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					  Calling all History and Citizenship
     Teachers - Coming soon!
    World turned upside down!
   New English Civil War Outreach Activity for Key
  Stages 2 & 3 from Worcestershire County Museum.
       In partnership with
    Discover History and
Available from September 2010, this new activity looks at the
importance of the English Civil War in Worcestershire. Focusing on 4
contemporary dissenting groups (the Quakers, Ranters, Levellers and
Royalists) groups will explore 17th campaigning methods in a hands-on,
object rich activity; delivered by experienced, costumed Worcester
based historical interpreters - Discover History.

Campaign! Make an Impact is an innovative initiative led by the
British Library that uses history to inspire young people into active
citizenship. Young people explore historical campaigns, learn campaign
communication skills, and run their own campaigns about issues that
affect them today.

          For further information, please contact:
           Sue Pope on 01299 250416 or email:
                 Visit our website at:
for more information about our services for schools and
               downloadable resources.
Campaign! Make an Impact is being rolled-out as a national
programme by the British Library and MLA Council working partnership
over 2009-2011 and is funded through the DCMS/DCSF Strategic
Commissioning Programme

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