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                                                  Keeping Your Skin Looking Young
                                                              By Melinda Dayton

  Today’s contaminated environment is doing little to keep us looking healthy and fit. The fast and
busy lifestyle we have likewise add to the speed by which our body ages. Cosmetics companies have
capitalized on this and have come up with various formulations and treatments that promise to slow
down aging.

 One of the first visible signs of aging are facial wrinkles. You wake up one morning, look at yourself in
the mirror, and find yourself staring at a face marred with lines that have nothing to do with fabric
marks. Wrinkles form on your skin, usually around the eyes, mouth and neck, as you age. As skin gets
thinner, drier and less elastic from the breakdown of naturally occurring elastin and collagen, you are
more likely to develop wrinkles in the form of deep crevices or furrows. How long before your skin
shows any signs of aging depends on both environmental and biological factors. How early or late you
develop wrinkles is largely dependent on how well you take care of your skin today while you are still

 As sun exposure is one of the known causes of wrinkles, it is recommended that you protect your skin
from it. Ultraviolet light from the sun was found to speed up the natural aging process and cause
wrinkled and rough skin. Using a skin care product, particularly a daytime wrinkle cream, with sunblock
can help shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Use one that has a sun protection factor of at
least 15 and that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

 Keep your skin moisturized to prevent it from wrinkling. Correct levels of moisturizers can plump up
your skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines. While moisturizers do not really erase wrinkles,
a wrinkle cream with a good dose of moisturizers will greatly help keep your skin cells hydrated and
firm. Natural ingredients found in some wrinkle cream preparations like Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil
and sea-based Squalene are excellent moisturizers that keep skin smooth and flexible.

 Give your skin a chance to rejuvenate after a day’s share of “abuse.” Just as your body needs to rest
at the end of the day, your skin also needs some tender, loving care after a full day. Gently strip off
make-up from your skin and allow your skin to breathe. Cleanse and tone your face well and then use
a wrinkle cream with therapeutic properties. A wrinkle cream that is specially formulated for night time
use would have skin rejuvenating benefits. Sea-derived ingredients like Fucus Serratus and
Hyaluronan are known to have hydrating and skin cell renewal benefits. Hyaluronan acid, a natural

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

component of skin, aids in tissue repair, while Fucus Serratus contains amino acids that improves the
skin’s elasticity.

 Keeping your skin looking young and healthy is not rocket science. Using the right skin care products,
like a wrinkle cream that can be used for all skin types, can help you maintain your skin’s youthful
qualities. Find a wrinkle cream that contains natural ingredients that are less likely to harm your skin.
Choose a sthat is easy to use and convenient to integrate in your daily routine.

Melinda Dayton is a skin care specialist and works with retailers like
to help promote their wrinkle cream and wrinkle treatment products.

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                                     A Natural Skin Care Product Keeps You Young
                                                        By Mark Woodcock

 Young people have a big burden on their shoulders, and one of the most important things is that they
look after their skin. Start a good skin care routine when you're young and see the benefits when you're

For The Teens

A natural skin care product is important because it won't strip young, delicate skin of its surface layer.
Teens are often prone to acne and other skin problems and so a natural product is even more
important. Many young people don't know how to treat their skin properly and it can be hard knowing
how to take care of it. However, when you are young you can afford to experiment with a variety of
different products until you find the right one for your skin. In the world of natural skin care,
experimenting won't affect you, but it is advised that when you find the right product that you stick with
it so it can do some good.

The World Around You

Of course, you won't see instant results but a natural skin care product will gradually soothe and
replenish your skin, putting the moisture back in to those who suffer with severely dry skin. Youngsters
of today are growing up in much harsher conditions to years previous and it is therefore only expected
that the delicate skin will suffer a little. From living in polluted cities to being exposed to hot climates,
there are all sorts of things that can affect the delicate nature of the skin.

The Celebrity Look

Young people are always concerned with looking good and the media hype surrounding celebrities and
their perfect complexions can often encourage young girls in particular to aspire to the same. Flawless
skin is well-documented in the celebrity world and young girls want it too. However, when they look in
the mirror and see spots or suchlike then it can be hard for them to feel confident. It is for this reason
that a natural skin care product is worth a try. No harsh chemicals, no animal testing and gentle
enough for even the most delicate of skin, 100% natural products are definitely the way forward.

If you want to experience fresh faced youth again, find a natural skin care product that really will make
a difference and become a regular choice in your everyday skin care routine.

Mark Woodcock is an accomplished webmaster of a variety of different sites including the following
successful site:

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