Registry enables phone solicitors to be blocked out

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Registry enables
phone solicitors
to be blocked out
Polling firms remain off list
By Jaclyn Haggarty                        Medzon, president of Customer
Gazette Staff                             Service Canada.
                                              Consumers will still receive calls
Canadians now have the opportu-           from registered charities, political
nity to decide whether solicitors         candidates, political parties, opin-
can disturb them at home or not.          ion polling firms, newspapers and
    The Do Not Call Registry was          research firms conducting surveys
officially activated this week and        without selling a product. Compa-
Canadians now have the option to          nies will also be able to contact
register their personal information       people with whom they have done
to ensure unwanted telemarketers          previous business.
no longer bother them.                        Medzon said customers could
    The Canadian Radio-television         sever business ties if they specify
and Telecommunications Commis-            they no longer wish to be contact-                                                                                                            Shaun Ding/Gazette
sion is handling the list and have        ed.                                        YOU TRIED YOUR BEST TO MAKE THE TEAM AND FAILED … THE LESSON HERE: NEVER TRY. The men’s
awarded Bell Canada with the ini-             Laura Millar, a third-year media,      hockey team conducted its first practice yesterday evening at Thompson Recreation and Athletic Centre.
tial five-year contract to operate its    information and technoculture stu-         Prior to practice, the team announced its roster for the 2008-2009 season.
maintenance.                              dent, remembered what it was like
    “Canadians who prefer not to          to work as a telemarketer and
receive unsolicited calls will be able    claimed companies do not always
to add, at no charge, their numbers
to the database,” the CRTC stated in
a press release.
                                          live up to their promises.
                                              “If someone specified to be
                                          taken off the list, we had to do it,
                                                                                   Brandon University on strike
    Once registered, consumers            but I don’t think anyone ever did,”
remain on the list for up to three
years, after which they are required
                                          Millar said.
                                              However, Medzon insists the real
                                                                                   Academic freedom at stake, faculty states
to re-register if they wish to stay on.   issue is the maintenance of the list.    By Mike Hayes                           take job action in an attempt to          harassment investigation is neces-
    Being on the list may alleviate           Once on the list, telemarketers      Gazette Staff                           achieve a fair and equitable agree-       sary even without a formal com-
people from receiving certain cold-       have 31 days to stop calling. If they                                            ment with the employer.”                  plaint being filed.
calls, but the registry has its exemp-    do not comply, consumers can ask         Another Canadian university stu-           Among BUFA’s grievances is a              Mike Carroll, president of the
tions.                                    the caller to identify themselves,       dent population has found itself        recently enacted policy called the        University of Western Ontario Fac-
    “Cold-calling is mass-market          ask for contact information and list     without a class to attend as Mani-      “Respectful Environment Policy.”          ulty Association, outlined one of
calling with the intention of selling     a formal complaint on the DNCR           toba’s Brandon University Faculty       Although the policy is intended to        the concerns with the policy at
a product. Our business does some         website. Businesses also risk up to      Association went on strike Monday.      deal with potential issues of harass-     Brandon is the issue of academic
calling, but only with people we’ve       a $15,000 fine for not complying.           The strike followed the failure of   ment, the faculty believes there is not   freedom.
had a previous business relation-             Companies are required to sub-       efforts over a two-day period to        enough clarification with regards to         “The concern is that the policy
ship with … therefore, we are not                                                  produce a tentative agreement. A        harassment by administration.             can be used against those who
affected by the registry,” said Ted                       PLEASE SEE E-MAIL P3     strike vote was passed with an 84          Additionally, the faculty has stat-    would speak out against the uni-
                                                                                   per cent positive vote.                 ed they are concerned about the           versity,” Carroll explained. “[BUFA]
                                                                                      In a press release, Joe Dolecki,     powers granted to the university          wants protections in place to
                                                                                   BUFA chief negotiator, stated: “It is   president. Namely, they claim the
                                                                                   regrettable that BUFA has had to        president can determine whether a                       PLEASE SEE WESTERN P3

                                                                                   Board of Governors campaign begins
                                                                                   Pozhke, Sinal unveil platform objectives
                                                                                   By Lauren Pelley                        will last from Nov. 15, 2008 until        member. Sinal was also the first
                                                                                   Gazette Staff                           June 30, 2009, overlapping with           person in the modern USC to serve
                                                                                                                           Wong’s term.                              as both a vice-president and presi-
                                                                                   The race for a single coveted spot         Matt Reid, the second student          dent on the Board of Directors.
                                                                                   on Western’s highest governing          representative currently on BOG, is           “From my experience on coun-
                                                                                   body has begun.                         ending his term on Nov. 15.               cil and at [Western], I have seen first
                                                                                      Candidates Nick Pozhke, in the          Both Pozhke and Sinal say they         hand how important the Board of
                                                                                   third year of an interdisciplinary      bring important skills and experi-        Governors is [in general], and the
                                                                                   studies degree in commercial real       ence to this role.                        student representative specifically,”
                                                                                   estate finance and urban develop-           “The biggest thing I bring to         Sinal said.
                                                                                   ment, and Chris Sinal, a first-year     [BOG] is an understanding of what             “The student on the Board not
                                                                                   law student, are vying for a student    the job entails,” Pozhke said,            only has to represent the interests
                                                             Shaun Ding/Gazette    position on the Board of Governors.     adding he has met with BOG mem-           of undergrads, but also has to be an
  TWO WEEKS UNTIL A NEW GOVERNMENT IS CHOSEN. Posters are                             This is Pozhke’s second time         bers — including Reid — to discuss        active agent on campus for build-
  currently situated around campus informing students on voting proce-             running for a BOG spot, after           the position.                             ing relationships between students
  dures for the upcoming federal election. In order to vote, you must reg-         Richard Wong claimed the vacant            Sinal has a wealth of experience       and the university.”
  ister either in your home riding or where you currently live. More infor-        position last October.                  as a former University Students’
  mation can be found on the Elections Canada website,              The term for this year’s winner      Council councillor and Senate                             PLEASE SEE BOARD P2
P2   ➤   news                                                                      theGazette • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2008

Candidates weigh in on Sinal
Experience, connection with students discussed
CONTINUED FROM P1                        including advancing relationships            he was USC president. He knows
                                         with campus groups and faculties.            how the USC works,” Pozhke said.
    The candidates both have cer-        Sinal added he wants to be an advo-              “My concern is how in touch he
tain objectives they hope to achieve     cate of building interdepartmental           is with undergrads, but I think he is
if elected.                              relationships and programs —                 a great guy.”
    Pozhke feels funding is one of the   something he says will create syn-               Sinal expressed a different sen-
most important things he can cover       ergy.                                        timent on his potential.
over the short term of a BOG candi-         Sinal also stressed the impor-                “[I have] proven leadership of
date, especially determining how the     tance of having an undergraduate             advancing agendas, getting things
undergraduate experience fits into       student voice on BOG.                        done, working with university
the corporation of the university.          “The priorities of Western are            administration, working with pres-
    “I want to make sure we are the      shifting to [graduate students], so          idents and vice-presidents as well
best undergraduate student experi-       now more than ever we need stu-              as student representatives from all
ence from now until 2178,” he            dents on the board, to make sure             parts of campus,” he said.
explained.                               that undergraduates stay on the                  “With that also comes the fact
    He added further details about       agenda and stay relevant.”                   that when unknown issues come
his plan will be revealed along the         Pozhke had a few words to say             up, you know that [with me] the
campaign trail.                          about his competition.                       wisdom and experience is there to
    Sinal said relationships would          “I think Chris is a great guy. I had      make good decisions and smart
be a big part of his focus on BOG,       the privilege of being a frosh when          decisions.”


                 NICK POZHKE                                                        CHRIS SINAL
Program: Interdisciplinary studies                                Program: Law
Experience: Former Board of Governors student repre-              Experience: Former University Students’ Council president
sentative candidate, executive club member                        Ideas: Advancing relationships between campus
Ideas: Ensuring funding is allocated fairly for students          groups, faculties

 Lakehead offers free tuition            entering their first year with excep-         Students still susceptible to
Lakehead University is set to begin      tional high school grades, Lakehead                    phishing
offering free tuition to incoming        claimed their offer is unique. The           The phishing attacks begun in
students who graduate from a             university provides free tuition for         earnest last May and have failed
Canadian high school with at least a     four years as long as the student            to decrease in number, according
95 per cent average.                     maintains an 85 per cent average.            to Debbie Jones, director of West-
    “We’re looking to increase enroll-       The scholarship, which does not          ern Information Technology Ser-
ment in the top percentile. Overall,     cover any incidental costs such as           vices. The attacks have resulted
it raises the quality of the institu-    books, food or residence, is intend-         in a campus-wide campaign by
tion,” said Elanor Abaya, director of    ed to raise the quality of education         ITS to inform students of the
communications at Lakehead.              by attracting top Ontario high               dangers associated with phish-
    Although several other universi-     school students.                             ing.
ties offer scholarships for students         “Our belief is that by increasing           “We can’t stop the people from
                                         the number of the best and bright-           sending phishing messages,” Jones
                                         est students, it also elevates the           said. “What we’re doing is educat-

LSAT MCAT                                overall quality of education in the
                                         system,” Abaya said. “As a student,
                                                                                      ing the community so they don’t
                                                                                      give their password.”

                                         if you’ve got very bright classmates            Phishing is a form of identity
                                         it forces you to perform at your best        theft manifested in this case by
                                         level.”                                      fraudulent e–mails attempting to
 Preparation Seminars                                           — Arden Zwelling      obtain Western student account
 • Complete 30-Hour Seminars                                                             Jones noted phishers attempt to
 • Convenient Weekend Schedule                                                        sound as legitimate as possible,
 • Proven Test-Taking Strategies                                                      often posing as Western adminis-
                                                                                      tration or as ITS staff. Jones added
 • Experienced Course Instructors
                                                                                      Western and ITS never ask for a stu-
 • Comprehensive Study Materials                                                      dent’s personal information over e–
                                               Stay Connected
 • Simulated Practice Exams                       Join the
 • Limited Class Size                                                                    Jones explained universities are
                                                                                      popular targets for phishers, due to
 • Free Repeat Policy                                                                 the high-speed networks operated
 • Personal Tutoring Available                                  PAGE                  by many institutions. These net-
                                           Your source for tickets, health
 • Thousands of Satisfied Students         plan & bus pass information.
                                                                                      works allow phishers to dissemi-                      3-day forecast
                                              Extra-curricular courses                nate spam and junk e-mail at a          Wednesday         Thursday       Friday
                                            519-661-3722                              much higher rate.                       Cloudy with       Cloudy with     Variable
OXFORD SEMINARS                                      “When a phisher gains access to       showers           showers      cloudiness
                                                                                      an account, they send out millions       High 13C          High 11C      High 13C
  1-800-269-6719                              InfoSource is located on the
                                                 main level of the UCC                                                         Low 11C            Low 7C         Low 5C
   416-924-3240                                     on the campus                     of e-mails,” Jones said.
                                                       of UWO                                               — Mike Hayes
                                                                                  theGazette • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2008                                                                           news ➤ P3

                                                                                                                            Medaille College: Burns
                                                                                                                            spurns dorm policy,
                                                                                                                            faces arson charges
                                                                                                                                                                         occurred after a recent campus sur-
                                                                                                                                                                         vey revealed 98.2 per cent of stu-
                                                                                                                                                                         dents living in Kentucky dorms
                                                                                                                                                                         own and prefer to use cell phones.
                                                                                                                                                                            The removal of thousands of
                                                                                                                                                                         dormitory landline phones has pro-
                                                                                                                                                                         duced savings that the university
                                                                                                                            By Lauren Pelley                             says will be passed on to students
                                                                                                                            Gazette Staff                                in the form of improved residence
                                                                                                                                                                         Internet connections.
                                                                                                                            Buffalo, New York—After allegedly               Other campuses in the surround-
                                                                                                                            leaving hot marijuana ashes inside           ing area are considering this move.
                                                                                                                            a dorm room trash can, a Medaille
                                                                                                    Casey Yetman/Gazette    College student has been arrested            Newberg, Oregon—An investiga-
 PREPARING FOR THE WEEKEND’S FESTIVITIES. Members of Homecoming staff, shown above, were busy                               in connection with a residence fire          tion has been launched at a Christ-
 setting up displays on Concrete Beach yesterday. For a full listing of the weekend’s games and University                  on campus earlier this month.                ian university after a cardboard
 Students’ Council events, please read Friday’s Homecoming Issue.                                                              The small fire in Medaille’s              cutout of Democratic presidential
                                                                                                                            South Residence Hall activated the           candidate Barack Obama was hung
                                                                                                                            residence’s sprinkler system, result-        from a tree on campus.
                                                                                                                            ing in damages worth an estimated                A statement on the George Fox

Western contract to expire in 2010                                                                                          $200,000.
                                                                                                                               Over 40 students have been dis-
                                                                                                                            placed due to the incident and are
                                                                                                                                                                         University website said the hanging
                                                                                                                                                                         effigy was removed by university
                                                                                                                                                                         staff members last Tuesday.

Faculty budgets an issue for the union                                                                                      now living off-campus until repairs
                                                                                                                            are completed.
                                                                                                                                                                             A sign emblazoned with “Act Six
                                                                                                                                                                         reject” was attached to the Obama
                                                                                                                               19-year-old Sean Burns now                cutout. Act Six, a scholarship pro-
CONTINUED FROM P1                        Through the Ranks program,” Pen-           many universities.                      faces an arson charge, along with            gram run by the university, grants
                                         der noted. “[Other university pro-             “The proportion of overall uni-     charges of reckless endangerment             scholarships to 10 students from
ensure that the policy cannot be         fessors] see that what happens here        versity budget going to faculties has   and criminal mischief.                       urban Portland — many of whom
used to harass individuals who           may come to their campus.”                 been going down,” Carroll said.                                                      are ethnic minorities, according to
would want to do these things.”              The Progress Through the Ranks         “And certainly the exploitation of      Lexington, Kentucky—The Univer-              the George Fox statement.
    The BUFA strike occurs as the        program is one adapted by many             part-time faculty is of particular      sity of Kentucky has pulled the plug             George Fox President Robin
strike at the University of Windsor      universities and is intended to for-       concern.”                               on old-fashioned phones, a move              Baker condemned the incident last
has exceeded its second week.            mally recognize a professor’s acad-            UWOFA will be putting together      which will save the university over          week. So far, those responsible for
Though Stephen Pender, VP-inter-         emic and professional develop-             a committee to negotiate the facul-     $800,000.                                    the Obama cutout have not been
nal of the Windsor University Facul-     ment and improvement.                      ty’s next contract, Carroll said. He        The     university’s   decision          identified.
ty Association, could not discuss the        Pender added the faculty associ-       added many of the issues facing
current state of negotiations, he was    ation has received a great amount          other faculties are unlikely at this
enthusiastic about the community         of student support, though many            point in time to affect Western’s
                                                                                                                                                         -CAMPUS PHARM
support the strike had obtained.         are becoming concerned about the           next round of negotiations.
    “I think we’ve got very strong       future of their semesters.                     “At Western we already have
                                                                                                                                     The WESTERN ON
[picket] lines,” Pender said. “Every         At Western, the school still has a     teaching-only faculty, something                                 offers the                N
Friday we have a solidarity rally and    fair amount of time to work out any        WUFA is fighting against,” Carroll                                         G FEE IN TOW
it really helps buoy our strikers up.”   kinks in its collective bargaining         said. “And nobody has yet suggested              LOW     EST DISPENSIN
    Members of the Canadian Asso-        agreement.                                 a policy similar to the [Respectful                                g Fees
ciation of University Teachers have          Carroll explained Western’s fac-       Environment Policy] at Brandon.                   Compare Dispensin
also made their presence known at        ulty contract will expire June 30,             “Equitable salaries and benefits,              On-Campus                          V ED !
the picket lines.                        2010, giving the school and faculty        pensions — these are always an                                      $8 .97      A PPRO
    “This     administration      has    association time to negotiate sever-       issue.”                                             Walmart
                                                                                                                                                         $8.99     Western
demanded cuts to the Progress            al contentious issues common to              — With files from Shreya Tekriwal                 No Frills
                                                                                                                                        Shoppers        $11.97
E-mail messages                                                                                                                         Zellers
                                                                                                                                                          $8.99   PHARMACY
included in registry                                                                                                                             
                                                                                          puzzle solution from                              universityphar
                                                                                                page 7                                                         accepted.        All drug plans

                                                                                                                                                                                                  livery in
Program emulates success of U.S.                                                                                                                              Line
                                                                                                                                                                                FREE same day de
                                                                                                                                                                                Lon don. Next day de
                                                                                                                                                                                anyw  here in Ontario
                                                                                                                                                              Time                                      you
                                                                                                                                                                                      does not prohibit
                                         year MIT student commented. “It’s                                                                                            USC Health Plan
                                                                                                                                                  : Opting out of the
                                                                                                                                            NOTE                              cy for prescriptions.
                                         just another list that has all of your                                                                               -Campus Pharma
                                                                                                                                            from using the On
                                                                                                                                                        Western On-Campuslower level of
scribe to Bell Canada’s database of      information on it.”
eligible Canadians to contact. Any           Even if someone does not sign
cost generated from having to take       up, the CTRC has set guidelines for                                                                                     located on the
                                                                                                                                                             Conveniently                         UWO
                                                                                                                                                                                  mmunity Centre,
DNCR names out of the database           all callers to comply with. Con-                                                                                        the University Co
will be incurred by the business and     sumers are only to receive phone                                                               081001

eventually passed on through to the      calls between 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on
consumer.                                weekdays and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on
    “This has nothing to do with         weekends.
fairness, it’s a business,” Medzon           “Nowadays people have call dis-
stated.                                  play and they know not to pick up
    According to the CRTC, Canadi-       the phone if it is a 1-800 number,”
ans are able to register a landline,     Medzon said.
cell phone number or a fax number            The general response from
and any junk mail sent via e-mail.       Canadians has been positive, and
    “It’s a little suspicious, I don’t   similar undertakings have been
want to have my name on any list,”       successful in the United States, the
Nicole Michelakos, another third-        United Kingdom and India.

     People who can still call you even with the DNCR
 • Registered charities
 • Newspapers
 • Political parties
 • Opinion polling
 • Political candidates
 • Market research companies not soliciting a product
 If you wish to register visit: or call 1-866-580-
 3625 or 1-888-362-5889
P4   ➤   opinions                                                                                           theGazette • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2008

          thegazette        Volume 102, issue 20

  “He spoke with a certain what-is-it in his voice, and I could see that,
      if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.”
                                  —P WODEHOUSE

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 Creating a
Better World                                                                                  LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
With the introduction of the national ‘Do Not Call’ list you
can now sign up to avoid calls from pesky telemarketers.
While this will remove one of the inconveniences from
your life, there are still a number of minor nuisances The
                                                                                              University to meet water demands
Gazette believes have simple solutions.                                                       Re: “What the truck?”                                           Also, not long ago, concerns over the              As part of the upcoming planning
    Similar to telemarketers, junk mail and flyers are a has-                                 Sept. 18, 2008                                              municipality’s ability to provide clean,           process, we will be recommending the
sle no one really gets anything out of. Stiff prison sentences                                                                                            potable water were at an all time high.            commitment of annual capital budget
for anyone caught littering your mailbox are a must.                                          To the editor:                                              Events such as the poor water quality dis-         resources to review and install (if neces-
    Another aspect of life worthy of a ban is parking tick-                                   Water fountains have become a hot topic                     covered in Walkerton have led to reduced           sary) drinking/filling fountains in all
ets. Everyone should just park anywhere they can — with                                       of discussion at Western.                                   use of public water fountains.                     other buildings across campus. We are
the notable exception of fire routes. If you really want to                                        Specifically, two issues have been                         A shift in thinking has brought the            planning to, over time, install at least one
park close to a building so badly get there earlier. An extra                                 brought forward. First, concern has been                    issue full circle. The business of single-         drinking/filling fountain in each floor of
bonus is this parking free for all could encourage public                                     expressed that the university is eliminat-                  use water bottles has suffered a setback.          all campus buildings. High traffic
transit use.                                                                                  ing water fountains across campus and                       It is now recognized and accepted that             areas/buildings will be addressed first in
    Parking is a nuisance on campus just like the lineups at                                  second, there is an increasing desire to                    the process of manufacturing and deliv-            the program.
Tim Hortons. A separate lineup for those purchasing time                                      have fountains that are designed for the                    ering bottled water products is extreme-               Our program will strike a balance
consuming ‘ice caps’ should be implemented.                                                   filling of water bottles.                                   ly costly to the environment. This is              between drinking fountains and filling
    Another annoying campus issue is the $700,000 part-                                            Water fountains are not being elim-                    starting the “return to the tap.”                  fountains — for example, the two types
ing gift being given to outgoing Western President Paul                                       inated across campus. In some build-                            Western is committed to sustainabil-           could alternate between floors.
Davenport. Let’s take it away so none of us have to be                                        ings, as part of major renovation pro-                      ity and providing adequate access to                   The above plan/program is in direct
upset about it anymore.                                                                       jects, some water fountains were                            drinking/potable water is a main com-              response to the university communi-
    The classroom is filled with obnoxious yet easily                                         removed — because these units were                          ponent of this commitment.                         ty’s call for water drinking/filling foun-
curbed behaviours. Participation marks should be elimi-                                       under-utilized. Fountains that are not                          Through each of our major capital              tains. We thank those who provided
nated. Students are here to learn from the knowledge of                                       used with some regularity can cause                         projects, we will install drinking/filling         valuable comments/advice, and we
their professors. How students choose to learn should be                                      water to stagnate in the pipes, leading                     fountains in the buildings involved in the         ask for your patience as we move for-
up to them. They should have to prove they know the                                           to lower quality of water and poor                          projects. Current examples include the             ward with our plan.
material, not that they keep up with the readings or                                          taste. As a result, these under-utilized                    Biological & Geological Sciences Build-
attend regularly.                                                                             fountains and the plumbing associat-                        ing, the Support Services Building, the                                           — George Qubty
    Students should be encouraged to raise relevant ques-                                     ed with them require a higher level of                      Student Services Building and the Stu-                    Acting Director, Facilities Engineering
tions and issues in order to advance knowledge — not                                          maintenance.                                                dent Recreation Centre.                                Physical Plant & Capital Planning Services
earn participation marks. However, those who open their
mouths only to share anecdotes and other useless infor-
mation in the hopes of impressing their professor should
be dealt with harshly. How about fitting repeat offenders
with a shock collar, activated when a majority of their
                                                                                              Get informed, show us the anger
classmates with remote controls in their hands all push                                                                                                   much better use of column space could              issue to send us a letter.
the ‘shut up’ button?                                                                                                                                     be devoted to the question of why peo-                 People in general should be in a state
    Shock collars should also be issued to professors who                                                             Hayes’d &                           ple don’t seem to give a damn.                     of articulate rage about something at all
repeatedly lecture over the time limit. Every word after                                                              Confused                                Here we are, one of the largest univer-        times. If you have nothing in your life
time is up would give the professor a friendly electric                                                                                                   sity campuses in North America: a place            worth getting pissed off about (be it pol-
reminder that students have other places to be.                                                                       Mike Hayes                          where ideas and the motivation to inform           itics or the amount of funding going
    For the benefit of both classroom and library users                                                               Gazette Staff                       yourself about the world around you                towards metal tree art), then do everyone
all keyboards should have to pass a maximum decibel                                                                                                       should be one of your frontier pursuits. Yet       a favour and get informed. Once you’re
level test.                                                                                   I’d been informed by our Opinions edi-                      except for a few notable exceptions —              informed, confront others on the subject.
    On the subject of libraries, the practice of using cell-                                  tor that she was desperate for a column.                    such as student clubs — the vast majority          Start a dialogue. Utilize the smarts you’re
phones or chatting with friends in quiet areas should be                                          While I protested I had nothing to                      of the student populace seems to be obliv-         supposedly receiving by being at this
curbed. This juvenile behaviour should be treated accord-                                     write about, she insisted I am “always                      ious to the goings-on of the world at large.       institution.
ingly. Thus to increase control library staff should be able                                  pissed off about something” and there-                          It doesn’t need to be having an opin-              So I propose a challenge to the people
to confiscate phones for a week and hand out detentions.                                      fore I either needed to write a column or                   ion about human rights abuses in Myan-             reading this. Write in. Call me an idiot.
    In order to aid our younger university folk, the legal                                    become the star of a “Blind Date”-style                     mar. Here at Western it seems that people          Write a diatribe about how your profes-
drinking age limit should be scrapped. It works in Europe                                     miniseries of columns.                                      aren’t even upset about our outgoing               sor seems even less interested in his lec-
after all. As well, the new generation can then come to                                             She’s right. I am always pissed off                   president receiving an additional                  ture than his class does.
Rick McGhie at The Wave on Wednesday. They can then                                           about something. While it may be enter-                     $700,000 simply for leaving his job. Writ-             Prove me wrong. The Gazette is a stu-
also help eliminate the ‘Die, Die, Die’ chant during “Amer-                                   taining to launch into a rant about how                     ing a letter may be a lost art but there has       dent newspaper where students can
ican Pie” — this of course being the most annoying aspect                                     ridiculously idiotic it is to give almost a                 to be more than one person on campus               have a voice, and failing to use that out-
of Western culture.                                                                           trillion dollars to Wall Street, I figured a                who feels strongly enough about this               let would be a damn shame.

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‘Fat Woman’ redefined                                                                                                    Stephan Moccio
    Western grad challenges society’s view                                                                               wins alumni award
                                                                                                                         for musical success
                                                                                                                         By Eliot Hong                               came when he wrote and arranged
                                                                                                                         Gazette Staff                               the song “A New Day Has Come” for
                                                                                                                                                                     Celine Dion, which ended up No. 1
                                                                                                                         Stephan Moccio, a Niagara Falls             on the Billboard Adult Contempo-
By Matt Quinn                                                                                                            native, has been playing the piano          rary Charts for 21 weeks.
Gazette Staff                                                                                                            since the age of three. Having com-             Following the success of his
                                                                                                                         peted and won awards for perform-           Dion single, Moccio decided to cre-
Former Western student and                                                                                               ing, it only seemed natural to con-         ate his own publishing company,
instructor Paula Jean Cowan speaks                                                                                       tinue playing and studying music.           Sing Little Penguin, Inc.
out against society’s vilification of                                                                                        “I grew up as a classical musi-             “Everyone was calling me [after
the ‘fat woman’ with her art, cur-                                                                                       cian … trained classical player,            the Celine Dion song] instead of
rently on display at Museum Lon-                                                                                         doing a lot of studio work as a ses-        calling my publisher — so it was
don’s fall exhibition, “XXX(L).”                                                                                         sion player as young as 11-years-           just a business decision … [It] made
    “When I was in grad school, I                                                                                        old,” Moccio says.                          sense to create my own publishing
realized … art wasn’t about making                                                                                           “I decided to come to Western           company,” he says.
pretty things,” Cowan explains. “It                                                                                      because I felt it was a great retreat. It       Moccio released his own album,
was about contributing to cultural                                                                                       wasn’t like Toronto or a big city so I      Exposure, in 2006. The 22-track,
understanding of the world.”                                                                                             could concentrate and practice my           piano-only disc showcases his tal-
    With “XXX(L),” Cowan attempts                                                                                        ass off as a piano player.                  ent.
to reveal the injustice in many peo-                                                                                         “London’s a beautiful city and I            “It’s different when you’re mak-
ple’s prejudice towards an often dis-                                                                                    loved my four years at Western.             ing songs for yourself, as there is no
criminated against group — over-                                                                                         [London] isn’t as culturally vibrant        compromise with the artist or pro-
weight women.                                                                                                            as Toronto or New York, which               ducer that you would have to do in
    “I decided to make art about                                                                                         allowed me to really concentrate on         a collaboration. This record I did
what I know, which is being a fat                                                                                        practicing as a player.”                    out of complete love — [I] wanted
woman in the 21st century.”                                                                                                  After graduating with an Hon-           to make a chill record since I had
    Having completed an under-                                                                                           ours BA in composition and piano            travelled the world and done so
graduate degree at Western, the                                                                                          performance in 1994, Moccio                 many pop songs.”
artist has also taught with the                                                                                          declined a scholarship to the pres-             His continued success has war-
department of visual arts in addi-                                                                                       tigious Berklee College of Music in         ranted Moccio Western’s Young
tion to studying and teaching at the                                                                                     order to pursue his professional            Alumni Award of Merit. He will be
University of Guelph. She notes                                                                                          career.                                     speaking this Friday in the Back-
despite her relatively high level of       “YOU MEAN THIS ISN’T A COSTUME PARTY? REALLY?” Paula Jean                         “I was working with a friend of         pack 2 Briefcase series, which offers
education, being a full-figured            Cowan comes to the rescue of voluptuous women everywhere with                 mine [here] at Western and what             Western students the opportunity
woman ultimately holds her back            “XXX(L)” at Museum London.                                                    happened was that I got hooked up           to connect with young alumni.
in the world.                                                                                                            as a songwriter at Sony Music Pub-              “You know, I can’t wait to come
    “Even with three degrees, I’ll still                                                                                 lishing,” Moccio says. “I felt that         back. I love the school, the commu-
make less than a model will.”                                                                                            becoming a songwriter with Sony             nity and just the feeling that is
    She explores and fights against                                                                                      — as young as I was — was going to          around on campus.
this frustration with her Museum                                                                                         give me an education and experi-                “One thing that I have to say to
London exhibition. The display                                                                                           ence in the real world. Being a dif-        [Western] students is believe in
includes a variety of watercolour                                                                                        ferent time in the industry, they rec-      yourself. You can go anywhere as
paintings, some of which are sur-                                                                                        ognized my youth and potential in           long as you believe in yourself.”
prising — one group of paintings                                                                                         my talent and took a risk on me.”               Stephan Moccio will be speaking
includes a series of self–portraits of                                                                                       He has since had the opportuni-         to students and alumni this Friday
Cowan dressed up as various pop                                                                                          ty to write songs and create                at 12:30 p.m. at USC Council Cham-
culture icons.                                                                                                           arrangements for the likes of Sarah         bers, 3rd floor of the UCC. Register
    “I make a pretty laughable                                                                                           Brightman, JC Chasez and Josh               for the event at www.westerncon-
Incredible Hulk,” Cowan admits. By                                                                                       Groban. However, his big break    
taking on these familiar roles nor-
mally filled by thin and traditional-
ly attractive individuals, she
empowers herself and other full-
figured women by breaking out of
the traditional view of fat women as
“lazy, unmotivated and unappeal-
    Also in the exhibit are a number
of vignettes: animated line draw-
ings of the artist that explore the
corporeal female in society.
    “[The art] is about self-mocking
as well as self-empowerment,”
explains Melanie Townsend, head
of exhibitions and collections at
Museum London as well as curator
of “XXX(L).” “[Cowan is] very inter-
ested and concerned with how
society portrays fat women.”
    Cowan feels her art is about tak-
ing something back from those
who may discriminate against the
more voluptuous female.                       “You don’t have to be a fat            answers in the negative.
    “If you wait for someone else to       woman to identify with [the art],”            “I can’t conform to thin and
call you fat, they have that power.        Cowan says, explaining the exhibi-        beautiful,” Cowan says, her voice
But if you take that term back —           tion helps all people realize a certain   full of emotion. “My work is a
use it and point out the things that       awkwardness within themselves.            refusal of that — it’s more of a
are awkward about being large —               “It’s not just for people interest-    ‘screw you.’”                                                                                 Courtesy of Per Kristiansen
you take that power away.”                 ed in fat politics.”                          XXX(L) runs in Ivey Gallery     WE’D LET STEPHAN TICKLE OUR IVORIES ANY DAY. Western alumnus
    But “XXX(L)” can be enjoyed by            When prompted to summarize             South of Museum London until        Stephan Moccio (BA ’94) comes back to his Alma Mater to talk about life
people of all waist sizes.                 what her art investigates, the artist     Nov. 16.                            as a musician this Friday.
P6 ➤   arts&entertainment                                                        theGazette • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2008

The glorious return of fall television shows
A&E staff runs down most highly anticipated series
By A&E Editors                          thing we need is another series fol-       tion like former Degrassi star turned        So You Think You Can Dance                           successful spring-run for season 12,
                                        lowing the fictitious lives of bratty,     90210-er Shenae Grimes should                           Canada                                    dealing with issues such as the abu-
After a long summer of reruns and       backstabbing adolescences who              have done. Grimey, you will be            Matt: The dance reality show, large-                    sive treatment of celebrities in “Brit-
bad reality shows, prime time tele-     spend more money on one shop-              missed.                                   ly popular south of the border                          ney’s New Look,” Internet addiction
vision is back with all-new crap to     ping spree to Rodeo Drive than I do                                                  where it originated, made its Cana-                     in “Over Logging” and an examina-
watch. For those of you who have        on tuition.                                               The Office                 dian debut in the second week of                        tion of cancer taking over the posi-
been too busy “studying” to turn on        I watched the first episodes and,       Carly: The most dysfunctional             September. Aired on CTV and host-                       tion formerly held by HIV/AIDS as
the tube, here’s a breakdown of         not surprisingly, I wasn’t impressed.      office in America is back for its fifth   ed by MuchMusic VJ Leah Miller,                         the ‘It’ disease of the moment in
what you need to know about this                                                   season. Employees at Dunder-Mif-          the show hopes to catch some of                         “Tonsil Trouble.” The second half of
season’s most anticipated shows:        Dan: I too watched the first               flin returned last Thursday with          the support the original series still                   season 12 begins in a matter of days.
                                        episode, mostly just to get a much-        hilarious results — an office-wide        has. Do Canadians really need to
        90210 Generation 2.0            missed gaze at Jenny Garth’s char-         weight loss competition gone awry.        rip off another American reality                                       Heroes
Carly: The original 90210 was cool      acter Kelly a few years down the line      The dry, often inappropriate and          series? I don’t think so, but hell,                     Matt: While the season three pre-
because it was on the cutting edge      — but even that was ruined by the          politically offside humour is thank-      these days nothing says high rat-                       mier of Heroes was the least watched
of television programming. The          frequent appearances of a snaggle-         fully still going strong, although the    ings like people bustin’ moves on                       of the show’s three openers (only
controversial issues combined with      toothed Shannen Doherty.                   writers can only ride on the hilari-      national television.                                    10.4 million viewers, jeeze), the sci-
strong youth appeal was something          Seeing as it’s part of the original     ty of their characters’ personas for                                                              ence fiction drama delivered in its
relatively new at the time, although    teenage melodrama franchise, I             so long. Eventually a comprehen-                       South Park                                 first episode of the season. In fact, it
I think props have to be given here     think I’ll stick to Degrassi: The Next     sive and stimulating storyline will       Dan: I know many people wrote off                       may have delivered a little too much,
to the original Degrassi as being the                              Genera-         have to develop.                          the long-running show years ago for                     with many fans complaining there
first show of this kind.                                                                                                     the coarse language and poor ani-                       was just too much happening to fol-
    However,        since                                                                     Dan: Oh you just wait, my      mation of the first few seasons. Well                   low during the two-hour debut. The
90210’s reign over                                                                            dear; Jim still hasn’t pro-    for those who aren’t in the know,                       25-episode season will be aired in
television in the                                                                              posed to Pam and — it         the coarse language is still                                two blocks, with the final 13
90s,       countless                                                                            might sound unreason-        there but the animation                                        episodes starting in February
copycat programs                                                                                 able — I think they’re      has gone digital and the                                       2009.
have        followed,                                                                            foreshadowing a possi-      topics of shows are rou-
namely The OC, Gos-                                                                             ble Toby and Pam fling.      tinely topical, clever and                                      Dan: There’s got to be a porno
sip Girl and One Tree                                                                        Dwight and Angela are hav-      delightfully subversive.                                        director out there somewhere
Hill. The        teen                                                                         ing an affair right under          The show — which                                            who’s trying to make a civil
drama genre is no                                                                             Andy’s nose and that uber-     usually releases its                                                  case against this show,
longer original, cre-                                                                       bitch Jan is pregnant. The       seasons in two                                                             claiming he came
ative or well-made. The last                                                       Office is back and I’m home.              halves in the                                                                up with the idea
                                                                                                                             spring and                                                                    for a cheer-
                                                                                                                             fall — has                                                                      leader    that
                                                                                                                             already                                                                           feels     no
                                                                                                                             had a                                                                               pain in
                                                                                                                             very                                                                                  the 90s.

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                                                                                                                                                                                        a FREE
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                                                                                                                                 *Must be 18 years of age or older with a valid student ID. Platinum and platinum plus clubs excluded.
                                                                                                                                     Membership expires 8 months from date of purchase. Offer ends October 15th, 2008. Other
                                                                                                                                                              restrictions may apply, see club for details.
                                                                                  theGazette • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2008                                                                      arts&entertainment ➤ P7

                Harry Potter star comes to Broadway
Daniel Radcliffe, best known for        excessive — and according to some,
playing the title role in the Harry     unnecessary — media scrutiny.
Potter movies, made his Broadway           “If it’s in the play, if it’s in the
debut last Thursday in Equus to         story, if it’s necessary, then it’s
rave reviews.                           right,” says Kathleen Turner, a for-
   While the venue, The Broad-          mer Broadway actress who was at
hurst Theatre in midtown Manhat-        the show’s debut.
tan, may be new to Radcliffe, the          The young actor’s Harry Potter
play is not. The 19-year-old acted      co-star Richard Griffiths, who plays
under the same director when the        Uncle Vernon in the films, performs
play had a limited run at London’s      alongside Radcliffe and casts aside
West End in 2007.                       any mention the up-and-coming
   Despite the familiarity with the     star is not experienced enough for
script, Radcliffe was still nervous     the role.
prior to his first ever Broadway per-      “He’s not a kid anymore. He’s a
formance: “I was terrified before we    young man and he deserves what-
went out [on stage]. I was like         ever breaks that brings.”
‘Omigod, this is it.’”                     While he may not be sporting his
   Radcliffe plays a psychologically    wizard robes, it’s possible Radcliffe
disturbed teen that blinds six hors-    — quickly developing as an actor —
es with a metal spike. The role also    will be able to cast a spell on a more
requires him to appear naked on         mature audience in Equus.
stage, a scene made controversial by                           — Matt Quinn

            Springsteen scores Super Bowl halftime gig
This year The Boss will join the           This year, the show will broad-
prestigious club of Super Bowl Half-    cast in more than 230 countries and
time performers.                        territories around the globe — an
   In an announcement released          impressive feat considering the first
Sunday by NBC and the NFL, Bruce        halftime shows consisted of college
Springsteen and the E Street Band       marching bands and drill teams.
will headline the show at Super Bowl       Since 1998, music’s biggest
XLIII, to be held Feb. 1 in Tampa,      names have dominated the airtime
Florida at Raymond James Stadium.       between the second and third quar-
   The halftime spectacle has           ter, including the Rolling Stones,
grown in recent years to be the         Prince, Paul McCartney and most
                                                                                     Welcome to
most watched musical perfor-
mance of the year, last year raking
in more than 148 million viewers in
the U.S. alone.
                                        notoriously Justin Timberlake and
                                        Janet Jackson. Here’s hoping
                                        Springsteen can keep it in his pants.
                                                            — Carly Conway
                                                                                     The Gazette                                                                                                      PLACE
                Travis Barker released from hospital
                                                                                                          30 words for $8 or 4 issues for $30
Former Blink 182 drummer Travis
Barker was released from a Georgia
                                            The pilot, co-pilot and two other
                                        passengers lost their lives in the                                519-661-3274
hospital on Monday, after sustain-      accident. A transportation board
ing serious injuries related to the     official revealed the Lear Jet blew a                         Housing
Sept. 20 plane crash that left four
others dead.
                                        tire during take off.
                                            Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler
                                                                                    1 & 2 PERSON self-contained apartments in convert-
                                                                                    ed houses on Western Road. Units are above
                                                                                                                                                          A Market Research Company
                                                                                                                                                        is looking for people to participate in
                                                                                    ground, quiet, non-smoking, no pets. $500-800
   DJ AM was also on board and          was at his bedside throughout the           /month inclusive. Free laundry, parking, on-site man-
suffered serious injuries, but was      ordeal. The two were featured in the        agement. (519) 673-1843

released last week. Barker left the     MTV reality show Meet the Barkers.
                                                                                                                                                               market research studies.
hospital in a bus headed to his         Observers say despite the couple’s
home in Los Angeles. “Trust me, he      recent divorce, they appear to have         LOWEST DISPENSING FEE in town. The University
                                                                                    Students’ Council encourages students to save money
                                                                                                                                                                       You are paid for your
will never fly again — ever,” a         strong feelings for each other.
                                                                                                                                                                        time and opinion.
                                                                                    by filling their prescriptions at the Western On-Cam-
                                                                                    pus Pharmacy. Free same day delivery in London.
source told reporters.                      Barker also enjoyed past success
                                                                                    WIN A NO-FRILLS Trip to Africa with WaterCan!
   Barker and DJ AM collaborate         as a member of the Transplants and          Enter the “End Poverty at the Source!” video
together under the name TRVSDJ-
AM. The duo performed a free con-
                                        Plus 44. A hospital spokesperson
                                        said he is expected to make a full
                                                                                    contest today. Visit
                                                                                    for details. Deadline: October 19, 2008.                             Call 1-800-827-0676, ext: 3040
cert Friday night in South Carolina     recovery.                                                     Services
before the crash.                                          — Adam Schwartz          A+ PAPERS PROOFREADING Service will proof-
                                                                                    read your essay, research paper, thesis, or any oth-
                                                                                    er document. Fast, reliable, affordable. Email
                                                                          , visit or
                                                                                    call 519-200-2236
                                                                                    BLACKFRIARS SALON & SPA one stop, from a hair-
                                                                                    cuts, makeup, waxing, pedicures /manicures, facials,
                                                                                    styling products and more. We have you covered from
                                                                                    head to toe! 182 Wharncliffe Rd North. 519-672-5858
                                                                                    SEEK HELP NOW. Don’t let little problems grow into
                                                                                    big problems. If you aren’t sure how, ask the Om-
                                                                                    budsperson in UCC-251, or call 519-661-3573. This                                         HOW TO PLAY
                                                                                    service is free and confidential.
                                                                                                                                                 Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1
                                                                                                                                                 through 9. Solving time is typically from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and
                                                                                                    Personals                                    experience. The Gazette publishes Sudoku puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty.
                                                                                    EGG DONOR WANTED to help make our dreams
                                                                                    come true. We are a loving couple unable to have a
                                                                                    family without your help. If you are interested please
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                                                                                    location. $9 - $12.50 per hour. Call Vicki or Ildi at 519-
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                                                                                    CAREGIVER FOR 2 children ages 9 and 12. Sher-
                                                                                    wood Forest area near university. References required,
                                                                                    Wages negotiable (based upon experience and cre-
                                                                                    dentials). Please call Rod or Eileen at 519-474-3317
                                                                                    WANTED ATHLETIC WOMEN and men 18-28yrs for
                                                                                    national team development program. Contact Dina
                                                                                    TIPS ON — HOW TO WRITE A CLASSIFIED AD
                                                                                    THAT SELLS 1. Use a KEYWORD. This immediately
                                                                                    tells the reader exactly what it is you have to sell. 2.
                                                                                    Make your description CLEAR and FACTUAL. State
                                                                                    the year, make, model, color, size, and tell what con-
                                                                                    dition the item is. Also state the special features. 3.
                                                                                    State the PRICE. Successful Classified advertisers
                                                                                    have learned that the price in an ad helps increase the
                                                                                    chances for results. 4. If there’s a genuine sense of
                                                                                    URGENCY, say so. The words, “We‘re Moving” or
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P8   ➤   arts&entertainment                                                     theGazette • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2008


Rodanthe pleases romantics Latest Spike Lee
Gere, Lane reunite as leading couple                                                                                       joint is smokin’
By Amber Garratt                          two middle-aged adults (Gere,           estrangement from his 28-year-old
Gazette Writer                            Lane) who have lost themselves in       son. Adrienne and Paul are drawn
                                          the midst of their busy lives.          together when Adrienne’s best
                                             The audience is first introduced     friend asks her to tend to her bed
Nights in Rodanthe                        to Adrienne Willis (Lane), a loving     and breakfast in Rodanthe, North
Directed by: George C. Wolfe              mother whose cheating husband           Carolina for a weekend during
Starring: Richard Gere, Diane Lane        Jack has told her he wants to come      which there is only one guest —
                                          back home. Adrienne is torn over        Paul.
Nights in Rodanthe is an intense          whether or not she should give him          Paul and Adrienne find them-
love story that leaves the audience       a second chance.                        selves in an isolated cabin on a
longing for a romance to sweep               Paul Flanner (Gere) is a world-      beautiful beach looking to sort out
them off their feet.                      renowned surgeon in the midst of        their perplexing lives and, to their
   An adaptation of Nicolas Sparks’       dealing with a separation from his      surprise, they find comfort and love
2003 novel, the film tells the story of   wife, the loss of a patient and         within one another. Like most
                                                                                  Sparks novels, however, Paul and
                                                                                  Adrienne’s love story does not have
                                                                                  a happy ending.
                                                                                      Nights in Rodanthe depicts a
                                                                                  true romance everyone longs to
                                                                                  acquire. The fact that Gere and
                                                                                  Lane’s characters fall in love in only
                                                                                  four days is slightly unrealistic, but
                                                                                                                                                                             Miracle at St. Anna
                                                                                  enough to give a romantic audience
                                                                                  hope.                                    By John Santilly                        find a nearly lifeless Italian boy, a
                                                                                      The film is complete with great      Gazette Writer                          band of Partisan Tuscans who cap-
                                                                                  chemistry between Paul and Adri-                                                 ture a German soldier and the Ger-
                                                                                  enne, which adds intensity to each                                               man infantry.
                                                                                  scene. Gere and Lane are not new         Miracle at St. Anna                         The cultural separation in the
                                                                                  to on-screen romance, having             Directed by: Spike Lee                  film makes for a thoughtful study of
                                                                                  played a couple in Cotton Club and       Starring: Laz Alonso, Derek Luke,       race during WWII, while the plot is
                                                                                  Unfaithful.                              Omar Benson Miller, Michael Ealy        sustained by an intriguing series of
                                                                                      The storyline behind Nights in                                               language barriers. Only Negron
                                                 Nights in Rodanthe               Rodanthe is strong, but feels as if      Featuring cameos from John Tur-         speaks Italian, none of them speak
                                                                                  the movie is stretched to make the       turro and John Leguizamo in the         German and a spirit named Arturo
                                                                                  hour and a half quota. Certain           first 15 minutes, it’s clear early on   speaks to the boy.
                                                                                  scenes and dialogue could have           that Spike Lee’s latest film, Miracle       Those familiar with Lee’s work
 WESTERN Walk-In Clinic                                                           been cut to enhance the plot.            at St. Anna, will be a hit. The film    may appreciate the use of a mean-
                                                                                      The character development,           need not rely on these cameos,          ingful montage of collective
             No Appointment Required                                              however, is effective, allowing the      however. The multi-faceted story        wartime prayers and penetrating
                Students Welcome                                                  audience to take on the emotions of      works well, documenting cultural        still shots. The still close-ups of
                                                                                  the characters and really experi-        differences and unities.                dead Buffalo Soldiers at the end of
         Hrs. Mon. to Fri. 9:00am to 9:00pm                                       ence the movie. There were very              The Brian McBride novel-            the initial battle scene leaves the
           Sat. & Sun. 9:00am to 3:00pm                                           few dry eyes in the theatre as the       turned-screenplay is about a            audience as uneasy as the gunfire
                                                                                  credits rolled.                          reserved veteran whose story gets       which precedes it. The water trick-
   Conveniently located just minutes from campus at                                   Nights in Rodanthe is the perfect    inspired by some significant event      ling past the bodies, turning from
               240 Wharncliffe Rd. N                         Pharmacy             movie for a true romantic who            years after the war is over. This       clear to crimson, gives each of these
           at Oxford St. West Suite 201                                           believes love can be found at any        model, laced with the cinematic         static shots their own movement —
                    519-435-0111                                                  age in any place.                        repertoire consistent in most Spike     a type of vibration.
                                                                                                                           Lee films, makes for a war flick that       Being a film with heavy focus on
                                                                                                                           is as focused on cultural cohesions     race, it’s important to note Lee
                                                                                                                           as it is on graphic battle scenes.      shaping this story, as he has spe-
                                                                                                                               The discovery of a 400-year-old     cialized in race exposés for 20 years.
                                                                                                                           marble head in retired WWII veter-          The treatment of the four sol-
                                                                                                                           an Hector Negron’s (Alonso) home        diers by the Tuscan villagers is
                                                                                                                           sets the premise for his story. The     refreshing for the characters, as
                                                                                                                           film shifts backward to Tuscany in      Train (Miller) laments, “I’ve never
                                                                                                                           August 1944, following the all-black    been this close to a white person
                                                                                                                           regiment in the U.S. Army: the Buf-     before.” Staff Sergeant Stamps
                                                                                                                           falo Soldiers.                          (Luke) states how ashamed he is to
                                                                                                                               The interplay of stories sur-       feel more freedom in a foreign
                                                                                                                           rounds four Buffalo Soldiers who        country than in his own. This issue
                                                                                                                                                                   is watermarked with a scene in the
                                                                                                                                                                   States one-year prior at an ice
                                                                                                                                                                   cream shop, where the atmosphere
                                                                                                                                                                   is as tense as any rifle-laden scene
                                                                                                                                                                   in the film.
                                                                                                                                                                       The story of the Buffalo Soldiers
                                                                                                                                                                   told in Miracle at St. Anna is a cul-
                                                                                                                                                                   turally important one. Lee definite-
                                                                                                                                                                   ly rises to the occasion in bringing it
                                                                                                                                                                   to the big screen.

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