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Examples for Hillary


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									        Burger King Fragrance

• “Hint of meat”
• www.firemeetsdesire.com
• $3.99 at Ricky’s or through the website
• Sold out both places - $73, $102, $150 “buy it
  now” on eBay
• After 12/25 - $39.99
PETA Fragrance
 Gore fragrance from Murder King

• evokes the actual aroma of rotting flesh
• each vial of the "eau de mort" contains a
  floating, glow-in-the-dark "maggot" and a
  dead cow on the label
• PETA launched a scent called Viscera in 2001
  directed at Vogue editor and fur proponent
  Anna Wintour
                What Am I?

• It’s the No. 1 health-related killer of women.
  There’s a month devoted to its awareness. A
  colorful icon is its symbol. Races, walks,
  products and promotions raise funds for it, and
  community organizations and corporate
  partnerships contribute millions of dollars for

              Heart Disease kills 12x more women.

                   Why is it given less attention?

•   Source: P. Andruss, “’Think Pink’ Awareness Much Higher than Threat,”
    Marketing News, February 15, 2006, p. 14/15.                            1-5
Pepsi Wordplay
    Motivation & New Year’s in New
• The company surveyed more than 2,000 Americans, as
  part of the Pepsi Optimism Project, or POP.
• 95 percent of millennials feel it's important for them to
  maintain a positive outlook on life.
• Pepsi partnered with MTV to encourage U.S.
  consumers to "broadcast their messages of optimism
  and hope for 2009" during the network's New Year's
  coverage in Times Square.
• The messages were broadcast between Dec. 28 and
  Dec. 31.
• Buttons, party favors, balloon launch
        Pepsi New Year’s Eve

• Ad
• Microsite
Other brands on the optimism train

• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsdE9WCd
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1NnyE6D
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq4nrmnq


• Similarity to Obama logo (intentional?)
• Frequent packaging changes
• Shallow understanding of target audience
• The commercial works the whole "let's have a positive new
  year!" routine a bit too hard. It's a lot like the beverage itself:
  Sweet and slightly elevating at first (owing to the caffeine, in
  the case of the drink), but a bit too syrupy overall and liable to
  leave behind a bitter aftertaste. Now don't get me wrong; the
  spot isn't actively bad. It's just uninspired and, to extend the
  cola metaphor, despite its peppy visuals and soundtrack,
  perhaps a tad flat. --David Gianatasio
          Video – Pepsi Logo

• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LU9cYzuqA0

Internal Memo


2007 and Old School Cans
              Packaging Changes
                                       “By changing designs so
                                  frequently, Pepsi runs the risk of
                                        confusing or alienating
                                   consumers who rely on familiar
                                   visual cues to find their favorite
                                    brands among a change sea of
                                  products, some marketing experts
                                                 say. ”
   “New school marketing says the brand
  must meet change with change. It must
stream with dynamism to stay in touch with
    dynamism. Thirty-five designs in a
year. This is precisely what the new school
       of marketing has in mind. ”
           Behavioral Targeting

• Behaviorally targeting Gen Y
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evBXWbcu9Ss
       In Class Partner Exercise

• Pair up with a member of the opposite sex.
  Select a deodorant brand that you use
  frequently and list the benefits you receive
  from using it. Without disclosing your list, ask
  your partner to do with the same. Compare the
  two lists and identify the implications for using
  benefit segmentation to market the two brands.
Gillette (P&G)
Axe (Unilever)
Old Spice (P&G)
Right Guard (Gillette  Dial 2006)
Speed Stick (Colgate-Palmolive)
Sure (P&G  Innovative)
Arm & Hammer (Church &
Tom’s of Maine (Colgate Palmolive
Degree (Unilever)
Trying to fill Gap left by Teen Spirit
when Mennen was acquired by C-P
Teen Spirit
Lady Speed Stick
Dove (Unilever)
Secret (P&G)
Beijing Olympics
Other Highjacked Logos
Ad Parodies
• Product Placement
• Packaging
  – Short & wide vs. tall and slender
  – Clear vs. Opaque jars/wrappers
  – Aroma and visibility
• Merchandising strategy
• Embeds
• Stereotypes
Classical Conditioning
We now associate this
      product with
   BK Boxers and Kellogg’s Hip Hop
             Street Wear
• "While people love        • A quarter of marketers
  Whopper they don't          polled said this was the
  want to parade around       "most inappropriate"
  in underwear that says      brand extension of the
  this is where I got my      year.
  big, fat, &$% from,"
  said Laura Ries or Ries
  & Ries.
More Hip Hop Streetwear
   Playboy Energy Drink and Rolling
           Stones Ice Wine
• Almost 80 percent of    • This legendary rock
  marketers gave thumbs     band certainly did not
  down to this beverage     score a hit with this
  extension.                licensing deal,
                            according to 86 percent
                            of marketers.

                                 $125 per
               Twinings Coffee

• Despite its
  strength in the tea
  category, some
  marketers felt
  Twinings didn't
  translate in the
  coffee arena.
Coppertone Sunglasses and Mr. Clean
   High Performance Car Wash
• Nearly a third of         • A quarter of marketers
  marketers named this        dubbed this the "best
  the "most innovative        line extension" of the
  and impactful extension     year.
  in harmony with the
  core brand."
           Campbell’s V8 Soup

• This beverage extension
  was given thumbs up by
  three quarters of
   Classical Conditioning or Operant
• Your car has a red, flashing light that blinks
  annoyingly if you start the car without buckling
  the seat belt. You become less likely to start the
  car without buckling the seat belt.
• Your romantic partner always uses the same
  shampoo. Soon, the smell of that shampoo makes
  you feel happy.
• A customer is satisfied with their shopping
  experience in your store. They want to return to
  your store.
The Power of Conformity
     Global vs. local strategy - KFC
•   Australia
•   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm1hSdyJbhM
•   South Africa
•   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGl7q29eVZ0
•   China
•   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By0akZIFIhQ
•   Malaysia
•   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAZsjWNTirE
•   UK
•   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC0jwUzIyrw
              Jack Daniels

• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XPCEXuqXvY
• Comparative ad based on distinctive
  Adjusting for Cultural Differences

 Japan: Those who       UK: Local “Peep
   brag lack class       Show” actors
Office casual has not   “Macs are smug,
    been adopted        preening tossers”
   Nerds are cool            8 to 14
    Creating and Understanding Needs,
              Wants, Motives
• Rolex/Lexus
• Post-It Notes

•   Benefit Segmentation
•   Projective Techniques
•   Focus Groups
•   Dichter - menace to free societies?

• “'I am not forcing anyone to do anything. I am
  simply exploring their motivations.' ''
• Put a tiger in your tank
• Be smart, get a new start with Ivory soap
• Interviewed people about why they take baths and
  why they use soap
• Lots of women told him that the Saturday night bath
  was very special: they said you never know what
  can happen, you have to be ready.
• Soap was more than soap, and a bath was more than
  a bath…
• cleansing ritual for many people, and he wrote a
  slogan keying into those feelings
               Response to Critics
• ''Suppose I were as devilish as some think I am,'' Dr.
  Dichter wrote: ‘’I make no secret of the fact that I
  obviously don't care whether Lever Bros. has a larger
  share of the market than Procter & Gamble. While I am
  engaged in a motivational study, I am a professional. I
  want to impress my client with how clever I am, but it
  goes deeper than that. Maybe I am a psychological Peter
  Falk. I observe the hidden clues; I listen with the third ear;
  I interpret. I see where others are too blind because they
  are too close to the trees. I find the solution and produce
  the sales increases. I have acted as a discoverer, as a
  general on the battlefield of free enterprise. If my
  candidate gets elected, I have a feeling of power.''
Tropicana Adjustments –
Brands shift message in response to
         economic factors
   NY Times, January 9, 2009
     Campaign Launches as “Premium”
              Foods Suffer
 • Costs more than made from concentrate counterparts
 • Emphasis on value: “For less than 50 cents, you can get an eight-
   ounce glass and start your day with two servings of fruit,” he added.
 • Longtime Tropicana symbol, a straw stuck in an orange that stood
   for the juice’s fresh taste disappears in favor of tall glass filled with
   Tropicana and an orange-colored twist cap atop large cartons that is
   shaped like a halved orange

Tropicana’s campaign has a new slogan to remind buyers that it is
    Emotional connection and Functional
• “The whole idea of ‘squeeze,’ ” Mr. Campbell said, is to play up
  “the functional benefit” of orange juice in providing fruit for
  people’s daily diets “and the emotional connection people have
  with Tropicana.”
• Squeeze “is the process by which we get our product and the
  hug, ‘my favorite,’ ‘my squeeze,’ ” said Peter Arnell, chairman
  and chief creative officer at Arnell.
• “There was this notion of owning a simple word that would
  communicate the love, the care, in this ‘Obama moment’ we’re
  all going through,” he added.
• Adding the phrase “it’s a natural” is intended to address the
  concerns over the sugar content, Mr. Arnell said, as is the focus
  on the new packaging of the phrase “100% orange pure &
• Help overcome challenges associated with sugar content?
Tropicana Discovers Some Buyers are
    Passionate About Packaging
• NY Times, 2/23
• Redesigned packaging is being discontinued
• Previous version will be brought back next month
• Consumers commented the new packaging is
  “ugly”, “stupid”, “resembles a generic bargain
  brand” or “a store brand”
• “Do any of these package-design people actually
  shop for orange juice? Because I do, and the new
  cartons stink.”
     Other places where companies
        responded to the masses
• People who complained were a fraction of the
  people who buy the product, but they were an
  important fraction – the most loyal customers
• The ad campaign will continue to run
• Ads will be updated in March
• $35 million on the “Squeeze” campaign
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ4yF4F74vc
• Facebook changes to policies (changed back)
• Motrin ad for women with pouches used Twitter
  to respond
     Relationship to Motivation

• True Colors
• Through Her Eyes
• Onslaught

• One Parody
   Can the same company appeal to
          different motives?
• Onslaught II
                      eGo Bikes

• What type of innovation?
• Conduct an innovation analysis of the product. What
  strategies should you undertake to enhance diffusion?
Diffusion Determinant   Diffusion Enhancement Strategies?

Relative advantage
Scrabble Redesign

Story from January 9, 2009
• wooden tiles, triple-word scores and beaucoup
  brainpower has “elitist” written all over it
• intellectual image would have to change to stop a
  sales slump
• “It looked like a mature brand,” said Steve
  Phillips, president of Phillips Design Group,
  Boston, the agency that handled the project. “The
  box was very plain and there was no emotional
  connection to the brand.”
• 84% of the population is familiar with it,
  according to company research
• While everyone knows Scrabble, not everyone is
  a fan; the brain game intimidates a portion of the
• Aging factor: Scrabble players are primarily
  between the ages of 35 and 49 years old and
  Hasbro had been having trouble getting new,
  younger players into the game
• “How do you make it fun and engage young
  people, who we need to grow the brand?”
                 Three Options
• The first one, “Every word counts,” was predicated on
  the inclusive idea that everyone’s a winner to
  counteract the game’s intimidation effect
• The second, “Every word spells fun,” stressed
  Scrabble’s play and social bonding aspects
• The third version, “Now it’s your turn,” was a
  straightforward appeal to youth and pitched Scrabble as
  “the word game for generation next.”
• For each of the three design directions, Phillips
  explored multiple box prototypes ranging from subtle
  tweaks to the current plain red ribbon version to wild
  diversions from Scrabble’s traditional look and feel
         What would you do?

• How would you reposition Scrabble to broaden
  its appeal among consumers like you?
• How would you avoid alienating fans and
• They have 84% brand awareness, but the
  image of the brand is not positive. Would you
  rather have low awareness or have to
  overcome a negative image? Defend your
• Design explorations centered on themes of
  “everybody winning,” “fun” and “youth”
• In the final design (left), Phillips decided to nix
  showing people on the packaging because it
  could be polarizing to buyers.
• Being a classic game, Scrabble had some equity
  that Hasbro didn’t want to alter. The brand’s red      Scrabble is
  heritage hue remained intact, while the familiar      also available
  typeface got some minor adjustments. Notably, it         on your
  lost some of its curlicue flourishes and the letter      iPhone
  “E” was changed to lowercase.
• Diamond edition
                Other Tactics
•   Annual Championship
•   Social Networks
•   Classroom program
•   What’s your word?

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