Summer Youth Employment Program Bulletin by yangxichun


									                                                                                                      October 2010 Issue

Summer Youth Employment Program
  On October 1, 2010 Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP) recognized the
accomplishments of the 2010 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) participants
                   by holding a graduation ceremony for 79 youth.
2010 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is
funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act (ARRA) funds which are passed through to L.A.
County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS)
via California Department of Social Services (CDSS).
During the summer months, youth ranging in age from
14-21 were placed in subsidized work experience in a
variety of industries with their salaries paid by the pro-

The Asian American Drug Abuse Program’s (AADAP)
mission is to “Change Lives and Save Families” with
their programming and services. Their mission and
efforts shaped the SYEP this summer. They were able
to aid eligible youth in attaining support services to
obtain and sustain employment at various worksites
which provided a vast range of experiences for the
                                                             Karen was able to gain industry specific expertise and pro-
As the SYEP services and outreach came to a close,           ficiency that served as a decisive factor in gaining perma-
AADAP took the time to celebrate the milestones of           nent employment. Shaquanda was able to learn about
the work experience and program completion that the          health and wellness and be a community leader and activ-
Youth obtained this summer. The closing ceremony for         ist by spreading awareness to the community. Maria
the SYEP was held by AADAP on Friday October 1,              brought a rush of emotions to those present with her tale
2010. The Ceremony highlighted the youth experience,         of learning about work ethic, the importance of dressing
worksite supervisor advice, and certificate dissemina-       appropriately, being productive, and how her earnings
tion by the Los Angeles County’s Community and Sen-          helped contribute to her family’s well being. Lastly, Timo-
ior Services department for both the youth and the par-      thy’s work with children sparked an interest in continuing
ticipating worksites. The ceremony was followed by an        his education plans by looking towards a Social Justice
hour of refreshments and delectable Asian dishes.            Career path after being mentored by his worksite environ-
Though shy and timid at first, youth speakers took the
podium to share their work experience and what they          This graduation proved to be a success for all who were
gained during their participation in the SYEP. Some          involved in making it happen, especially to every single
memorable moments came from Karen Dickson, placed            youth who made it through despite all the hardships they
at ACE Attorney Services worksite; Shaquanda Frazier,        have endured.
placed at Black Women for Wellness; Maria Pasasin,
placed at AADAP’s Youth & Family Programs; and
Timothy Farfan, placed at Ladera Park.

              L.A County CSS congratulates all youth, worksites, and
             AADAP on their enormous success during summer 2010!
      H ats Off to the 2010 AADAP Grad uates!

Khristina        Aimery                                                                           Jazmin           Loza
Brandi           Arnold                                                                           Jenelle          Mascardo
Asmik            Asatyan                                                                          Marnelle         Mascardo
Krist            Asatyan                                                                          Shantel          McKay
Suzanna          Asatyan                                                                          D enisha         Metcalf
Precious         Belt                                                                             Shannon          Mills
Indio            Bond                                                                             Tatyana          Parker
Ashley           Brow n                                                                           Maria            Pasasin
Chalese          Campbell                                                                         Georgina         Perez
                                            Special Thanks to all the Employers!
Joshua           Charles                                                                          Lanicia          Pope
                                                           AAD AP
Zelma            Cole                                                                             Marcus           Pope
                                                 AAD AP-Olympia Academy
Ashley           D epaz                                                                           Tanqueray        Preston
                                                  AAD AP-Out Patient Unit
Karen            D ickson                                                                         Teven            Price
                                                  AAD AP-Treatment Center
Shaw nquil       D unlap                                                                          Jeanette         Quarker
                                  AAD AP-Youth & Family Program Community Prevention
Timothy          Farfan                                                                           Mary             Quarker
                                                    ACE Attorney Services
Shaqina          Frazier                                                                          Keshanna         Rice
                                                All People's Christian Center
Shaqw an         Frazier                                                                          Rhashied         Robinson
                                                Big Time Telephone Services
Jashaun          Gamble                                                                           Wendy            Rosales
                                                 Black Women For Wellness
Jazmine          Gamble                                                                           Brianna          Sanders
                                               Crenshaw Montessori Academy
N ereida         Garcia                                                                           Sabreeya         Sanford
Arielle          Harvey                                     D PSS
                                                                                                  D arrell         Sheradd
D iamond         Henning                                 Ladera Park
                                                                                                  Christopher      Starks
Marcus           Herron                               Living Advantage
                                                                                                  Aw taysha        Tate
D ai Vaughnte    Hilbert                   Lucy Florence Coffee & Cultural Center
                                                                                                  Llyod            Thomas
Shamoria         Jackson                       Lula Washington D ance Theatre                     N atroya         Walker
Porshia          Johnson                        Personal Involvement Center                       Adrian           West
Tarah            Johnson                              Rozeroom Hospice                            Andrea           West
Ashley           Jones                       Southern California Public Library                   Tyshun           Williams
Lanette          Jones                               YMCA - Weingart                              June             Young
D 'Angela        Kelly

Los Angeles County Summer Youth Employment Program is operated by Los Angeles County D epartment of Public Social Services
(D PSS), Community and Senior Services and all seven Workforce Investment Boards in Los Angeles County w ith funding from
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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