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									One world essay


        As the technology develops, it affected to food as well. Technologically
made food is called Genetically Modified food. Nowadays, the GM food is the big
issue in our life because it either has positive or negative affects. Moreover, it
also impacts on global issues.

       Not long ago, many people know the GM food. Yet, still some do not know
the GM food and the process of it. The genetically engineered food is proceeding
from genetically modified organisms, which are one of the technique altars the
genetic of plants or animals. Therefore, inserting the different DNAs by genetic
engineering creates GM food. The GM food was created in early 1990s by
California Company. They created tomato which is called The first genetically
modified food is tomato in 1990. It was called FlavrSav. It stayed longer
freshness after being pickup. This crop was the first fruit which There are two
methods called Trangenesis and Cisgenesis. The trasgenesis is also known as the
transgenic plant. It’s a plant that has multiple or single genes which transferred
from the different breed. The other method Cisgenesis is artificially transferred
between organisms that could be grow properly.

         In the world, each and every have benefit and disbenefit. As a matter of
course, The genetically engineered food has positive and negative affects. The
GM food is benefits to the natural environment in several ways. they made the
production of bioherbicides and bioinsecticide. The bioherbicides helps
protecting the crops from the fungi. And the other production of bioinsecticde is
protecting the crops from the insect. So, these producing are very useful to keep
crops safe. The second advantage is benefits to human being. By using the
techniques, people make the fruits more tasty then the original crops. Not only
this, modified food able to make higher nutrients, yields and vitamins. For
example, the scientists can increase the vitamins or iron in rice. As the result,
people can get more nourishment from the GM food. And other positive affection
is reinstating viruses. The genetically engineered foods have abilities to immune
from the viruses. For example, the sweet potato that is genetically modified
could resistant to a virus that able to decimate the African harvest. However,
there are also the negative affections. First, it could be harmful to human health
for some reasons. It might causes allergen. No matter how, some many of
harmful factors care not yet found. The second disbenefit is it might be impact
the environment in negative ways. Even though the GM food produces the useful
productions to the environment, still it may harmful to the natural world. Some
could be damaged the genes by unexpected transfer of transgenes through cross-
pollination. This might produces baleful organisms like soil microbes. It causes
the loss of habitant for animals or plants. The last negative affect is this could be
illegal to the thought of Gods. Some people think that is not a good way to make
food by mixing genes. The GM food is changing the values of natural organisms
that are breaking of natural rules. Therefore, GM food has advantages and
     The GM food is one of the hot issues in the world. Mostly, the world concern
on making the engineered modified food. The one of issue is ethical issues. The
use of transferred gene to make GM food might be damaging the ecosystems for
all living thing. For example, if the cow eats the GM food, then the cow might
have problem of their hormones could be growing with defections. For some
places think using gene from animals in foods may break the natural rules to
religious and philosophical problems. For example, eating the genetically
engineered food might be illegal to other cultural groups. There is also other
issue to economics. The GM food affected on many markets and even it desired
the global trade. However, it concerns to patent.
As a new kind of GM food found, the farmers are having problem with the prices
about the seeds for operations and some countries that producing the farms
might not able to afford to grow new GM crops.

        The GM food represents development and improvement of biotechnology.
It has either advantage or disadvantage. And it also influenced to the global
issues as well in profits and concerning.

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