SSV Team Vic 12 years and under Australian Football Selection Guidelines - 2012 by ندىهوست


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                                     SSV STATE TEAM
                                  SELECTION GUIDELINES

                      Team: 12 years & under Australian Football
The School Sport Australia Australian Football Championships will be held in Adelaide, South Australia
from Saturday, 21st to Sunday, 29th July, 2012.

School Sport Australia Championships consist of educational and sporting components. Being a member of
a School Sport Victoria (SSV) State Team provides an opportunity to be involved in an all inclusive
educational and sporting excursion. All members of the selected team, whether students or team officials,
are expected to fulfil the responsibilities of being a Victorian Team Member.

A maximum of twenty three players will be selected for the team.

These responsibilities include:

      It is expected that nominees attend both trial sessions. If unable to attend one of the trial sessions,
       a nominee must contact SSV and advise that they will not be able to be present. It is in a
       nominee’s interest to attend both sessions.
      Attending all training sessions deemed compulsory by team management staff.
      Attending initial briefing session, uniform try on, uniform presentation and team photograph
      Travelling to and from the championship destination with all members of state team.
      Completing team documentation and returning same to team management by due date.
      Ensuring team membership invoice is paid by the due date.
      Attending all sessions of the School Sport Australia Championship, including the Opening and
       Closing Ceremonies and the excursion activity.
      Recognising that all School Sport Australia Championships are school activities, and that duty of
       care and decision-making regarding each team member’s participation in those activities or in
       preparation for those activities, is the responsibility of the team management / coaching staff.
      Team Officials ensuring that the selection process is fair and transparent, and that students,
       parents and teachers are made aware of this process
      Approximate Costs

 MINIMUM          $                                                                         $
 TOTAL            1,200.00                                         MAXIMUM COST             1,750.00
       (Admin + Compulsory)                                         (Admin + Compulsory + Optional)

 LESS RAFFLE         $600.00                                       LESS RAFFLE                  $600.00

 MINIMUM                                                                                        $
 COST                $ 600.00                                      MAXIMUM COST                 1,150.00

Team members will have the opportunity to raise funds with the sale of raffle tickets to the value of $600
to offset the cost.

Guidelines for selectors

      Comparable field time for all players.
      Opportunity to play in forward and backline as well as the midfield.
      Consideration of team composition so players from the same school or team are not advantaged
       over individual representatives.
      Where appropriate, concentrate on selecting players with generic skills rather than players for
       specific positions

Selectors are looking for:

      High standards in the basics or marking, handballing and kicking
           - Proficiency handballing and kicking with both sides of the body
           - Strong attack on the football with an ability to win possession
           - Ability to read the play, positioning themselves where they are of best value to the team
      Strong defensive skills such as tackling, smothering and blocking
           - Ability to play at high intensity for a prolonged period
           - Developed ability to dispose of the football to the benefit of team mates.
           - Attributes such as speed, strength, balance and agility
      Concentration / focus during play
      Fitness
      Ability to follow instructions
      Ability to control emotion
      Knowledgeable positional / tactical play
      Strong sense of team spirit / good sportsmanship
      Ability to communicate / cooperate with team mates / team official

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