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       date Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 12:17 AM
    subject Inquiry and Assistance re City of Lawrence

Rep. Jones:
I read this article and saw your name in having attempted to do
the right thing but the Democrats' control managed to obfuscate the problem
and create another mess in Lawrence and in turn, the Commonwealth.
As a property owner in Mass., I find it appalling that William Lantigua (1)
adamantly held onto two taxpayer funded jobs, (2) knew VERY WELL {as the
state Rep. for Lawrence, 16th District, resident and even addressed it in
campaigns} the financial situation of Lawrence GOING IN, (3) instead of hitting
the ground running to solve the problems, Lantigua kept his House job and
elevated or hired friends, family, campaign cronies to high-paying jobs in City
Hall when he became mayor, by only 1,038 votes on 13% VOTER TURNOUT,
(4) fired those who worked in city hall because they opposed his candidacy, (5)
in lawsuit filings/documents Plaintiffs state Lantigua instructed supervisors to
discharge employees because they opposed his candidacy, (6) amassed a
myriad of investigations related to conflicts, improprieties, ethics, campaign-
finance issues and all sorts of other things that are a shame, bring disgust to
this wonderful city and has divided the community.

These Web links are but a few of the many that depict the cancer that is
plaguing the city of Lawrence.

Republicans proposed an amendment that would have appointed a five-
member control board to manage the city’s finances, instead of an overseer
appointed by Governor Deval Patrick. House minority leader Bradley H. Jones,
a North Reading Republican, said a control board was “the tough medicine
that’s necessary to get Lawrence back on its fiscal footing.
I grew up in Lawrence and as an immigrant I remember my parents working
hard to make it in our new country and tirelessly wanting to learn English to
assimilate and become independent and contributing Americans.
Attached, you will find a one-sheet of just a few dozen of articles or news
reports about what William Lantigua has done to this wonderful city.
The appointment of Mr. Nunes I think is futile and is the wrong strategy. Mr.
Nunes, who will now earn over and above his state salary supplemented with
the overseer pay and accumulate points or credits toward his pension, a dual
dipping effect, I'd say is a terrible precedent and ineffective. Moreover, a Mr.
Riley has been appointed to oversee the public schools at an alarming rate of
pay per year on a multi-year contract. So, in effect, thousands and thousands
of dollars are doled out to cover salaries of others, while Lantigua and his
cronies are getting a nice fat check at the expense of taxpayers all throughout
the Commonwealth.
This is wrong!
As a former kid growing up in Lawrence, a staunch Red Sox and Patriots fan
and proud American, I would ask you to please encourage your honorable and
fiscally responsible House and Senate colleagues to step in and do something
to nullify this act of creating, what I call, a puppet for the Governor and a
temporary "warm & fuzzy" feeling to appease a few select.
An independent board of HIGHLY qualified, financially credible individuals is
what Lawrence needs to get back on track for the good of its citizens and all of
the Commonwealth. I am empathetic to the grief and frustration of many
Lawrencians who are truly dedicated to the city and who feel that receivership
is or may not be an option. Perhaps they dislike that option because it
relinquishes a sense of ownership, local control or pride, but having two
appointed "outsiders" while keeping the status quo {Mayor and City Council} in
tact, is not a viable or promising option, fares worse and gives control to an
outsider beholden to the Governor.
Just this past Feb 7th, despite the Lawrence City Charter requiring the mayor
to make a personal appearance and give the annual state of the city address,
Lantigua blew it off. That's right, Lantigua didn't show up nor did he engage the
media or the citizens as to why he wasn't following the City Charter. This
individual has no regard to the laws of our country, the Commonwealth or the
                4.7 Communications to City Council.
                The mayor, yearly, by a personal appearance for the purpose of a
         state of the city address to be given at the first city council meeting in
         February of each year, shall keep the city council informed as to the
         condition and needs of the city, and from time to time as in his judgment the
         needs of the city require, recommend to the city council for action by it such
         measures as may be necessary or desirable.
You may be saying to yourself, "Eddie, I represent other areas and not
Lawrence." Indeed, but Rep. Jones, you are a member of the Massachusetts
House of Representatives. The news articles I pasted herein speak of your
colleagues and their concerns that the entire Commonwealth has a say, a
voice in the "$35 million bail-out" and they are correct as are the state's
We’re trying to find the best way to help the city get back on its feet,
but if the city isn’t able to pay their debt, it will be left to the
taxpayers of the Commonwealth,’’ said state Representative Karyn
Polito, a Shrewsbury Republican.
Voters in North Reading, Middleton, Narragansett, Springfield, Taunton, Fall
River and all across the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be
reminded of this multi-million dollar bail-out for a city whose leader, CEO,
Mayor was adamant of remaining in both positions, paid for by (?) the
taxpayers of the Commonwealth, how ironic?
Moreover, a city council with some members who are strictly mesmerized by
their allegiance to William Lantigua, discounted the mayor's "blowing-off" the
state of the city address and provide an ineffective model and lack the
leadership to get the city back on financial prosperity and repay the taxpayers
of the Commonwealth.
For almost two months, I have written the city attorney and city clerk for
documents pursuant to M.G.L. and the public records' laws. To date, Mr.
Boddy, the city attorney, has replied to some and ignored my other written
requests in a condescending and facetious manner. In his replies, he states
that in order to get access to public records, I must send in the required money
before the records are allowed to be viewed or mailed out.
Since state law provides that the fees for copying or related expenses
attributed to an FOIA request may be waived, if in the interest of the public, I
find Mr. Boddy's requirement of upfront fees to be unprecedented and insulting
as well as a clear impediment to obtaining public records. The current situation
in Lawrence is clearly in the interest of the public and my requested records
will hopefully shed some light to the misdeeds in Lawrence. Several outspoken
citizens of Lantigua have been assaulted and to many others, their voices are
being quashed by the intimidation tactics of Lantigua's friends and even
Lantigua himself.
This video, at :17, demonstrates the propensity of Lantigua (bald character
"egging" the participants in this peace rally to confront him) of being overly
aggressive or bullying and for a mayor in the United States of America, that is
unprofessional and disgusting.
Over the past several months, citizens have exercised their right granted in the
city charter to begin a recall process against Lantigua. Reports in the Eagle-
Tribune have demonstrated a negligent and flagrant disregard to procedures
or policies by the city clerk, essentially gutting the recall processes. Many
citizens believe that the city clerk acts with bias and partiality to the mayor than
fulfilling his role as city clerk "FOR" Lawrence when the clerk failed, was
remiss or didn't even answer questions providing the proper steps regarding
recall process paperwork.
Mr. Jones, what I am asking is for your help with this important and devastating
occurrence for Lawrence and its citizens. Lantigua and his cronies keep trying
to cast the blame on the past administration(s), while ignoring the elephant in
I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears and that in your position in the House, you
can create a snowball effect for Lawrence. It's not a Democrat or Republican
matter, it is saving the city of Lawrence whose generations of families have
toiled, labored and set in motion the great success stories that make this city
great and our great country what she is the world over.
Thank you and I hope I have a chance to discuss with you any ideas and
Eddie Garcia

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