Using Blood Pressure Monitors To Maintain Your Health

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    High blood pressure is an extremely important concern in human medicine. High stress lifestyle, smoking, and
         high salt diet all contribute to this potentially dangerous condition and virtually everyone in the U.S.
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                                         Relief Yourself From High Blood Pressure
                                                       By Kritnaphat N.

   High blood pressure could suffer you very much as it can lead you plenty of diseases such as heart
attack, renal diseases and so on. To protect is the best choice of us. Anyway if you are having high
blood pressure problem, do not be worry as there are many high blood pressure treatments.

 Many people are diagnosed these days with high blood pressure problem, which is a direct reflection
on an unhealthy lifestyle that we tend to lead. With companies pushing employees to do more and
more, annual raises getting less and less, and the threat of unemployment if you push back, it is no
wonder that high blood pressure problem is a common ailment that people complain about.

 There are many blood pressure treatments; you should really consider natural remedies, as well as a
lifestyle change, to more effectively combat this problem. Based on the effectiveness shown, even
doctors and researchers are beginning to lean in this direction.

 A balanced diet is the one choice of high blood treatment which if done correctly, will lower your blood
pressure and ease the problem of high blood pressure. There are a variety of foods that is natural high
blood treatment. Foods like fish with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids all play a role in dilating blood
vessels, relaxing muscles, and overall allowing more efficient blood flow in your body.

 Vegetables are also good for a high blood pressure treatment and vegetarians have strikingly lower
blood pressure. Vegetables should preferably be taken raw. If they are cooked, it should be ensured
that their natural juices are not burnt in the process of cooking. Vegetables like cucumber, carrot,
tomato, onion, radish, cabbage and spinach are best taken in their raw form. The intake of salt should
be restricted; in any case it should not be taken more than four grams or half a teaspoon a day. Baking
powder, containing sodium carbonate, should also be avoided.

 Garlic is regarded as one of the most effective high blood pressure treatment. The pressure and
tension are reduced because it has the power to ease the spasm of the small arteries. Garlic also
slows the pulse and modifies the heart rhythm, besides relieving the symptoms of dizziness,
numbness, and shortness of breath and the formation of gas within the digestive tract. The average
dosage should be two to three capsules a day to make a dent in the blood pressure.

 The use of olive oil in diet may support high blood pressure treatment. Middle aged men with high
blood pressure a few years ago concluded that the amount of monounsaturated fat in three

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tablespoons of olive oil a day could lower systolic pressure about nine points and diastolic pressure
about six points. More remarkable, a study found that a mere two-thirds of a tablespoon of olive oil
daily reduced blood pressure by about five systolic points and four diastolic points in men.

 For high blood pressure and stress, you may also want to consider the health and medical benefits of
aromatherapy, as an alternative way of high blood pressure treatment, which not only helps with your
mental state to relax you, but has also been proven to help from a medical perspective.

 So the high blood pressure treatments mostly include a mix of medication and a disciplined lifestyle.
Here it must be noted that none of high blood pressure treatment will work if taken independently.
Someone with high blood pressure treatment needs to follow the prescriptions punctually meanwhile
adopting a health lifestyle marked by a controlled diet and regular workout or physical exercise.

 Finally, one must also realize that an existing issue of high blood pressure could be aggravated by
activities like smoking, drinking, and medicines containing steroids. Therefore, high blood pressure
treatment is to take care to avoid such things as well from one’s daily activities.

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                                Using Blood Pressure Monitors To Maintain Your Health
                                                        By Mike Yeager

Using Blood Pressure Monitors To Maintain Your Health
 by: Mike Yeager

Many people today realize the importance of keeping their blood pressure under control. Blood
pressure monitors are now available for home use. It’s a piece of medical equipment that can provide
both you and your health care provider with an accurate measure of how your blood pressure is
responding to diet, exercise and medication. Many medical supplies outlets offer blood pressure
monitors that are simple and easy to use.

For some people the thought of going to their Dr.’s office for a blood pressure reading is enough to
send their pressure through the roof. That’s one of the advantages of having your own blood pressure
cuff right in their own home. They can use the blood pressure cuff at their own convenience and get a
more accurate reading.

High blood pressure can be caused by many different factors such as weight, diet and heredity. If you
have an elevated pressure then having your own blood pressure monitors available can be very

Mike Yeager

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