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					                   Homeschooling pros and cons
Even though home schooling is on the rise (increasing by 10-15% per year
depending on who you ask), there are still some stigmas attached with the
concept that makes it completely out of the question to ever do for many

Some people don't feel qualified to do it. They think they will embarrass
themselves in even trying to do it. home schooling They think you have to
have a teaching degree or even a college degree of any kind to teach their
kids. It's an understandable feeling to have, but not fair just to blow the
whole thing off without looking into it further. There are some great
resources out there, especially with the Internet being so handy now. Get
more information before you decide not to do it on these grounds. Lots of
people felt this way at first but just rolled right into it and found it was a lot
easier than they thought originally. Like a lot of seemingly complicated
problems, if you just break it into pieces it becomes a lot simpler to solve.
There are a lot of ways to work around shortcomings if they're there.
Special course material, tutors, videos, community college classes and the
list goes on. Check out what's available to you before giving up.

Some say homeschooling is just for the religious nuts or held-over hippies
and that's just plain wrong. Sure, some homeschoolers practice putting
more faith and moral instruction into their curriculum, but that's their
prerogative which homeschooling allows them to do. By my count, there
aren't too many "hippies" left in this country, at least not still in their child
bearing years!

Homeschoolers come from all walks of life. Rich people, not-so-rich people,
professionals, non-professionals, strong believers, non-believers; it's all
over the board. There is no conclusive single demographic for people who
want to educate their children themselves. As a matter of fact, if you
compare the early educations of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and
Abraham Lincoln, you would find that they were all homeschooled, learning
to spell, read, write and do their numbers at home before taking advance
classes at colleges at an older age. And that turned out pretty well didn't it?

Many people doubt their child will ever get into a good college if their
homeschooled.             This          is        also          erroneous.
Homeschooled children are not only accepted, but are also recruited by top
universities around the country. Homeschooling makes young people more
mature with strong academic skills and creativity. They are also more
independent thinkers than kids from public education backgrounds.
Homeschoolers ranked highest on the college entrance exams SAT scores
in the year 2001. homeschooling in florida Time magazine reported in
September, 2000, that 26 percent of 35 homeschooled applicants had been
accepted that year into the freshman class at Stanford University. That was
roughly double the rate of overall acceptance.

On balance, homeschooling just has so much going for it, it would seem,
that it would be a shame not to give it a good look. There is so much
possibility for a great foundational education.

A J Adams has had a keen interest in home schooling for a number of
years. With several public school teachers in his family, he has had many
discussions regarding current school problems. He's heard many
suggestions, one of which was the growing number of children being home
schooled. After a thorough period of research, he decided to write a series
of articles about elementary home schooling [http://www.elementary-home-
schools.com] and the other types as well. He will be submitting more in future

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