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					                                                 December 1995
     Sunday                     Monday                       Tuesday            Wednesday   Thursday        Friday                Saturday

                                                                                                       1                        2
                                                                                                       6:30am Mass –
                                                                                                       7:30pm Rosary —
                                                                                                       7:30pm Dancing ˜

 3                         4                          5                         6           7          8                        9
         6:00pm Advent 7:30pm OLQA                    Noon, Lunch in Irvine                            7:30pm OLQA
         prayer service Advent the Greatest           š                                                Rosary Group —
         ™              Gift of All                                                                    Holy Day of Obligation
                                                                                                       Immaculate Conception

 10                        11                         12                        13          14         15                       16
         12:00pm           No Meeting                  Glory of Christmas at                           7:30pm OLQA              6:00pm Christmas
         OLQA              OLQA Penance                the Crystal Cathedral.                          Rosary Group —           Party œ
         Bowers Muse-      Service                     Call John 582-7728.
         um Trip ›

 17                        18                         19                        20          21         22                       23
          10:00am          7:30pm OLQA                                                                 7:30pm OLQA
          OLQA             Christmas Caroling                                                          Rosary Group —
          Super Sun-       Call Sherry 552-3855
          day Social 

 24                        25                         26                        27          28         29                       30
                                                                                                       6:00pm Josua Tree        Joshua Tree
                   ree                                                                                 camping trip. Call
              s 31                                                                                     Teresa 760-3104
            Jo             ChristmasÐNo Meeting                                                        Rosary Group —

Calendar Details                                                                                                            NON-PROFIT ORG
–    First Friday Monthly Coffee Talk, 6:30am mass,                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
OLQA. Peg will be in the front of the church on the right.                                                                        PAID
After mass weÕll head over to DiedrichÕs for java at Jam-                                                                   Newport Beach, CA
boree & Bristol.
                                                                                                                              Permit No. 263
— Our LadyÕs Rosary prayer meeting, 7:30pm. Every              Our Lady Queen of Angels
Friday evening CCF members come together for prayer.
We meet in the church at OLQA for Rosary, chapel, and          Corpus Christi Fellowship
special intentions. Social and video following. In case of     2046 Mar Vista Drive
a special event in the church, we meet in the teachersÕ
lounge.                                                        Newport Beach, CA 92660
˜ Country Dancing 7:30pm. Come put your best foot
forward at ÒIn CahootsÓ, 1401 S. Lemon Street, Fuller-
ton. Free lessons at 6:30 and 7:30. $3.75 buffet dinner.       ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED
$4 cover starts at 8:00pm. Peg 548-6311.
™ Advent Prayer Service 6:00pm. The Incarnation.
9471 Gateshead Dr., Huntington Beach. Paul 838-7046,
Maria 635-4334.
š Lunch in Irvine. For those who work in the area,
come join CCF members for a time of fellowship. Meet
at the Holiday Inn, 17941 Von Karman Ave. Call Mark
963-4425 (home) or 476-1636 (work).
› Bowers Museum Trip: See the original Our Lady of
Guadalupe Tilma,12:00pm OLQA, for 1:00pm tour,
lunch afterward. Cost is $3.75. Call Teresa 760-3104.
œ CCF Christmas Party, 7:00pm to 11:00pm, 16722
Intrepid Lane., Huntington Beach. Dress: Festive and
Debonair. $10. Call Peg 548-6311.
 Super Sunday Social, New MemberÕs Brunch, after
10:00am mass. Call Terry 552-3855.
Corpus Christi Fellowship
                                                             BODY                                       December 1995

The Wake Up Call
Experiencing                                   Aside from all the noise, dirt, ham-
                                            mering, painting, sawing, and distribut-
                                                                                                        who helped make this trip a success. To
                                                                                                        all who helped in fund raising and dona-
Coraz—n Õ95                                 ing food and supplies, there was an air                     tions, we made our goal. Yea! To every-
 By Sherry Khatab                           of excitement. Are you tired yet? Work-                     one who supported us through prayer, it
   It’s 3:00a.m. and my alarm clock is      ing, helping one another and laughing                       was greatly appreciated. To a few good
ringing. I think to myself, “Oh no, not     together were the ingredients which                         souls, Bo Birket, Joe Commodore, and
yet.” But it’s time. Oh yes, it’s time to   made this trip a success. How could I                       Gil Yurley, thanks for the use of your
get up and head down to Mexico for an       ever forget the guys from Dublin, Ire-                      trucks. A special thank you to Bo Birket
awesome day of building, supporting,        land: Michael, Peter, and Barry, who                        for the donation of fifty pairs of work
and giving to a less fortunate family.      trekked across America on route to visit                    gloves; they were put to good use! But
   One of CCF’s biggest service projects    Michele Walsh-Birket. They volunteered                      most of all, I would like to thank every-
is “Corazón”. We go into Tijuana, Mexi-     to be a part of this worthy cause. Oh                       one, who answered the “wake-up call”
co and find a family who is in desperate    yeah, What about Tom, with a cellular
need of a house. For me, the experience     phone in hand, posing for a picture on
is emotional. As we all circle around at    the newly christened outhouse. But most
the end of the day, where there once was    of all I could not forget little “Alberto”,
a dirt lot and now stands a home, the       who seemed to be glued to Tina, Kathy,
keys are handed over to the family. To      Denise, and I. He definitely was a
see a family’s life of despair and worry    charmer. All in all, it was a great time. A
be transformed in a matter of hours into    time that I won’t forget which will keep
one of hope and promise, is very hum-       me coming back for more.
bling. It’s an image you don’t forget.         A big thank you goes out to everyone

                                                                                                                                               Sherry Khatab

                                                                                                         Nothing left to chance. CCF
                                                                                                         member tries outhouse for
                                                                                                         proper fit.

                                                                                                        on that early Saturday morning. It would
                                                                                                        not have been possible without your
                                                                                                            And just when you thought it was all
                                                                                                        over—May will be upon us before you
                                                                                                        know it. So get ready to set those alarm
                                                                                          John Lester

                                                                                                        clocks, because 3:00 am comes awfully
                                                                                                        early and you don’t want to be the one
                                                                                                        who misses out on another memorable
CCF members busily put the finishing touches on the newest                                              trip!
house in Mexico.
                From the Co-Leaders...
December 1995

                To All CCFers,

                Merry Christmas! As the Holiday Season draws near, take the time to enter it with prayer and
                thanks. Reflect upon the blessings and gift God has given this past year in CCF and in our per-
                sonal lives. God loved the world so much He sent us a giftÑHis son Jesus. This gift brought the
                world faith, hope, and love. This season accept GodÕs gift and share it with your family, friends,
                and everyone you meet. Prayer should be the number one gift to give on your list. By sharing
                this gift of prayer, you also shall receive a gift, the true meaning of Christmas.

                ÒLord God
                 Help us to prepare
                 for the coming of Christ, your Son.
                 May you find us eagerly waiting in joyful prayer.Ó

                Wishing you a blessed season, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

                John and Teresa


                                Corpus Christi
                                                                                                                                                                      ENotes       &
                                                                                                                                                                      QCongratulations to Mary
                                                                                                                                                                      Wolfenstein and Mark Ruddy on
                                   Our Lady Queen of Angels                                                                                                           their engagement to be married.
                                     2046 Mar Vista Drive                                                                                                             ELynne Purkey is now collect-
                                   Newport Beach, CA 92660                                                                                                            ing jackets and sweaters for the
                                                                                                                                                                      homeless in Costa Mesa. Call
                                                                                                                                                                      her at 549-0612.
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                  Co-leaders                                                                                                                                          QMany thanks to Bob Van de
                  John Lester 582-7728       Music                                                                                                                    Walle who donated his time to
                  Teresa Mishodek 760-3104   Patricia Stancato 841-8768                                                                                               convert the CCF logo to a scal-
                                                                                                                                                                      able EPS format.
                  Spirituality               Service
                  John Robison 630-5188      John Joanning 557-3671
                  Maria Trozzi 635-4334      Audrea Jaszkowiak 675-5723
                  Mike Babineau 771-1701     Sherry Khatab 733-3166

                  Monday Nights
                  David Carlile 454-8968
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                  Vivian Barraza 964-2676    Finance                                                                                                    Introducing ccf:mail ¥ What is ccf:mail? It is the new e-mail
                                             Carmen Westberg
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                  Terry Nelson 552-3855         Communications
                  Jan Vanderlinden 310-498-0960 Mike Friese 532-4041
                                                                                                                                                        send out on a weekly basis, information and late breaking
                                                Lisa Morton                                                                                             details about CCF events ¥ Let your cyber-savvy friends know

                  Mark Artesani 963-4425        Cursillo Reps                                                                                           about this service ¥ To subscribe, send your request to:
                  Peg Mcnamara 548-6311         Tom Kaczmarek 288-1442                                                                                  CCF@LGARDE.COM ¥ And of course, itÕs free!
                  Andrew Zertuche 897-0374 Sue Mc Comb 859-9892
Fatima: The Great Sign                                                                                                                               3
A book review
By Mary Davern                                olution overthrew the Portuguese              crystal filled with glittering water and

                                                                                                                                                     Corpus Christi Fellowship
   If you have ever wanted a brief but        monarchy, which brought into power a          transpierced by the rays of the burning
incredible synopsis of your Catholic          clique of Marxist anarchists and freema-      sun.” The Lady’s request at this point
faith, then Fatima: The Great Sign by         sons whose avowed goal was to wipe            was that the children come to see her on
Francis Johnston would indeed would be        out religion within the intensely Catholic    the thirteenth day for six months. And
the book to read. For as the Bishop of        country. Their time frame for this under-     she would tell them who she was and
Fatima expressed in 1975, “Fatima as a        taking was within just two generations.       what she wanted.
whole is a compendium of the Catholic         Great monasteries and abbeys were                Francis Johnston intelligently
faith”. This book is so important it is       turned into government buildings and          describes five essential elements of Fati-
really quite hard to rate its importance      priests were persecuted. During this time     ma. They are as follows: The vision of
on any scale of the imagination. Equally      period three visionaries were born to this    Hell, the prophecies of Our Lady, the
so, it would be just as hard to write a       country. Their names were Lucia, Fran-        solar miracle, the Collegial Consecration
brief synopsis on this book. Therefore,       cisco, and Jancita.                           of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of
we will continue to look at this book            Our Lady’s first appearance to Lucia,      Mary (which means the conversion of
throughout several reviews in the future.     Francisco, and Jancita was on May 13,         that country), and the all important mes-
This review will serve as just an intro-      1917. We are told the children had set-       sage which the Blessed Lady delivered
duction to Fatima.                            tled down in the Cova da Iria with their      to the world. Fatima: The Great Sign is
   The shrine of Fatima lies very high        sheep. Suddenly there were two vivid          a wonderful synopsis of the direction
up in the rugged, pine clad ranges of the     flashes of light which startled the chil-     given by God through His Mother to our
Serra d’Aire mountains of Central Portu-      dren. As the children looked up, very         sin-laden twentieth century.
gal. Millions of people from all over the     close to them stood a Lady of dazzling           This review provides a basic intro-
world visit the shrine where the Mother       light. The visionaries were bathed in the     duction to Fatima. Francis Johnston
of God appeared in an “explosion of the       light that radiated from her person. Their    wisely provides us with the perils beset-
supernatural.” The mother of God              eyes smarted from the Lady’s brilliance       ting mankind in the beginning of the
according to Vatican II (Lumen Gentium        and beauty. She gazed down at them            century up to the present crisis in faith
54) occupies a place in the hierarchy of      with a tender regard. Lucia described her     and morals today. We are told that “in
the Church which is the highest after         as “more brilliant than the sun.” “The        these critical times no one can afford to
Christ and yet very close to us.              sparkling light from her person was           ignore the messages of Fatima.”
   The author tells us that in 1910 a rev-    clearer and more intense than that of a

The Holy FamilyÑa model for ÒChristmasÓ every day.
By Bob Morrison, sfo
   Upon arriving, the Angel said to her:      called Nazareth. “Can anything good           priests of Israel were married), but God
“Rejoice, O highly favored daughter!          come from Nazareth?” the people pro-          chose a simple hard working family. In
The Lord is with you.” The Lord God           fessed on hearing Jesus was the son of        doing this, God honored work and its
chose Mary for Jesus’ mother, and             Joseph and Mary of Nazareth. They             value as a teaching tool for the higher
Joseph for His earthly father. In this way,   were a poor family, but they were rich in     things of His Kingdom. Remembering
God not only honored these holy souls,        virtue, and this is the desire of God’s       this, let us not be envious of others of
but by placing His Son in a holy mar-         heart, for mankind. Not that the earth’s      higher estate, but be pleased to do the
riage, He honored the love of a family.       riches are evil, no, they are gifts from      will of God in the little jobs, he gives us
Each spouse has the responsibility to         God, a reminder of God’s spiritual gen-       to do.
support the other, toward the salvation of    erosity. Sometimes, poverty is a gift. It        In practicing these three things: love
their soul. This mutual support makes a       keeps us humble, in right order with the      of family, richness of virtue, and regard
holy family fertile ground for the gift of    King of the Universe. So, let us pray that    for work, we will experience the joys of
                                                                                                                                                     T BODY

a child. In the case of Mary and Joseph,      we are not consumed with the pursuit of       Christmas day, with Christ among us
their fertile love was rewarded with not      earthly treasures at the expense of heav-     every day!
only a child, but the Messiah, the Holy       enly treasures.
One of God. So, let us remember to sup-          “He was the son of Joseph the car-         AuthorÕs Note: If you are interested in finding out
port each other in the ways of God.           penter.” The Lord God chose a hard            more about the life of the Holy Family, I would recom-

                                                                                            mend a book called: ÒThe Poem of The Man God,Ó
   The Lord God could have chosen a           working family for his earthly teachers.      volume 1, by Maria Valtorta. This book also has the
rich family for his abode, but he chose a     God could have chosen Jesus to be the         recommendation of the Virgin Mary at Medjugoria. It
poor family from an obscure little town       son of the temple’s priestly class (for the   is a series of revelations on the Life of Christ.

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