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									Departing Edinburgh Airport on Wednesday 27th April on Flight FR7822 at 14:05 and arrive in Torp at
16:50 Local Time

Departing Torp Airport on Monday 2nd May on Flight FR7821 at 17:15 and arrive in Edinburgh at
18:00 Local Time
Arriving in Torp Norway we are 68 miles South West of Oslo and approximitly 162 miles and 3 hours
shy of our next destination Bjelland (pronuced Beer-land). By getting the train to Bjelland the time of
the journey will cut considerable as will the distance
Arriving in Bjelland we then get a lift off the centres minibus from the train to the Village of Hessa
where the Adventure Norway centre is located on the Mandal River, which is grade 2/3.

                                   For more details visit the website.

                                      On arriving at the centre, ETA 20:00, we will be shown our
                                      camping ground/ Tepee we will be using for the duration of
                                      our visit, which will all be self catering. We will probably have
                                      a tour of the centre and then settle into dinner then bed after
                                      a long day of travel.

                                      On the Mandal River we can do the following sports:

                                             Rafting
                                             Canoeing
                                             Kayaking

                                      We are also able to do sports off the water such as:

                                             Climbing
                                             Abseiling
                                             Wire
                                             Hiking

Day trip

For a day trip we could do some paddling 25 miles North East of the centre on the Marnardal River,
highly regarded for salmon fishing.

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