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					How big is the Sahara? How much
percentage of Africa does it cover?

It covers 3.3 million square miles and 25% of
What is the name of the tribe that lives in
Africa? Describe some of their customs.

     Tuareg is the tribe that lives in
    Africa. Their customs are making
     beautiful veils and woman not
    covering their heads for tradition.
List some of their meals they eat.

 They eat scorpions plants and
  anything else they can find.
List and briefly describe four animals that
            live in the Sahara.

   In the Sahara elephants, giraffes, camels and
      scorpions. Elephants are big and fat that
     usually eat plants. Scorpions have over 30
   varieties of them. Giraffes have long necks so
    they get the leaves in tall trees. Camels can
          survive without water for 17 days.
Why is the oasis important?

The oasis has internet cafes.
List and describe three topographic
   features found in the Sahara.

Mountains of sand, rocky streams,
        & seas of sand.
What is the average temperature?

 Over a hundred degrees in the
  Where and when was the highest
temperature recorded? What was it?

    136 degrees in El Aziza on
       September 13, 1922
How much rainfall does the Sahara
      receive each year?

     4 inches of rain a year.
The Sahara engulfs or touches 11
      countries. List them.

 Algeria Chad Egypt Libya Mali
 Morocco Niger Sudan Western
  Sahara Mauritania Tunisia
11. What is the climate of the Sahara

 It is very hot during the day but at
   night it can get below freezing.

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