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									Compact Fluorescent Savings -- Replacement of incandescent lamps with
compact fluorescent lamps, during Scheduled Maintenance or at Failure.

Note: (1) Energy savings of 70% for each lamp type have been assumed in upgrading from an incandescent to fl
70% is a typical value, and means that a 100 W incandescent lamp could be replaced by a 30 W fluorescent lam
(2) Fluorescent lamps are more expensive that incandescent lamps. It is assumed that over the life-span of a com
the cost of a required number of incandescent lamps (to light for that time span) would equal the cost of the com
(3) No labor costs are included because replacement is assumed to occur at failure.
(4) If you enter "0" for a quantity, you do not have to enter any other data on that line.

               Lamp Types                      Nominal        Quantity      Total Power for
                                               Wattage                        each Lamp
                                                                              Type (kW)
Lamp #1:                                           60             10              0.60
Lamp #2:                                           75             20              1.50
Lamp #3:                                          100              1              0.10
Lamp #4:                                          150             40              6.00
Totals                                                            71              8.20

Energy Cost in cents/kWh:                                               7
Total Energy Saved per Year (kWh):                                  16540
Total Cost Savings for One Year's operation (dollars):          $1,157.81
Estimated Total Implementation Cost                                    $0
Simple Payback Period (years)                                  Immediate

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 ding from an incandescent to fluorescent lamp.
aced by a 30 W fluorescent lamp with the same light output.
d that over the life-span of a compact fluorescent lamp
would equal the cost of the compact fluorescent lamp.

             Days per     Hours per     Total KWh     kWh Saved
              week in      Day in         used in      in One
             Operation    Operation      One Year        Year
                7            8             1747.2       1223.0
                7            8             4368.0       3057.6
                1            8              41.6         29.1
                7            8            17472.0      12230.4
                                          23628.8      16540.2

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