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									                VENTURE SCHOLARS
                  2009 APPLICATION COVER SHEET
Eligibility: The Venture Scholars program awards up to $5,000 for tuition and related
educational expenses to seniors who plan to complete a one-to-three year career-focused
program at a community college or training institute, with the goal of entering the workforce
upon graduation. The Venture Scholars program is specifically not for "transfer students", those
students that plan on going on to a 4 year BS or BA program at college or university (e.g. PSU,
OSU, U of O, OHSU, etc.) after completing their studies at a community college. Applicants must
have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA. To maintain eligibility for the scholarship while in their
training program, students must take a full course load and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.

                        PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

Student Name ___________________________________________________

High School______________________________ Student ID#_____________

Check one:  Male       Female


City ____________________________State ______ Zip__________________

Phone (     )_____________________ Cell Phone (            )________________

Email address___________________________________________________

What is the best way to reach you?

High School graduation year _________ Cumulative GPA ______________

GPA in Career Path_______________ Career Goal______________________

School you plan to attend__________________________________________

Total number of Quarters or Semesters (circle one) required to complete your
certificate or degree____________

Specific name of the certificate or degree you will earn


Name of parent/legal guardian___________________________________________

Relationship to you: _________________________ Phone___________________
                VENTURE SCHOLARS
                               2009 APPLICATION

Student Name_________________________________________

1. Please type your answers on a separate sheet of paper.
2. Please use a maximum of four pages to answer all of the questions.
3. Please write in paragraph form and number each answer.

   1. Tell us about your career goal. What inspired you to choose this career? Please make
      sure that the career path you are choosing is one that you can achieve in community
      college or a career training program.

   2. Explain which school you plan on attending and why you have chosen the school.
      Please look up the classes that you will need to complete in order to receive your degree
      or certificate. State the total number of units that will be required as prerequisites and to
      complete your degree. State the month and year that you expect to receive your
      certificate or degree and the type of degree you will receive. Also state if there is a lottery
      to get into the program or a required test score or grade point average?

   3. What is your current high school grade point average? You must have a 2.5 overall GPA
      to be eligible for this scholarship (consideration will be given to students that have shown
      significant improvement over the last four terms). Also, tell us about your favorite high
      school subject (s), and why it is your favorite. Attach current transcript (available from
      the Counseling Office).

   4. Please tell us about any work experience you have had and any extra-curricular activities
      you have been involved in.

   5. Describe some of the skills that you already have that will help you succeed in your
      training program and your chosen career. (Some examples might be: computer repair,
      writing, word processing, money management, study skills).

   6. State your reasons for requesting this scholarship. Describe any circumstances the
      selection committee should consider, particularly those that establish financial need.
      (These include things like the number of people in your household, income of your
      supporting parents, etc. These applications are completely confidential.)

   7. Please enclose a letter of recommendation from a teacher/counselor, employer, clergy,
      or community leader.

      Turn in this sheet, your typed answers, and your filled-out Application
                      Cover Sheet to the Counseling Office.

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