; Secretary Report January 2011
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Secretary Report January 2011


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									        Wisconsin County Surveyors Association
                  Secretary's Report
                   January 26, 2011

Email communications were taken care of, inquiries and information were
sent out.

A first draft of the minutes of the November 2010 meeting were completed
ASAP so that President Bruce Bowden could take them for reference to the
WSLS Board of Directors meeting. The brochures were divided into lots of
50 and banded. Brochures were sent to the contacts in the non-member
counties. Membership Applications were sent out by email. The January
Newsletter was prepared to be sent in pdf format via email and a few were
printed to bring to the meeting. The January meeting announcement,
agenda and other preparations were done for the Annual Meeting. A few
copies of the agenda and Secretary's Report were also made to bring to the

I will be submitting an invoice for the costs of copying the agenda, minutes,
newsletter and the Secretary's Report for the meeting.

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