What is the concept of secularism?

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					                   Let's talk about the concept of secularism and all information on the secular
                          ?Will Ntdrick first appeared when and where secularism emerged
                   Reared its head in the secular European life during the seventeenth century
   Different meanings according to the social and political status and their need for ideology, which made
                      her difficult because of the large number of definitions have the highest
       Secularism also went some of the book are words that give rise to more than Asilo given answers
      And sing more pronounced than in the mind and raises all religious and metaphysical Alaihouat and
                          moral, political and most importantly of all piece for us is the legal
                                       Will Ntdrj all information about the secular
                                     What is the secular Models for which we strive
                                           What is the definition of any secular
                       There are several variations on Mhom secular, but we will explain it all
It drew the eyes of some limited secular separation between political power and religious authority for any
                                                         religious AL
           While others see it: It is the exclusion of religion from public life, legislation and governance
           Which in other times: include denial of religion even from the field of humanitarian ethics and
   subcontractors to reach a form of ancient religion that does not see the creator of the universe and the
                                                    creator of an order
      At other times, they become a kind of mystical religion that makes religion a great place of evil and
    protect the poet and the religious rituals and allow freedom of worship, public and freedom of Allan for
 each doctrine without allowing the state apparatus to intervene in support of the doctrine over another, or
                 that allow the Sufi religious have an impact in the political system, social or legal
      If the recent Vision, which involves a degree of tolerance is a form of utopia and dream that secular
  regimes have failed to achieve if often tend to give priority to religious culture on the other, claiming that
                      such a culture, which stands next to it is part of the identity of the nation
    And then become religious freedom and falsely merely rhetoric in the constitutions full of dreams from
                                                         reality Tbatd
       The accuracy can be seen in the privacy issue of secularism, which characterized the political and
   religious life in Europe since the receipt of Christianity, which is represented in the acceptance of life in
         the form of a double: it is a civil and religious power and time, religious, humane and divine law
           And then be honest secular translation of such bilateral, which settled in the European mind
   It is the form for the distribution of roles, competencies and areas between what is and what is secular
If it is in a certain moment can be created as much of the discrepancy between what is religious and what
                                                           is secular
                           And what is humane and what is my God, which leads to crisis
That attempted to Western secular solutions to put her Is the problem lies in the bilateral lived community
                                     ?(EU) and Derbe Those that are represented
               Or is the dilemma lies behind the secular version of the same, which accept the first
                The idea of bilateral and duplication and trying to second order, and agreed upon
     Instead of searching for how to get rid of them and reach some kind of compatibility between the two
                           ?elements complement each other so that bilateral or contradict
    What concerns us in the piece is the legal side of any secular legal effect of any secular legal system,
                               especially in the west not only impact that we see today
      Vmalk does not bring us to recognize fully the problem or topic for those who do not see a problem
     Valghos in mind (EU) need to realize the limits of that language and meaning and importance and to
return to the origins of the historical is inevitable because it is a component of historic before it becomes a
  subject philosophically is the subject of philosophical before to be a legal issue, but we Finally, we have
        received in the field of law and we cross the bridges to tarry all to get to the real understanding of
                               Regardless of our position, positive or negative opinions

 I hope to be hard to inform you and will put very close to the legal recognition of secularism and secular
                                      finds all of the questions only

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