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                                                                                                                                        Summer 2008
                                                                                                                                         Volume 4, Issue 1

Member Q&A: Jodean Cooper                                                                                                 Chapter News
Counting the Votes           Events                                                                                          Tucson
Election Information Inside! Run Reviews                                                                                   Sierra Vista
   Inside This Issue                             WELCOME                      to the seventh issue of the Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter! Our humble club now
                                                 boasts over 160 active memberships and it seems like we have a new member joining almost every week. Thanks
   Election Info:
      Meet Your 2008/2009                        to all of you who have joined and those who have renewed your memberships for another year.
      Board Members
      Scott Michalak                         3   On page five, you will see bios for two DMC members running for the open Secretary position for 2008/2009.
      Barney Rael                            3   Included with your Newsletter is a ballot that will allow you to submit a vote for ONE of those two members.
      Dan James                              4   That ballot can be returned via mail or you can present your ballot in person at the DMC Election meeting in
      Dee Feintuch                           4   Phoenix, on Sunday, July 20th, 2008. Look on the Forum for the exact location, directions, and time.
      Officer Candidates
      Marsha Sue Carter                      5   On pages three and four are the bios for those members who were nominated for the Treasurer and Co-Chair
      Andrew Birchler                        5   positions but are running un-opposed because there were only three nominations for the three Co-Chair posi-
   Chapter News                                  tions, and only one nomination for Treasurer, the required number of people to fill those positions.
   * Desert Rat Pack                         6
   * M.A.D.M.E.N.                            7                                                               We hope you enjoy the Summer 2008 Newsletter
                                                                                                             and that it gives you inspiration to attend even
   Member Q&A                                                                                                more DMC Functions coming up soon and in the
   * Meet Jodean Cooper                      8                                                               future. Please keep your eyes open on the Club
                                                                                                             Events area on the online Forum, as well as reading
   Events                                                                                                    your Chapter Co-Chair emails for the latest and
   * International Food Night               9
   * ADOT Cleanup                          10
                                                                                                             greatest events going on with the DMC!
   * Lost Dutchman Days                    11
   * Ice Cream Sunday                      12
   * Saturday Car Show                     12
   * Upcoming Events                       13

   Submissions                                                                                                On Our Cover
   The DMC actively seeks article and
   photo submissions from all members.                                                                        600+ MiNis and their owners attended the 5th
   You don’t have to be a great writer.                                                                       Annual AMVIV in Las Vegas in March, 2008!
   We’ll edit it for spelling and punctuation,
   and even make sure that it makes                                                                           Here, can you imagine the happy grin as Mark Ryan’s
   sense! You don’t have to be an expert                                                                      GP Car takes in the ’warning’ sign? With the recent
   on cars, driving, or MiNis. All views are                                                                  addition of a Clubman to his garage, Mark is on his
   welcome. If you’ve got something to say                                                                    fourth MINI.
   or a great MiNi photo to share, send it
   to your chapter Co-Chair or one of the                                                                     Photos on cover and this page by Mark Ryan
   DMC Co-Chairs for possible inclusion.

Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                             Summer 2008                                                                          Page 2
Meet Your
2008/2009                                                                                                              Scott Michalak, DRP
                                                                                                                         DMC Co-Chair
                                                                                                    My name is Scott Michalak and I am currently one of the three Co-Chairs on
Members                                                                                             the Dynamic MiNi Collective Board. I have owned three MINIs since 2003
                                                                                                    enjoying each one in its own unique way. I am also a charter member of the
                                                                                                    DMC, having been around since the inception in May of 2004. For two years
                                                                                                    I was one of the Co-Chairs for the Desert Rat Pack Chapter in Phoenix as
                                                                                                    well. Watching as this club has grown has been a real joy. Thanks for allow-
                                                                                                    ing me to be a part of it.

                                                                                                The reason I am running again for this position is to continue to help keep
                                                                                                everything on track as it has been, while still listening to the membership’s
                                                                                                ideas and concerns and taking action on them for positive change. I hope to
                                         do this by using my past experience and through working with the great people who will be in office with me. As always, please feel
                                         free to contact me anytime you want to chat about anything Club, Chapter, or MiNi-related.

                                                     Barney Rael, M.A.D.M.EN.
                                                          DMC Co-Chair
                                         My name is Barney Rael, many of you know me as 66 Cooper on the
                                         forum. I have owned Minis for about 19 years and still have classics
                                         along with my ‘04 MCS. I live in Tucson and am part of the MADMEN
                                         chapter of the DMC. I am a founding member of the DMC and have
                                         been involved with car clubs since the early 1980's.

                                         I have served as a vice president or president of a couple of other car
                                         clubs and have enjoyed serving on the DMC board as well as being a
                                         chapter co-chair. I enjoy my cars and I like to give back to the organiza-
                                         tions that help me enjoy my hobby. I have been a regional representa-
                                         tive of a national car club, and a local representative of other Arizona
                                         based clubs. I have helped organize national events as well as local and
                                         regional car meets. My love of the automobile goes back to my child-
                                         hood, like many of you, I grew up loving cars of all kinds, but the MiNi is
                                         one of my favorite fun vehicles of all time.

                                         The DMC is one of the truly fun clubs to be a part of, and I would like to have the opportunity to help keep it moving in that direc-
                                         tion. We are a strong and vital club, and there is no reason we can't continue to build on that in the future. I ask for your support in
                                         allowing me to help the DMC move in a positive direction and remain Arizona's Premiere MiNi Motoring Club.
(Photos provided by Scott and Barney.)

Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                                     Summer 2008                                                                             Page 3
Meet Your                                                       Dan James, DRP
                                                                DMC Co-Chair
Board                                I have been a member of the Desert Rat Pack since 2005 and am looking forward
                                     to the opportunity to serve on the DMC Board as a Co-Chair. I’m currently com-
Members                              pleting the last couple of months of a term as a DRP Co-Chair. That experience
                                     has been invaluable in learning what really makes the club function at the member-
                                     ship level and also what direction the membership would like to see the club go.
                                     I’ve also served as the DMC Club Liaison since 2006, a non-voting position cre-
                                     ated by the DMC Board to facilitate communication between the DMC and other
                                     Mini and enthusiast car clubs.
                                     My "classic" is a 1967 Mercury Cougar that I’ve had since my junior year of high
                                     school, though ‘the Coug’ has been a tad ignored since the arrival of its garage-                                (Photo by Marilyn Weyman Kegg)
                                     mate, CoopahS (that’s Coo - Pah - Ess). I’ve ridden nearly every twisty road in Arizona on my other toy,
                                     a 2000 Yamaha YZF600R, and have been involved in the planning of rides, trips, and the organization of most aspects of enthusiast-type
                                     clubs prior to joining the DMC.
                                     Marilyn and I have now motored over 85,000 miles since picking up our first Mini. We celebrated CoopahS's third birthday in June of
                                     2008 with an anniversary trip of sorts to Prescott and Jerome, the first trip we took with the DMC back in 2005.

                                     We look forward to many more miles and good times with the DMC!

Officers:                                                   Dee Feintuch, DRP
Treasurer                                                    DMC Treasurer

                                     Hey guys! My name is Dee, otherwise known as Deemotored on the forum. I
                                     have been the treasurer of the DMC since its conception in 2004.
                                     In addition to my many talents I also have an educational background in account-
                                     ing and run my own business.
                                     That and the fact that no one would dare run against me make me your best
                                     choice for Treasurer in this or any other election!

                                     Thanks! :)
                                                                                                                        “But Officer, Gold Minis have special privileges! Look on page 75…”
                                                                                                                                                            (Photo provided by Dee Feintuch)
Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                                 Summer 2008                                                                                      Page 4
Meet Your                  Marsha Sue Carter, M.A.D.M.EN.
                                 DMC Secretary Nominee
              G'day! My name is Marsha Carter and I live in Tucson. I own a 2003 Dark Silver Mini
DMC Secretary Cooper S named Ian.
Nominees      Ian sent me an e-mail when he was on the ship from Oxford and I was shocked to real-
              ize that my new car was a He. Owning and driving a Mini makes me feel special, as well
                                         as smart, plus it's easy to park.
                                         I am running for the position of Secretary. I have been a title examiner/title officer
                                         since 1979 and am an organized, detail oriented individual.

                                         Sometimes I am even fun to be around.

                                                               Andrew Birchler, DRP
                                                              DMC Secretary Nominee
                                         Hello all, my name is Andrew Birchler, most of you may know me as Gottoon on the
                                         I have been a MINI owner since May 2004 when I purchased an all Electric Blue Cooper
                                         S at Dreyer & Reinbold MINI in Indianapolis. It was the first MINI I saw when I drove up
                                         to the lot and I purchased it same day and picked it up two days later. Since that day I
                                         have been a MiNi lover.
                                         I currently drive a 2006 all Space Blue Cooper S without a name. In late 2005 I moved
                                         to the most beautiful state ever, Arizona. I joined the club after being tagged by our
                                         good friends Trace and Bob in early February 2006 and have been an active club mem-
                                         ber ever since.
                                         Running for secretary is my way of becoming more involved in this club, by filling a vital
                                         position where I can serve the entire club with my hard work and dedication to the
                                         MiNis of Arizona. Thank you and Vote Andrew.

        (Photos provided by nominees.)

Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                                     Summer 2008                                    Page 5
Chapter News                                                                   The Desert Pat Pack,
                                                                       The Metro Phoenix Chapter of the DMC
                                                                                                       By Dan James

                                        It has been another great year with the Desert Rat Pack. Marilyn and I are just about to start our third year as members, and thanks
                                        mostly to the DMC/DRP, our ‘05 “Coopah” S has over 84,000 miles on the clock. This has been an even busier year for myself personally
                                        after trying to fill the big shoes left by Scott Michalak and Dan Miller. Scott moved on to a DMC Board Position and Dan Miller is doing
                                        his best to increase the City of Tempe's tax base (somewhat of an inside joke if you
                                        read the forum). As the new DRP Co-Chairs, Teresa Flores and I have done our
                                        best to maintain and hopefully take the DRP activities and schedule to an even
                                        higher level than in the past.
                                        You will still find us with our regular monthly social activities, 2nd Sunday Ice
                                        Cream night, 3rd Saturday Car Show (usually at the Scottsdale Pavilions). But this
                                        past year we also morphed what had been a Last Wednesday Food Night, into a bi-
                                        monthly International Food Night. An article on the new International Food Night
                                        is included later in this newsletter.
                                        Another new event for us was put together by Suzanne Lipke, signing up the DMC
                                        for our own section of Arizona SR-87 to “adopt” via the ADOT Adopt-A-Highway
                                        program. If you happen to be traveling about 30 miles north of Payson, you’ll see
                                        our area designated by our signs between Mile Markers 288 and 289. Further info
                                        on our first clean-up event is included later in this newsletter.                    (Photo by Dan James)

                                        This past year the DRP also took part in what I believe is our first attendance in a city parade, as part of the City of Apache Junction’s
                                        Lost Dutchman Days Weekend of festivities. A Big Thanks to David and Michelle Boldt for inviting us out to join their community in cele-
                                        brating the occasion, we had a really good time.
                                        A big part of the DRP’s regular activities include Fun Runs. We did a pretty good job of getting around Arizona in the past year, with
                                        routes that took us to Wickenburg, Prescott, Jerome, Cottonwood, Sedona, Flagstaff, Roosevelt Lake, Miami/Globe, Salt River Canyon,
                                                                                              Mt. Graham, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Sonoita, Happy Jack, Camp Verde and others! In
                                                                                              January we were hosted by the So-Cal Mini Maniacs for a trip to the Petersen Auto-
                                                                                              motive Museum in Los Angeles.
                                                                                           The DRP also has great turn-out for Regional and National MiNi and other automo-
                                                                                           bile enthusiast events. AMVIV is held annually at the end of March in Las Vegas and
                                                                                           had over 600 MiNis in attendance this year, with 20+ from the DMC. Minis in the
                                                                                           Mountains is held at Copper Mountain Resort, West of Denver, CO in the middle of
                                                                                           August and has grown into an event most do not want to miss. We had great atten-
                                                                                           dance last year for the 2nd MITM and expect an equal or greater turnout for the 3rd
                                                                                           MITM. We also had a handful of members fly and drive out for Minis on the Dragon.
                                                                                           As you can see, the DRP is busy with overnight events, evening socials, day-long
                                                                                           events to twisty roads and even 3-4 day long weekend events. Keep your eye on the
                 (Photo by Mark Ryan)                                                      forum and on your email for all the latest activities in the coming year!

Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                                 Summer 2008                                                                             Page 6
Chapter News                                                           Motoring and Dining MINI Enthusiast Network,
                                                                             The Tucson Chapter of the DMC
                                                                                                               By Jon Small
                                              First of all, it has been a pleasure serving as chapter co-chair and publishing our weekly MAD-
                                              MEN News Updates. Each issue features a recap of past events with pictures and a look for-
                                              ward to upcoming MINI activities. Your feed back has been positive, so I’ll continue along the
                                              same route.
                                              A lot has been happening in the Ol’ Pueblo with the MADMEN chapter this year. As befits
                                              our name, “My MINI’s Got the Munchies Nights” have been a big success. We combine din-
                                              ner with a sweet finale such as ice cream, gelato or yogurt. The May “Munchie” night brought
                                              out 11 MINIs, 20 members, and Elvis! Starting in July, we will be adding a once a month early
                                              morning fun run with breakfast. Check your News Update for details.
                                              MADMEN have been very active at MINI events in 2008, including the Tubac Collector Car
                                              Show, Super Bowl Party, Petersen Auto Museum Run, A MINI Vacation in Vegas, Mt. Lemmon
                                              Run, Southwest Unique Little Car Show, British European Auto Tour, and the SAE University of Arizona Car Show.
                                              The Mt. Lemmon trip gave us an opportunity to meet new members Bobi and Carl Hammett. The Hammetts hail from Massachusetts, as
                                              you can tell by the way they say “cah” (car). They also have a garage here in Tucson that services MINIs. We also met John Hall who is in
                                              the process of doing a black out on his MCS.
                                              The Petersen Auto Museum Run to Los Angeles included breakfast in Malibu with the SoCal Mini Maniacs Club and two hours of twisties
                                              in the canyons overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Museum was fantastic with Micro Car and Low-Rider exhibits on display. This should
                                              be an annual run.
                                              Patty and I were in Prescott for the S.W. Unique Little Car Show. From Isettas to Goggomobiles, collectors from California and Arizona
                                              displayed their diminutive vehicles on the grounds of Prescott College. We met many people on this trip including Ernie Press, V.P. of the
                                              Chicago Mini Motoring Club. He invited all MADMEN to attend the MICRO/MINI WORLD MEET in 2010 in Chicago. Should be a quick
                                              1,000 mile addition to Minis In The Mountains!
                                              Kim Perkins is going from MINI to Mini. He gave us our first look at his 1995 Rover Cabriolet at the University of Arizona SAE Car Show.
                                              An eBay purchase from Louisiana, Kim has begun engine tuning and modding with shiny bits on the exterior. He hopes to take his new
                                              Mini to Mini Meet West in June.
                                              Fellow MADMEN Jana Sutton joined us for the 11th Annual British European Auto Tour through northern Arizona. This two day trip is a
                                              nostalgic drive with cars that illustrate the great history of European motoring. Lots of new friends
                                              were made and a few dozen cars added to my “Must Have” list.
                                              The MADMEN plan several “local” runs this summer, including trips to Bisbee and Silver City NM.
                                              Both are at higher elevations with temperatures 10 - 15 degrees cooler than Tucson.
                                              Our chapter is healthy and growing, with 31 members. Your co-chairs, Barney Rael and I, welcome
                                              your ideas and participation.
             (Photos provided by Jon Small)
                                              Happy Motoring!
Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                                        Summer 2008                                                                            Page 7
Member Q&A:                                    Jodean Cooper and “Luau Luie”
Meet                                                    ‘06 PW/B S
Jodean Cooper                                                 By Jodean Cooper and Dee Feintuch
                                                               Photos courtesy of Jodean Cooper

                                     Describe your ride.
                                     Luau Luie is an amazing ‘06 S, Pepper White/Black. Just two days after delivery I
                                     tore off his factory stripes and motored up to Mini’s in the Mountains (MITM)
                                     where I had the black Hawaiian stripes installed on the bonnet and boot and
                                     ghosted matching stripes on the roof. I love them, but they’re also the reason
                                     you’ll never see Fred drive my MINI! I added window tint, a parcel shelf and
                                     wrapped the down tubes myself with leather. Christmas ‘06 brought great new
                                     chrome wheels, then last year for Christmas in July, I added a 15% pulley, CAI and Dinan cat back exhaust. Just days before AMVIV5, we
                                     switched to non-runflat tires, what a difference, the ride is even more fun now!

                                     Why a MINI?
                                     Fred and I saw one in ‘03 in a parking lot, checked it out and I immediately fell in love with the looks of it. The interior vaguely reminded
                                     me of my ‘85 MR2 I had years ago and I like that the MINI looked unique among an ocean of “sameness”. Of course, since our last name
                                     is Cooper, I told him we had to have one. Fred’s a hard sell though and it wasn’t until our next door neighbor bought a MINI in ‘06 that
                                     Fred got tired of hearing me beg (a daily occurrence by then) and finally relented. I had spent hours on the MINI configurator, so the
                                     minute I got the go ahead, I ordered before he could change his mind! Since then, I’ve fallen in love with my MINI even more than for
                                     just the looks, like the sound and the handling, the whole package is just so much fun and keeps a smile on my face!

                                     How do you support your MINI habit?
                                     First off, by being a fiend about detailing. I love washing my MINI and can spend hours each weekend shining it up. The MINI has also
                                     gotten me interested in general maintenance that I never cared about before, but I now want to do myself, including some interior mods I
                                     plan on doing myself. I love going to MINI events, especially MITM, which is a MUST! Then of course there’s the blingy t-shirts I like to
                                     make (but am too shy to sell), and I’m always looking for some kind of new mod I can talk Fred into. Yeah, retirement gets further and
                                     further off.

                                     Favorite place to unwind?
                                     In the mountains, especially anywhere near a rushing river or ambling stream, soaking
                                     up the sounds and the sun. But if I’m stuck in Phoenix, it’s in the garage, hangin’ with
                                     Fred or the neighbors with a ‘tini—cheers!

                                     What song should play when you walk into a room?
                                     I guess a good descriptive one would be Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace.
                                     Music is an even bigger passion for me than the MINI, so just about anything would
                                                                                                  (Continued on next page.)
Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                               Summer 2008                                                                               Page 8
                                     You are stranded on an island, you can only eat one food FOREVER.
                                     Okay, for me it’d probably be chips—Cheetos & Lays. And for Fred, a bologna & cheese sandwich. If we were stranded together that’d
                                     be a balanced diet, right?

                                     Who would you like to motor with? THEY have to drive.

                                     A good race instructor so they could show me what the car could really do and how to get the most fun out of it!

                                                        International Food Night—Let’s Eat!
                                                                                      By Tim Fischer

Events                               Along with some other members (Dan James and Teresa Flores), we have started the International Food
                                     Night. It is an opportunity to get together in our Minis, talk about our Minis, and partake of the wide vari-
                                     ety of international food our town has to offer.
                                     I got the idea from the Massachusetts Motoring Club. I was stuck in Boston in January for almost a month
                                     working. I contacted the Mass Motorists off to see if they had any activities
                                     while I was there. They happened to be doing an international night in downtown Boston. Like all Mini
                                     clubs, they invited me happily; they even gave me a ride. If anyone who has ever been to Boston knows,
                                     you can get lost making a u-turn in that town. Give me the Phoenix grid any day!
                                     We met at the Jacob Wirth (, a large German pub/restaurant in the theatre district.
                                     About 30-40 people showed up and I met a lot great people. They handed me a Mass Motoring passport.
                                     For every international restaurant they visit, a passport sticker is made to commemorate the evening. What a great idea for our bunch of
                                     I ended up hanging out with Pete and Audra a couple more times while I was in Boston. He’s a mechanic and she loves autocross. Auto-
                                     cross is big up in New England. They have to get all their driving in during the nice months. They were very jealous of our weather and
                                     year round motoring.
                                     Once I got home I talked the idea over with Dan James. He told me that Teresa was interested in helping coordinate. Together we cre-
                                     ated the DMC International Food Night. I worked on creating a passport and stickers for our first event while Teresa helped coordinate
                                     the event.
                                     Our first dinner was in March at the Taste of Italy at Pasta Brioni in South Scottsdale. Everyone got an inaugural sticker and passport.
                                     Our second dinner was in May, at Haus Murphys in Glendale, for a Taste of Germany. Both events were a great success with about 20-
                                     25 people showing up for both, maybe a couple more at the second event.

                                     We are planning on having international food night every other month, so look for them on the forum and calendar,
                                     But WAIT, there is MORE! We also need YOUR help! There are a lot of great restaurants in Phoenix, and we all have our favorites, so if
                                     you know of a good place to include in our upcoming Tour Schedule, please post it on the forum in one of the Food Night threads.

                                     We hope to see you at the next event!                                                                   (Passport & stickers designed by Tim Fischer)

Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                               Summer 2008                                                                                            Page 9
Events                                                       DMC Adopt-A-Highway Spring Event a Rousing Success!
                                                                                                            By Suzanne Lipke

                                                                                                    April 27, 2008 dawned sunny and warm here in Phoenix. The DMC Adopt-a-
                                                                                                    Highway group had plans for a great fun drive - and a little work - up in the Rim
                                                                                                    Twenty-two DMC members (and one Viper-driving friend) met in Fountain Hills for
                                                                                                    a safety briefing by Rat Pack Co-Chair Dan James (danjmcs). Gina and Jay Hirt
                                                                                                    joined the group for their first-ever DMC event. Dan reminded everyone that AZ
                                                                                                    has received extra federal funds to patrol the Bee Line Highway, and that we could
                                                                                                    expect detours from recent landslides. We set out to enjoy the drive and the scen-
                                                                                                    ery a bit. Clinton Campbell (GotCurves) said later he had “showed remarkable re-
                                                                                                    straint” in keeping to the posted speed limits and avoiding the land and air patrols.
                                                                                                    We’re proud of his efforts! We all know he knows how to drive fast with his re-
  DMC Members parked and ready to work.                                                             cent 1st place finish at the SCCA AutoCross event in April.
                      (Photo by Mark Ryan)
                                                                                                 We made a quick pit stop in Payson… hoping to meet up with Todd Hauser
                                             (th3118) - but found he was under the weather - so we headed up the last 30 miles north of Payson on the 87 to our destination, mile
                                             marker 289. We now have signs posted on both the North- and South-bound sides of the road between mile markers 288 and 289.
                                             After a quick “Worker Safety Review”, clad in orange vests and with garbage bags in our properly gloved hands, we set out to do a little
                                             community service. We split into four groups, with two groups covering each side of the highway, and got the work done in very little
                                             time. The weather was wonderfully cool as we walked along the roadside and among the pines, collecting our “treasures”. Several mem-
                                             bers mentioned it was almost like an adult Easter-egg hunt… with really interesting finds! We collected approximately 24 bags of trash,
                                             with 4-5 additional piles of big, heavy garbage – including “road alligators”, a rusted jack stand, and a huge piece of iron.
                                             After our work we retired to the Long Valley Café for lunch. Denise seated us on the outdoor patio and provided wonderful service to
                                             the group. While we waited for lunch to be served, I awarded the Adopt-A-Highway swag. Louie Boertje (LouieB) was not present but
                                             got swag for being first to photo a MINI at the sign. The prize for the most interesting find went to Dominic Tuso (dominicminicoopers)
                                             for finding an all black Rubic’s cube – has anyone else ever seen one? Scott Michalak (SilverNewt) got swag for finding an item that was
                                             still useful, a tie-down. Mike Trejo (Nemo) got swag for the most environmentally-friendly find… he saved Mother Earth from a half-
                                             gallon of used motor oil someone had tossed out in a plastic jug. And Gina Hirt and Mark Ryan (azminiman) tied for picking up the most
                                             trash. Congratulations to all!.... Dan provided everyone with a new sticker for their passport {designed by Tim Fischer (minisaz)} Thanks
                                             After lunch some DMCers headed back to Phoenix. Others stopped by Todd’s and
                                             Carol’s place to wish Todd a speedy recovery, as well as to have some birthday
                                             cake and ice cream, before heading for home. Phoenix was a toasty 94 degrees
                                             when we got back.
                                             We’ll plan to have a Fall Event in late August or early September to once again get
                                             out of the heat and keep mile 288 - 289 clean and beautiful. We look forward to
                                             seeing everyone for the Fall event – watch for details in up-coming DMC newslet-
                                                              After a hard morning’s work, it is time for lunch! (Photo by Mark

Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                                       Summer 2008                                                                             Page 10
Events                                                    Lost Dutchman Days Parade
                                                          (There was Gold in them there Hills!)
                                                                                By David Boldt
                                     On Saturday, February 23rd, 2008, the Dynamic Mini Collective participated in the Lost Dutch-
                                     man Days Parade in Apache Junction, AZ. It was the first official parade entry for the DMC and
                                     interest in the event within the club proved it to be a worthwhile one.
                                     Michelle and David Boldt, who live just outside the city of Apache Junction, had regularly at-
                                     tended the event for several years and thought it would be fun if the Minis made a guest appear-
                                     ance. After a short discussion with Dan James on the subject and acceptance of the idea an ap-
                                     plication was submitted. This regular event is one of three annual parades in this east valley city
                                     and is the highest attended due to the winter visitor population. Local news agencies report annual attendance for this event at approxi-
                                     mately 10,000 and this year was indicative of those numbers.
                                     The club had approximately 32 members express interest in participating and when it was all said and done 27 cars showed up that morn-
                                     ing for the event. We met at 7:00 a.m. in a parking area a short distance from the parade staging area. The Boldts provided a continental
                                     breakfast for those who arrived early enough to enjoy it and at around 8:00 a.m. we all motored over to the staging area. Once at the
                                     staging area we learned we had provided just the right length for our entry as our staging area was just enough room with the cars lined
                                     up two by two and bumper to bumper. The DMC was parade entry number 137 out of roughly 146 entries.
                                     The parade had its official start at 9:00 a.m. so if you do the math, you get the idea that the DMC staged, and staged and staged. It seemed
                                     that our turn to motor onto the parade route would never arrive. The club found plenty to talk about and ways to occupy their time.
                                     From watching Nate’s fearless Yorkie bark at every horse that road by en route to the parade
                                     to perusing the other parade entrants in the waiting game as well. Of course there were
                                     plenty of Mini Cooper-related topics discussed.
                                     Finally around 10:30 it was our turn and out onto Old West Highway we rolled. We were
                                     lucky to get all three Gold Mini’s that belong to the club to participate and to stay with the
                                     theme of the Parade “Gold Fever and the Lost Dutchman Jacob Waltz” we staged all the
                                     Golds up front for maximum effect. There were some interesting comments from the
                                     crowd… ”Oh look at all the Volkswagons, Honey” “Hey what kind of gas mileage do you get
                                     with that thing” “Lay Rubber!” “Hey Baby (Pipsqueak)” “I like the blue one” You get the
                                     Although late in the two hour parade, the crowd still seemed interested, somewhat energetic
                (Photos by Dan James) and interested in our display of the sharpest automobiles in the parade. Cheyenne and Michelle Boldt volunteered to lead the way and
                                     carry the club banner down the two mile parade route. Once the Minis completed the Parade route, it was pretty noticeable that drivers
                                     were itchy to step on the accelerators after idling down the parade route and it was off to the Apache trail for a quick run up past Tor-
                                     tilla Flats for some fun twisty motoring that is a favorite with the club. It’s a great ride and a beautiful view of the desert and mountains.
                                     Some stopped at Tortilla Flat for lunch and photo opportunities and this made for a nice closure to a long but fun morning.
                                     With this parade in the history books we will need to see if there is interest in other parades in the Valley. The “Parada del Sol” in
                                     Scottsdale and the “Fiesta Bowl Parade” draw much larger spectatorship and would provide even more visibility for the club. Give it
                                     some consideration and we can decide if we want to make future plans with a larger showing… both Minis and spectators.

                                     Thanks to all who participated!
Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                               Summer 2008                                                                                Page 11
Events                                     DRP Second Sunday Ice Cream Night—You
                                                     Know You Want It!
                                                                                     By Dee Feintuch

                                     That's right! Meeting 35 of your MINI’s closest friends in various locations around the valley
                                     once a month for all the sugar you can eat in an hour and a half!
                                     This on-going tradition boasts some of the largest turnouts of any MINI event. I'm not sure
                                     but I think people really enjoy ice cream. So whether you live in Avondale or Apache Junc-
                                     tion, Ahwatukee or Anthem, we have a location near you at some point in time. Or you
                                     could just take a little drive to a foreign neighborhood. MINIs like going for rides. It's true!
                                     So next time you peruse that monthly calendar and see the Second Sunday Ice Cream meet
                                     beckoning you, take the plunge! If you have a place in mind that is open Sunday nights and
                                     has a good size parking lot, let us know and we will add it to the list. Hope to see you on a
                                     Sunday night real soon!

                                      MINIs enjoying the view from South Mountain at Sunset, before heading to ice cream. (Photo by Trace McDaniel)

                                                                    DRP Third Saturday Car Show - It's Showtime!
                                                                                                                  By Dee Feintuch

                                     The Phoenix chapter of the DMC, the Desert Rat Pack, meets every third Saturday of the month at a local car show. The two shows we
                                     like to visit are the West Side car show at the 83rd Avenue and Union Hills Safeway parking lot and the Scottsdale Pavilions Car Show at
                                     the 101 and Indian Bend.
                                                                                                             The West side car show is a small show but has a large variety of classic cars
                                                                                                             and hot rods. It's a low key way to enjoy our great weather on a Saturday
                                                                                                             night. With so many members living on the west side of town, we try to make
                                                                                                             it out there 3-4 times a year.
                                                                                                             The Scottsdale Car Show is the one we go to most often. It has a DJ and tons
                                                                                                             of classic and current cars to look at, plus motorcycles. The people watching is
                                                                                                             awesome as well. There are several places to eat within walking distance so we
                                                                                                             usually make an evening of it.
                                                                                                             So with a clean car and a smile (and a DMC shirt please), you can enjoy an eve-
                                                                                                             ning of fine automobiles and dining. Perhaps an after show drive to a local hot
MINIs at the Scottsdale Pavilions
                                                                                                             spot or twisty road. You just never know what's around the bend. Get it?
                                                                                                             Bend? The car show is on Indian Bend??? Ahem. Hope to see you there on the
Car Show (Photo by Louis Boertje)
                                                                                                             next third Saturday!
Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                                         Summer 2008                                                                                Page 12
Upcoming Events                                       Mini Meet West 2008 (Orange County) - June 26-29
                                                      DMC Annual Election Meeting (Phoenix) - July 20
                                                      Mini Takes The States (Los Angeles) - August 1-3
                                                      Minis in the Mountains (Colorado) - August 6-10
                                                      Magical Mystery Mini Tour (San Francisco) -
                                                                                        September 5-7
                                                      So-Cal Mini Maniacs in Laughlin - November 7-9

                                                      The Dynamic MiNi Collective is a diverse group of Mini enthusi-
Who Are The DMC?                                      asts from all over the state of Arizona and beyond. The DMC
                                                      was formed to bring together Mini owners and their families in
                                                      the common pursuit of all things Mini.

                                                      DMC is a non-profit Arizona corporation. Please keep in mind,
                                                      we are not organized as a charity, and as such any monies re-         MINIs driving through the pine forests near Jerome.
                                                      ceived by the club, either through membership dues, donations
                                                      or any other means, are not tax-deductible by the contributor.

                                                             Thanks for your support!
Until Next Time...

                                                                                                                        We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of our DMC
                                                                                                                        newsletter. Remember, back issues of the newsletter
                                                                                                                        are available on the DMC web site - just select the
                                                                                                                        Newsletter link. Please be patient when downloading;
                                                                                                                        the file size is a bit large.
                                                                                                                        We’re always looking for your articles, photos, ideas
                                                                                                                        and thoughts to make the newsletter as valuable and
                                                                                                                        interesting as it can be for our members. Remember,
                                                                                                                        this is YOUR newsletter. If you would like to contrib-
                                                                                                                        ute a story or photo to the next edition of the news-
                                                                                                                        letter, or have an idea for a story, please write to:
              (Group photos this page by Dan James,                                                           
                       wheel photo by Jenny Dolak)

Dynamic MiNi Collective Newsletter                                                  Summer 2008                                                                        Page 13

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