Introducing Carol Ann Duffy by lanyuehua


									Introducing Carol Ann Duffy
   "Poetry, like love, depends on a kind
    of recognition.
    So often with Duffy does the reader
    say, 'Yes, that's it exactly,'
    that she could well become the
    representative poet of the present
            Sean O'Brien in the Sunday Times
                   About her
 Born in Glasgow,
  Scotland in 1955
 She grew up in
  Staffordshire and went
  to University in Liverpool
 She now teaches at the
  University of Manchester
               Her poetry
 She had her first poem published when
  she was 18, called Fleshweathercock
 Her first collection of poetry for young
  readers was published in 1997
 She is the editor of the Poetry magazine
  AMBIT, presents on Radio 4 and writes for
  the Guardian
 She writes in the first person but takes on
  the persona of a usually fictional

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