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					Mantralayam: Trivia:-

Mantralayam located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River stands at the
threshold of three states Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
Modern Mantralyam has of course changed drastically over the years since
the life and times of Rayaru. Now you can find all the telltale signs of
a modern city. Lodges with modern facilities, ample connectivity in terms
of communication and transport, ATMs and modern food joints all dot this
small town. Though unbelievably, Mantralyam, has been able to retain a
serenity unlike other pilgrimage centres.

Mantralayam Town previously known as Manchale is basically an arid land,
climate wise it is hot and humid with no winters. During Monsoon when the
river Tungabhadra is in full flow you can find some semblance of

However in terms of cleanliness the city leaves much to be desired. You
can find pigs roaming in the city ad not just one or two but hordes of
them. This is in spite of the fact that it has a good earning source.
After Tirupati, Mantralayam temple complex is second in number in terms
of highest revenue earning temples of Andhra Pradesh. Big names in the
Indian industry like Infosys etc contribute hefty sums to the temple

Films on Raghavendra Swamy

    * The Kannada Movie “Mantralaya Mahathme” was released in 1966.
Kannada Superstar Dr. Rajkumar portrayed the role of Rayaru
    * 1n 1985 Tamil film “Sri Raghavendra Swamy” got released. It had the
reigning Superstar of Tamil cinema Rajinikanth essaying the role of Guru

Both the films were super duper hits

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