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By Rebecca, Alexis + Leanne!!
We have been learning…
What it means to be a Global Citizen
Understand where and how key decisions are made
Understand how we can make decisions in our own
Learn more about our own identity.

We visited London to learn more about the Houses of Parliament and
where decisions are made…
What else have we done?
We learnt about the Suffragettes

                       We played a bigger part in School Council and
                       Making decisions.

We wrote our own Manifestos

                  We decided what money in our school should be
                  spent on and created a budget. We had a debate.
           Our Trip To London.
1) We got on the virgin train
   at 8:50 at Stoke Station.
2) At 10:10 we got of the
   train at Euston, London.
3) Then we got on the tube
   on the way to Charing
4) We then walked all the
   way to Trafalgar Square.
   … … continued on the          On the
   next page.                    tube
 5) We then walked to
   Downing Street and we
   saw DAVID
5) We then walked to
Downing Street and we
6) Then we went to see Big
   Ben and The
CAMERON!!!!!!!!!!!! Houses Of
6) Then we went to see
Big Ben we went
7) Nextand The to see The
   London Eye and
Houses Of Parliament. The
   River Thames.
7) Next we went to see
The London Eye and
8) We stayed on the
The River Thames.Bridge and
   listened on the
8) We stayedto Big Ben
   chime. …Continued…
Westminster Bridge and
listened to Big Ben
chime. …Continued…
9) We then walked to St. James Park and had our
  lunch and some people had an ice-cream!
10) We then walked down to Buckingham Palace
  and the Queen was in!!!!!!!
11) Next we took the tube to Natural History
12) The we took the tube to Euston we got on the
  train and in no time we were home sweet
            London Facts
• When the Queens in the flag is up.
• The Queens last name is Windsor.
• The Queen has two birthdays.

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