Money Tips When Sharing With A Roommate- Tips To Save Your Cash Loans by dheyjim


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									Finding a roommate is necessary if you want to save on rent and other living expenses.
Living with someone, however, is challenging not only for the personalities and attitudes
 you have to adjust to, but also for the equal sharing of the expenses. Without a good
agreement, you can have a riff with this person and no sooner you’d find yourself either
  hunting for a new apartment or a new housemate. Either way, you’d need an instant
 source of cash such as a loan online to keep up with the rent while you’re on your own.
                  So if you need cash loans quick, find the best lender.

          However, it is better to live harmoniously with someone than spend an
  instant cash loan for the rent. To avoid conflicts, here are some tips on how to divide
                             the costs between the two of you.
 Agree on payments first before signing the lease. Discuss all the expenses you’ll meet
when living together, and come to terms with the sharing of payments, before you sign the
 lease. Doing so will avoid changes in the terms when you start to live together, because
often this is the start of trouble. Whatever has been talked about, stick to it all throughout.

          Regardless of each other’s income, the rent should be divided equally.
Just because the other earns more doesn’t mean he should pay a bigger chunk of the rent.
       Both of you is benefiting from the living arrangement equally so equal payment
 is in order. It’s your problem individually how you’ll come up with rent money each month.
Pay for every appliance you bring in. Anyone who brings an appliance or gadget must
 pay for its monthly consumption. A flat rate usually works. But if an appliance is used
   mutually then payment is not necessary as you will divide every utility bill equally.
  Things such as a personal computer and electric fan are examples of electrical items
              that need to be paid for, in addition to the usual energy bill.

Set an amount for groceries. When sharing groceries and you’re taking turns in buying,
    set an amount so you don’t go over it unnecessarily, unless you want to buy more.
    Doing so avoids any complaint such as the other spending more when it’s his turn
        and the other spending much less. It also helps to have a list of food and
                  household staples to buy to avoid more complaints.
 Set house rules. This is necessary not only for dividing the house chores but also for
entertaining guests and accommodating friends for sleepover. You should set a curfew
    as to which time each is allowed to party with friends inside the house so that
                         you don’t disrupt the other’s rest time.

    With understanding and good payment terms, you can surely save from using
     instant cash loans. If you need help to pay the rent, find cash loans quick.
           These loans are a great help especially when payday is away.

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