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                              Microderma-What? Skin Resurfacing for the Beauty Novice
                                                                By JoAnne Daris

   If you’ve ever seen the Sex & the City episode during which Samantha Jones wears a widow-like
veil for days to hide her red, oozing and swollen facial skin after her chemical peel, you’ve likely been
scared away from doing any skin resurfacing treatments. However, there are many non-invasive
alternatives to skin resurfacing that don’t make you hide in the shadows for days or weeks just to look
a few years younger or get rid of a minor skin problem. Treatments like microdermabrasion, FotoFacial
skin rejuvenation, Skin Tightening and Affrim are all non-invasive options to help you look your best.


 Microdermabrasion is a simple alternative to more invasive options like chemical peels.
Microdermabrasion is very comfortable procedure and requires no anesthetic. The procedure also has
no downtime so it can even be done on your lunch hour. Most patients we treat will receive a series of
treatments so over time, the most visible effects are seen.

 To the beauty novice, microdermabrasion may sound more like something you’d find inside your
computer than something you’d get done to your face. Microdermabrasion is actually defined by the
American Society of Plastic Surgeons as a skin-freshening technique that repairs facial skin. The
aesthetic professionals that perform microdermabrasion use a device that sprays tiny crystals onto the
skin and uses suction to remove the crystals and dead skin the treatment removes. The treatment is
very similar to a deep exfoliation or deep facial.

 The easiest way to think about microdermabrasion is to equate it to a mini (and much gentler)
sandblaster for your face. Microdermabrasion is a very effective method of reducing fine lines and
wrinkles, dark spots on the surface of the skin, mild acne and even the appearance of scars.
Post-treatment, moisturizing the area treated is very important to help cell regeneration.

FotoFacial Skin Rejuvenation

 At our laser centers, we offer microdermbrasion in combination with our FotoFacial skin rejuvenation
treatment. FotoFacial skin rejuvenation produces superior results in reducing wrinkles, because it
delivers energy at both the top layer of the skin as well as deeper layers all while smoothing and toning
the skin. The FotoFacial treatment uses a combination of laser (light) energy and radio frequency to
target discolored skin areas, pigmented lesions, as well as stimulating the creation of new collagen.

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We couple the laser-based FotoFacial skin rejuvenation treatment with microdermabrasion to generate
additional collagen production beneath the skin surface, plumping the skin, creating a more even
texture and reducing fine lines and unwanted pigmentation.

Skin Tightening

 The newest capability in virtual facelifts comes in the form of a treatment called skin tightening. Skin
tightening is a non-invasive procedure helps remove wrinkles, tighten the skin and improve skin laxity
on the neck and face. Laser energy-based skin tightening boosts production of collagen that fills in
wrinkles at the jaw line; along the brow line; and around the eyes, mouth and cheeks. It’s a much more
comfortable process than injections of foreign materials like Botox or Restylane, yet generates similar
results. It can make wrinkles in the forehead disappear; helping to lift the brow line as well as iron out
dreaded Crow’s feet. It uses a natural method to restore young-looking skin.


 To complement the benefits of skin tightening, the Affirm treatment also helps reduce the slink flaws
caused by sun damage or acne, such as age spots and scarring. Affirm uses fractional laser
technology to smooth both scars and wrinkles, while evening out any uneven skin tone. Fractional
laser technology treats the skin by delivering tiny pinpoints of laser light in only a fraction of the area.
Healthy, untreated skin is left between the treated skin areas which help the skin heal fast and
minimize downtime. This treatment helps prefect the overall appearance of the skin, leaving you with
an even-toned, flawless appearance.

 Skin surface repair treatments can stave off wrinkles making plastic surgery unnecessary. These
types of treatments can give your skin a more youthful, fresh look but they cannot remove deep scars
or prevent aging so will require maintenance treatments for a consistent glow. When choosing a
treatment provider, look for someone who has before and after photos of patients they can share with
you, as well as thorough training in the most up-to-date treatments in skin resurfacing before starting
any new treatment regimen.

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cellulite reduction therapy company, with more than 220 locations in the United States. For more
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                  The Advantages Of Having A Skin Resurfacing Are Many And Valuable
                                                           By Amy Nutt

What can Skin Resurfacing do for Me?

 You may be wondering what are the advantages of having a skin resurfacing. Maybe your mind
wanders to the idea of having your face sandblasted with a power tool and that conjures up frightful
images. Skin resurfacing thankfully is a beneficial beautification procedure that doesn’t involve power
tools. Techniques are used to give your skin a dewier, more youthful attractiveness. Skin resurfacing
can be a splendid alternative to having a full face lift and going under the knife. It helps to eliminate
unsightly lines and wrinkles that may seem to have popped up overnight. It also assists with the overall
coloration of the skin and can rid the face of sun and age spots. The effects can last for quite some
time, and not require constant treatments.

What to Expect from Skin Resurfacing

- Disappearance of fine lines and many stubborn, unmovable wrinkles
- An enhanced, soft feel to the facial skin
- Freckling, odd pigmentation, and sun spots are lessened or eliminated
- Acne scars are minimized or completely removed
- Blood vessels at the skin’s surface are less visible keeping the face from appearing red constantly
- Lower eyelid wrinkles are lessened in severity
- The skin has an invigorated, healthy glow

When Will I have to have Skin Resurfacing Redone?

 Nobody can stop their skin from aging through any procedure. However, skin resurfacing is wonderful
for not requiring constant maintenance. The glowing effects of skin resurfacing can last for several
months causing one to appear younger with healthy-looking skin. A lot of times wrinkles and fine lines
such as furrowing of the brow are caused largely by people’s facial expressions. As time marches on to
its own drum, facial skin will again gain some of the wrinkles back just from living. At this point it will be
necessary to have the skin resurfacing treatment applied again.

Advantages of Skin Resurfacing over Plastic Surgery

 You may have though plastic surgery is the only answer to age-related changes in facial skin. That
simply is not the case. Surgery no matter how minor or major it is considered to be always involves a
level of risk. There’s always the chance that undergoing plastic surgery will have effects on
appearance that will be negative. What if the plastic surgeon isn’t all he or she is cracked up to be, and
you end up looking worse than if you never had the surgery? That damage may be irreparable.

 However, skin resurfacing treats the nagging issues that come along with aging skin with almost no
risk involved. It allows you to achieve the younger, healthier look your skin may have had twenty or
thirty years prior. The skin itself will appear more radiant and will have a glow that plastic surgery
doesn’t yield. Not to mention a surgery that involves incising of the skin does permanent damage. It
only takes the harsh appearance away from eyelid wrinkles and other skin aberrations, but doesn’t
eliminate it even though surgery was performed. Skin resurfacing helps to firm up areas that tend to

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sag and wrinkle such as eyelids.

Some of the complications involved with plastic surgery are:

- Fluid and blood collects under the skin
- A crust-like appearance to scars resulting from the surgery
- Pigmentation changes that are highly noticeable
- Infectious conditions
- Irreparable nerve damage
- A numbing sensation in the facial area
- Several weeks of experiencing bleeding, chronic pain, and swelling

 This is not an exhaustive list of complications for plastic surgery, but it gives you an idea of the risks
involved. It makes sense that skin resurfacing is a much better solution to the aesthetic needs of aging.
Skin resurfacing allows you to achieve the results you want without the risk and harm surgery can

At The Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, the combination of superior cosmetic results, virtual elimination of
discomfort, and decreased recovery time makes our laser the number-one choice for cosmetic laser
surgery and laser skin resurfacing. Visit us at

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