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					Yercaud - The Poor Man’s Ooty:-

If Ooty is the `Queen of the Hills`, then Yercaud is a princess. The
other districts of the region are hot and humid with the only silver
lining, Yercaud. Yercaud is how the Brits got around the tongue – twister
`Yericaud`. Yercaud got its name from the combination of two Tamil words
`yer` and kaddu which correspondingly mean lake and forest. Yercaud is
one of the India’s cheapest hill station destinations. Yercaud is so rich
in its natural charm and its potential for bountiful discovery that to
label it `cheap` would be truly insulting. It’s sometimes referred to as
the ``Poor man’s Ooty``, but ``smart man’s Ooty would be nearer the mark.

In southern India when ever some one talks about a hill station then the
two names that come into mind are Ooty and Kodaikanal. No mention is ever
made, even in passing, of Yercaud. A majority of people don’t even
consider Yercaud as a hill station. Yercaud is as beautiful as Ooty and
Kodaikanal but is remarkably cheaper than both of them. May be this is
the logic behind calling it as the `Poor Man’s Ooty`. All along the route
to Yercaud one will find monkeys playing high jinks and trees with violet
flowers make one wonder where one is heading towards. There is greenery
every where which is a new experience, for the city bred. Yercaud is
famous for coffee and pepper in much or less the same way, Ooty and
Kodaikanal are famous for tea.

The Britishers used Yercaud as summer retreat and their inheritance is
all over the place. Rows of houses, much like ants moving in files,
speckle the entire hills. The number of places to be seen in Yercaud may
not be many, but each one of them is really worth the visit. "October and
November are the best months to visit Yercaud. Yercaud is a less
expensive place than other tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu and is
preferred by the middle class. The entire family can tour Yercaud on a
budget of about Rs.1000 by a car. An annual flower show is organized in
the month of May. Another major difference between Yercaud and any where
else in Tamil Nadu is the difference between the prices.

Located: 35 kms from Salem

How to Reach: One hour by bus from Salem

Altitude: 1500 metres

Yercaud Accommodations

There also good numbers of budget as well as luxury Hotels in Yercaud
located near the hill station provides all the comforts and luxuries at
best price tags. The travelers can also avail Yercaud Tour Packages which
include a stay at one of the finest hotels in yercaud, platter of meals
and a cab service to commute with in the precincts of the region.

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