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      Skin care products play a major role in maintaining the skin as glimmering and attractive. Skin care is a very
           complex issue which involves the subject to understand your skin and needs the light of changing
                                               environmental conditions.
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                                              How to Protect Your Skin From Ageing
                                                               By Louise Forrest

  In order to help prevent the skin from becoming dry it needs to be moisturised and this is even more
so as the skin starts to age, because when this process begins the glands with the skin are producing
fewer oils than previously.

 There are a number of reasons why a person can develop dry skin and it is not always possible to find
the reasons why. Some of the common reasons include exposing the skin to water for a long period of
time. This would happen when a person is taking a long hot bath or a long shower. A lot of people are
under the impression that water will help to keep the skin soft and supple, and there is nothing wrong
with this thought process, especially when you take into account the fact that the body is nearly 70%

 But sadly the opposite is the case, as this causes any essential oils to be stripped from the surface of
the skin and this is what will cause dryness to appear. If you do like to take your showers and your
baths you need to make sure that you are sealing in the moisture afterwards and in order to do this you
need to be using a good body lotion on the skin. This should be used when the surface of the skin is a
little damp so as to retain any moisture content. And this is the key to preventing the skin from
becoming dry.

 A lot of people find that their skin is one of their most prized assets and if the skin is not healthy then
this can cause a lot of people to have a level of self esteem and this is because the skin and the face in
particular, are on constant display for the world to see, and you want to be able to make a good
impression to all that you meet.

 It is not just a case of finding a good skin care routine you need to make sure that your skin and body
is obtaining essential nutrients and vitamins and whilst there are some vitamin enriched creams and
lotions, you best source for vitamins is from the foods that you are eating.

 Speaking of food, there is another important factor that you need to consume on a daily basis and that
is water. This is essential in order to keep the body hydrated which in turn will keep the skin hydrated.
You need to be drinking sufficient levels of water because the body supplies water to the main internal
organs first and the skin last, which is why there can be times when it does not always look its best.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

 It was mentioned before that you should avoid excessive contact with water and you need to pay
special attention to your hands as these are frequently in touch in with water, from the times you are
washing your hands and also washing any dishes. Where possible and where appropriate you should
wear gloves that will keep your skin away from water, and if it is the case that your hands are dry and
cracked then you need to be investing in a hand cream that is going to be effective for all seasons.

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                              Anti-ageing treatment - Wipes away all signs of ageing!
                                                           By David Wilson

Looking young by wiping away signs of ageing are a fascinating option for lot of men and women.
Though beauty is skin deep and has lot of other factors influencing it, there is no reason to give up on
skin beauty. There are many anti-ageing products available, like Elemis beauty products, with proven
skin formulas that can wipe away signs of ageing.
Use of anti-ageing products has been a regular in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generation. While
they used home-made products usually made out of natural fruits and grains, today’s anti-ageing
products have seen sea change with scientifically formulated and clinically tested easy to use
rejuvenators. These have potential to repair and revitalize your skin gracing you with a young and
attractive appearance. Elemis beauty products are effective rejuvenators which contribute to your daily
facial and skin hygiene.
Pollution detox is one such product which helps in the de-stressing and anti-ageing treatment. It fights
the harmful toxins to keep the cellular layer healthy. Women who want to look fresh and young all the
time can use these anti-oxidants and vitamin tablets for oxygenating the skin cells. Pro-collagen cream
from Elemis beauty products help in active cellular delivery by boosting the collagen production for skin
renewal. Such stimulation of skin tightens it making it firmer for any fine lines to be noticeable.
There are times when ageing becomes more evident due to dulled complexion contributed by
increasing superficial dead skin cells. Elemis exfoliation provides a mask-based solution for brightening
your skin tone. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin and retains the essential moisture for a
glowing face. Using the right facial mask has a long-term positive effect on your skin.
Every youthful and glowing skin has its own requirement for rejuvenation. So it is a must for you to
carefully research before purchasing the perfect anti-ageing, rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle skin care
product for your skin. is a joint venture between the Matis family and Peter Wullems to market Elemis
brand quality target=”_blank”>elemis beauty products.

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