Shooting Percentage Task2

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					        Shooting Percentage Task:
                Students will work in groups of four.
                Each group needs five pieces of balled up paper to use as basketballs.
                Each student will take five shots in to the wastebasket.
                Each student will record successful shots on their data chart.

                            Student Name                    Number of successful shots
                Total number of group shots


           1. If you took 100 shots, how many would be successful based on your individual data?
              Show your work and then explain how you arrived at this answer.

Work:                                          Explanation:

           2.     If your group took 100 shots, how many would be successful based on your group data?
                 Show your work and then explain in words how your group arrived at this answer.

Work:                                            Explanation:

        3. What is your individual shooting percentage? What is your group’s shooting percentage?

        Individual:                                         Group:
4.) During the NBA playoffs, Tim Duncan rebounded with the following results. What is his
rebound percentage per game? What is his rebound percentage for the playoffs?

                              Game                Number of rebounds
                                                     (out of 50)
                                1                        45
                                2                        36
                                3                        42
                                4                        28
                                5                        48
                                6                        40
                                7                        49
A. Real-World Application: Physical Therapy

1. Peggy Harper is a physical therapist in Findlay, Ohio. A physical therapist builds bodies by
helping people to use exercise to regain their strength after an injury or surgery. Ms. Harper is
working with Chris McDaniel, a football player who is recovering from a knee injury. The
muscles around his knee are weak from lack of use. Ms. Harper uses a dynamometer to compare
the strength of his recovering leg to the strength of the uninjured leg.
She determined that Chris could lift 70 pounds with his weak leg and 125 pounds with his strong
leg. Use a proportion to determine the percent of strength of his injured leg.

2. Physical therapists usually set a goal of bringing an injured leg up to at least 90% of the
strength of the strong leg at the end or their program. How many pounds should Chris expect his
injured leg to lift at the completion of his physical therapy program?

B. Extension Problems:

1. Publix found that 8% of sales come from items displayed at the cash register. If the sales from
those items displayed near the cash register for a week were $18,745, approximately what were
the total sales for that week.

2. A nutrition label on a bag of pretzels states that it contains 1.5 grams of fat, which is 3% of
the daily value recommended for a 2,000 calorie diet. How many grams of fat are recommended
for a 2,000 calorie diet?

3. In the same bag or pretzels, if the 760 mg of sodium is 32% of the recommended daily value,
what is the recommended daily value of sodium, based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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