106 by lanyuehua


									Episode 6 “Mortal Fear”


The tube station rattled and shook as the underground train screamed to a screeching halt,
the doors slid open with a hissing noise and passengers began to flood out on to the
station. Among those people was a man called Michel Tim’s, he was dressed in a black
and white business suit. He had just gotten off from work, another late night meeting
after having presented his ideas and for an advert of a product. He placed his hands in his
pockets and looked around and he made his way towards the bench at the side of the
station. He had a news paper placed in between his arms that he opened up and began to
read, slowly sitting down at the bench.
 There was another hissing sound as the train doors closed and it began to slowly pick up
its speed and rumble out of the station. The other passengers had mostly cleared out,
except for two; the place was very empty aside from the janitor and the security guard. It
wasn’t unusual for it to be this empty though, usually on Sunday nights it was like this, in
fact, Michel was usually among the many people enjoying a nice warm dinner with his
family at the table; unfortunately tonight he had to attend a meeting.
 The janitor coughed, and the sound almost echoed, the station was rather big, it had
recently been cleaned up and fixed. White walls, bright yellow lights, and the usual
posters of films. One in particular caught his sight. “Joey” he couldn’t help but chuckle,
he had been a vivid fan of the friends series, he had felt sad to see it end, but he wondered
if the spin of would attract the same kind of attention as the original series had back then.
He turned his gaze back to his paper, waiting for his train to arrive. His wife Audrey was
cooking his favorite meal for him tonight, roast chicken. He felt his mouth water even as
he thought of it.
 Feeling the need to get some thing in his mouth, he got up and made his way towards the
vending machine. Chocolates, He thought, which one? He tried to choose, and then
decided to go for the Snickers bar; he searched for his coins in his trouser pockets and
then placed them in to the slot and pressed the snickers button. There was a tumble inside
the vending machine and he knew the chocolate bar had come out. He bent down placing
his hands in the machine and gently pulling out the bar.
 There was a blink.
Michel looked up above his head and noticed the light bulb was flickering as it made a
‘zzzzzt’ sound. Then it went out. As he stood up, he noticed that the ‘zzzt’ noise was still
coming, he watched in confusion as all the lights started to blink and flicker, the security
guard and the janitor looked just as confused, even the other two people waiting for the
train seemed slightly nerved. What’s going on?! He wondered. Then all the lights just
went out together as if on queue.
 The next thing he heard was a growl and then a scream, and then silence, “What the
hell!” The security guard shouted. “What’s going on?!” the janitor asked.
 Scott backed up against the wall as shots were heard; the security guard fired a few
rounds, before there was a gargled scream followed by another scream. Then there was
Michel couldn’t help him self as the fear over came him, his heart pounded so fast it felt
as if it was going to just implode inside him. His breathing became heavy and sweat
began to pour over his face. Oh god…what’s going on?! He whimpered in fear, he
couldn’t see anything. And he couldn’t move his legs, every thing in his gut was telling
him to run for the exit, but he found that no matter what he tried he was too
overwhelmed. His eyes darted left and right, but he couldn’t see anything in the darkness.
Then he heard a growl from near by. He raised his head slowly and saw the most
terrifying thing he had ever seen.
Two blazing red eyes and a mouth full of nothing but sharp teeth and fangs, the thing had
been hanging over the ceiling above him and as it swooped down, Michel attempted to
run. But it was too late, the creature was faster, it swiped him with its claws and ripped in
to his legs, disabling him. Michel hit the ground hard, and then the beast dragged him
back, savagely clawing it his body, cries of pain and agony echoed through out the station
and the tunnels.
Then they stopped…

Chapter one

The following morning

“Detective Cecelia Reyes” a woman in a brown leather trench coat informed the one of
the NYPD officers standing at the front of the underground police station. The officer
nodded and let her pass through the restricted area.
 She had chocolate brown skin and dark brown eyes, thin black dreadlocks; she was
dressed in tight black jeans and a black shirt.
 Detective Reyes stepped down the small stairs and in to the main train boarding area, a
couple of couriers and officers, and photographers working for the force were taking snap
shots of the crime scene. “What happened?” Cecelia asked a rather large man dressed in a
suit, the turned to her and shrugged.
 “Not sure” he replied, taking Cecelia towards one of the bodies on a medical stretcher,
“Janitor, security guard, three pedestrians, all dead, cut, bloodied, ripped apart” he
informed her. Cecelia looked at the mans features as they stood in front of the stretcher,
the medical team waited as Cecelia turned around and slowly removed the white sheet
over the bodies.
 “Oh god” she covered her mouth and turned away; the face of a young male in his late
twenties, completely disfigured by large gushes and cuts. “What are we looking at here?”
she asked the other detective. He shrugged “from what I see, a group of really sick people
doing this, or…honestly, I put my hands up and leave this one to the FBI, I have no idea
what caused this” he admitted. “No” Cecelia said quickly “I’ll take care of this case
Clay” Cecelia said “I don’t need any FBI involved, they always over exaggerate these
type of cases, this is my case, I’ll get to the bottom of it”
 “Your call” Clay Hamilton responded, then his attention was drawn else were by another
officer. Cecelia walked away from Clay making her way towards the chalk out lines of
were the bodies were found. She bent down to the side of the vending machine.
“Cause of death?” she asked one of the couriers as she touched her fingers on the white
chalked surface.
 “Multiple stab wounds id say detective” a Scottish accent replied, Cecelia turned her
head back to glance at the courier. “Dr. Scott Carson” he extended his hand to her with a
cheerful smile.
 “Detective Cecelia Reyes” she shook his hand as she stood back up “time of death?” she
inquired. Carson shrugged “well that ones a bit of a tricky question, but be saying round
about, humph. 9pm to possibly 12pm. Nothing for certain though, I’ll need to take the
body back to the forensic lab for tests first.” He admitted. Cecelia nodded as she reached
in to her pocket and pulled out her card “give me a call when you find some thing” she
told him.
 “Will-do, detective.” Carson nodded.
Clay walked back over to Cecelia “I think you should have a look at this” he said taking
her towards the wall “claw marks?” Cecelia wondered as she stared at the wall with huge
scratches with chunks missing.
 “A-dog” Clay shrugged. Cecelia rolled her eyes at him “must have been a really big dog
then.” She said sarcastically.
 “What happened to the surveillance tapes?” Cecelia asked. Clay took a deep breath
“empty” he said. “Stolen?” she asked “would make sense, committing first degree murder
what better way to get away with it,” She added. “Actually, empty as in they weren’t um,
fitted in yet. The station just got done up a few week backs, the surveillance system
wasn’t up yet, needed tweaking as one of the technicians said” Clay corrected. “Damn.
When are these people going to learn?” she wondered aloud.

Lance walked down the stairs of the train station; he had found a moment to slip by from
the officer guarding the entrance when he had gone for a short break he assumed.
 Dressed casually in light blue jeans and a denim blue jacket Lance slowly approached
the crime scenes. He could see a lot of blood all over the place. It was strange how news
traveled so quickly even in New York. The train stations main entrance near the road side
had been swamped with media crews and news reporters, seeing as he lived close Lance
decided to go investigate. If it was supernatural then it would most likely be some thing
the law couldn’t handle, mainly because they would probably turn a blind eye and only
try to rationalize it. He was still amazed at how people managed to delude them selves
from the truth, vampires were so common in New York, 3 people out of 10 were most of
the times killed by vampires, yet they turned a blind eye and closed the case simply by
stating the cause of death to be drugs, even though most victims didn’t have any kind of
drugs in there blood system.
 Lance noticed the large scratches on the wall, Claw marks He realized, “definitely
dealing with a demon” he told him self, but from the size of the claw marks and the
amount of wasted blood it was safe to say it wasn’t a vampire attack.
 A blue flash caught Lance’s attention and he turned around spotting a woman in black
flare trousers and a grey flees top, she had short golden blonde hair. Photographer at first
he had thought. But when the woman turned around he noticed a familiar face, some one
he had once known.
She had light blue eyes, and peachy red lips, fare skin; upon noticing Lance she gave him
a warm smile and then started to approach him. He had first met Elizabeth Pryde five
years ago when he had been studying at college, back then she had been studying
photography and journalism.
 “Lance” she greeted.
Lance gave her a warm smile “Beth” he said in his usual gentle tone “long time” he
added. Beth smiled and nodded “yeah, I know. It’s been what three or four years now?”
she asked.
“Yeah” He agreed; then pointed at her camera “so I see journalism paid of. It’s nice to
see you pursuing your dreams” “yeah, I work for the Bay news paper, I got the job six
months ago” she informed him.
 “That’s good” Lance thought out, there was a slight moment of awkward silence. Didn’t
know what but it was some thing about meeting some one you knew after a long time that
did that.
 “So, how are you?” she asked. Lance shrugged and smiled “okay…I guess”
“Just okay?” she asked “I would have thought some one as handsome as you would
probably be living the married life” Beth said as she moved the camera from her right
arm to her left.
 Lance looked down, for a moment remembering his wife, “I was married, but…she, she
died.” He broke the news of his tragic happy ending so to say. People always expect to
find the perfect partners, there so called ‘soul’ mate, get married and live happily ever
after, life isn’t like that.
Elizabeth gave a hurt expression as she looked at him “I’m sorry” she reached own with
genuine sympathy and touched his hand. She was about to open her mouth and say some
thing when-
 “Hey!” Detective Cecelia Reyes walked up towards them “who are you two?” she asked,
both Lance and Beth looked at one another. “I’m from the Bay paper” Beth began but
was cut off by Cecelia; “Sorry, I thought I made it clear to all media personal this place is
restricted until I say so. So I suggest you clear out” she warned.
 “I’m not media” Lance said bad move.
Cecelia looked at him “then who are you?” she asked “A cop?” she demanded to know.
Lance took a step back “no” he replied softly. Cecelia gave a frustrated look “then clear
out” she told them.

Lance glanced at Beth, who seemed slightly irritated by the way the officer had told them
to clear out. But she didn’t argue. “Better do as she says” she decided “yeah, I think your
right” Lance agreed.
 “So I know what I’m doing here, what are you doing here?” Beth asked as they walked
up the stairs. “I-I was just curious, saw the crowd and media, figured id go take a peek”
he admitted. Beth chuckled “and they say we journalist like to stick our noses were they
don’t belong.” She teased. Lance chuckled “so, do you know what happened?” he asked
trying to pick up as much information of what happened as possible.
 “Not really, I mean, besides body count being five, the security guard, janitor, the three
civilians, oh and the extremely large claw marks and seriously intensive loss of blood.
No. the only conclusion I draw up is, who ever did it, they must have been some seriously
deranged psychopath.” The two stopped as they got out of the station, the media crew
was still every were, Lance and Beth slipped out from the sides and resumed there course
down the street. “Hey listen, I’ve got to go, and report back to the Bay” she reached in to
her pears taking out a business card. “Here, take my card, call me.” She said “we can talk
over coffee or some thing. Catch up” she nodded. Lance smiled taking the card “sure” he
 “It was nice to see you again” she said looking at him with a smile,
Lance nodded “you to”
 Beth started making her away towards her car “see you around then” she smiled and
unlocked her car doors and got in. Lance waved at her as she pulled out…

Chapter two

“I swear, it’s totally not fair, I mean, hello?!” Anita waved as she lay on the couch in
Lance’s apartment, holding the phone to her ear. “I mean, how can-he do that to me?!”
she asked “who does he think he is?” she continued.
 There was creak at the door; “Okay, I got to go, Lance’s home, bye!” she quickly
slapped the phone back on the receiver, and stood up with a big fake smile.
 Lance walked in and looked oddly at Anita as she stood there, big freaky smile on her
face like she had just committed the ultimate sin.
 She was dressed in a black simple dress, which meant either she had fallen back on the
latest fashion trends, or her very last drop of cash had just disappeared, probably the
second one.
“Lance!” she smiled cheerily “hi, what are you doing here?” she asked. Lance gave her
an awkward and sarcastic look; “you mean, what am I doing in my own apartment?” he
asked, “the one were I pay the phone bills, and buy the food” he added. Anita kept a false
smile and nodded “yes! Okay, well I thought you went out?” she asked becoming slightly
more serious and finally getting rid of that smile on her face.
 Lance chuckled “by the way. I should warn you, that smile, really not that friendly” he
pointed out. Anita raised a brow “what do you mean not that friendly?” she shot back.
 Lance shrugged “just saying, I don’t think the world is ready for it just yet” “pfft!” she
crossed her arms “what-ever sarcasmo!” she walked over to the kitchen.
Lance smiled and brushed of Anita’s comment “I went to the train station, theirs been a
murder, well more then one, five actually, but I’m pretty sure its demon related.”
 “By the way were out of milk.” Anita informed him “you know if you kept demons out
of your head you’d probably had known that” she pointed out. Lance sat down at the
couch “I’ll get it later, but anyway. I’ll need you and-
 “Sorry, no, cant, wouldn’t, wont.” Anita interrupted quickly, “look, I appreciate you
helping me, giving me a place to stay, but really, this doesn’t mean I’m going to follow
you in to hells mouth and get my self killed by some deranged psycho demon or
whatever!” she declared, “and there is no way, nothing you can say to make me change
my mind.”
“I here they have great apartments in dead mans land, really cheap to.” Lance pointed
out. Anita sighed and shrugged “okay fine!” she gave in, “but I swear if I die…”
“you wont die” Lance assured her “I just need you to help Calvin with research, try to
find out about the demon that attacked those people in the tube station.”
“Oh great, partner me up with the blonde twig who thinks his cool wont you!” Anita


Night had fallen across New York City, inside the empty tube station still closed of to
civilians, Lance, Alexia and Damon stood looking at the giant claw marks on the wall.
 “Looks like some body ran in to a claw” Damon observed. Lance held the torch in
Damon’s face; Damon covered his eyes with his hand, “watch where you’re pointin that
thin” he said stepping away. “So, you know what kind of demon were up against?”
Damon asked. Lance shrugged “not entirely. But what ever it is, it’s big…”
 “That’s all you got?” Damon asked “it’s big?” he continued “any one with two pairs of
eyes knows that from the look of the claw marks” Damon pointed out.
 Lance sighed “cut me some slack will you.”
Damon threw his hands up “so” he started, “why did you need me around?” he asked,
Lance pressed his hands in to his pockets; “I figured you might know what kind of demon
were up against, also you vampires are supposed to be good trackers aren’t you?”
Damon nodded “don’t stop, tell me how my hair looks so rich” he teased. Lance smiled
“you know who you sound like don’t you?” he asked. Damon paused, “damn. Your right,
I’ve been around her too long!” he realized.
Lance looked around “were did Alexia go?” he wondered.
 She could have sworn she had sensed a dark presence coming from near by, some thing
was here. She could feel it in her heart as she stood in front of the janitor’s closet. There
was a light rustling sound coming; some thing inside?
 She slowly reached out with her right arm and gripped the round handle with her hand,
gently turning the knob. But before she could turn and open the door fully, it shattered
open as some thing crashed threw it. Before she could see what it was she was knocked
 Alexia hit the side wall with a thud; she let out a soft moan and watched as the creature
scattered off deeper in to the tunnel.
Lance looked at Damon as they heard a loud crash coming from close by, “Alexia” Lance
whispered and then ran of in to the direction of the sound. Damon shrugged and followed
him casually.
 “Alexia!” Lance called with a slight urgency to his voice as he looked around for her,
“over here” a soft voice replied. Lance looked over his shoulder to Damon as he said;
“here” then made his way towards the downed Alexia. “You alright?” Lance asked as he
bent down next to Alexia who was sitting down and leaning against the wall. “Fine” she
answered. “What happened?” Lance inquired “it was a demon.” She informed him as she
slowly stood up. “Crashed through the janitor’s closet” She added. Lance shun the torch
in the direction of the closet. The door was completely gone along with the sides of the
 “Must have been ‘some’ demon” Damon observed focusing his attention to the closet.
“Did you see were it went?” Lance asked, Alex nodded “down the tunnel.” “We better
hurry before it gets away” Lance put as he momentary looked at the dark tunnel. “Don’t
mean to be the party pooper but…think it already got away” Damon stated.
 “You can still track it. Cant you?” Lance requested. Damon nodded “yeah. For a small
handsome fee” Damon gloated crossing his arms. “Why do you put up with him?” Alexia
asked “his a vampire” she reminded coldly. “Because his helped us before and his useful
to have around” Lance defended. “I feel so used” Damon smiled sarcastically as he
sighed and crossed his arms. “His a vampire!” Alexia repeated as she gave Damon a cold
stare. “An’ what’s your point?” Damon shot back offended. “Your evil. He’d kill us the
moment he gets the opportunity” Alexia warned.
 Damon let out a chuckle and grinned “If evil means killin people, enjoyin the thrill of it.
Then you know what. I am evil. I admit it. I’m proud. Least I don’t pretend to be some
one I’m not. Unlike you, remember ‘No mans land’? Yeah well let me jog your memory-
wasn’t me shootin my guns and gettin a wild joy ride on my little tricycle. That’s right.
Saw it all.”
 “That was different!” Alexia snapped back, “they were thugs” she added. “Doesn’t make
them killers though” Damon cut in looking her dead in the eyes. “Believe me. If I wanted
to kill you, you’d be dead already” he turned his back to her and walked off. She was
about to react but Lance grabbed her arm and pulled her back. “Let him go” Lance told
her “His right.” he said “if he wanted us killed he would have done it already.”
 “No, but it doesn’t mean he wont” Alexia replied. Lance shrugged “people change”
“His not people” Alexia reminded angrily as she walked pass Lance. Damon was
standing near the tunnel about to say some thing when-there was a clicking sound and


One by one they all turned around to see a woman standing in front of them and holding a
hand gun at them. Lance recognized the woman from earlier on during the day, she was a
 “This is a crime scene investigation. What the hell are you doing here?!” she demanded
an answer. Damon watched as Lance stepped forward to speak up “were sorry…we were
The detective narrowed her eyes as she aimed her small torch in to Lance’s face “you?”
she recognized “you were here this morning. I thought I told you to stay away?!” she
asked. Busted! Lance thought. Alexia clenched her fist; Lance quickly held her hand and
gave her a grim look as if to say ‘no’ before she could even think of it.
 Damon explored through the cops mind as she exchanged words with Lance, he didn’t
bother reading in to her too much, just scratched the surface. Detective, dedicated, some
pain, loss, and name-Cecelia Reyes.
 “You have the right to remain silence. Anything you-
“Come on Cecelia. Lighten up. Not like we were goin to give the tube station a new sun
roof or anythin.” Damon said jokingly.
 Detective Cecelia looked surprised as she pointed the torch in Damon’s face “I didn’t
say my. How did you know my name?” she asked creasing her forehead to study Damon.
She could feel there was some thing strange about him and even felt like she recognized
his face from somewhere.
Damon realized as he scanned the top of her mind that the Detective recognized him.
Cecelia was about to open her mouth to say some thing but Damon quickly reacted. In a
blink of an eye he had managed to get the gun away from her and then send a thunderous
punch to her face, sending her down hard.
 Lance and Alexia watched in awe, “there you go kiddies. I just spared you a long
journey down the precinct.” Damon said proudly. Lance didn’t respond, neither did
Alexia they brushed pass him.
“What?!” Damon asked “what did I do now?”

Chapter 3

Few a minuets later they found them selves making there way deeper in to the dark
subway tunnels, following after Damon who was tracking the demon down. Alexia and
Lance were both walking side by side each other. She spared him a quick glance, noticing
he seemed some what distant then before. He hadn’t said anything since Damon had
knocked out the detective. She had a feeling she knew why…
 “I’m sorry” she said simply.
Lance didn’t look at her “did you really kill those people?” he asked, Alexia didn’t say
anything, her silence said everything. “I thought the Polaxine’s effects had warn of.” He
thought out loud. “Guess you were wrong” she told him then walked of ahead of him.
 Lance sighed; he wasn’t blaming her for all of her actions, even though the way she had
been raised for the last three years would affect her opinions and judgment. Who knew
how much junk they had shot in to her blood stream whilst she had been with David
Rain? Yet deep down he knew, she needed time, he had to be patient with her… She
wasn’t going to change over night.
 “What’s an electrical engineer got in common with a NYPD?” Damon asked. Alexia
walked up to him with Lance close behind her. “Why?” Lance asked. Damon moved out
of the way so both Alexia and Lance could see, “there both dead” Alexia confirmed.
There were two bodies laying on the tunnel floor, one of an electrical engineer and the
other clearly an officer. “Why didn’t it eat them?” Lance questioned wonderingly. “May
be cause its still here…” Damon suggested. He was right. It was these kinds of moments
when he hated being right. Before either of the three could do anything more a large
green spiked tail clubbed Damon across the stomach sending him flying on to train
tracks. Alexia moved towards the demonic creature that growled and hissed with its sharp
grinding teeth. She reached in to her tight leather trousers and pulled out her two silver
sais (daggers) and arched them in a swift motion. The demon stammered slightly as
Lance aimed the light at its face. It was a menacing face with red blazing eyes, a huge
mouth with sharp teeth and fangs, its skin was tight and dark green-but not scaly. Two
huge yellow curled horns above its bold scalp. Lance watched as Alexia flipped back just
managing to avoid the demons large claws. “We should have been more prepared” Lance
realized, watching Alexia go for a second attack.
 She was moving gracefully with her daggers avoiding any thing the creature was
throwing at her. It was big but she seemed to have the advantage of speed, and it was that
speed she used to plunge her dagger through its stomach.
 Alexia watched as the demon growled in pain and rage, it spewed an almost oozy yellow
colored blood. But it was only wounded, and Alexia wasn’t given a second chance to
strike. It lunged for her with its claws striking at her arm she gave a shriek as she hit the
rail road tracks next to Damon, Damon who was beginning to re-gather him self.
  Lance watched almost helplessly as the demon stirred towards him, hissing and
growling. He could smell the stench of his breath as he breathed out through its gritty
yellow teeth.
 Lance slowly started stepping backwards, he hadn’t come with any kind of weapons and
unlike Damon or Alexia he wasn’t blessed with any kind of in human powers. There was
a moment of silence and then Lance knew the demon was about to make its move…
 Luckily for him, Damon decided he had gotten board of watching. The vampire lunged
on to the back of the demon attempting to strangle it. “Play times over bad breath!” he
taunted as his hands wrapped around the demons thick neck. It felt like he had everything
under control, but the problem with power is it can often be misleading. Instead Damon
found him self holding on for his like, almost like at a rodeo...as the demon began kicking
and jumping. Damon’s legs flew every where almost as if he was lifeless; the power of
this thing amazed him. But Damon doubted its knowledge. He reached up its neck with
his hands attempting to find its eyes. Sadly he found his mouth first and the result was
rather painful as the many lines of sharp teeth ripped in to his hand.
 Lance watched as Damon yelled in pain, a couple of grunted curse words came from his
mouth as blood poured down his right hand. He looked around quickly trying to think of
some thing to do. Eventually he discovered a fire extinguisher on the opposite side of the
tunnel. He hopped down on to the tracks and ran the opposite side, on to the pathway
broke the glass and took out the fire extinguisher.
 It felt like ages for Damon as he rode the damn demon, his right hand felt like it had
been ripped off. He got tired of waiting for Lance, so he used his left hand and this time
found one of its blazing eyes. Damon gave a wicked grin “you want pain? I’ll give you
pain!” he plunged his hand in to its eye. It felt gooey as some thing squished and popped.
The demon growled again this time more furiously. Damon was eventually thrown of it
he found him self almost flying two feet above the air before hitting the ceiling and then
crashing back down against the rail road tracks. “I need new a new hobby!” he coughed.
 Alexia was back up again attempting to fight the demon but it seemed the demon was
going haywire. She couldn’t get close to it with out getting her self hurt again, Lance
came to her side. “Get out the way!” he shouted, she looked back and saw him with the
extinguisher. “Move!” he repeated and then pressed the button allowing the cold content
of the extinguisher to freeze in to the demons face. It growled again but decided to
 “We have to follow it!” Alexia said, Lance grabbed her arm, “No!” he told her,
“You’re hurt?” he noticed.
Damon scowled “I’m fine by the way!” he said slowly bringing him self up “just got my
hand nearly ripped of. But fine…” he said sarcastically. “I’ll heal” Alexia told Lance
ignoring Damon all together.


Calvin’s Apartment
The tacky curtains and the green and stained carpet was all but too much for Anita to
bare, she had arrived two hours ago and already it felt like she had been here for two
years. During those two hours she had barely said a word afraid that if she spoke she
would probably break Calvin’s nerdy heart. “God!” she erupted “this place is a pigsty!”
she flapped her arms. “There’s hardly enough room in here to walk, and every time I
breath in I feel like the toxic smells of nerdvil are going to choke me to death!” she
breathed with relief. Calvin looked at her blankly “I think I want my bag of chocolate
covered pretzels back” he said grabbing the bag out of her hands. “Hey!” Anita said
startled. “If you can’t stand me or my apartment then why did you come? Huh?!” he
questioned. Anita rolled her eyes at him “because-
“Because Lance told you to help me with research in finding out what kind of demon or
Alien killed those people at the train station” Calvin cut “and so far you’ve helped how
exactly?” he questioned. Anita gave him a dead pan look “hey, my presence alone is an
inspiration and a good luck charm.” She defended “and aliens don’t exist!”
 “Okay!” CJ stood up from his desk top “you can mock my dignity, call my apartment a
shabby trashed up pigsty. Insult the very air I breath…But denying the existence of
Aliens…” focused his eyes at her “is where I draw the line, Missy!” he said the last part
almost in a whisper.
 Anita opened her mouth as if she was going to say some thing when her cell phone went
off. Calvin jumped and shrieked “oh god. The aliens!” he said grabbing Anita by the
shoulders “you made them angry!!”
Anita slapped him across his face “get a hold of your self!” she snapped, “it’s just my cell
phone” she told him. Calvin placed his hand on his red cheek “owe” he moaned “you
slapped me” he whispered.
 Anita checked the number before she answered her cell phone, it was Lance; “hey” she
smiled “killed anything yet?”
 “No” Lance replied from the other end, “How’s research going?” he inquired,
Anita looked at Calvin who was sitting on his bed still holding his hand on his cheek,
“great!” she grinned with a fake smile.
“Good” Lance shuffled his cell phone from one ear to the other, “I’ve got a description of
the demon for you. This should help you come up with a name for it.” He informed her.
 Anita grabbed a pen and paper “okay…shoot!” she told him. Lance nodded “dark green
skin, red eyes-curly horns, big and it also had a spiked tail” Lance told her. “Don’t forget
the claws” Damon told Lance from behind.
 “Okay, I’ll get CJ to zoom through the web, while I check some demon books I checked
out from the library. By the way, did you know there’s a mall opening right next to it?”
Anita asked.
 Lance sighed “I wouldn’t know” “cause seriously, I was thinking of getting a job, a real
one. One were I actually get paid.” Anita went on.
 “Can’t we talk about this later?” Lance asked “plus I think were breaking up ‘kirk’ bad
Lance flipped the lid close and placed the cell phone in his pocket, “god that woman’s a
real nasty peace of work…the devil her self if I didn’t know any better” Damon said
walking up from behind Lance and overtaking him. Lance shrugged, for once he wasn’t
arguing, Anita was-well…difficult to deal with at times.
A small light appeared at the end of the tunnel, it was growing bigger as it came towards
them. “Train” Lance flattened him self against the wall, they were generally out of the
trains way but it didn’t hurt to be cautious. Damon and Alexia did the same as they
silently watched the train flash by. After the train had gone Lance cleared his ears, it felt
like he had gone death from the noise.
 “Up here” Damon sniffed as he pointed towards a rusty ladder leading up to what
seemed like a drain cover, only it had been widened a little too much when the demon
had gone up it. “Smells” Lance noted. Alexia walked up to Damon who gave her a grin
and gestured for her to go first. She didn’t argue. Alexia climbed up the ladder slowly and
then out the other end.
 She looked around realizing they were in the sewers now, she glanced back and watched
as Damon and then Lance came up as well. “Sewers” Lance said.
 “Which way now?” Lance wondered as he looked left and right as the sewer tunnels split
in to two paths. Alexia shrugged and glanced towards Damon “why don’t we ask your
 Damon beamed her a fake grin “sticks and stones.” He said then looked sniffed the air “I
lost the trail, its gone cold.” He admitted. “Are you sure he came this way?” Lance asked,
Damon nodded to confirm “No. I just wanted to be in a sewer!” he shot back
 “So what, he suddenly just vanished?” Alexia attacked, Damon raised a brow “hey.
Don’t go attackin me just cause ‘you’ can’t do anythin with out me.” Damon warned

Calvin’s Apartment

“Okay!” Anita yelled “I’m sorry!!” she waved her hands “but you can’t just ‘not’ do what
Lance says because of me. Remember, there lives are in our hands” she reminded. Calvin
sat on his bed arms crossed. “You slapped me!!” he bit “it hurt” he put in a low voice “I
invited you in to my home and you ripped out my little CJ heart!!” he continued. Anita
sighed “look, I said I was sorry, now can we ‘please’ get back to researching?” Anita
begged almost.
 “Let me think about it. No!” he glared “I’ll by a new lap top” Anita tried to entice him.
Calvin’s face almost lit up with excitement when Anita then put; “second hand laptop”
she smiled trying to be warm. Calvin glared again “I don’t need your charity!” he bit
“come on, if we don’t find what kind of demon were up against then people ‘will’ die”
Anita reminded. Calvin rolled his eyes at her as he said “yeah, but you don’t care. You
just wanna get this over with so that you don’t have to spend any longer in my
 Anita gave a hurt expression as she placed her hand against her heart “huh? That is ‘so’
not true. I care…and so what if I don’t wanna be here…is that so wrong?” she asked.
Calvin shrugged it was actually vastly becoming a fact most people didn’t want to be in
his apartment, come to think of it, he didn’t like it much him self. Still the pride; suddenly
he got an idea “date me” he said. Anita looked at him aback “what?” she asked. “Yeah,
you heard me. Date me.” Calvin repeated. Anita crossed her arms “oh please, me? Date
you? I don’t think so” she sat down on a chair. “Fine, we can spend the whole night
here…together…alone…not doing anything.” Calvin began in an attempt to persuade
her. He wasn’t really sure what he was about to get him self in to, a date with Anita?
Could be suicidal almost. There was nothing wrong with her on a massive scale level,
pretty, hot, sexy, she had the looks the body, even the smarts, but she was ‘oh’ so vain…
 “Okay!” Anita gave in “fine, I’ll go on a stupid date with you” she surrendered, “but
only if it’s at an expensive restaurant, and no touching of any kind. And you only speak
when spoken to” she laid down the rules.
 Calvin sighed “great” he muttered, “going to be like a ‘real’ job interview” he thought…
“Now research” she pointed to his computer, Calvin got up and walked over to the
computer, sitting down at the chair. Anita handed him the paper with the demons
description on it. “Green? Hmm, it’s not a giant turtle is it?” he asked jokingly “never
mind.” He started searching in the world’s largest on line demons data base web site. It
was actually a web site made by a professor at Kingston University, some old guy with a
hobby to track down demons…
 A short time passed and eventually Calvin said “eureka!” Anita looked at him “you
found some thing?” she asked. Calvin shrugged “No I just felt like saying it!” he said
sarcastically. Then hit a few buttons on the key board, moved the mouse clicked a large
image of the demon came up. “Look familiar?” he asked. Anita shrugged “personally all
demons look alike to me. There all butt ugly with a need to kill” she admitted. Calvin
shrugged “I agree” he said then smiled “hmm, never thought id ever see a day I say that”
he realized.
 Anita shrugged and sighed, she felt so tired; she stretched her arms and gave a yawn as
she glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. “Think may be you can call ET, so he could
give me a ride home?” she teased. Calvin beamed a gritted smile “no, your not his type.”

The reception was bad, but Lance was managing to make out what Calvin was saying
over the phone. At the moment it was some thing about a green demon, which was a little
redundant since Lance knew what it looked like already. “What is it and how do we kill
it?” Lance asked.
 Alexia waited with her arms crossed, it didn’t seem like she was actually here, her mind
seemed to have wondered else were and Damon who watched from a safe distant
wondered what. He couldn’t stand the cold he got from her, some thing about her was
really different. He had known that the first time he had laid eyes on her. She wasn’t
entirely human, but at the same time, she wasn’t demon. Then what was she?
 Damon watched silently as he pondered.
“It’s a breeder” Lance said getting of the phone “a demon that supposedly was around
after the dinosaurs age, apparently they all died out. But one must have survived.” Lance
informed them. “Calvin says it probably hibernated here, the demon needs water to live,
so that would explain the sewers as a nice choice of venue.”
 “Must have woken up when the building works started on the new tube station.” Alexia
realized. “Yeah, that was my guess to” Lance established “however that isn’t the only
problem. It’s not just called a breeder for show. It actually breeds quickly. It has to have
some kind of eggs hidden some were, may be a nest” Lance continued “also explains the
reason for why those humans we saw were just dead and not eaten.”
 Damon chuckled “was plannin to feed its evil demon spawns” he put in. Lance nodded
“yeah, we don’t have a lot of time. Were going to have to split up, you two take the left
sewer tunnel, I’ll take the right.” Lance instructed.
 “Are you sure?” Alexia asked with a slight concern tone “don’t worry I’ll be fine” Lance
assured her. “If I see it, I’ll run and hide in a safe place and give you two a call.” He
 Alexia nodded “be careful” she told him in a soft voice as she turned her back and began
walking behind Damon who was already walking down the left tunnel.
 Lance took in a deep breath and then walked down the right tunnel; he didn’t want to be
going down the dark tunnel alone. But it was going to be safer for Alexia with Damon if
she encountered the breeder.

He didn’t know exactly how long it had been now, but it felt like he had been walking the
dark damp and gloomy sewer tunnel for hours. The stench was some thing even he
couldn’t bare, it smelt like toilet and hard boiled eggs. Well, it was a sewer so he wasn’t
exactly expecting roses and flowers on a nice summer’s day, but would it have hurt to
have not smelled this bad? His feet splashed against the dark green sewage water that
seemed to have been growing some kind of mold on the top of it. He waved his hand
about to swat a few bugs, the place was crawling or filled with dirty insects such as flies,
mosquito’s and who knew what other mutated things. That damp wet feeling was
extended by the constant sound of dripping water coming from near by. Lance eventually
arrived at a dead end. He threw his hands up slightly irritated and sighed leaning against
the wall. He hoped Alexia and Damon were having more luck then he was. He slumped
his head in his hands and drove his hands over his face and hair. A drop of water fell on
top of his shoulder; Lance let out a disgruntled moan, his eyes suddenly caught sight of
the drop, and it wasn’t green. “Blood” he whispered and gazed upwards;
 Just a foot above his head he saw a not or two but a wall full of carcasses, dead and
hanging from the ceilings cocooned in some kind of white laced thread. Next to the dead
cocooned bodies was a giant rounded white laced cocoon, too small to be a human but
too big to be an average pet. Its shape suggested it was the hive, its eggs… “I’m in its
 He began to hurriedly look around, the breeder demon it self was no were in sight, this
was probably the best chance he would get to destroy the nest before any of its evil
demon spawns hatched. After much looking around and scanning his surroundings he
remembered having seen a broken metal pole some were nearby. After having gone and
gotten it Lance hit the cocoon with it a couple of times. It swung about a bit before it fell
down in to the damp water. He reached in to his jeans and pulled out a small knife, he
used it to cut the cocoon open. Inside were ten human head sized see threw green eggs,
Lance could see some thing moving inside all nine of them, number ten seemed dead,
might have been from the blows he had landed to get the cocoon to drop in the first place.
One by one Lance took a pop at each of the eggs with his pipe, and with each egg
breaking there was a loud slush noise and then green goo oozed out of them.

Chapter 4

“Think I got some thin crawling up my leg” Damon shook his leg, splashing in the dirty
water. “You don’t suppose there are snakes down here do you?” he asked. Alexia didn’t
respond. “Do you here that?” Alexia asked suddenly paying attention towards a corner.
Damon shrugged and focused his hearing; the sound of cluttering and splashing. He
sniffed the air around him, “god, it stinks. But I’m pickin up a strange mix of blood.
Coming from ahead” he pointed. Alexia nodded reaching in behind her and pulling out
her sais (daggers) “lets make it quick this time” she told him. Damon nodded in
agreement “no objections on my part. Sooner we kill the stinker, quicker I can go have a
shower” Damon sniffed him self “smell like hard boiled eggs” he added.
 Alexia flattened her self against the wall as Damon did the same thing on the opposite
side. It took a minuet before the noises got louder and then the breeder demon finally
 It was still wounded from before and seeing as how Damon had popped one of its eyes
out earlier on it seemed blinded from one eye. It didn’t spot Alexia but it saw Damon.
 It growled advancing towards the vampire but aware of the ex assassin Alexia. She
plunged the sharp end of her daggers in to the sides of its huge throat, gooey liquid
flowed as the Breeder let out a menacing screech of pain. It sounded like nails on a chalk
board; Alexia had to cover her ears, giving the demon an opportunity in its pain to swat
her with its tail. She splashed as she fell in to the dirty water, her red crimson hair
drenched in yuck.
 Damon dodged the demons large claws just by inches; unfortunately his jacket suffered
the worst of it. He was slightly irritated by the demons resilience as he threw a couple of
punches in to its face. His hand was still hurting from earlier on, he noticed Alexia’s
dagger was still in the breeder’s neck; he yanked it out and shoved it up its jaw.
“Seriously need to brush your teeth in between decades” he taunted as he watched the
things red eye roll back in its socket. He pushed it back and watched as it splashed limp
into the sewage water.
 “Phew” He breathed, walking over to Alexia “you know we make a good team you and
I” he informed her. Alexia got up drenched “what-ever” she sneered then turned her back
to him. “Were you goin?” Damon asked.
 “As far away from here as possible” Alexia told him. Damon grinned “you know what. I
think I finally get it. I know why you hate me so much.”
She stopped in her tracks. “It’s not because you hate me. It’s because you ‘love’ me” he
began walking towards her.
 “Love and you?” Alexia questioned “I can’t stand to even be in the same room as you”
she reminded. “No, not talkin about that love, I’m talkin, about the love of the kill. You
were the role model for the best assassin ever known, you had a free license to kill any
one any were, any time. No attachments, no feelin’s, no regrets. But ‘now’” Damon
chuckled facing her. “Now, all of a sudden you got all these lovey duvy feelin’s,
emotions, guilt, you were a wild cat, now your just a house pet, tied up to a short
leash…cant kill, cant cut loose like you should…I know what you are Alexia, I can see
right through you. See right in to your eyes and I can tell…you were born to kill. It’s
what you are and it’s what you’ll always be. You just can’t stand me because I’m still
free, wild, I enjoy the kill, and I don’t have a guilt trip when I do…I remind you of every
thing you were, every thing you want. And you can’t stand that.” Damon grinned at her
 Alexia stared at him emotionlessly; she grabbed his shoulders and pushed him hard in to
the sewage water, Damon splashed in the water as he looked up angrily.
“Your right” she told him and then walked away…

Later that night at the Precinct

<TV> “Actually, I have called for back up.”
  Damon darkened slightly, staring intensely at her. His voice was smooth and undeniably
gripping. “Well, you’re still alone. Aren’t you? A big part of you is hopin’ by the time
help gets here, you’ll have me unconscious beneath your feet. And then you’ll be named
Cop of the week on the newspapers, get cheered at by your colleagues and maybe even
get a promotion.” Damon stood inches away from the gun. Damon moved closer to her
and Detective McCartney moved back. “Damon, you get any closer and I’ll pull the
trigger.” She threatened, Damon stepped forward. “I mean it!”
She yelled.
  Swiftly, Damon whacked her hand hard from underneath; she screamed in pain as the
gun flew up into the air and clattered onto the floor. Damon stared at it and then looked
back at her. Detective McCartney was holding her hand, breathing rapidly.
   “We both know that’s not gonna happen, is it?” Damon said.
   Detective McCartney kicked and punched him. There was little effect.
   Damon snarled and took hold of her shoulders. Detective McCartney struggled in his
She stopped as Damon brought his face close to hers. He slowly trailed his lips across her
face. Detective McCartney’s breathe deepened: McCartney tried to push him away again,
but she couldn’t.
  “Damon, please… don’t.” She said almost giving into him.
   Damon moved down to her neck. Damon bit into her neck. Detective McCartney
yelped in surprise. She started to struggle again.
  Damon bit further down into her vein. Blood oozed out of her and into his mouth. He
drank deeply as she stopped struggling.

 A few minutes later, Damon let go of her, Detective McCartney dropped to the floor like
a rag doll. Her eyes stared at the ceiling. Lifeless. <TV>

“Damon” Detective Cecelia Reyes zoomed in on the image and then hit the pause button
on the remote. She stood up and grabbed a file from on top of the TV and exited the
evidence room…


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