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					                           The newsletter of the National Capital Area (NCA) Emmaus
                                               for the glory of God

                                   Fourth Day Journal
                                       Vol. XXIV No. 7         JULY 2006

From the Emmaus Lay Director . . .                         “how”. I was surprised at how many people where en-
                                                           couraging and supporting and praying for our commu-
“Ephesians 4: 1-6                                          nity – even people I didn’t know. What wonderful
         As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to   agape from these people whom I had never even met.
live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be             I felt, like John Wesley, strangely warmed
completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with     when I looked around at these people who a day before
one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity   were strangers. Here were people from all walks of
of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one      life, many different professions, all ages, races, and
body and one Spirit—just as you were called to one         even denominations, yet we were a community. We
hope when you were called— one Lord, one faith, one        share a common bond that crosses all boundaries; we
baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all        all felt the incredible love of God, the grace given
and through all and in all.                                through his Son Jesus and the empowering of the Holy
         Recently I had the opportunity to attend the      Spirit. Our walks were at different times and may have
Regional Conference for the Upper Room Walk to             had some different elements. In the midst of all of our
Emmaus. It was such a joy to worship with leaders          differences, we were brothers and sisters in Christ.
from communities all over the East – from Florida to       Unity was found through prayer, communion with
Pennsylvania, from Maryland to North Carolina. It was      God, and worship.
a joy to share in the celebration of new Emmaus com-                I pray for each of us that we can feel that bond.
munities being started all over the United States and      I pray that we can see each other as brothers and sisters
the world. I was reminded that we are a part of a much     in Christ. We are, after all, unified through the Father,
larger whole body - the whole community of The Walk        Son and Holy Spirit.
to Emmaus.
         Among the people I was blessed to meet dur-       Kathy Barton
ing the conference were several brothers and sisters       Community Lay Director
from communities that were born out of the NCA
community, such as Loudoun Valley and Son Shine
(Richmond Area). I heard things like, “we came from        From the Board Spiritual Director …
you,” or “ that’s where we get that tradition!” We
shared information on how our communities conduct           Luke 15:20-24
our weekends, how our boards are formed, and tradi-        So he set off and went to his father. But while he was
tions we have in common. It was comforting to hear         still far off, his father saw him and was filled with
the commonalities. Many of them experienced “ah-           compassion; he ran and put his arms around him and
has” about where their traditions originated and why       kissed him. Then the son said to him, “Father, I have
they do certain things in certain ways. There was a        sinned against heaven and before you; I am no longer
common feeling that we are all still on a journey, clos-   worthy to be called your son.” But the father said to
er to God personally as well as communities.               his slaves, “Quickly, bring out a robe—the best one—
         We also spent time talking about the Walk to      and put it on him; put a ring on his finger and sandals
Emmaus model and inherited traditions from the             on his feet. And get the fatted calf and kill it, and let us
Cursillo movement. We heard from communities that          eat and celebrate; for this son of mine was dead and is
have made changes in their weekends and who are still      alive again; he was lost and is found!” And they began
working on areas of difficulty. The communities that       to celebrate.
have made "transitions" talked about the challenges but         Recently, a dear member of my congregation was
stated that their communities adapted and their com-       killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was a man
munities continued to flourish in God's love and grace.    that had carried many burdens, suffered greatly the
There were many discussions concerning “why” and           consequences of his actions, and struggled to return to

Fourth Day Journal July 2006                                                                            Page 1
society. He did not, however, struggle to return to Je-     most of all he wanted me to tell him that Jesus Christ
sus Christ.                                                 had died for the unworthy. He understood that com-
     On September 25, 2005 I baptized Rick McGee. I         munion is not a morbid, somber time, but it is a time of
was Rick’s pastor, but we had become fast friends.          great celebration and joy as we celebrate what God has
When I baptized Rick I felt like I was standing in an       done, for the unworthy, through the life, death and res-
earthquake in the middle of a hurricane. I could feel the   urrection of his Son.
muscles in my arms and my legs quivering. I have felt          Early on June 1, Rick McGee walked away from the
the power of the Holy Spirit before in my life, but nev-    far country and returned home to the Father...But while
er before in my life had I experienced a physical pres-     he was still far off, his father saw him and was filled
ence of the Holy Spirit.                                    with compassion; he ran and put his arms around him
    Rick McGee was not struck by a magic wand. He           and kissed him. Amen! Amen!
did not at that instant become a saint. His past did not            De Colores,
sink into the sunset, but new questions were being                  Pamela Clark Egan
asked. Different concerns were being expressed.
    As a pastor, I sometimes feel as if I spend my days
begging and cajoling people to turn their life towards
Jesus Christ and accept forgiveness and unconditional,
unearned, unmerited grace. They are usually under -
whelmed, but Rick McGee could not hear enough. He
soaked it in like a sponge and he understood for-
giveness. He understood that growing in faith is a pro-
cess, usually a slow one. He fell down many times. He
was still haunted my dangerous temptations and de-
mons and he even fell prey to them. But he kept getting
up. He stopped by my office all the time and we would
talk and talk and pray and pray. Rick’s baptism and his
journey home changed my life as much as it changed          Dear Friends,
    We were unlikely friends, actually. I am an ex-cop               It's officially summer, and that means that the
that was called by God to be a pastor. Not a friend that     busy season for NCA Chrysalis has officially begun.
one would naturally choose for Rick, but friends we          In addition to the standard business of transitioning to
were. He was often frustrated and struggled with im-         a new board and trying to lead this community for-
pulses and desires that I could not understand, but we,      ward in positive growth, we have the joy of running
together, wrestled with God. I knew what he was; he          two weekends this summer. The young adult week-
was clear about that, but I also know what he was be-        end, C-63, which will be on the mountain from July
coming. After all of his struggles, I believe that Rick      13-16, is already over half way through the teaming
slid into home.                                              process. And while the team of C-64, the high school
    Many of you reading this have already heard it be-       weekend, has just begun the process, you can already
cause I said these things at Rick's funeral. Rick begged     see God's hand working in and through the team
me to get him on an Emmaus weekend and he was on             members. God is going to do great things this sum-
E 129. He only lived a few weeks after that weekend.         mer in your Chrysalis community.
My church was filled with Rick's Emmaus family. I                     In order for Him to do these great things,
was thankful because he was so thankful for all of           however, we need to have caterpillars on these week-
them. The Emmaus community meant a great deal to             ends. As you may be aware, we are experiencing a
Rick because it was on his weekend that he believed,         shortage of caterpillar applications. The young adult
truly believed, that grace had set him free. This com-       weekend is small but should have enough caterpillars
munity has been blessed by a great responsibility and a      to function. However, more Young Adult applica-
great joy. We must always prayerfully claim that re-         tions are always welcome (if nothing else you can get
sponsibility.                                                them in early so that we don't experience this same
  On Sundays when I preached, Rick never took his            crunch next year). The High School application pool
eyes off me and I would often feel that he was looking       is in even more dire straights, however. For example,
through me. He wanted me to tell him that no one was         we only have TWO high school male applications to
worthy to take communion. He wanted me to remind             fly on this upcoming weekend. Please get those ap-
him that I was not worthy to serve it. No one is. But        plications in, because we need caterpillars to be there
Page 2                                                                      Fourth Day Journal  July 2006
if we are to share this awesome mountaintop experi-
ence with them. These teams have awesome things to
say for and about our Lord, and He, the Lord of Hosts,      _____-_
is counting on YOU to send caterpillars up to the            You are invited…
mountain. Please get those High School weekend ap-                                            Service of Worship and Praise
plications coming.                                          Messiah United Methodist Church
         Remember that C-63 and C-64 need your              Sunday 7:15 PM
support. Candlelight for C-63 is on Saturday, July
15. Please arrive no earlier than 8:00 PM (Commun-          6215 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152
ion for the community will be held around 8:15) -
Candlelight is at 9:00 but we need to be in place well      “Reaching out to people with the relevancy of the gospel to
before then, so make sure that you arrive by 8:30.          today’s world through an energetic service of worship
Closing on Sunday, July 16 will be held at 4:00 PM,         and praise.”
please do not arrive before 3:00 PM. The location for
closing will be announced on the website once it is
                                                                            Prayer Chain
confirmed. C-64 will have candlelight at 9:00 PM on                      Community Messages
Saturday, August 12 - again, please arrive between           If you have prayer concerns or other Information you wish
8:00 and 8:15. Closing for C-64 will be at 4:00 PM             made available to the community please send them to:
on August 13th - please arrive between 3:00 and
4:00. Please come out to support the team and cater-
pillars for these weekends - God is going to do great
things through Chrysalis this summer, and I hope that
you choose to be a part of this great adventure! Re-
member: Christ has no hands but yours!

 Fly With Christ,
Brian "BJ" Johnson
NCA Chrysalis Lay Director

                                                            Reunion Group / Church Community Coordina-
Announcements at Gatherings                                 tion: April Moore (; 703-680-
                                                            4002) is coordinating reunion groups for our communi-
To better serve the community and speed up the Gathering,   ty. She is compiling a list of group reunions groups.
the board will pass out printed announcements during the    Please send information about your reunion group
Gathering. To have your announcement included, please       (number of members, type of group – male or female
contact Kathy Barton by the Wednesday before the Gather-    only, mixed, youth, etc., when and where you meet) to
ing At or 703-765-7311
                                                            April Moore. April is also compiling a list of church
                                                            community contact persons. If you are the Emmaus
                                                            contact person for your church, please send April your
                                                            contact information as well.

   Fourth Day Journal July 2006                                                                                Page 3
Exploratory Committee Status Report
                                                          Emmaus Board Members
     The Exploratory Committee, which was estab-          Term Expiring January 2007
lished to review the issue of NCA Emmaus compliance         Neal Ailstock     703-920-
with the “National Model”, held its first two meetings                        0646
                                                             Kathy Bar-       703-765-
in May. Committee members, nominated and selected                             7311
                                                            ton, LD
by the NCAE community, met for the first time on             Charlie          703-441-
May 8th to lay the groundwork for the committee’s           Cosma             1119
work.                                                        Pam Egan         703-220-
      The committee held its second meeting on May          SD                1643
30th. At that meeting, the committee divided into four      Garret Hutsko     703-360-
sub-committees. The sub-committees are aligned with         Mary Johnson      703-878-
the three options presented to NCAE by National and                           1535
an additional option proposed by the committee. The       Term Expiring January 2008
three options given to NCAE by National are:              Shelly Amundson      540-720-7417
         1. Comply with the National Model;               Kathy Channell      703-878-2060
         2. Join another Fourth-Day organization; or      Larry Craddock       703-221-8607
         3. Develop an independent NCA organization.      SD
The fourth option, proposed by the committee, is to       Carolyn             703-670-6615
look into a potential compromise between NCAE             Janiczek
                                                          Jim Krauss          540-895-9671.
weekend methods and the methods contained in the                               703-680-4002
                                                          David Moore                 
National Model.
                                                          EMMAUS SUPPORT STAFF
        One of the committee’s major goals is to keep
                                                          Board Secretary
the NCAE community informed and to solicit commu-         Ter1 Johnson       703-550-0343
nity input. To this end, we will give status reports at   Treasurer
Gatherings and provide information in the Fourth-Day      Sandy Theiss       703-455-0375
Journal and on the web. If you would like to contact      Newsletter Editor
me, please reach me at or in person     Jon D. Holstine    703-329-7019
                                                          Newsletter Mailing
at our various events. If you would like to meet per-
                                                          Garey/Sara Eakes   703-892-8634
sonally with me or one of the other committee mem-        Name & Address Data Base Manager
bers, we will be happy to do that.                        Jake Jacobs        703-680-4350
         Once the committee has had an opportunity to     Website Manager
properly explore the options, we intend to hold a         Rob Cannon         703-560-5153
“town-meeting” type session with the community. The       Prayer Requests/E-Mail Coordinator
                                                           Dave Moore        703-680-4001
time and place of this meeting will be advertised so
                                                          Team Applications
that interested members of the community can plan to      Jake Jacobs        703-680-4350
attend.                                                   Pilgrim Applications (& drops)
        Just in case you missed previous announce-        Jake Jacobs        703-680-4350
ments, committee members are:                             Community Agape
                                                          Tina Ma            703-971-1637
Edwin Clever – SD, Richard Cobb – SD, Jan Niehoff,        Outreach Agape
                                                          Jim & Levina       703)273-3884
Cindy Rogers, Carolyn Tidd, Joe Forrer, Jake Jacobs,      Conklin
Steve Russ, Neal Ailstock – Board Representative and      Bud West          703-341-6219
Al Barbier – Chairman                                     Emmaus Music Director
                                                          Paul Salbert      703 978-0050
Please keep us, and our task, in your prayers.            Manuals
                                                          Tony Bracewell    571-261-3188
                                                          Community Support
Respectfully submitted:                                   Marguerite Gibson 703-491-8705
Your Brother in Christ,                                   Beth Hutsko       703-360-0605
                                                          Facility Liaison
Al Barbier                                                Charlie Cosma       703-441-1119
                                                          Carolyn Janiczek    703-670-6615
                                                          Rector(a) Selection Committee
                                                          Cindy Rogers         301-585-4676       rogers@rsna.orgt

Page 4                                                                      Fourth Day Journal  July 2006
Neal Ailstock        703-920-0646
Fourth Day Packets
Mark Segnari         703-670-3145
Post Emmaus (4th Day & Reunion Groups)
 April Moore         703-680-4002
Wooden Crosses & Ropes
Jan Womer            703-670-5236
Kairos Information (Weekend, Cookies, Etc.)
  Jim Templeton 540-349-9627
Kairos Outside Information
Marsha Clements      703-494-4339 ---
Barbara Teats        703-354-9043

Chrysalis Board & Support Staff
  Lay Directors (LD), Asst LD (AL) & Spiritual Directors (SD)
  LD     Brian      (BJ) 540-654-6420      LayDirector@nca-
  AL    Dale Faulkner       703-503-8942
  SD    Denise Bates       703-815-80988
                                                                      2006 WEEKENDS
                                                                      E132 (Women)    Sept. 28 – Oct. 2   Suzie Beeson
  Other Board Members                                                 E133 (Men)      Nov 30 –Dec. 3      Jerry Taylor
   Kris Campesi    703-791-5567
   T.J Cuddy       703-492-0096
   Jon Downer      703-703-492-1327
   Sean Finnegan   703-897-8013
   Brian Foster    703-624-6987
   George Gero              
   Jen Girten      703-583-0657
   Lachel Johnson 703-550-0343
   Ellen Mickey   7603-682-5413
   Mere Phizacklea 703-441-6758
                                                                        Gifts  Cards  Books  Bibles  Jewelry
   Jenny Plancon 703-494-5252                 Music  Palanca  T-shirts
   Chennon Radford703-690-6959          If we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you.
   Kim White      540-368-0340
  Support Personnel                                                                   (703) 242-9145
 Treasurer           Secretary               Music                            110 Church Street NE  Vienna, VA
 George Gero         Kim White               Philip Manwiller              
 Supplies                      Registrar
 Kris & Craig Campesi Sup- Jon Perkins
Crosses & Fourth Day Packets                                                 Executive Moving Systems, Inc.
Maureen Glazer
                                                                          Serving Washington, DC and the World
Agape (Palanca) Support
Renea Mielec, Ellen Mickey and Beth Ann Eadie                                               Dee, Kathy, and Chuck Bailey
Chrysalis Hoots                                                                             1250 Featherstone Road
Bryan Buckles                                                      Woodbridge, VA 22191
Chrysalis Historian
Scott Niehoff                                                                               Phone: 703.497.2700
Chrysalis Outreach                                                                          Fax: 703.497.2751
Bryan Buckles
Don't forget to check our Community Website at for updates and listings of on-
going ministries, missions and additional worship and ser-
vice opportunities

     Fourth Day Journal July 2006                                                                                 Page 5
                                                         Shroff, Cyrus                   Sikorski, Mike
                                                         7764 Desiree Street             10357 Sager Avenue
E-131 FOURTH DAY LIST                                    Alexandria, VA 22315            Fairfax, VA 22030
                                                         H: 703-339-7168                 H: 703-385-2179
                                                       W: 703-385-2179
Askew, Charles               Brock, John                 Simmons, Chris                  Sparks, Tim
  7016 Needwood Road         210 Hatchers Run            713 Euclid St. N.W.             3493 Wainscott Place
  Derwood, MD 20855            Stafford, VA 22554        Washington, DC 20001            Woodbridge, VA 22192-
  H: 301-330-6872              H: 540-720-4119           H: 202-518-3922                 5247
  W: 631-896-5405              W: 703-856-5203           W: 202-589-2008                 H: 703-491-0915                                     W: 703-614-9456
Cook, Tom                    Flanagan, Jason                                   
22301 Goshen Road            8212 Station House Ct       Williams, Jim
  Gaithersburg, MD 20882       Lorton, VA 22079          12824 Valleywood Drive           Add these Pilgrims to your
  H: 301-368-3423              H: 703-550-0343           Woodbridge, VA 22192             prayer lists – their Fourth                                   H: 703-494-4733                    Days are now ours….
  Ford, David                Furst, Herb                 W: 703-683-1996
19167 Roman Way Mont-          15733 Marbury Way
gomery Village, Md 20886     High
  H: 301-417-2096              Dumfries, VA 22026
  W: 703-833-5722              H: 703-680-3255                    E-131 DDU July 15, 2006 8:30 – 12:00       W: 703-490-7606                              Franconia UMC
                                                 6037 Franconia Rd
Gilbert, Bruce               Hart, Geof                                  Alexandria VA 22310
4242 Wiltshire Place         3814 Marquis Place
Dumfries, VA 22025-3146      Lake Ridge, VA 22192
H: 703-670-4949              H: 703-580-0866
W: 703-558-7259              W: 703-373-8715
Lair, Philip                 Lister, John                      “Heaven is a little closer in a house by the sea”
5512 Corbin Hall Lane        4406 Grayson Lane
  Manassas, VA 20112         Fredericksburg, VA                     Beach House – Cape Hatteras NC
  H: 703-897-8413            22408                              3 BR, 2Bath (Semi-oceanfront, open all year)       H: 540-891-1842
                             W: 703-784-3277                       Bill and Marie Pfancuff 703-241-2949
McLean, Mike                 Monfier, William
6433 Carriage Drive          3624 Van Horn Way
Alexandria, VA 22310-3304    Burtonsville, VA 20866
  H: 703-924-2904            H: 301-890-6969
  W: 703-577-6678            W: 301-313-8386               Come to the Annual Emmaus NCA BBQ!   
Nolan,Michael                Parris, John                  Thank you to St. George UMC for graciously host-
5810 Kingstown Ctr Dr.120-   1409 Brooke View Drive        ing us in May and June. Be sure to come to our an-
141                            Odessa, Fl 33556            nual Community BBQ at 6:30 on July 21 at
Alexandria, VA 22315           H: 813-792-7077
                                                           AN N A N D A L E UMC. Rob Cannon will pro-
H: 910-489-8729      
W: 202-433-3627
                                                           vide the pulled pork and fixin's - please bring sodas                                     or desserts. After the picnic we'll meet the men of
                                                           E131. See you there!
Randall, Andre               Schlosser, Tom
42-46th Street NE            2700 South Veitch St. Apt
Washington, DC 20019         206
H: 202-398-1793              Arlington, VA 22206
W: 202-879-0086              H: 703-516-0338            W: 703-971-3103
Page 6                                                                 Fourth Day Journal  July 2006
CHRYSALIS ACTION ITEMS                                    CHRYSALIS 63: “FOREVER FAITHFUL”

The following people are running for the Chrysalis            July 13 – 16, 2006
Board. The election will be held at the August Gather-
ing.                                                          Mar-Lu Ridge Conference Center

Anna Ailstock                                             Rectora/Weekend Lay Director          - Kim White
Andy Hope
Shannon Jacobs                                            Rector/Weekend Lay Director       - Joe Lenow
Jake Jacobs
                                                          Community Event Information:
                                                          ·       Candlelight Dinner: Saturday, July 15th.
The following amendment, approved by the Chrysalis
Board of Directors at its May meeting by a vote of 12-    ·      Candlelight: Saturday, July 15th. Com-
0, will be voted on at the July Gathering:                     munity should arrive no earlier than 8PM and
                                                               Candlelight will begin at 9 PM
All references to "Rector" or "Rectora" in the
Chrysalis Bylaws, Team Selection Policy, Weekend          ·      Closing: Sunday, July 16th. Community
Script, and other Chrysalis Documents will hereaf-
                                                               should arrive no earlier than 3PM and Closing
ter be changed to "Weekend Lay Director." Where
appropriate, the terms "male," "female," "adult,"              will begin at 4PM.
"youth," and "young adult" will be added for clari-
ty. For additional clarity, all current references to
"The Lay Director" will be changed to "Communi-
ty Lay Director."                                             ADVERTISING IN THE FOURTH DAY JOURNAL!

                                                              Want to reach our community with information
BE ATTENTIVE TO POTENTIAL BUGS!                               about your business? In print and electronic
                                                              versions you can reach potential clients and
Please be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit re-        customers throughout the National Capitol area.
garding youth who can share in the excitement of a            Contact Jon D.Holstine (editor) for rates and
Chrysalis Flight! There are many demands on young             conditions.
peoples’ time in the summer, so prayer early and fer-
vently for guidance in inviting potential participants.
Applications are available at Gatherings and by down-
load from the Chrysalis web page.

                Seatco Custom                                 WANTED! (A FEW) GOOD MEN!
                                                              Once again, we need applications for the men’s
      Let us transform your original design into              Walks. We all know that God will put the Pilgrims
           beautiful, lustrous embroidery!                    that He wants on each weekend. It’s time to get our
                                                              Priorities in order, to take some Christian Action
              Jennifer Ailstock E-67                          among the Body Of Christ and to start Changing Our
                                                              World.  We need your help. Please prayerfully
   5610 Scoville St. Bailey’s Crossroads, VA 22041            consider your friends, family members and church
       Phone: 703-931-4844       Fax: 703-931-4803            buddies for applications to attend the next – and fu-
               E-Mail:                    ture -- walks. Bathe it in prayer and respond accord-
                                                              ingly. Remember the ladies, too!.

     Fourth Day Journal July 2006                                                                        Page 7
Fourth Day Journal
The Upper Room Emmaus of the                                                                NonProfit Org
National Capital Area                                                                        U.S. Postage
P.O. Box 2243                                                                                   PAID
Merrifield, VA 22116                                                                       Alexandria, VA
                                                                                          Permit No. 2357

Inside This Issue
Emmaus LD Message                            1
Message from Board SD                        1
 Chrysalis Corner                            2
 Reunion Group Coordination                  3
Harmonizing NCA and National Models          4
Emmaus Board/Support                         4
Chrysalis Board/Support                      5
Community Website Reminder                   5
2006 Weekends                                5
 E-131 Fourth Day List                       6
Chrysalis Action Items; C-63                 7
July Gathering                               8

          Join us for next Gathering
                    Friday July 21, 2006
                          7:30 PM
           Annandale United Methodist Church
                     6935 Columbia Pike
                    Annandale VA 22191
Directions: From I-495, take Route 236, Little River
Turnpike east. Proceed 1-1/2 miles to Evergreen Lane. Turn
left onto Evergreen Lane and then right at the dead end onto
Columbia Pike. Church is 1-1/2 blocks up on the right. From
I-395, take Route 236, Little River Turnpike west. Proceed
2-1/2 miles to Evergreen Lane, turn right onto Evergreen and
then follow above directions

Baby Sitting Provided for Ages 2 through 6 ONLY

             The August Gathering will be at
                  Grace Baptist Church
                 14242 Spriggs Road
                   Dale City VA


Page 8                                                         Fourth Day Journal  July 2006

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