Setting up the Debate

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					B. Clark, 2012
B. Clark, 2012
Before we begin looking closely at
the various Christian and Humanist
views, we need to familiarise
ourselves with some important
jargon, or terminology.

               B. Clark, 2012
Embryo=post-14 days to 10 weeks.
Foetus=post 10 weeks to birth.
Gestation=The length of known
time that the embryo has been
growing in the womb plus two
Viability=The time that a foetus can
survive outside the womb.
               B. Clark, 2012
Viability has become earlier due to
medical advancements, but there is
a limit because the lungs of the
foetus are not ready to breathe air
before 20 weeks.

               B. Clark, 2012
Killing=the deliberate ending of the
life of an organism.
Murder=the deliberate ending of
the life of an innocent human

               B. Clark, 2012
A human life=a life belonging to
the species homo sapiens, from
fertilisation to death.
A human person=

               B. Clark, 2012
A human person=a human
individual with feelings, self-
awareness, ideas. In other words,
with a fully functioning brain cortex.
Rights=freedoms and privileges
people have because they are

                B. Clark, 2012
A major point in this debate is the
idea of potential personhood.

How important is it that the foetus
is a potential person?

               B. Clark, 2012
Pro-life=the view that the
embryo/foetus should not be killed.

Pro-choice=the view that the
woman should have the freedom to
choose what to do with her

               B. Clark, 2012
Most Christians are pro-life.

However, there are a range of views
and many people prefer to qualify
their view.
For example, they may be basically
pro-choice, but only up to a certain
time of gestation.
                B. Clark, 2012
We are now ready to begin to look
at what different Christians say
about abortion.
This will take us up to half-term.
After half-term we will be looking at
various Humanist views.

                B. Clark, 2012

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