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As The Philanthropy Advisory Board our purpose is to approve, monitor, and regulate all
  philanthropy events that any Greek chapter hosts on or off The University of Arizona
campus. It is also to ensure that all chapters of this university abide by our guidelines and
  rules, so that each chapter throwing an event can be successful. We are here to bring
back the true meaning of philanthropy, create a positive outlook of Greek Life to the U of
   A campus, and allow each chapter to remember the purpose of their event and how
                       simple it is to follow the rules we have set out.

                              BOARD GUIDELINES
   I.    Bi-monthly meetings will be mandatory by all board members. If a member is
      unable to attend they must give a 24 hour notice and are only allowed to miss 2
      meetings per semester. Each member must also wear their PAB polo shirt to all

   II.        If a member signs up to attend a philanthropy event, it is mandatory that they
          attend. If an emergency comes up they must find another board member to take
          their place at the event. Each member must wear their PAB polo shirt at any
          event they attend as well, in order to distinguish themselves from the others

   III.      Each member must be a member of Orgsync, and check it on regular basis.
          They must also keep an updated calendar with them of philanthropy events.

   IV.        Each member is to continue their membership on the board until they resign
          or graduate.

   V.        The Board is to never exceed 6 members.

   VI.        There will be an equal amount of men and women that sit on the board (unless
          the board allows an exception due to applicants available or qualification of
VII.       At any time there is a vote concerning a philanthropy event, no matter
   what the circumstances or number of board members present, there must be a
   2/3rds vote to pass any event or make any decisions.

VIII.      During the interview process any and all chapters will be contacted via an
   email to alert each president. In addition, each applicant will receive an interview,
   in which the entire board must be present. The board will chose new members
   based off of their application and interview, it will take a 2/3rds vote to allow a
   new member on the board.

                           CHAPTER GUIDELINES
I.      All chapters must follow their own council guidelines for philanthropy events
        in addition to PAB guidelines.

II.     All philanthropy events must be passed by at least 4 of the 6 board members.

III.    The responsibility lies on the chapters to attend the Philanthropy Advisory
        Board meetings. Meetings occur every other Tuesday at 6PM in the Greek
        Life Office.
        a. The chapter sponsoring the event must have their PAB Form submitted
            by Friday at 12:00noon the week before the PAB meeting they plan to

        b. The chapter president and philanthropy chair of each chapter is required to
           attend this meeting.

IV.     This meeting must take place at least 3 weeks prior to when the philanthropy
        is scheduled to occur.

V.      At least two of the board members will be required to attend the philanthropy
        event to ensure that the agreed upon standards are met and followed.

VI.     If two organizations are competing to have a similar event, the date will be
        awarded to the organization that has turned in their paperwork and met with
        the advisory board first. (This is to prevent the overlapping of events and
        promote the best attendance possible).

VII.    At minimum, 70% of the profits made during a chapter's philanthropy must be
        donated. Chapters are encouraged to donate 100% of the dollars raised but
        they may only use 30% of the money raised to recoup any costs for the event.

VIII.   Each chapter will be limited to having two philanthropy events per semester.
        These cannot roll over; meaning have one in the fall and three in the spring.
        This is to promote more hands-on service endeavors.
IX.    Side events for “points”:
       a. If a chapter is found to be giving points other than those presented to PAB
         as part of their event, they will be referred to Standards Board.

X.     Before a chapter holds any philanthropy event, of any kind, they must review
       all of these guidelines with their chapter and any individuals or clubs
       participating in the philanthropy. The hosting chapter must have each member
       sign the PAB statement of understanding.

                      IMPORTANT RULES FOR EVENTS
I. All skits must be videotaped. It is the responsibility of the hosting organization to
       tape all skits and to submit the tape to the FSP office with a completed PAB
       event recap form.

II. The maximum length for events is TWO DAYS.
       a. A chapter may have a 3 day event if one of those days in solely a service
          day. Meaning that only one of the three days the host chapter and
          participating chapter will take part in a service event. This service
          component must be registered with PAB.

III. Events can only take place between 4pm – 9pm Thursdays and can only be a
        percentage night or dinner. Events can only take place after 4pm on Fridays
        and any time on Saturdays and Sundays.
        a. Events that only involve the sponsoring chapter’s members may occur out
            of the designated hours if registered with PAB.
        b. If there are no available dates, Thursdays may be taken into consideration
            by PAB and be approved as a day for a chapter to hold an event.
        c. Any chapter hosting a 3 day event must start the event on Friday. No 3 day
            events can begin on a Thursday.

IV.    These events shall in no way be associated with the consumption or
       distribution (or co-sponsorship with a beverage supplier or company) of
       alcohol. If participants or members of the sponsoring chapter are visibly
       intoxicated the event will be shut down, and the sponsoring chapter will be
       sent to the Greek Standards Board. The same rules apply for illegal drug use.

V.     Events should be run in the best of taste and as a positive representation of
       Greek Life of campus. Therefore events should have no references to alcohol
       or drug use, nudity, racism, sexism, or any other such derogatory or
       inappropriate behavior.

VI.    Head-to-head competitive events can occur on a year to year basis. If a
       chapter host a safe and incident free head-to-head competitive event it may
       occur next year. Chapter events where individuals are injured or where
       altercations occur will not be able to host a head-to-head event at their next
VII.    In the event of a competition between chapters there should be no disparaging
        remarks made about other chapters. If this occurs the event will be shut down
        and both the sponsoring chapter and violating chapter will be sent to Greek
        Standards Board.
        a. This includes any disparaging remarks or foul words said about another
          chapter by host chapter members/coaches.

VII.    Furthermore, the coaches/host members are required to sign the PAB
        statement saying that they will not make demeaning comments about other
        chapters, pressuring participants, or offering incentives. If it is found that one
        has, their chapter will be referred to Standards Board.

VIII.   Other infractions are up to the judgment of the Philanthropy Advisory Board.

IX.     If a chapter would like to have parts of their event pre-viewed by the
        Philanthropy Advisory Board prior to their event they can arrange a time for a
        member of the board to come and check the event and offer advice.

                   WHAT TO BRING TO THE MEETINGS
I.      A completed P.A.B. form.

II.     Any marketing materials that are going to be used. This includes flyers,
        banner designs, T-Shirt designs, etc.

III.    Any liability forms that participants and/or chapter members will be required
        to sign.

IV.     A detailed list outlining the rules that will be implemented during the event.
        This includes the standards that participants and chapter members will be
        required to adhere to, judging rules, scoring, etc.

V.      A detailed copy of the philanthropy’s projected expenses and revenue with an
        explanation of how the chapter plans to cover these expenses, keeping in mind
        70% of the money raised during the philanthropy must be donated.

VI.     Copy of insurance certificate, if additional insurance was obtained for the

VII.    Any other documents that the sponsoring chapter deem necessary.

VIII.   If a chapter comes to the meeting unprepared the philanthropy will not be
        registered until the required documents are submitted. A chapter may be
        asked to come to the next meeting and present the philanthropy when they
        come prepared.

I.     If an event is deemed in bad taste, by at least 4 of the 6 P.A.B members, the
       board members will discuss the issue and submit a complaint to Standards
       Board, which will then be dealt with accordingly.

II.    If a chapter is suspected of hosting a philanthropy event without consulting
       our Philanthropy Advisory Board, they also will be sent to the Greek
       Standards Board.

III.   If a chapter is sanctioned by the Greek Standards Board, PAB recommends
       that the chapter’s sanctions include: the creation recommendations for
       possible philanthropy events that could take the place of the event that they
       have been sanctioned for hosting. These suggestions should be presented to
       the Philanthropy Advisory Board.

IV.    If a chapter is found to break these PAB guidelines, that chapter may be
       subject to suspension from holding any philanthropy events, and the period
       will be decided by the Greek Standards Board.

V.     Chapters will be required to fill out and turn in a completed Event Recap
       Form the Monday following their event. If the chapter's event included a skit,
       the tape from the event should also be submitted at this time. THIS IS
       MANDATORY, in order for the Philanthropy Advisory Board to evaluate the
       amount of money raised, ensure the correct allocations of funds, and record
       the successes/failures of each philanthropy event. Chapters that do not submit
       this will be referred to the Greek Standards Board.

VI.    Chapters are required to donate 70% of the money raised during their event to
       the organization that they chose. If it is found that they have not done so, they
       will be sent to the Greek Standards Board.

  At least 75% of my chapter members have read, understand, and signed the
  Philanthropy Advisory Board Guidelines, Sections I-III and will uphold the rules and
  regulations set forth. We understand that our chapter will be held responsible should
  any of the guidelines be broken.

  Chapter: ______________________________________

  Chapter President: ______________________________           Date: _____________

  Philanthropy Chair: _____________________________           Date: _____________

                                  Members Signatures:

________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________

________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________

________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________

________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________

________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________

________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________

________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________
________________________                                 ________________________
________________________   ________________________
________________________   ________________________
________________________   ________________________

________________________   ________________________
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________________________   ________________________
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