Catering Menu by J7YH69


									                                                       377-5000 phone
                 48 hour notice for items              377-5001 fax

Catering Menu – each item line feeds approx. 25 persons in buffet form

Smoked Salmon Platter                  $150

Cheese Platter                         $150

Fruit Platter                          $120

Dressed Micro green salad              $80

New Potato salad , no mayo             $80

Lentil and wild rice salad             $90

Artichoke, hearts of palm salad        $90

Nori Seaweed salad                     $120

Tomato and Mozzarella                  $125

Soba Noodle salad                      $130

Veggie platter with dips               $85

Dip with Crostinis                     $60

Pasta Salad                        $85
       Bowties w/ cherry tom and pesto
       Pesto and toasted pine nuts

Roasted Veggie platter                 $100

Mini quiche                                                 $2 each
Tuna bites with wasabi cream                                $3 each
BBQ Shrimp, Bacon and pineapple bites                       $2 each
Chicken or Pork Skewers                                     $3 each
Grilled Veggie skewers                                      $2 each
Smoked salmon, caviar on crostini                           $3ea
Tomato and fresh mozzarella bites                           $2ea
Chilled Soup shooters                                       $3ea
        -gaspacho, pumpkin curry soup
Goat cheese, eggplant and Smoked salmon roulades            $2ea
Pita chips topped with basil pesto and roasted peppers      $2ea
Sausage Bites and cheddar                                   $2ea
Beef tenderloin bites with mustard and horseradish dipping cream $2ea
Baguette slices topped with pesto, beef tenderloin, wasabi mustard and shaved parmesan
Greek salad skewers                                         $2ea
Mini Crab cakes with herb and lemon aioli                   $3ea
Crab cake stuffed mushrooms                                 $3ea
Balsamic Lamb loin with rosemary goat cheese                $3
Spinach and Feta filled Filo Pastry                         $2 ea

Soups:           5 QTS                 $85
                 10 QTS                $150
         price approx. will vary with soup type

         Curry Coconut Conch chowder
         Wild Mushroom
         Pumpkin Curry (cold or warm)
         Crab, roasted corn and pepper
         Plantain Bisque with lobster medallions

      Wraps/flatbreads                $10 each
      Sandwich                        $10 each
Balsamic and peppercorn caramelized Beef Tenderloin ***Price dependant on LBS

6-8 oz Cashew Herb crusted Grouper $15 each

Herb and lemon infused Salmon filet $15 each
6-8 oz.

Blackened chicken with pineapple topping               $15 each

Pies                                                   $45

American chocolate cake                                $45

Assorted brownies, muffins and cookies                        $1-2 each

Frosted Cupcakes                                       $3 each

Staffing: for event

       Chef           $100s/hour
       Servers        $30/hour each

Effective as of Sept 2008

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