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                                           Reduce Smoking to Avoid Smoking Wrinkles!
                                                                    By Ray A. Rubio

  Are you a smoker? Are you concerned of how quickly age seems to be creeping up on you? If you
were aware of the fact that smoking is the second quickest way of making yourself look older, would
you still continue smoking? Do me a favor. Go look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see. If
you see a “smoker’s face” – that is, a pale, grey, wrinkled face – then you need to stop smoking and
continue reading. If you’re interested in avoiding smoking wrinkles, read on.

 In 1965, a study was conducted on the effects smoking has on skin aging. It was then that a
phenomenon aptly named “smoker’s face” was first identified. Since then it has been widely accepted
that smokers look older than non-smokers because of the damage caused on the skin from smoking.
In fact, according to the Chief Medical Officer of the United Kingdom, smoking adds anywhere between
10 to 20 years to your natural age.

 So what exactly is a smoking wrinkle? Have you noticed how a smoker reacts to a puff of cigarette, to
that deep draw of nicotine-laced smoke each time he or she lights up? They would pucker up to draw
from the cigarette, and when that nicotine smoke hits their lungs – usually during that first cigarette in
the mornings – they squint at the sensation. Do that for years and soon wrinkles will develop around
the eyes and lips from the continual repetitions, day in, day out. These very wrinkles are called
smoking wrinkles, and make up part of the “smoker’s face”.

 Over time, after years and years of smoking, you can expect several things. First, a loss of skin vitality;
your face will lose its natural glow and seem dull, and your skin will become discolored, and even
ashen if your complexion was fair and white. Wrinkles will deepen around the eyes and mouth, thanks
to the continual puckering-and-squinting-effect from smoking. And lastly, while everyone your own age
actually looks their age, you’ll seem like their older sibling… or worse, their parent.

 Of course, there is no way for you to turn back the clock and reverse the damage that has already
been done by years of smoking. However, you can prevent further damage by reducing the number of
cigarettes you smoke. Better yet, quit completely and stop any additional and unnecessary damage to
your skin. Sure, you might not see any (or enough) signs of damage now, but keep in mind that some
damage will not immediately be apparent.

Do not assume that it will never happen to you.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Because chances are, if you smoke long enough, the effects of smoking will creep up on you
eventually, and by the time they do, it would already have been too late to start regretting it.

 If you’re a smoker, the one crucial thing you have to remember is to halt the damage you’re doing to
your own skin. With a proper diet and anti aging skin care, you will have a better chance of looking
much better than if you had carried on being a smoker. So do the sensible thing: Avoid cigarettes, and
avoid smoking wrinkles.

Ray A. Rubio is a skin care specialist providing advice on choosing the best wrinkle cream for you.
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                         All about the effects and how to think when stopping smoking
                                                           By paul.goodguy

Before you can stop-smoking, you need to mentally prepare yourself. Many people who try to
stop-smoking fail because they have not been mentally prepared for the challenge that lies ahead.

Cigarette smoking is one of the most addictive substances there are. It does nothing to add to your
life. It had a foul odor, stinks up the house and your clothes, yellows your teeth and causes wrinkles
around your mouth.

On top of that, it is very unhealthy. It weakens your immune system and leads to diseases such as
cancer. It is one of the leading causes of heart disease, diseases of the circulatory system and lung
cancer. Clearly, there is no good reason to smoke. There are, however, many good reasons to

One thing that you can do to mentally prepare to stop-smoking is to tell friends and family of your plans
to quit the habit. Many people will feel uncomfortable failing in front of family and friends.

They will not want anyone to know that they were unable to stop-smoking. This is one good reason to
tell people. In addition to wanting to improve your health, you will not want to seem like a failure to
friends and family, so you might stick with it. This can help you over a craving for a cigarette or two.

Another thing that you can do to mentally prepare to stop-smoking is make some changes in your
lifestyle. If you go to a bar or bingo hall every week where there is smoking and all of your friends
smoke, are you going to be able to handle this without having a cigarette?

You might want to stay away from those places for a month or so and go to a fitness center instead.
Here you will be able to exercise, which will be even more beneficial to your health, instead of being
tempted to smoke.

If you live in a state where there are strict anti-smoking laws, it is easier to stop-smoking. You will not
be tempted to light up in a bar or anywhere else because these states have no smoking inside

If you live in an area where smoking inside of commercial buildings is still legal, you may have to avoid
places where you used to go to smoke, just until you have succeeded.

It can be very difficult to stop-smoking, but far from impossible. Each year, millions of people
accomplish this task and break free from the nicotine prison that they are in. They generally go on to
lead healthier lives.

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