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					                                        S. 420

                      BILL TO ARREST ALL WEED SMOKERS

Be it Enacted by the Student Congress here assembled that:

1     Section 1. Federal law prohibits the possession of marijuana in any

2     amount.    Possession is punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine of

3     $1000 for first offense.

4     Section 2. The United States government shall spend $5 billion per

5     annum to enforce the federal marijuana possession laws.

6     Section 3. The United States Department of Justice shall begin an

7     aggressive campaign to arrest any person who has every been in

8     possession of marijuana to the extent that the statute of limitations and

9     other applicable barring statutes are not violated.

10    Section 4. In order to achieve the most efficient use of resources and to

11    achieve the greatest public safety, the campaign shall target prominent

12    citizens first: public officials, celebrities, athletes, scientists, Wall Street

13    executives and others who are in a position to influence public opinion.

14    Section 5. Maximum penalties shall be sought.

15    Section 6. This bill shall take effect on April 1, 2009.

Introduced by:       Howard Vogt, Kentucky Country Day School.
                            Bill 234

           A Bill to Legalize Polygamy.

1) Whereas, According to Dictionary.Com Polygamy is the
2)practice or condition of having more than one spouse, esp. wife,
3)at one time.
3)Whereas, The ratio of men to women in the United States is 3/4.
4)Whereas, Divorce Rates are increasing every year.
5)Whereas, 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and
6)74% of third marriages end in divorce, according to Jennifer
7)Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in
8)Springfield, Missouri.
9)Whereas, By Polygamy being illegal it is infringing on Citizen
10)Rights of Freedom of Religion.
11)Whereas, Polygamists of the Morman religion are being
12)religiously persecuted.
13)Be it enacted that by the student congress assembled that,
14)Section 1: Polygamy will be legalized.
15)Section 2: Wives of Polygamy must be of legal age to marry.
16)Section 3: Any sexual acts of minors will be charged as stated
17)by law.
18)Bill will go in effect immediately after passage.

                                        Respectfully Submitted,
                                        Senator Chelsea Meece
                                        Grant County High School
                             Bill 90210

A Bill to stop the portrayal of Media’s unrealistic body

1)    Whereas, 62% of women wear a size 12 or larger
2)    Whereas, According to Health magazine, April 2002, 32% of female
3)    TV Network characters are underweight, While 3% are obese.
5)    Whereas, Females who regularly watch TV 3 or more nights per
6)    week are 50% percent more likely than non-watchers to feel "too big"
7)    or "too fat."
8)    Whereas, Thin men are seen as skinny, and skinny men are often
9)    Depicted as sick, weak, frail, drug addicted, criminal or deviant.
10)   Whereas, Many people believe this media stereotyping helps explain
11)   why about 90% of people with eating disorders are women and only
12)   10%are men.
13)   Be it enacted by the Student Congress assembled that,
14)   Section 1: Network television will have the same amount of different
15)   figured women/men depicted throughout the primetime slots.
16)   Section 2: Primetime slots include the times from 5:00pm to 11:00pm
17)   in terms of local time.
18)   Section 3: Punishment for non-compliance would result in the stations
19)   broadcasting license suspended for 1 week increments.
20)   Section 4: If in excess of 3 weeks the license will suspended till proof
21)   of change has been submitted and approved by the Federal
22)   Communications Commission.
23)   Section 5: This bill will be enforced by the Federal Communications
24)   Commission.
25)   Section 6: This bill will go into effect immediately as it is passed

                                                   Respectfully Submitted,
                                                   Chelsea Meece
                                                   Grant County High School
                         Bill 101
             A Bill to legalize Prostitution.
1) Whereas, Countries where prostitution is legal have far lower crime rates than the
2) United States.
3) Whereas, Laws against prostitution violate Americans’ fundamental rights of
4) individual liberty and personal Privacy
5) Whereas, Prostitutes in the Netherlands had to pay a 17.5% sales tax after brothels
6) became legalized in January 1996.
7) Whereas, The United States would profit from the taxes actually being paid
8) Whereas, According to the Columbus Tribune in 1999, at least three of the vice-squad
9)officers in Columbus, Ohio, were regularly having sexual intercourse with prostitutes
10)before arresting them.
11) Whereas, 62 % of prostitutes reported having been raped in prostitution after
12) incarceration.
13) Whereas, 73 % reported having experienced physical assault in prostitution after
14) incarceration.
15) Whereas, 72 % were currently or formerly homeless.
16) Whereas, Legalization of Prostitution will cut down STD rates.
17) Whereas, Average arrest, court and incarceration costs amount to nearly $ 2,000.00
18) per arrest, leading for the need to go out and continue prostitution to pay back more
19) debts.
20) Whereas, According to Dr. John Money, a leading sexologist and professor at Johns
21) Hopkins University, notes that sex workers, with proper training, can assist clients in
22) overcoming “Erotic Phobia” and various other sexual dysfunctions.
23) Be it enacted by the Student Congress assembled that,
24) Section 1: Consensual Prostitution will be permitted for persons over the age of 18,
25) in designated areas.
26) Section 2: Any sexual Solicitation outside of designated areas is prohibited.
27) Section 3: Prostitution will become a business with required weekly physical exams.
28) Bill will go in effect immediately after passage.

                                                     Respectfully Submitted,
                                                     Senator Chelsea Meece
                                                     Grant County High
                                     Resolution 636
            A resolution to have senior citizens renews their driver’s license.

1. Whereas, 7,269 people 65 years and older died in a car accident collision in a years
3. Whereas, 14% of senior citizens with dementia die in a car accident.
4. Whereas, 1 out of every 6 senior citizens with delayed reactions due to age will die in
5. A car accident.
6. Whereas, Florida cut the death of senior citizens in car accidents by 43% by having
7. them submit to a vision test upon reaching the age of 79.
8. Be It Resolved By the Student Congress Assembled That,
9. The elderly, once they reach a certain age to submit to a vision and physical exam or
else have their license revoked.

                                                     Respectfully Submitted,

                                                     Grant County High School
                                     Resolution 401

A resolution to require that free contraceptives be available in public schools.

   1. Whereas, Nearly half (46%) of all 15-19 year old have had sex at least once.
   2. Whereas, a sexually active teen that does not use contraceptives has a 90%
       chance of becoming pregnant within a year.
   3. Whereas, Three in five teens whose parents do not know they obtain
       contraceptive services would continue to have sex but would either rely on
       withdrawal or not use any contraceptives if the law required that their parents be
       notified of their visit.
   4. Whereas, In 2006 there were 196,856 pregnancies from girls the age of 10-17
       (State of Kentucky alone).
   5. Whereas, 1 in 4 teenage girls have a STD.
   6. Whereas, 27% of teenage boys have a STD.
   7. Whereas, herpes has risen in teens from 14-19 13% in the state of Kentucky in
       the last decade.
   8. Be it resolved by the student congress assembled that:
   All public school systems in the United States should require free contraceptives be
   available to all students.

                                                            Respectfully Submitted,

                                                            Grant County High School
                                            Bill 589
      A Bill to abolish the usage of Mountaintop Mining in the State of Kentucky
1.) Whereas, Mountain top removal is a radical form of coal mining in which the entire
mountain is literally blown up.
3.) Whereas, the State of Kentucky is one of the top three users of this form of Mining.
4.) Whereas, more than 2,100 miles of streams and rivers have been polluted by the form
of waste called sludge. Between the years of 1995-2001.
6.) Whereas, the projected measure due to this form of mining is over 1.4 million acres
of land in the United States. This area being about the size of Delaware.
8.) Whereas, the polluted materials are deposited in that of a sledge dam area. In which
is over estimated the amount of material it can hold.
10.) Whereas, the incident that occurred in Martin County, Kentucky due to this sludge
is the largest the EPA has ever seen in the Southeast.
12.) Whereas, all creeks and rivers of the area were suspended indefinitely for over six
months and over 67% of all wildlife in the area died due to drinking the water.
14.) Whereas, these dam breaks cause severe structural damage to bridges, towns and
even houses.
16.) Whereas, The projected sludge pressure compared to the flooding pressure of these
areas is twelve times as much.
18.) Whereas, The breaking of a dam can cause death in many areas including such as
the West Virginia coal disaster were 125 lives were lost.
20.) Whereas, Mountaintop removal is the cheapest form of mining. It is also the most
destructive and also the most time prolonging.
22.) Whereas, Over twelve mountains have been added to the endangered list meaning
their survival is very little if any probable.
24.) Let it here be resolved by the student congress assembled
25.) Section 1: The companies using mountaintop removal will be given two months to
ward away from this destructive fund.
26.) Section 2: There will be a fund set up for those companies that warding away might
in turn bankrupt or displace during this time of financial need. This fund will come be set
up by a none profit organization of Kentuckians of the Commonwealth and the
Committee of Energy and Commerce.
30.) Section 3: More jobs due to this change will be in place because of transfer of
mining sources and practices.
32.) Section 4: All business adhering to this principle of the EPA will be given a
principle credit and usage in the world trading market by the Federal Government.
34.) Section 5: Training will be provided by private business in the way of other
techniques in the area of mining. These will be funded by the EPA and the Department of
37.) Section 6: Business not adhering to these principles will be incurred in a first
violence form of $1000 and a second offense of $25,000 and the third offense involves a
revoke of their business licenses.
40.) This bill will go immediately into effect upon passage.
                                                     Respectively Submitted,
                                                     Senator Eldridge
                                                     Grant County High School
                                        Bill 911
A Bill to establish stricter watch against Blood Diamond importation into the United

1.) Whereas, A blood diamond is considered any diamond mined in a war zone to
support Insurgency, invading war efforts or a Warlord’s activity in the area of Africa.
2.) Whereas, the efforts of Bill Clinton’s Executive Order 13194, which only prohibited
the transfer of diamonds from Sierra Leone.
3.) Whereas, President Bush’s Executive order only effected that of Liberia.
4.) Whereas, No policy adheres to the countries of Angola Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic
Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe.
5.) Whereas, Canada has little policy and provision over the transshipment of Blood
Diamonds into Canadian borders or even that of the United States.
6.) Whereas, Over 350 jewelry pieces go on sale in the area of the United States and
Canada each year that can be categorized as Blood Diamonds.
7.) Whereas, the United Nations Ban to Countries such as Angola have shown little
8.) Whereas, An estimated 134 diamonds went on sale from Zimbabwe this past year
that supported that of the Lord’s Resistance Army.
9.) Whereas, Over 150,000 deaths occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo alone
due to the conditions that had to sustain during the mining process.
10.) Whereas, Insurgent groups such as Al Qaeda and the L.R.A. benefit from these
exchanges of Diamonds through the area of Cash and Militaristic supplies.
11.) Whereas, Over 345,000 children die due to the mining of Blood Diamonds before
reaching the age of thirteen.
12.) Whereas, The mining of Blood Diamonds lowers the level of Sanitation by all
villages resources and mediums of exchange going into mining supplies.
13.) Whereas, The mining of Blood Diamonds reduces the fresh water supply by the
Dust on most Blood Diamonds found in Africa containing that of Carbon – 14 a
radioactive isotope.
14.) Let it here be resolved by the Student Congress assembled
15.) One, that a Congressional Executive Order 14000 be put into effective immediately.
16.) Two, that this executive order would outlaw all sale and shipment of Blood
Diamonds from any country or region of Africa illegal.
17.) Three, that all transshipment officials caught in the United States are prosecutable
by the United States and the International Criminal Court under the jurisdiction of War
18.) Four, the United States will have full jurisdiction to remove from power the warlord
that was in charge of the Transshipment of Blood Diamonds into the United States under
the idea of War Crimes and Treason to ones country.
19.) Finally, multiple offense countries will utter the United States to have no choice but
to promote an Embargo with that countries trade.

                                                           Respectively Submitted,
                                                           Senator Eldridge
                                                           Grant County High School
                                        Bill 225
   A bill to establish ASL as a foreign language criterion for all American schools

1) Whereas, more than 500,000 United States Citizens use this form of communication.
3) Whereas, unlike English it is very similar to other languages in which it derived its
roots. Such as the languages of Latin, French and Spanish.
5) Whereas, more than 2 to 4 of all Americans out of a group of 1000 are considered
functionally deaf.
7) Whereas, every 9 out of 22 United States citizens will suffer of severe hearing loss.
8) whereas, .38% of the population uses the American Sign Language system and are
increasing each year.
10) Whereas, at this time there is a 67% of language barrier between these groups of
12) Whereas, only the alphabet of this system has been introduced to many children.
13) Whereas, over 6 out of 10 senior citizens soon use this system after severe hearing
15) Whereas, no steps are being made in the no child left behind act for this minority.
17) Let it be enacted by the student congress assembled.
18) Section 1: That ASL is accepted as a foreign language transferable to all American
20) Section 2: That we set up a fund in which that can provide ASL teacher’s to any
school district wishing to participate. This fund derived from the Department of
23) Section 3: Set up an online session or program in which students if wanting to learn
ASL they have the resources to do so.
25) Section 4: Institute a translator at all school in which there is a student that needs to
be met on the No Child Left behind Act. This derived from the State School
Commissioner fund.
28.) Section 5: To set up telecommunication systems in those which meet that of
majority of these students. This money would be derived from the State School
Commissioner fund.
31.) Section 6: This bill will go into effect upon passage.

                                                              Respectively Submitted,
                                                                     Senator Eldridge
                                                              Grant County High School
                                       Resolution 389
            A bill to set up a filtration plant in the African Union grounds

1.) Whereas, over 14 countries and 10 of these being Sub – Saharan are facing water
3.) Whereas, water born disease account for more than 35% of the overall disease and
pathogens of African.
5.) Whereas, a proper filtration system is only in 1 out of 75 areas in Africa.
6.) Whereas, over 57% of the United Nations allotment to this Union is being absorbed
by the dictators and tribe leaders.
8.) Whereas, over 21% of all fish consumed cause disease in the body of the consumer.
9.) Whereas, one pump in a major city decreased the cities water contamination by up to
11.) Whereas, surrounding filtration systems have lowered the contamination of water in
surrounding areas by 11%.
13.) Whereas, almost half of the population of Africa are effected by one of the six water
born diseases.
15.) Whereas, 51% of the people in sub-Saharan Africa are effected by the shortage of
water everyday.
17.) Whereas, 650 people die a day of the most common water born disease.
18.) Whereas, Africa contains over 13% of the worlds complete population
19.) Let it here be resolved by the student congress assembled
20.) One, that a filtration system is set up in each succeeding village of the African
22.) Two, educational workshops offered in the major cities and ports of the African
24.) Three, water filtration systems set up on a monetary price by H30 and Company in
areas of great need of help due to water stress.
26.) Four, that the filtration systems put in place apply to the homeostasis clause in the
water and safety guide of the Harvard Medical Journal
28.) Last, All areas will be required to submit a quota of overall check each month to
monitor the increasing stability.
30.) This resolution will go into effect upon passage.

                                                            Respectively Submitted,
                                                            Senator Eldridge
                                                            Grant County High School
                                   Resolution 698
      A resolution to establish a national playoff system for College Football

1.) Whereas, over 45% more athletes are recognized in the NCAA National
Tournament for Basketball rather than their respective seasons.
2.) Whereas, more than 34% of betting income is received in the month of March
from this tournament.
 3.) Whereas, venues such as that of Atlanta, San Antonio and Lexington gain major
 tourist revenue from these ventures of college sporting events.
 4.) Whereas, where their arte over thirty – two bowl games in a regular season year
 of the NCAA football league.
 5.) Whereas, revenue in scholarship are achieved by each college participating in the
 NCAA National Basketball Tournament.
 6.) Whereas, only a few respectable teams are given the ability of national
 competence in the NCAA Football League.
 7.) Whereas, there are over 450 teams competing in that of division one, two and
 three college football at this time.
 8.) Whereas, colleges are given recognize on the national stage due to the NCAA
 Basketball tournament and receive government grants and allotments.
 Let it be resolved by the Student Congress assembled that
 9.) One, divisional tournaments will be set up on the college tournament level such as
 the SEC, Big Ten and the Pac Sun.
 10.) Two, no more than ten respective teams will represented at each conference
 tournament, with no little than four teams.
 11.) Three, venues for this event will be on a four year schedule, with no location
 being able to hold the same round of the tournament unless that of Extreme
 12.) Four, the conference tournaments will offer a National bid to the NCAA national
 football tournament and other bids will be given to schools for their respective
 13.) Five, the bid system will set up of four different section regions The West,
 Southeast, North and Midwest.’
 14.) Six, the bid system will offer a rating for each team from 1 to 32, but also a
 rating 1 out of 8, these will decide their respective opponent.
 15.) Lastly, all tournament matches will be played under the NCAA college football
 rules and time speculations.

                                                              Respectively Submitted,
                                                                     Senator Eldridge
                                                            Grant County High School
                                        Bill 1980
                            The Education Defederalization Act

1       Be it enacted by the Student Congress assembled today.
2       Section one: The federal Department of Education will hand over responsibility
for educational
3       programs to state-level governments. One third of present staff will be dismissed
each year.
4       Section two: Federal excise taxes used to fund the present budget of the
Department of Education
5       will be repealed as responsibility is shifted to the states.
6       Section three: The federal Department of Education will oversee the transition of
power to
7       the states. An Office of States’ Affairs inside the Department of Justice will
oversee the program
8       once under state authority.
9       Section four: To make up for revenue, the federal tax cuts will be repealed in
coordination with
10      state governments establishing necessary taxes for their educational system.
11      Section five: This bill will take effect at the beginning of the 2009 fiscal year,
July 1st, and will
12      be considered in the formation of the federal budget.
14      Respectfully submitted,
15      Senator Zachary Shinall
16      Lafayette High School
                         Lafayette High School Bill 2050

                     A Bill to fund alternative fuel research

1    Be it enacted by the Student Congress assembled today,

2    Section 1: Companies researching alternative fuel for automobiles shall receive

3    expanded funding via grants from the Department of Energy.

4    Section 2: Incentives to industries for cooperation will be in the form of tax

     credits to

5    consumers for buying vehicles using alternative fuels of ten to forty percent and


6    companies developing alternative fuels and selling vehicles.

7    Section 3: This program shall be overseen by the Department of Energy.

8    Section 4: A five cent tax will be levied on gasoline unless it should exceed two

9    dollars per barrel without the tax along with a ten cent tax on plastic grocery


10   Subsidies for corn-based ethanol will supplement this program.

11   Section 5: This bill will go into effect six months after passage.

12   Respectfully Submitted,

13   Senator Zachary Shinall,

14   Lafayette High School
                      The Credit Safeguard and Accountability Act
                                       Bill 777

1       Be it enacted by the Student Congress assembled today,
2       Section 1: All credit reporting companies companies will be required to notify a
3       customer within ten days of a negative statement being made on their credit free
of charge.
4       Section 2: All lending institutions will not be allowed to retroactively raise
interest rates
5       due to of said negative statements.
6       Section 3: All credit card companies must provide customers with bills 30 days
7       being considered late.
8       Section 4: The Securities and Exchange Commission will oversee
implementation of this
9       bill using existing oversight capabilities. Creditors and credit reporting
companies reporting
10      erroneously will face defamation charges as well as fines to be determined by the
11      Section 5: This bill will go into effect and apply to all contracts two months after
13      Respectfully Submitted,
14      Senator Zachary Shinall
15      Lafayette High School
                                    Use of Force Act

1      Be it enacted by the Student Congress assembled today,
2      Section 1: The President must consult with a permanent consultant group from
the Armed
3      Services, Intelligence, and Foreign relations commission before launching
military operations
4      Suspected to last longer than one week. Congress will be required to vote on
authorization of
5      military force within 30 days of consultation via joint resolution.
6      Section 2: Without authorization, the president may launch combat operations
for 90 days but
7      is required to withdraw forces in 30 days after the 90 day period ends. The
permanent consultant
8      group will meet with the president every two months until the conflict is resolved.
9      Section 3: Congress will not provide funding beyond the 120 days for combat
operation without
10     authorization.
12     Section 4: Emergency funds will be provided for combat operations within the
120 day period.
13     Section 5: This bill will take effect immediately.
14     Respectfully Submitted,
15     Senator Zachary Shinall
16     Lafayette High School
                    A Bill to expand non lethal weapons research

1    Be it resolved by the Student Congress assembled today,

2    Section one: The U.S. military will expand funding for non lethal weapons


3    Section two: These defensive systems will be implemented in theaters of


4    when it is viable for these systems be deployed, including necessary and proper

5    testing of these systems.

6    Section three: Lethal settings will not be permitted for aforementioned weapon

7    systems. These terms will be established for all non lethal weapon systems in

8    military contracts.

9    Section four: Funding for this program will be taken from discretionary defense

10 Spending, being raised to one billion dollars.

11 Section five: This bill will go into effect in Fiscal Year 2009.


13 Respectfully submitted,

14 Senator Andrew Ford,

15 Lafayette High School
                                    Resolution 1540

                  A bill to reduce the amount of anti-ballistic missiles

1   Whereas, missile defense systems are estimated to cost 100 billion dollars according to a

2   report by the NTI and have experienced dozens of failures in highly scripted exercises.

3   Whereas, China and Russia could use this as an excuse to expand their anti-ballistic


4   stockpiles, creating a “second strike” capability and greater nuclear danger to the world.

5   Whereas, this effort is damaging to the credibility of nuclear nonproliferation arguments

6   due to the production of nuclear defenses, and inevitably, more weapons.

7   Be it resolved by the Student Congress assembled today:

8   Section one: The United States will halt production of anti-ballistic missiles and


9   of bases beyond what was stated in the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972.

10 Section two: The United States shall further consider readopting the Anti-Ballistic


11 Treaty, or a new treaty with similar or expanded stipulations.

12 Section three: Funding will be reduced to levels necessary to sustain missiles and missile

13 sites under the aforementioned Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty . Research spending will be

14 maintained until restrictions are established.

15 Section Four: The Missile Defense Agency will ensure the process is carried out to

16 appropriate levels.

17 Section Five: This resolution shall take effect immediately upon passage.

18 Respectfully Submitted

19 Senator Andrew Ford

20 Lafayette High School
                            Resolution 91
                 A Resolution Concerning Citizenship

1.)     Whereas, The United States has had a long bout with illegal immigration,
2.)     Whereas, “Anchor Babies” are leading to a growing immigration
    problem, and,
3.)     Whereas, The Constitution grants citizenship to everyone born in the
4.)     States, and,
5.)     Whereas, “Anchor Babies” provide a reason for illegal immigrants to
    safely stay
6.)     in The United States,
7.)     Be It Resolved By The Student Congress Assembled That,
8.)     One, The Constitution of the United States be amended to allow
    citizenship to
9.)     only those whose parents are; citizens themselves, In American by visa, or
10.) green card holders.
11.) Two, Any persons caught attempting to have a child born in the United
12.) and does not fall into categories listed above, will be deported with their
13.) upon the recovery of the mother and child.
14.) Three, this bill will go into effect immediately as it is passed as a bill.

                                                         Respectfully Submitted,
                                                           Senator Jordan Foster
                                                      Boone County High School

   1. Section 1: That an individual of the age of 18 has the right to enter the NBA

              draft, if the individual so chooses.

   2. Section 2: That an individual who gives verbal commitment to a school must

                complete at least a 2 year degree upon entering college before

                entering the NBA draft.

   3. Section 3: An individual who gives verbal commitment to a college and drops

              out must wait at least a year before entering the NBA draft.

   4. Section 4: An NBA prospect in college has the right to communicate,

              correspond, and participate in physical and mental tests for NBA

              teams and scouts if their college gives consent.

  5. Section 5: This Bill will go into effect immediately

Respectfully Submitted by Jared Rehberg, Danville High School
                  A Bill to Provide Wind Energy for the United States


1. Section 1: The United States will be satisfying at least 20% of the total electrical

2.              energy used within the United Sates by the year 2035 by wind energy.

3. Section 2:   This policy will follow the “20% Wind Energy by 2030: Increasing Wind

4.              Energy’s contribution to United States Electricity Supply” report that was

5.              conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Lawrence

6.              Berkeley National Laboratory.

7. Section 3: The Department of Energy will have 4 years to examine Wind Energy

8.              Companies before they are selected to ensure that their work is

9.              satisfactory. After that time is up, The Department of Energy will use up

10.             to 200 billion dollars to finance the creation of the windmills in suitable

11.             locations by the year 2035

12. Section 4: The Department of Energy an additional 4 million dollars to update the

13.             energy grid to support wind energy efficiently.

14. Section 5: This Bill will go into effect immediately on passage.

Respectfully Submitted by, Senator Jared Rehberg, Danville High School

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