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					                                   British Food
British food is very particular.
Roast beef and fish and chips are traditional British dishes, but British people also eat
food from many different countries.
British people eat more fast food than other countries in Europe. Fast food often has a
lot of fat and sugar, which is unhealthy More people are now overweight because
they eat too much fast food.

The sandwich is a British invention.It is the number one fast food in Britain. Many
people have a sandwich with different types of bread and with more unusual
Pasta and pizza are very popular. However the British often cook pasta for a long
time so that it is soft. Most people buy pizzas from the market and then cook them at
                            Chinese and Indian food is very popular and there are
                            takeaway restaurants in many towns.They sells hot food
                            that you take with you to eat at home. Also Italian takeaway
                            restaurants are popular.

Health food restaurants that sell organic food are popular with lots of people.Schools
teach children about healthy and unhealthy food.
At Christmas people eat a roast turkey and mince pies with family.
“Shrove Tuesday” is the Tuesday that is 40 days before Easter. It is also called
“Pancake Day” because the tradition is to eat all the fatty food in ftridge, before Lent
starts. To make pancakes people use eggs and butter. One of the traditions is a
pancake race.They wear an apron and toss their pancake three times in the race.

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