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Social bookmarking service refer to special web sites

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									                                       Social bookmarking service refer to special web sites.
                                       These sites are special in that, they offer services to online
                                       internet users who need to publish their favorite
                                       bookmarks. They are very popular in that, they bring
                                       about some order and organization into the work of
                                       internet users. Using Social bookmarking
                                       service is not complicated. The users are just
                                       required to publish their favorite web site links. With
                                       this, they get to retrieve these links with ease and
                                       haste. They can also share these bookmarks with
                                       their peers and other people. Social bookmarking sites
also enable users to browse through the links and similar pages, thus, providing back links.
Most bookmarking sites are highly visited by search engines thus are quickly retrieved. This
gives the bookmarks in these social bookmarking sites high rankings in these search
There are two types of social bookmarking, manual and social bookmarking. They both
involve the process of registering with a bookmarking site, publishing your favorite links
then give these bookmarks a keyword description and tags. In both types, having as many
bookmarks is allowed as well as sharing the bookmarks either privately or publicly. They are
both free of charge to the user. The differences are in time and costs. Manual bookmarking
services require amateurs to do it paid workers, whereas, in automated bookmarking, the
system compiles the changes.

Online business owners and website owners know way too well the advantages of
social bookmarking. Top in the list is product branding and advertising. This is very
effective especially if the product market is the youth. Very characteristic of social
bookmarking services is social buzzing. Social bookmarking service are equated to online
word of mouth selling. It takes advantage of the social communities created online in the
process of sharing tags. Web sites that have high search engine ratings are better placed in
the market. This is because the consumers take them for trustworthy search engines.
Social bookmarking service are also able to sift through the genuine and non genuine
clientele. This means that only people with certain interests get certain information, thus,
getting the web site only rightful traffic. Some of the features of social bookmarking
service include; offering web sites’ direct links and back links. They also report profiling the
links placed and help place the links in the search engine.

There are varied disadvantages to Social bookmarking service. Common is the lack of
controlled vocabulary, spelling errors and marks in tickets. There is no set criterion on how
to do the body structure of tags. There are no clear guidelines for use of plural and
capitalization. Basically, how to structure the tags is not standard. Scamming is a great
problem to the social bookmarking service. The bookmarking sites are intruded who distort
the system by forming large groups that command a big vote on their views and ratings.
This has the effect of generating skewed information that can mislead other users. It is also
embarrassing that some of the links that get very high ratings in the search engines are
crappy, with lack of uniqueness and basically

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