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					April 6-9, 2009 | Rosen Shingle Creek Resort |   Orlando, Florida
                   IT Infrastructure
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle
                   Transformation in the
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida   Commonwealth of Virginia

                           Dave Burhop, Virginia Department
                           of Motor Vehicles
                                            April 8, 2009
                    Presentation Topics
                   • Virginia’s information technology (IT) model
                       – The need
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle
                       – Structure and governance
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida
                       – Responsibilities
                   • IT Infrastructure Partnership
                   • Progress in core services
                       – Governance
                       – IT procurement
                       – IT infrastructure operations
                   • Lessons learned
                           Call to Action: State of
                            Technology in 2002
April 6-9, 2009
                   • 90+ independent, autonomous
Rosen Shingle       IT shops
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida   • Independent, duplicative systems

                   • $75M in failed IT projects in 5 years

                   • Inadequate protection of sensitive
                    information and equipment

                   • Inability to leverage buying power or
                    manage investments

                   • Obstacles to sharing information
                    across agencies

                   • Few metrics on performance and
                    service delivery
                   The Numbers Revealed The Need

                   90+ Independent, Autonomous IT Shops
April 6-9, 2009
                   Responsible for:
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida   • 67,000 PCs
                   • 3,000 servers
                   •   100 primarily independent data centers
                   •    85 Internet connections
                   •    61 helpdesks
                   •    45 individual Wide Area Networks
                   •    40 different email/messaging systems
                   •    18 different telephony systems
                   Governor and General Assembly
                        Took Action in 2003
                   • Created VITA, Virginia’s centralized IT “utility”
                      – Abolished three IT agencies
                      – Transferred IT assets and staff from 90+
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida
                        agencies to VITA over 18 months

                   • Defined VITA’s primary responsibilities
                      – IT governance
                      – IT procurement
                      – IT infrastructure operations

                   • Established funding mechanism
                       – Internal Service Fund - budget is largely
                        fees collected
                       – Rates approved by Joint Legislative Audit &
                        Review Commission (JLARC)
                   Governor and General Assembly
                        Took Action in 2003
                   • Created Information Technology Investment
                    Board (ITIB)
April 6-9, 2009       – 10-member supervisory board
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort          – 3 government members
Orlando, Florida
                      – 7 citizen members: 4 appointed by
                        legislature, 3 by Governor
                      – Responsible for VITA and all IT oversight
                        and investments

                   • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
                      – Hired by ITIB to a 5-year contract
                      – ITIB’s agent as VITA Agency Head
                      – Advise Governor and legislature
                        of investment opportunities
                                   Technology Management
                                    Governance Structure

April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort       General Assembly                       IT Investment Board (ITIB)                    Governor
                   • Appoint Board members                • Approve funding priorities                  • Set Executive branch priorities
Orlando, Florida
                   • Pass legislation including budget    • Approve project development                 • Appoint Board members
                   • Appointed JLARC oversight of VITA    • Approve policies, standards, guidelines     • Develop budget
                                                          • Approve Virginia’s IT Strategic Plan

                    For more details see                 Chief Information Officer
                                                                                                      Executive Branch Agencies
                                                         • Develop VA IT Strategic Plan
                    the Code of Virginia                 • Approve Agency IT strategic
                                                                                                      • Develop Agency IT Strategic Plan
                                                                                                      • Adhere to Policies, Standards &
                    2.2-2005 – 2032                        plans
                                                         • Approve project planning
                    and 2.2-2457                                                                      • Manage Agency Applications and
                                                         • Develop policies, standards, &
                                                           guidelines (for ITIB)

                                                          • Manage & support infrastructure
                                                          • Procure IT goods & services
                                                          • Support CIO and ITIB
                                                          • Chief Security Officer
                                                          • Chief Applications Officer
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort
                   IT Infrastructure Partnership
Orlando, Florida
                    State of the IT Infrastructure (Pre-VITA)

                   • Aging, inefficient infrastructure
                       – 1980s technology environment
                       – 50% of equipment 8 to 10 years old
April 6-9, 2009

                   • The Commonwealth at risk
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida
                       – No maintenance on thousands of devices
                       – 80% of agencies vulnerable to data
                         breaches, hacking
                       – Virginia’s data center building rated a high
                         security risk
                       – Inadequate ability to resume operations
                         after a disaster
                       – Copyright software license violations (legal
                     Solution: Build a 21st Century Infrastructure

                   • Nation’s largest public-private partnership
                       – Commonwealth of Virginia and Northrop Grumman
                         Corporation formed partnership in November 2005
                       – Contract valued at $1.9 billion over 10 years
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort       • Northrop Grumman invests $270 million in
Orlando, Florida     up-front capital
                       – Replace aging, inefficient infrastructure in
                       – Modernize and standardize IT services and support
                       – Consolidate and centralize infrastructure
                          equipment and monitoring

                   • Investment in people and communities
                        – Creates more than 400 jobs in rural southwest
                        – No layoffs of state IT employees
                        – Northrop Grumman is positioned to grow in Virginia
                                               Infrastructure Investments Through Private Partners

                           Messaging Services                                                                                           Help Desk

                     Enterprise Exchange/Outlook E-mail                         Mass Desktop Refresh                    Enterprise Help Desk in Russell and Chesterfield
                      Enterprise Collaboration Tools                  Network Printer Consolidation and Refresh         Field Based Agents and Technicians for Level 3
                          Active Directory, DNS                       Enterprise Desktop Management Systems                Enterprise Help Desk System (Peregrine)
April 6-9, 2009              $25M Investment                                     $35M Investment                                      $10M Investment
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort                     Mainframe
Orlando, Florida                and Servers                                                                                             Security

                                                                      People – Process – Tools
                                                                          Reliable, High-Performance,
                     New IBM and Unisys Mainframes                      Enterprise-Wide IT Infrastructure
                                                                                                                             Enterprise Security Operations Center
                   Consolidation and Refresh of Servers
                   Migration of servers to the Data Center
                                                                       $270 Million Investment                             Computer Security Incident Response Center
                                                                                                                                    Secure Internet Gateway
                             $50M Investment
                                                                                                                                       $10M Investment

                      Tier 3 and Tier 2 Facilities                                 Network                                          Voice / Video

                   New Data Center/Office Building in Chesterfield      New Commonwealth-Wide MPLS Core WAN
                   New Disaster Recovery Center and Help Desk        LAN upgrades to Local Switches/Routers as Needed         Voice-Over IP Network Optimized for
                           in Lebanon, Russell County                      Network Re-addressing of IP, DHCP                        Voice and Video Traffic
                                $60M Investment                                    $60M Investment                                    $20M Investment
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida

                   Progress in Core Services
                   IT Infrastructure Accomplishments

                   • Significantly improved information security
                   • Corrected software copyright licensing violations
April 6-9, 2009
                   • Constructed two data center facilities (Chesterfield &
Rosen Shingle         Russell)
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida   • Began creating over 400 high-tech jobs in southwest
                   • Replaced much of the infrastructure with new, standard
                   • Implementing standard, consistent processes and
                     metrics statewide
                   • Establishing predictable, consistent prices that are
                     planned for and budgeted
                   Commonwealth Enterprise
                      Solutions Center

April 6-9, 2009                        Chesterfield
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida
                   Southwest Enterprise Solutions Center

                                              Town of Lebanon,
April 6-9, 2009                               Russell County
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida
                    Enterprise IT Governance Accomplishments

                   From 2002:                   To 2009:

                   • Lack of oversight        • Strong investment
                   • Independent, autonomous
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle
                                                management program for
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida
                     decision-making            new IT projects
                   • $565 million spent on    • Strategic IT investment
                     duplicative, stand-alone   decisions promoting
                     systems                    enterprise solutions
                   • $75 million in failed    • No major IT project failures
                     major IT projects from     since 2003
                     1998 - 2002
                    Centralized IT Procurement Accomplishments

                   From 2002:             To 2009:

April 6-9, 2009    • Buying power not       • Leveraged buying power
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort         leveraged              • Decreased costs
                   • Lack of standards
Orlando, Florida

                                            • Increased annual SWaM
                   • Multiple, inconsistent   spend from $4M to $80M
                     procurement processes
                   • Low spend with small,
                     women- and minority-
                     owned (SWaM)
                    IT Reform in Virginia Results in Efficiencies

                   Had we done nothing, Virginia would have…

April 6-9, 2009    • Experienced additional failures of major IT
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort         projects
Orlando, Florida   • Spent $200 million more over the next decade
                     supporting an aging IT infrastructure
                   • Spent an additional $120 million on energy
                     consumption over the next decade
                   • Paid $45 million more for IT products and services
                     without central IT procurement management
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle      Lessons Learned
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida
                     Hard Lessons We Learned the Easier Way

                   • Executive sponsorship is essential
                   • Talk to others about what worked, what didn’t and why
April 6-9, 2009
                   • IT reform is about culture change
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort
                      Technology                      People & Process
Orlando, Florida

                   • Build and maintain momentum, confidence
                   • Manage stakeholder expectations
                   Hard Lessons We Learned the Hard Way

                   • Get your arms around what you’ve REALLY got in your
                     IT environment
                       – Be data-driven
April 6-9, 2009        – Conducted five “due diligence” exercises
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort               • “Legasaurs” – ancient equipment
                           • Years of underfunded IT programs
Orlando, Florida

                           • Poor inventory records and processes
                           • Lack of basic security protection
                           • 1,200+ employees organized by agency,
                              supporting more than 2,000 sites
                           • Sorely under-utilized capacity for servers,

                   • Transformation takes longer than you think
                       – Virginia’s schedule is aggressive (36 months)
                       – Must accommodate agency business cycles (don’t
                         transform Tax in April)
                     Hard Lessons We Learned the Hard Way

                   • Look behind the curtain

                       Back-end processes and procedures
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle          (the “how”) must transform with
                       technology services (the “what”)
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida

                       • Asset inventory         •   IT support
                       • Service requests        •   Documentation
                       • Pricing & billing       •   Purchasing
                       • Customer relationship   •   New service offerings
                         management              •   Change management
                       • Communications          •   Personnel management
                      Hard Lessons We Learned the Hard Way

                   • All stakeholders – especially employees – need to feel
                     they are being treated equally and kept informed
                        – Focus on the 90 – 95 percent who are “with” the
April 6-9, 2009           program or can be swayed either way
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort
                        – Do not cater to the 5 – 10 percent you can never
Orlando, Florida          win over

                   • If outsourcing, understand the governance model and
                       the relationship with your partner
                         – Traditional client-vendor relationship? A
                           risk/reward-sharing partnership? Something in
                         – State policies do not contemplate an outsourcing
                     Hard Lessons We Learned the Hard Way

                   • Ensure agencies coordinate with state budget department on
                     rates (cost impact, timing, etc.) BEFORE they are
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle      • Ensure agencies understand “what’s in the rates”
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida
                   • Implement all aspects of disaster recovery as part of the base
                     modernization rate package – don’t make DR optional
                   • Agency level SLAs should be identified early on so the “to-be”
                     model can be designed to support them
                   • Streamline early on the process that supports agency service
                   • Centralized print close to the customer agencies is a
                   • Delegated Procurement Authority to agencies should be
                     considered on a case-by-case basis
                   • Delegated Project Authority to agencies should be considered
                     on a case-by-case basis
                    Hard lessons we learned the hard way

                   • Embrace the media
                       – Informed reporting vs. investigative reporting

April 6-9, 2009    • Start with the big agencies
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort           – The largest 15 agencies in Virginia represent ~80%
Orlando, Florida
                          of the spend

                   • What’s that noise?
                      – It is not a celebration….(yet)
                      – “There” is good; getting “There” is painful
                      – The noise level overall has not decreased, but

                          We will eventually get There!
                          Recent recognition
                   • Virginia’s security program rated #1
                     in the nation in 2008 by National
                     Association of State CIOs (NASCIO)

April 6-9, 2009    • Virginia’s infrastructure partnership
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort         rated #1 in the nation by NASCIO
Orlando, Florida

                   • Virginia’s Web site ranked #1 in the
                     nation by the Center for Digital

                   • Virginia received a 2008 Telly
                     Award for its security awareness
                     video “The Duhs of Security”

                   • Virginia ranked #3 in the nation for
                     all aspects of technology by the
                     Center for Digital Government
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle      References/Resources
Creek Resort
Orlando, Florida

                   • VITA (Many thanks to VITA for providing much of the
                   information used in this presentation!)
                   • Virginia Information Technology Investment Board
April 6-9, 2009
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort       • Virginia’s official portal
Orlando, Florida
                   • The Code of Virginia – IT governance
                   •The Code of Virginia – PPEA (partnership vehicle)
                   •Technology oversight

                   • IT Infrastructure Partnership homepage
                   • How we got here – proposals, history
April 6-9, 2009    381
Rosen Shingle
Creek Resort       • Comprehensive infrastructure agreement – the contract
Orlando, Florida
                   • Frequently asked questions
                   • Media kit and fact sheets
                   • IT infrastructure transformation, schedule

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