church is asked to participate in forming a
group of intercessors to pray specifically for those out on the field.

Esther Gelfius is our contact person and she has recruited 2 or 3 intercessors from our
church to be committed to praying for one hour each week exclusively for missions and
our missionaries. If you are interested in participating, please contact Esther.

We have e-mail contact with Ron Coody, a missionary in Central Asia since 1992, and
who has been serving in Istanbul, Turkey for the past nine years. People International is
Ron’s sending organization. This group has a close working relationship with EPC. Ron
and Jean Coody have a family of five boys. John, the eldest son, is in his second year of
college in Louisiana. Jean home schools the younger boys.

The Coody’s goal is to establish mature, Christ-centered believers who can reach and
teach others.
The Coody’s will be returning to the United States in 2012 and hopefully, will be able to
meet with us during that time and further explain the nature of their work.

They understand that at this time, Hopewell EPC is unable to give monetary support;
however, we will hold them in prayer for continued service in leading non-believers to

Penny Power
It’s Time to Start Thinking ‘Penny Power’!
We are collecting your pennies, coins, dollars and/or checks to support Penny Power.
The youth of our church will use this money to purchase Christmas gifts for needy
children in our community. A small thing like your change will help our children learn
the joy of giving to other children. We will collect until December 4.

Donna Harsch offered to prepare all remaining communions through 2011 with husband Paul. Any deacon
present on communion Sundays is asked to help clean up sanctuary if possible. Thanks Paul and Donna!

   A “New Members” class was formed in October. Classes are ongoing so
please let Pastor Brad know if you are interested in becoming a member of our
                                          church family.

Thank you to my church family for the thoughts & prayers during my illness
and a special thank you to Pastor Brad for the hospital visit. It would be so
hard to do it alone. I will be back in church as soon as I can. Norma Jean

Discover Indy Books
We still have the Discover Indy Books for sale in the church
office!! With just a few purchases you can get back your $25
investment. They also make great Christmas gifts.

Jan Demaree will now be updating our web page monthly. If you have a
meeting, etc. you would like on the web calendar, please email Jan at:

Please continue to keep the following people in your prayers:
Prayer Requests

Kaleb Buck                           Willard & Shirley Calvert
Kenny Fox                           Ben Kramer (mouth cancer)
Norma Jean Fox (brain aneurysm) Joe Hendrix
Julie (awaiting med. diagnosis)     Joni Heuchan Family
Charlie & Vivienne Henderson        Tom & Teresa Clark
Sandy Jarvis                        Chris Herron
Emma Curts                          Ryan, Trevor, Rylie Dow (Whitney’s family)
Lilliana Dennis                     Keith Zeiner
Bobby Mittlestrausser               Ann Calvert
Heidi Rhea                          Ben Beam
Erin Myers Fleck & Gabe Fleck       Samantha Trueblood
Vickie Burton (cerebral hemorrhage) Delmar May
Dakota Johnson                      Joe Williams
Jon Taylor (shingles)               Ruth Walters
Craig Stevenson (Carol’s brother) Bob Malinka

Kaleb Buck & Teresa Clark (tumors gone)
Fleck’s (baby coming)

Trustee Lock up duties for September: Milt Grissom
Deacon on call: Libby Findley
Helping Hands: Christmas decorations & Winter Clothing
Food Pantry: Pasta & Sauces
School Supplies: Art Boxes

Calendar Items:

        Nov 11, Friday             Family Fun Night                    7:00 pm
        Nov 13, Sunday             Trustees
                                   Sunday School                       9:30 am
                                   Worship Service                     10:35 am
                                   Youth Group
                                   Bible Study
        Nov 15, Tuesday            Session                             7:00 pm
        Nov 17, Thursday           Choir Practice                      7:00 pm
        Nov 20, Sunday             Membership
                                   Sunday School                       9:30 am
                                    Worship Service                10:35 am*
                                    Youth Group
                                    Bible Study
         Nov 21, Monday             New Member Class               7-8:30 pm
         Nov 27, Sunday             Sunday School                  9:30 am
                                    Communion Worship Service      10:35 am*
                                    1st Sunday of Advent

November Birthdays:
1st   John Ditmars
3rd   Andrea McGary
      Robert Henderson
5th   Darci Wertz
7th   Scott Causey
10th Austin Morefield
      Janet Washburn
      Brad Fox
13th Lily Dow
16th Carol Poe
      Mary Jane Wyrick
19th Lester Burton
      Jackson Henderson
20    Richard Clark
21st  Leona Burton
22nd Brady Dicken
24th Keith Fox

Attendance/Offering Information

October 2nd - Attendance: 123; Offering $982.00
October 9th - Attendance: 88; Offering $1,641.00
October 16th - Attendance: 86; Offering $1,725.00
October 23rd - Attendance: 98; Offering $1,136.00

Session minutes are posted on the Hallway Bulletin Board

Upcoming Flowers:

November 20th: Melinda Shaw in memory of Dorotha Phares, grandmother
Upcoming Liturgist:
November 20th       Katrina Browning
November 27th       Carol Poe

If you are interested in being a greeter or providing flowers, please see the
sign up sheets on the board in the side sanctuary room.

Please continue to send me newsletter items throughout the month. If you
have any pictures or newsworthy items, please share. As members of the
Hopewell family, we would love to hear your news or updates.

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