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      Women’s skin typically comes in three basic types. They either have, normal skin, dry, or oily. Dry skin does
      not shed as it should and those built-up layers of dead skin cells can feel rough and cause skin to look flaky
                                                         and dull.
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                                               Use and Purpose of Wrinkle Creams
                                                             By Melinda Dayton

   Anti wrinkle creams are effective skin care treatments for the face as it is been used to decrease fine
lines and moderate wrinkles. All these anti-wrinkle creams take action on your skin surface that will
make your skin soft and young looking. For most part, the wrinkle creams are intended to take away
the surface skin and then let fresh skin cells. Anti-wrinkle changes cannot be as striking as when
matched up to more severe treatments such as chemical peels and dermabrasion however.

 The results with these creams are not assured. What works well for one particular individual might not
work with another. A few anti wrinkle skin cream products do not work a all. Part of this quandary is
that lots of ingredients that are used in wrinkle cream products are not been subjected to thorough
research to confirm benefit they claim to give. This is of course, very frustrating for the individuals.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams

 Anti-wrinkle creams are special types of creams and moisturizers that are used to hide wrinkles on
your face, and make your skin smooth and supple with the intention that wrinkles do not form. The
wrinkles are result of the dry skin. They are also caused by contact to sun and wind, thus when skin is
correctly moisturized, it is possible that the wrinkles will not form again. Wrinkle creams also come in a
range of strengths, and perform many duties; thus knowing which kind of cream you require is useful
when you are shopping for the wrinkle creams.

 First compare the wrinkle creams quite a few times prior to making final choice, and make your
selection based on the skin type and amount of moisture that you require on your skin daily. You must
also base your choice on the improvement that you want to be done on your face. If you are buying
wrinkle creams to stop the signs of aging in the future, you need to select a different and more gentle
wrinkle cream. Naturally the younger you are, the better your long term results will be.

Price Comparisons

 Let us look at the difference between expensive wrinkle creams and cheap wrinkle creams. Besides
price, there may not be any difference as most of anti wrinkle creams are contract manufactured by
similar companies in certified laboratories. Look at the claims that are made by the companies such as
Stripeptin or Strivectin. They all will quote same exact research. I have also taken tours of

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manufacturing services and have seen lots of competing products in the market that are lined up next
to one another.

 If you pay more than $250 for wrinkle serum or lotion, then time has come to stop it. If you are been
forced to use certain companies - then it is the time to look somewhere else! Just because anti wrinkle
cream is pricey does not mean that it will work. There are lots of anti wrinkle creams obtainable that
have the similar ingredients, similar quality ingredients, which are manufactured by the same company.

Melinda Dayton is a skin care specialist and works with retailers like http://www.prowrinklecream.com
to help promote their wrinkle cream and wrinkle treatment products.

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                                      Wrinkle Cream: Giving You The Youthful Looks!
                                                      By Joey River

 Wrinkle creams offer all those women who do not want wrinkles to show on their face, a great relief.
Wrinkles are an indication of aging and something that no woman would accept. Today, with the
advancement in science, we find that we have the most effective range of wrinkle creams than ever
before. Wrinkle creams are available for all types of skin and weather.

The reason behind why we get wrinkles is aging. Wrinkles are more conspicuous after we reach the
age of forty. These keep on growing more and more after each decade passes, showing that we are
aging. Wrinkle creams are a harmless and healthy way to remove or reduce the wrinkles effectively.

As we age, skin starts losing its ability to retain moisture. This causes dryness of skin. This happens
especially on those parts of the body, which have been most exposed to the Sun. Also, as we age, not
just the moisture but the level of collagen also depletes in the skin. The rate at which dermal cells were
dividing and forming new cells, which kept the elasticity of the skin intact, also falls down; there is a
loss of elastin, which causes general loss of firmness of skin. This makes the skin look loose and thin,
the skin is not firm anymore.

There are several other treatments, other than wrinkle cream, which can restore your youthful looks.
These are the botox injections, face uplift. The problem with these treatments is that it requires a lot of
money for you to get the treatment done. Another thing is that it requires surgery which is neither
affordable nor very advisable.

Therefore, for all those who do not want to undergo surgery neither want to spend lot of money, wrinkle
creams offer the best respite. Wrinkle creams should be chosen with care and by making sure that
these are effective. There are many manufacturers of wrinkle creams today, though the number of
manufacturers is high, hardly a handful of them are able to fulfill the promises they make.

Buying wrinkle creams should be bought only after knowing the facts, wrinkle creams should be able to
remove dead skin cells and therefore it would be better if you choose one which contains alpha
hydroxyl acids. Secondly, the wrinkle cream should try to boost the production of collagen. When the
collagen production is restored, the skin will automatically retain moisture and help even out wrinkles.

There are different types of wrinkle cream for different skin types. It would be better and do you most
good if you bought the one according to your skin type.

Wrinkle cream is the best, safest and the most economical way to make wrinkles disappear, some of
these creams with their composition of natural extracts and skin improving formula might be able to
give your skin a beautiful glow. Now you can look as young as you are at heart with the help of the new
wrinkle cream.

Find more information about wrinkle removal and wrinkle cream in http://www.anti-wrinkle-cream.ws/

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