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									                                                                                   PSU Criteria for Researchers
                           Lab Aid               Lab Assistant          Lab Technician        Research Analyst       Research Assistant     Research Assistant       Senior Research          Research Associate     Senior Research
     Rank             (Classified– non-       (Classified – non-       (Classified – non-       (Classified)           (non-exempt)             (exempt)            Assistant (exempt)            (exempt)          Associate (exempt)
                           exempt)                  exempt)                  exempt)
                    Performs routine         Performs record          Perform routine or     Level 1&2 (non-         Assist in research     Assist in research      Coordinate research       Participate in        Design, develop and
                    cleaning, sterilizing,   keeping and other        standardized tests     exempt): Assists in     by: Gathering data     by gathering data,      activities; statistical   writing grant         execute one or more
                    and other                clerical tasks related   using recognized lab   gathering,              using a pre-           do experimental         analysis; maintain        proposal and in the   research studies;
                    housekeeping tasks       to lab operations.       techniques, perform    compiling,              determined             procedures, assist in   database; coordinate      design, execution     assist/major role in
                    in a lab. Collects       Prepare media used       analysis under close   analyzing, and          protocol; do routine   preparation of          collection,               and control of        writing proposals
                    and washes               in testing and           supervision, logs      reporting info and      experimental           reports, assist in      processing, and           research study;       and acquisition of
                    glassware, properly      preparing specimen       samples as they        raw data in narrative   procedures; gather     data processing or      reporting of data;        manage analysis of    support; author
                    disposes of waste,       for testing. Input       arrive in lab,         or schematic form,      materials for          lab work, data          assist in judging         data; manage the      publications; take a
                    stocks lab with          and log data, file lab   interpret results of   contacts other          reports; perform       management              validity of data.         conduct of            lead role in the
                    supplies. Cleans         reports, review          analyses and run       sources for research    routine data           (cleaning and           Provide supervision       experimental tests    development of new
                    equipment.               supply of stock and      correlations with      info, conduct           processing or lab      inputting data), data   over research and         and procedures;       research
                                             order supplies, set      other tests, operate   surveys, assist in      work; data             analysis. May           support staff.            develop new           methodologies and
                                             up tests for             equipment common       planning and            management             provide supervision     Coordinate                research              data collection
                                             technicians,             to labs, calibrates    organizing research     (cleaning &            to students. Work       preparation of            methodologies and     protocols.
                                             preparing and            and maintains lab      projects, conduct       inputting data);       must be                 reports and               date collection       Supervision over
Level of Research                            staining slides used     equipment, write       simple research         routine data           predominantly           presentations.            protocols.            graduate students
 Responsibility                              for microscopic          reports showing        independently           analysis;              intellectual and                                  Responsible for day   and research staff.
                                             examinations.            results of tests and                                                  varied rather than                                to day
                                                                      analysis.              Level 3&4                                      routine, manual,                                  implementation of
                                                                                             (exempt): Plans                                mechanical, or                                    research. Supervise
                                                                                             and organizes                                  physical. Must                                    and train research
                                                                                             research projects                              consistently                                      staff.
                                                                                             and makes                                      exercise discretion
                                                                                             interpretations and                            and independent
                                                                                             conclusions, may                               judgment.
                                                                                             act as project leader
                                                                                             on major studies or
                                                                                             complex designs,
                                                                                             design surveys,
                                                                                             publish articles, and
                                                                                             act as spokesperson
                                                                                             on research matters.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Works          independently under
  Supervision        Close Supervision        Close Supervision        Close Supervision     General Supervision      Close Supervision     General Supervision     General Supervision       independently under     general direction
                                                                                                                                                                                                general direction
                                                                                                                                                                          Masters, or
                                                                               Level 1&2:                                                                               Bachelor’s with
                                      HS coursework in   HS coursework in   Associate’s Degree      Bachelor’s Degree       Bachelor’s Degree                              equivalent       Master’s Degree or
   Education        No minimums                                                                                                                    Bachelor’s Degree
                                         lab setting       lab settings      Level 3&4: not        or specific expertise   or specific expertise                        combination of           higher
                                                                                specified                                                                                education and
                                                                              Level 1& 2: 3
                                                                            years assisting exp.                                                                       4 or more years of   6 or more years of
   Research                                                                  Level 3&4: 2 or                                                                             progressively        progressively
                         None              None               1 year                                  None required           None required         2 or more years
  Experience                                                                    more years                                                                                responsible          responsible
                                                                               independent                                                                                 experience           experience
Minimum AAUP
Salary (based on          n/a               n/a                n/a                  n/a
                                                                                                     $21.16 per hour             $44,016               $44,772              $50,340              $50,592
12 month term of
 Minimum AFT
Salary (based on                            n/a                n/a                  n/a                                                                                $19.02 per hour or
                          n/a                                                                       $18.27 per hour              $38,001               $38,001                                   $39,561
12 month term of                                                                                                                                                            $39,561
                                                                            Level 1&2: $13.43
   Minimum                                                                       per hour                  n/a                     n/a                    n/a                 n/a                  n/a
                    $10.91 per hour   $11.26 per hour    $12.52 per hour
Classified Salary                                                           Level 3&4: $3456
                                                                                per month

     Updated 1/26/2012

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