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New copywriters tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. Improve your copywriting by reading this report and avoiding the most common of these errors.

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									                   Avoid These Common

                   Copywriting Mistakes


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Copywriting Tips
Avoid These Common Copywriting Mistakes

Good copywriters are born not made say the diehards, while others, perhaps more
sensibly, will say that copywriting is a skill which can be learned and practiced, just
like learning to play a musical instrument. Still others maintain that it's just a
matter of following a blueprint. Whoever is right the same mistakes crop up time
and time again. This article will point out some of the most common so that you
can avoid making them yourself.

Spending more time studying HOW to write a sales page than actually
writing it

Yes, of course you should learn what differentiates good copy from bad, but
studying is not going to get your copy written. Once you’ve grasped the basics the
only way to become a good sales copywriter is to write sales copy. Then write it
again, ask others for criticism, and then write it again. Try re-writing sales pages
that you admire and see how your efforts compare. Do this as an exercise only, of
course. Don’t under any circumstances try to pass off another version of someone
else’s sales page as your own.

The process of learning copywriting is the same as learning any other skill; it takes
plenty of practice and trial and error to become good.

Being ambiguous when it comes to stating the actual offer so people can’t
understand what is being sold.

Have you ever started reading a sales letter and given up halfway because it isn’t
clear just what the product is all about? Are you being sold a monthly membership
or a single product? Is it a physical item or a digital one that you download? Don’t
confuse your reader. Because of your familiarity with the product it is all too easy to
skip over important details that will clarify the offer. Be precise!

False scarcity practices

Spare me... saying you've only got 40 copies left of an ebook is so transparent it's
not even funny. Now that isn’t to say that scarcity can’t be used for digital
products, only make sure it is used honestly. Perhaps you decide to limit the
distribution of a product because you don’t want to saturate the market. Maybe
you’re selling a few copies at a bargain price to obtain testimonials. These are
perfectly good reasons to use scarcity when selling digital items.

Believe me, your readers can spot false scarcity a mile off.

Writing long sales letters because it’s the fashion

Like a piece of string, a sales letter should only be as long as it needs to be in order
to sell the product. Don't bore your readers with the copywriting equivalent of War
and Peace just because you’ve read somewhere that a sales letter is no good unless

Copywriting Tips
it’s twenty pages long. Get to the point, cover all the specifics you need to convey
in the sales message and then close.

Going off at a tangent

Focus! Follow a template of some sort, at least when you are starting out. There
are plenty of sales page templates to choose from so pick one to suit the job in
hand. Problem/Agitate/Solve is one well-known example.

Not thinking about the design of your sales page/letter

We’re not talking about littering your page with expensive graphics and outlandish
fonts. The point is to make the text easy on the eye. Choose a simple font that
looks attractive. Verdana and Arial are fine and they are pretty universal. Make sure
that the size is not too tiny so that people don’t have to squint or adjust their
computer screen to read your words.

Make good use of bullet points wherever you can and have decent margins both left
and right. Break long paragraphs up so that the reader has some “breathing
space”. You’ve got it right when people read your sales page and don’t even notice
the formatting.

Giving features instead of benefits

This is the big one. People don’t really care how difficult it was to create your
product or how it has 5 more gadgets than its competitors. All they want to know is
what it will do for them – how will they benefit if they buy your product.

Tell them that using your product will save them time or money, make them look
more attractive, make them the envy of their neighbors, and so on. How the
product does these things are features, and while you can mention these if they are
particularly noteworthy, most of the time the customer couldn’t care less. As they
say, Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak.

The importance of good copywriting can’t be overestimated because without it your
sales are going to suffer. If you're a newcomer to copywriting, try to avoid the
mistakes outlined above and you will steal a march on your competition.

There are other ways to speed up the process of learning, of course, and I haven’t
the space to cover them here, but I do on my website.

I know that you are busy but when you have a few spare minutes I invite you to
check out my website, www.thecopywritingrevolution.com, and discover how you
can join the elite of the world of copywriting faster than you ever thought possible.

Copywriting Tips

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