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                               What Product Gets the Best Anti Aging Skin Care Review?
                                                         By Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

  Read this anti aging skin care review before you read anymore consumer reviews. Just because a
customer says that an anti aging skin care system is effective does not mean that they know anything
about the ingredients. That customer might even be an employee of the company.

 There’s no way to tell for sure. You know the old saying. You can’t believe everything that you read.
There is a good source for an anti aging skin care review, but it doesn’t focus on effectiveness. It
focuses on safety.

 Over the last several years, there has been a movement to petition the United States government to
pass regulations controlling the chemicals that companies are allowed to use in an anti aging skin care
system and other lotions and creams. The European Union has already passed similar regulations,
but the Bush administration has been resistant to the change.

 Organizations like the Environmental Working Group (your best source for an anti aging skin care
review and the ingredients in an anti aging skin care system) would like to see cosmetic companies
fully disclose the compounds that they use. If you read enough labels, as I have, you will see that
everyone has their proprietary names and they aren’t forthcoming about explaining what they contain.

 A cosmetic company representative will say that they are “protecting their formula” from being stolen
by competitors. But, the truth is that they all have the same access to the same base ingredients.
They are simply afraid that if the customer knew what was actually in the bottle, he or she would not
buy it.

 But, enough of that, let’s talk about some specific ingredients to avoid and those that you should look
for, both for effectiveness and for safety. I read a positive anti aging skin care review for the Avon anti
aging skin care system. It took some effort, but I finally found a list of the ingredients.

 They have a theory that the use of gold, copper and magnesium will “lift” your face and neck. I have
read several theories by respected dermatologists concerning the necessary ingredients to improve the
skin’s health and fight the effects of getting older, but I’ve never run across this one.

The list of ingredients in this anti aging skin care system reads like a chemistry book. I can tell you

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that the product is not safe and no matter how positive the reviewer felt, I don’t see how it could be

 For an anti aging skin care system to be effective, it should include protein peptides, antioxidants,
extracts that inhibit the breakdown of the skin’s proteins, natural vitamin E to prevent age spots reduce
fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizing oils that are similar to the skin’s own sebum and light plant waxes
to help retain moisture and “seal in” the other ingredients.

 It must be properly manufactured or the protein peptides will be ineffective and the vitamins will be
unable to penetrate the epidermis. Instead of looking for another anti aging skin care review, why don’t
you look for these ingredients and a reliable manufacturer that keeps your health and safety in mind? I
think you’ll be glad that you did.

Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who specializes in aging of the skin. She has done
extensive research on the many chemicals used in skin care products. For more information visit her

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                                             Anti-Aging Skin Products And Reviews
                                                               By Oliver Turner

 Gone are the days when there was no means to measure the effectiveness of a particular product.
Time has changed. All types of products have to pass through some vigorous test to ascertain its
uniqueness. As a result, even cosmetic products like anti aging skin products have to undergo some
test. Reviews are made to justify the quality of the product launched and to rectify the deficiency if any,
to commensurate the future needs.

Why Review For Anti Aging Products!

Anti aging health products are plundering the cosmetic market. A variety of anti aging skin care
medicines are competing each other. Each one has got some merits and demerits. By reviewing an
anti aging skin product, its true quality can be reveled to all. Hundreds of skin rejuvenation treatments,
procedures and techniques are out in market. Very few of them work as advertised. Others are only
supported by several positive evidences but not reasonably assured that they really work. Many anti
aging skin care products are not even backed by any scientific method and can be more harmful. Many
anti aging cosmetic product suppliers such as pharmaceuticals, ortho-molecular and hormone products
claim that their product can reverse the aging process. But reviews conducted by several market
research organizations found the result as merely satisfactory. Overwhelming positive response
couldn’t be accessed from the esteemed users. Anti aging skincare treatment is being used for
different skin parts such as facial, neck, shoulder, forehead, lip, eyelid and also for the whole body. All
such anti aging products are liable to go through certain review processes to counter the negative
wave amongst the consumers.

No Improvement Without Review

For achieving an enriched quality, anti aging skin care supplements do need research and
development programs. Turing around is a revolutionary method to survive in the competitive market.
Neutral review committee can undertake the reviewing process to validate the anti aging skin care

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