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					THEMIS ENGINEERING DOCUMENT LIST                                                                             note: SNR = Signature Not Required

ORG.        POC        Doc Number          Description                                                 Rev Status            Link
Project Documents
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                THEMIS Mission Requirements Document (MRD)                  I      Released       thm_sys_001I_MRD.pdf                            Systems/Requirements
UCB/UCLA/Swlaes        thm-sys-002         THEMIS Magnetics Contamination Control Plan                 D      Released       thm_sys_002d_Magnetic Cleanliness.pdf           Systems/Requirements
UCB/Swales Bonnell     thm-sys-003         THEMIS Electrostatic Cleanliness Specification (ESC Plan)   E      Released       thm_sys_003e_ESC Specification.pdf              Systems/Requirements
UCB/Swales Taylor      thm-sys-004         THEMIS Contamination Control Plan                           D      Released       thm_sys_004d_ContaminationControlPlan.pdf       Systems/Requirements
UCB                    thm-sys-005
            Taylor/Harvey                                                                              B
                                           THEMIS Instrument Payload Verification and Environmental Spec      Released       thm_sys_005c_EnvVerificationSpec.pdf            Systems/Requirements
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-005_AppA    THEMIS Instrument Payload Environmental Test Matrix         N/A N/A               thm_sys_005AppA_InstrumentETM.pdf               Systems/Requirements
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                THEMIS System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)            D      Released       thm_sys_006d_SEMP.pdf                           Systems/Requirements
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                THEMIS Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)B      Released       thm_sys_007b_FMECA.pdf                          Systems/Requirements
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-008         THEMIS System Mass Budget                                   AH     On-going       thm_sys_008AH_MassBudget.xls                    Systems/Resource Budgets
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-009         THEMIS System Power Budget                                  AH     On-going       thm_sys_009AH_PowerBudget.xls                   Systems/Resource Budgets
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-010         THEMIS Data Budget                                          G.6 On-going          thm_sys_010G.6_DataRates.pdf                    Systems/Resource Budgets
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-011         THEMIS Configuraton Management Plan (CMP)                   B      Released       thm_sys_011b_CMP.pdf                            Systems/Requirements
UCB         TQuinn     thm-sys-012         THEMIS Project Data Management Plan                           -    Released       thm_sys_012_PDMP.pdf                            Systems/Requirements
UCB         Stroozas thm-sys-013           THEMIS Mission Operations Plan                                     In Progress
UCB         Fischer    thm-sys-014         THEMIS ESD Control Plan                                     A      Released       thm_sys_014a_ESDControlPlan.pdf                 Systems/Requirements
GSFC        GSFC                           THEMIS Project Service Level Agreement (PSLA)
                       thm-sys-015 (451-PSLA-Themis)                                                   B      Released       gsfc_451_psla_themis_fy06_rev_b.pdf             Systems/Requirements
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                THEMIS Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)                            A      Released       thm_sys_016a_FTA.pdf                            Systems/Requirements
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                THEMIS Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)                  A      Released       thm_sys_017a_PRA.pdf                            Systems/Requirements
UCB         Stroozas thm-sys-018           THEMIS Flight Operations Plan                                      In Progress
UCB         Bester     thm-sys-019         THEMIS Mission Readiness Test Plan                                 Released       Living document - updated daily
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-020         Deleted                                                     N/A N/A               N/A                                             N/A
UCB         Bester     thm-sys-021         THEMIS Information Technology Security Plan (ITSP)            -    Released       Contains sensitive data - not posted            On file
UCB         Bester     thm-sys-022         THEMIS Risk Management and Contingency Plan (RMCP)                 Released       Contains sensitive data - not posted            On file
UCB/GSFC Bester                            THEMIS RF Compatibility Test Plan (RFCTP)
                       thm-sys-023 (NENS-CCE-CTP-0089)                                                        Released       htsi_nens_cce_ctp_0089.pdf                      Systems/Requirements
UCB/GSFC Bester                            THEMIS Network Requirements Document (NRD)
                       thm-sys-024 (451-NRD-THEMIS)                                                           Released       gsfc_451_nrd_themis.pdf                         Systems/Requirements
UCB         Lewis      thm-sys-025         THEMIS Flight Operations Team Ceritification Plan (FOTCP)          L-1 month
UCB         Bester     thm-sys-026         THEMIS Launch and Ascent Handbook                                  In Progress
UCB         Ludlam     thm-sys-027         THEMIS Instruments Users Guide                                     Draft
UCB         Cosgrove thm-sys-028           THEMIS Attitude Determination System (ADS)                         L-1 month
UCB         Stroozas thm-sys-029           THEMIS Flight Procedures Document                                  In Progress
UCB         Cosgrove thm-sys-030           THEMIS Orbit Determination Certification                           L-1 month
UCB         Lewis      thm-sys-031         THEMIS ITOS Configuration Guidelines                        C      Released       thm_sys_031c_itos_config_guidelines.pdf         Systems/Requirements
UCB         Eliott     thm-sys-032         THEMIS Purge Plan                                           K      Released       THM-SYS-032 REV K THEMIS PURGE PLAN.pdf Systems/Requirements
UCB         Eliott     thm-sys-033         THEMIS MGSE List                                            D      Released       thm_sys_033_MGSE_List.xls
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-034         THEMIS EGSE List                                            Draft Released        thm_sys_034_EGSE_List.xls
UCB         Bester     thm-sys-035         THEMIS Probe Idenification Plan                             G      Released       Contains sensitive data - not posted            On file
UCB         McCauley thm-sys-036           THEMIS Mission Integration and Test Flow at UCB             D      Draft          thm_sys_036d_UCB_MINT_Flow.pdf                  Systems/Requirements
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-037         THEMIS Mission Integration and Test Flow at JPL               -    Released       thm_sys_037_JPL_MINT_Flow.pdf                   Systems/Requirements
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-038         THEMIS Mission Integration and Test Flow at KSC               -    Released       thm_sys_038_KSC_MINT_Flow.pdf                   Systems/Requirements
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-039         THEMIS Mission Integration and Test Plan at JPL             A      Released       THM_SYS_039a_THEMIS_INT_Plan_JPL                Systems/Requirements
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-040                                                                     N/A N/A
                                           Deleted - THEMIS Mission Integration and Test Plan at KSC, same as -047           N/A                                             N/A
UCB         McCauley thm-sys-041           THEMIS Mission Integration and Test Plan at UCB             B      Released       THM_SYS_041B_THEMIS_INT_Plan_Onsite
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-042         THEMIS Red/Green Tag Items                                  E      Released       Red_Green Tag Items_RevE.xls                    Systems/Requirements
UCB         McCauley thm-sys-043           THEMIS Material Handling Equipment / MGSE Proof Load ListDraft In Progress
UCB         Bester     thm-sys-044         Deleted - contained in MRTs (-019)                          N/A N/A
UCB         Sholl      thm-sys-045         THEMIS Thruster Data                                               Released
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-046         THEMIS Probe Shipping Plan                                  E      Released       thm_sys_046e_transportation.pdf
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-047         THEMIS Launch Site Test Plan                                F2     Released       thm_sys_047f_Launch Site Test Plan Rev F2.pdf
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-048         THEMIS Safety Plan                                                 # Assigned
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-049         THEMIS Cape Operation Hurricane Plan                          -    Released                                                       Systems/Requirements
                                                                                                                             thm_sys_049_THEMIS Hurricane Plan September 1 2006.pdf
UCB         Serling    thm-sys-050         THEMIS Handling and Constraints Plan                               # Assigned
UCB         Sholl      thm-sys-051         THEMIS RCS Launch Site Thermal Hazards                        -    Released       thm_sys_051_RCS launch site thermal hazards.pdf
UCB         McCauley thm-sys-052           THEMIS Launch Site Contamination Control Plan               D      Released       THM_SYS_052D-LSCCP.pdf                          Systems/Requirements
UCB         Bester     thm-sys-053                                                                       -    Released       Contains sensitive data - Operations
                                           THEMIS Information Technology (IT) Security Contingency Plan for the FAST/RHESSI/CHIPS/THEMIS Mission not posted Center (MOC)
UCB         Bester     thm-sys-054                                                                            Released       Contains sensitive data - not posted
                                           THEMIS Information Technology (IT) Security Risk Assessment- Report (RAR) for the FAST/RHESSI/CHIPS/THEMIS Mission Operations Center (MOC)
UCB         Sholl      thm-sys-055                                                                       -    Released
                                           THEMIS Portable Propellant Monitoring Unit (PPMU) Functional Description          ITAR Restricted - not posted
UCB         Ludlam     thm-sys-056         THEMIS IDPU Scripts                                           -    Released
UCB         Richard    thm-sys-057         THEMIS IDPU EEPROM Configuration                                   In Progress
UCB          Bonnell    thm-sys-058          THEMIS EFI Boom Deploy Spreadsheet                                In Progress
UCB          Taylor     thm-sys-059          THEMIS Mag Boom Deploy Spreadsheet                                In Progress
UCB          Berg       thm-sys-060          THEMIS Near Field EMI Test Report                       -         Released      thm_sys_060_Near Field EMI memo.pdf
UCB          Pankow     thm-sys-061          THEMIS MECO Evaluation Report                           -         Released      thm_sys_061_MECO_Evaluation.pdf             Systems/Requirements
UCB          Taylor     thm-sys-062                                                                  -
                                             THEMIS Limit Monitoring and Real Time Sequence Spreadsheet        Released      thm_sys_062_LM_RTS.xls                      Systems/Requirements
UCB          Berg       thm-sys-063          THEMIS IRU Radiation Report                             -         Released      thm_sys_063_IRU_Radiation_Memo.pdf          Systems/Requirements
UCB          Sholl      thm-sys-064          THEMIS Thruster Calculation Tech Memo                   -         Released      thm_sys_064_Thruster_Calc_Memo.pdf          Systems/Requirements
UCB          Lewis      thm-sys-065          THEMIS Probe Users Guide                                -         L-1 month     ITAR Restricted - will not be posted
UCB          Bonnell    thm-sys-066          THEMIS EFI SPB Deploy Spreadsheet.                      D         Released      thm_sys_066_spb_deploy_revD.xls
UCB          Roberts    thm-sys-067          THEMIS Red / Yellow Limits Spreadsheet.                 -         Released      thm_sys_067_all_limits.xls

Performance Assurance
UCB         Jackson   thm-pa-001                                                                    C
                                             THEMIS Performance Assurance and Implementation Plan (PAIP)       Released
UCB         Donakowskithm-pa-002             THEMIS Mission System Pre-Launch Safety Plan (MSPSP) A            Released

Interface Control Documents (ICDs)
UCB/Swales Taylor      thm-sys-101          THEMIS IDPU/ESA-to-Probe Interface Control Document (ICD) DA     Released        thm_sys_101AD_Probe-to-IDPU_ESA_ICD.pdf     Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Bester      thm-sys-102          THEMIS Command Format Specification                        D     Released        Contains sensitive data - not posted        Systems/ICDs
LASP/UCB Nammari thm-sys-103                THEMIS IDPU-to-DFB Interface Control Document (ICD)        E     Released        thm_sys_103e_DFB-to-IDPU_ICD.pdf            Systems/ICDs
UCB          Harris    thm-sys-104          THEMIS IDPU-to-BEB Interface Control Document (ICD)        E     Released        thm_sys_104E_BEB-to-IDPU_ICD.pdf            Systems/ICDs
UCB          Abiad     thm-sys-105          THEMIS ESA/SST Electronics Card (ETC) Requirements (ICD)   A     Released        thm_sys_105a_ETC Requirements.pdf           Systems/ICDs
UCB/TUBS WM            thm-sys-106          THEMIS IDPU-to-FGM Interface Control Document (ICD)        F     Released        thm_sys_106F_FGM_ICD1.pdf                   Systems/ICDs
UCB/CETP BdIP          thm-sys-107          THEMIS IDPU-to-SCM Interface Control Document (ICD)        C     Released        thm_sys_107c_SCM_ICD_V1.4.pdf               Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Taylor      thm-sys-108                                                                     AC
                                            THEMIS Probe-to-EFI Radial Booms Interface Control Document (ICD)Released        thm_sys_108AD_SPB_ICD.pdf                   Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Taylor      thm-sys-109                                                                     AC
                                            THEMIS Probe-to-EFI Axial Booms Interface Control Document (ICD) Released        thm_sys_109AE_AXB_ICD.pdf                   Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Turin       thm-sys-110          Deleted (ESA interface combined with IDPU)                       N/A             N/A                                         N/A
UCB/Swales Taylor      thm-sys-111          THEMIS Probe-to-SST Interface Control Document (ICD)       AB    Released        thm_sys_111AC_SST_ICD.pdf                   Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Turin       thm-sys-112                                                                     AD
                                            THEMIS Probe-to-FGM Mag Boom Interface Control Document (ICD) Released           thm_sys_112AD_FGB_ICD.pdf                   Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Turin       thm-sys-113                                                                     AD
                                            THEMIS Probe-to-SCM Mag Boom Interface Control Document (ICD) Released           thm_sys_113AD_SCB_ICD.pdf                   Systems/ICDs
UCB/GSFC Bester                             THEMIS Radio Frequency
                       thm-sys-114 (451-RFICD-THEMIS/BGS/GN/SN) Interface Control Document             -     Released        gsfc_451_rficd_themis_28_dec_2004.pdf
UCB/Swales Bkrauter    thm-sys-115                                                                           N/A
                                            Deleted (THEMIS Telemetry Data Format Specification - Swales Document)           N/A                                         N/A
UCB          FHarvey   thm-sys-116          Deleted (THEMIS Telemetry Packet Format Specification)           N/A             N/A                                         N/A
UCB/Swales/GSFC        thm-sys-117          THEMIS Ground Systems Interface Control Document (ICD)           In Progress
UCB/Swales Bester      thm-sys-118          THEMIS DRMS-to-GSE Interface Control Document (ICD)              Launch+1yr
UCB/Swales Smith       thm-sys-119          THEMIS Instrument Thermal Interface Control Document (ICD) -     Released        thm_sys_119_ITH_ICD.pdf                     Systems/ICDs

Interface Control Documents (ICDs) Mechanical Drawings
UCB/Swales Elliot/BerschTHM-IDP-ICD-001    THEMIS IDPU/ESA ICD Drawing                                  AC     Released      THM-IDP-ICD-001-AC.pdf                      Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales DonakowskiTHM-SPB-ICD-001       THEMIS EFI Spin Plan Boom (SPB) ICD Drawing                  AC     Released      THM-SPB-ICD-001-AC.pdf                      Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Duck         THM-AXB-ICD-001    THEMIS EFI Axial Boom (AXB) ICD Drawing                      AC     Released      THM-AXB-ICD-001-AC.pdf                      Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Lee          THM-SST-ICD-001    THEMIS SST ICD Drawing                                       AB     Released      THM-SST-ICD-001-AB.pdf                      Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Tan          THM-FGB-ICD-001    THEMIS FGM Boom (FGB) ICD Drawing                            AC     Released      THM-FGB-ICD-001-AC.pdf                      Systems/ICDs
UCB/Swales Tan          THM-SCB-ICD-001    THEMIS SCM Boom (SCB) ICD Drawing                            AC     Released      THM-SCB-ICD-001-AC.pdf                      Systems/ICDs

IDPU Board and FPGA Specifications
UCB         Ludlam   thm-idpu-001            IDPU Backplane Specification                                 U     Released     thm_idpu_001U_BackplaneSpec.pdf            Instruments/IDPU/Backplane
UCB         Ludlam   thm-pcb-001             IDPU Power Control Board (PCB) Specification                 I     SNR          thm_pcb_001I_PCBSpecification.pdf          Instruments/IDPU/PCB
UCB         Ludlam   thm-pcb-act-001         IDPU Power Control Board (PCB) FPGA Specification            D     SNR          thm_pcb_act_001D_ACTELSpecification.pdf    Instruments/IDPU/PCB
UCB         Berg     thm-lvps-001            IDPU Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) Specification             -   SNR          thm_lvps_001_LVPS Specification.pdf        Instruments/IDPU/LVPS
UCB         Gordon   thm-dcb-001                                                                          A.06
                                             IDPU Data Control Board - Functional Description and Specification SNR          thm_dcb_001a6_DCBA06.pdf                   Instruments/IDPU/DCB
Baja        JianXin  thm-dap-act-001         IDPU Solid State Telescope (SST) FPGA Specification          Rev 1 SNR          thm_dap_act_001_SST-FGPA-SPEC-R1C0.pdf     Instruments/SST
LASP        Stevens  thm-dfb-act-001                                                                      4-Oct
                                             IDPU Digital Fields Board (DFB) FPGA Specification - Appendix Only SNR                                                      Implementation - Commands and Telemetry.pdf
                                                                                                                             thm_dfb_act_001_THEMIS DFB FPGA Design and Instruments/IDPU/DFB

UCB        Ludlam                            IDPU PCB FPGA Review                                       N/A    SNR           thm_fpga_PCBReview-R0.doc                   Management/PA/Actel Reviews
UCB        Ludlam                            IDPU BEB FPGA Review                                       N/A    SNR                    Management/PA/Actel Reviews
UCB        Gordon                            IDPU DCB FPGA Review                                       N/A    SNR           thm_fpga_DCBReview.doc                      Management/PA/Actel Reviews
UCB        Abiad                             IDPU ETC FPGA Review                                       N/A    SNR                       Management/PA/Actel Reviews

System Drawings
UCB        Taylor       thm-sys-201          THEMIS IDPU Block Diagram                                  C      SNR           thm_sys_201c_IDPU Block Diagram.pdf         Systems/Baseline
UCB        Taylor       thm-sys-202          THEMIS IDPU Power Distribution Diagram                     H      SNR           thm_sys_202h_Power Distribution.pdf         Systems/Baseline
UCB         Ludlam     thm-sys-203          THEMIS IDPU Grounding Diagram                            -       SNR          thm_sys_203_IDPUGrounding.pdf                 Systems/Baseline
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-204          THEMIS System Grounding Diagram                          B       SNR          thm_sys_204b_SystemGrounding.pdf              Systems/Baseline
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-205          THEMIS Instrument Payload Harness Diagram                G       SNR          thm_sys_205g_InstrumentHarness.pdf            Systems/Baseline
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-206          THEMIS IDPU Integration and Test Flow                    -       SNR          thm_sys_206_I&T_Flow.pdf                      Systems/Baseline
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-207          THEMIS Instrument Suite Integration and Test Flow        -       SNR          thm_sys_206_Instrument_Integration.pdf        Systems/Baseline
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-208          THEMIS SMA Actuator Diagram                              B       SNR          thm_sys_207b_ActuatorDiagram.pdf              Systems/Baseline

Engineering Change Request/Notices (ECR/ECN)
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-001         ECR 001 Separate Analog HK Lines                           N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_001.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-002         ECR 002 Redundant Power Lines                              N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_002.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-003         ECR 003 IDPU Wall Thickness                                N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_003.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-004         ECR 004 Redundant Wires in SPB Door Actuators              N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_004.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-005         ECR 005 Redundant ESA Door Actuator                        N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_005.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-006         ECR 006 SCM Calibration Inhibit Signal Removed             N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_006.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-007         Deleted                                                    N/A     N/A          N/A                                           N/A
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-008         ECR 008 Increase Current required for SPB Door Actuators   N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_008.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-009         ECR 009 EFI Data Rate increased to 32Hz                    N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_009.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-010         ECR 010 LVPS ESA 28V Regulator Change                      N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_010.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-011         ECR 011 LVPS 2.5V supply changed to 2.6V                   N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_011.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-012         ECR 012 IDPU FSW Requirement Changes                       N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_012.pdf                               Systems/ECRs
UCB         Taylor    thm-ecr-013         ECR 013 SCM LDO Regulator                                  N/A     Notice       thm_ecr_013.pdf                               Systems/ECRs

Waivers and Deviations
UCB         Fischer    thm-rfw-001          RFW 01 Deviation from NASA-STD-8739.1                  N/A       Request      THM_RFW01-1_Waiver_Deviation_071105.pdf       Systems/Requirements
Swales      Chen       thm-rfw-002          RFW 02 Request for Waiver for MRD Requirement PC.Mec-1 N/A       Request      SAI-TM-3048 Request for MRD Waiver.pdf        Systems/Requirements

System Change Notices (SCN)
UCB/Swales Ajulini/Taylorhm-scn-001         SCN 001 Propulsion Tank Size                                N/A Signed-Off    SCN 001 Tank Change_RevA.pdf                    Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Ajulini/Taylorhm-scn-002         SCN 002 Separation System Change                            N/A Signed-Off    SCN 002 PC Mass Allocation.pdf                  Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 003 Thruster Size Change                                N/A Signed-Off    SCN 003 5N Thrusters_RevB.pdf                   Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 004 SST Envelope Change                                 N/A Signed-Off    SCN 004 SST Envelope.pdf                        Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 005 ACS Stability - Boom Length                         N/A Signed-Off    SCN 005 Boom Length.pdf                         Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 006 Boom Cant Angle                                     N/A Signed-Off    SCN 006 Boom Cant Angle.pdf                     Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Ajulini/Taylorhm-scn-007         SCN 007 Tanks filled to 29.64kg                             N/A Signed-Off    SCN 007 Extra Fuel.pdf                          Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Ajulini/Taylorhm-scn-008         SCN 008 Propellant Tank                                     N/A Signed-Off    SCN 008 Pressurant Tank_RevA.pdf                Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 009 EMC/Mag Testing                                     N/A Signed-Off    SCN 009 EMI_EMC_MAG Testing_Rev A.pdf           Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 010 Data Rate Change                                    N/A Signed-Off    SCN 010 Data Rate Change.pdf                    Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 011 Decrease Perigee - ODA                              N/A Signed-Off    SCN 011 ODA Perigee Decrease.pdf                Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 012 180 deg manuever prior to SPB deploy                N/A Signed-Off    SCN 012 180deg Reor.pdf                         Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Ajulini/Taylorhm-scn-013         SCN 013 TLX System                                          N/A Signed-Off    SCN 013 TLX System.pdf                          Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 014 No Quaternion Propogation On-board                  N/A Signed-Off    SCN 014 Quaternion Propagation.pdf              Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                                                                               N/A Deleted
                                            Deleted because 15 deg is limiting case (SCN 015 10 deg Exclusion Zone)       N/A                                             N/A
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 016 Mass and Delta V Allocations                        N/A Signed-Off    SCN 016 Resource Budget Allocations.pdf         Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Ajulini                   SCN 017 SPB Design Change (Stay Open Doors)                 N/A Signed-Off    SCN 017 SPB Re-Design.pdf                       Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Turin/Brennemanthm-scn-018       SCN 018 Increase Instrument Mass Allocation 1kg             N/A Signed-Off    SCN 018 Instrument Mass Increase.pdf            Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Turin/Brennemanthm-scn-018       SCN 019 Remove Pulse Train Thrust Capability                N/A Signed-Off    SCN 019 Remove Pulse Train Thrust Capability.pdfSystems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Turin/Brennemanthm-scn-019       SCN 020 Change Probe TV Cycles Delete Acoustic test         N/A Signed-Off                                                    test .pdf
                                                                                                                          SCN 020 Change Probe TV cycles Delete Acoustic Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                 SCN 021 Rationale for changed requirements in MRD           N/A Signed-Off                                                    Systems/SCNs
                                                                                                                          SCN 021 Rationale for changed requirements in MRD.pdf
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                 SCN 022 MRD G.3 to G.4 Changes                              N/A Signed-Off    SCN 022 MRD G.3 to G.4 Updates.pdf              Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                 SCN 023 MRD G.4 to G.5 Changes                              N/A Signed-Off    SCN 023 MRD G.4 to G.5 Updates.pdf              Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                 SCN 024 MRD Spin Rate Requirement Change                    N/A Signed-Off    SCN 024 MRD PCA Spin Rate Req Change.pdf        Systems/SCNs
UCB/Swales Taylor/Brenneman                 SCN 024 MRD Spin Rate Requirement Change                    N/A Signed-Off    SCN 025 MRD H.2 to H.3 Updates.pdf              Systems/SCNs

IDPU Board Level Procedures
UCB         Richard   thm-beb-proc          THEMIS BEB Flight Board Test Procedure                   A       Released     1_THM_BEB_Flight_Test_Procedure_RevA.doc      Instruments/IDPU/BEB
LASP        Cully     thm-dfb-proc          THEMIS DFB Flight Board Test Procedure                   -       Released     DFB Test Procedure.doc                        Instruments/IDPU/DFB
UCB         Berg      thm-lvps-proc         THEMIS LVPS Flight Board Test Procedure                  R05     Released     THEMIS_IDPU_LVPS_Test_Procedure_Rev05         Instruments/IDPU/LVPS
UCB         Chen      thm-pcb-proc          THEMIS PCB Flight Board Test Procedure                   D       Released     PCB_flight_test_procedure_rev_d.doc           Instruments/IDPU/PCB
UCB         Gordon    thm-dcb-proc          THEMIS DCB Flight Board Test Procedure                   Rev 2   Released     TDCBTestPlan02.doc                            Instruments/IDPU/DCB
UCB         Cannario thm-dap-proc           THEMIS DAP Flight Board Test Procedure                   -       Released     DAP Test Procedure.doc                        Instruments/SST

IDPU Integration Procedures
UCB          Chen      thm-idpu-proc-001    THEMIS PCB Integration Procedure                         D       Signed-Off   THM_IDPU_PROC_001_v4_PCB_Integration          Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB          Chen        thm-idpu-proc-002                                                            N/A N/A
                                              Deleted THEMIS FGE Integration Procedure - same as THM_INT_PROC_002           N/A                                         N/A
UCB          Chen        thm-idpu-proc-003    THEMIS BEB Integration Procedure                        C    Signed-Off       THM_IDPU_PROC_003_v3_BEB_Integration        Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB          Chen        thm-idpu-proc-004    THEMIS DFB Integration Procedure                        C    Signed-Off       THM_IDPU_PROC_004_v3_DFB_Integration        Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB          Chen        thm-idpu-proc-005    THEMIS DAP Integration Procedure                        C    Signed-Off       THM_IDPU_PROC_005_v3_DAP_Integration        Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB          Chen        thm-idpu-proc-006    THEMIS LVPS Integration Procedure                       D    Signed-Off       THM_IDPU_PROC_006_v4_LVPS_Integration       Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB          Chen        thm-idpu-proc-007    THEMIS DCB Integration Procedure                        -    Signed-Off       THM_IDPU_PROC_007_DCB_Integration           Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB          Harvey      thm-idpu-proc-008    THEMIS Instrument FSW Install Procedure                 -    Signed-Off       THM_IDPU_PROC_008_FSWInstallation           Instruments/I&T/Procedures

Instrument Suite Integration Procedures
UCB         Taylor       thm-int-proc-001     THEMIS SCM Integration Procedure                          D      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_001d_SCM Integration           Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Taylor       thm-int-proc-002     THEMIS FGM Integration Procedure                          B      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_002_v3_FGM Integration         Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Richard      thm-int-proc-003     THEMIS EFI Integration Procedure                          C      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_003c_EFI Integration           Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Ludlam       thm-int-proc-004.1   THEMIS SPB Deploy Test Procedure                          C      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_004.1_v3_EFI SPB DEPLOY        Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Ludlam       thm-int-proc-004.2   THEMIS AXB Deploy Test Procedure                          B      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_004.2_v2_EFI AXB DEPLOY        Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Bonnell      thm-int-proc-005     THEMIS Fields Intercalibration and Timing Test            B      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_005b_Fields_Phasing            Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Chen         thm-int-proc-006     THEMIS SST Integration Procedure                          A      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_006_v2_SST Integration         Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Ludlam       thm-int-proc-007     THEMIS ESA Integration Procedure                          A      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_007a_ESA Integration           Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Taylor       thm-int-proc-008     THEMIS Mag Boom Integration Procedure                     A      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_008a_MAG BOOM Integration      Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Ludlam       thm-int-proc-009     THEMIS EFI cmrr/slew rate Test Procedure
UCB         Ludlam       thm-int-proc-010     THEMIS EFI AXB Guard Test Procedure
UCB         Ludlam       thm-int-proc-011     THEMIS DAP MAP Test Procedure                             -      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_011_DAP_MAP_procedure         Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Ludlam       thm-int-proc-012     THEMIS ESA Cover Test Procedure                           -      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_012 ESA Cover Integration     Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Ludlam       thm-int-proc-013     THEMIS Instrument Grounding Test Procedure                -      Signed-Off   THM_INT_PROC_013 Instrument Grounding Test Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Bonnell      thm-int-proc-014     THEMIS IDPU-ESA TVAC BEB Test
UCB         Bonnell      thm-int-proc-015     THEMIS Spin Fit Verification Test
UCB         Bonnell      thm-int-proc-016     THEMIS EFI Slow Sweep Verification Test
UCB         Bonnell      thm-int-proc-017     Deleted
UCB         Bonnell      thm-int-proc-018     THEMIS DFB Functional Re-Test
UCB         Bonnell      thm-int-proc-019     THEMIS DFB AKR, Filter Bank, FFT, and Derived Quantities Functional Test

Instrument Suite System Level Test Procedures
UCB/Swales Taylor/Krauter                   THEMIS BAU Processor Board-to-DCB Interface Test          A       Report        THM_SYS_PROC_001a_DCBtoBAU IF Test       Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB/Swales Gordon      thm-sys-proc-002.1   THEMIS BAU-to-IDPU Simulator Interface Test               -       Report                                                 Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB/Swales Harris      thm-sys-proc-002.2   THEMIS IDPU ETU Integration and Interface Test            -       Report                                                 Instruments/I&T/Procedures
                                                                                                                            THM_SYS_PROC_002.2_SAI-PROC-1563 IDPU - AS RUN
UCB         Ludlam     thm-sys-proc-003     THEMIS Instrument Suite EMI/EMC Test Procedure            A       Report        THM_SYS_PROC_003a_EMC Test Report        Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-proc-004     THEMIS Instrument Suite Thermal Vaccuum Test Procedure B          Signed-Off    THM_SYS_PROC_004b_Suite TV Test          Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-proc-005                                                               F
                                            THEMIS Instrument Suite Comprehensive Performance Test (CPT)      Signed-Off    THM_SYS_PROC_005f_CPT                    Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Ludlam     thm-sys-proc-006     THEMIS Instrument Suite Limited Performance Test (LPT)    B       Signed-Off    THM_SYS_PROC_006b_LPT                    Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-proc-007     Deleted - THEMIS Instrument Suite Aliveness Test (AT)     N/A     N/A           N/A                                      N/A
UCB         Sterling   thm-sys-proc-008     THEMIS ESA HV Turnon Procedure
UCB         Ludlam     thm-sys-proc-009     THEMIS Instrument Suite Self Compatibility Test (SCT)     A       Signed-Off    THM_SYS_PROC_009a_SCT                   Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Ludlam     thm-sys-proc-100     THEMIS Boom Deploy Procedure                              A       Signed-Off    THM_SYS_PROC_100a_Boom_Deploy           Instruments/I&T/Procedures
UCB         Taylor     thm-sys-proc-011     THEMIS PFR 127 (IDPU Reset) Close-out Procedure           A       Signed-Off    THM_SYS_PROC_011_PFR 127 and PFR 135 Closeout
UCB         Ludlam     thm-sys-proc-012                                                               -
                                            THEMIS PFR 141 (ESA Current Oscillation) Close-out Procedure      Signed-Off    THM_SYS_PROC_012_PFR 141 Closeout

Mission Integration and Test Procedures                                                                                                                               Due Date ASO PAD         Hazardous
UCB          Harris     thm-mint-proc-010     THEMIS Probe Power On/Off Procedure                         -   Released      THM_MINT_PROC_010_ProbePwr                Complete YES YES
UCB          Harris     thm-mint-proc-011     THEMIS Probe Umbilical Safe-to-Mate                        C    Released      THM_MINT_PROC_011C_ProbeSTM               Complete YES YES
UCB          Harris     thm-mint-proc-012     THEMIS Probe CPT Procedure                                 C    Released      THM_MINT_PROC_012C_ProbeCPT               Complete
UCB          Harris     thm-mint-proc-013     THEMIS Probe LPT Procedure                                 G    Released      THM_MINT_PROC_013G_ProbeLPT               Complete YES YES         HAZ
UCB          Harris     thm-mint-proc-014     THEMIS Probe AT Procedure                                   -   Released      THM_MINT_PROC_014_ProbeAT                 Complete YES YES
UCB          Donakowskithm-mint-proc-015      THEMIS Probe Handling Procedure                            J    Released                                                C
                                                                                                                            THM_MINT_PROC_015J Probe handling Procedure omplete YES            HAZ
UCB          Berg       thm-mint-proc-016     THEMIS Probe EMC/EMI Signatures                            C    Released      THM_MINT_PROC_016c_EMI_EMC Signature      Complete
UCB          Taylor     thm-mint-proc-017     THEMIS Probe Self Compatibility                            A    Released      THM_MINT_PROC_017a_Probe SCT              Complete
UCB          Turin      thm-mint-proc-018                                                                B
                                              THEMIS Probe Side Solar Array Installation/Removal Procedure    Released      THM_MINT_PROC_018b SIDE SOLAR ARRAY PROC  Complete
UCB          Curtis     thm-mint-proc-019     THEMIS Probe Solar Array Illumination Procedure            B    Released      THM_MINT_PROC_019B_SA Illumination        Complete YES             HAZ
UCB          Scholz     thm-mint-proc-020     THEMIS Instrument Harness Installation                      -   Released                                                Complete
                                                                                                                            THM_MINT_PROC_020_THEMIS Flight Harness Installation
UCB          Elliot     thm-mint-proc-021     THEMIS IDPU/ESA Mechanical Integration Procedure           B    Released                                                 PROBE
                                                                                                                            THM_MINT_PROC_021b IDPU INTEGRATION TOComplete
UCB          Turin      thm-mint-proc-022     THEMIS SST Mechanical Integration Procedure                C    Released                                                Complete
                                                                                                                            THM_MINT_PROC_022C SST Mechanical Integration Procedure
UCB          Donakowskithm-mint-proc-023      THEMIS SPB Instrument Mechanical Integration Procedure A        Released                                                Complete
                                                                                                                            THM_MINT_PROC_023a SPB_INTEGRATION_PROCEDURE
UCB          Turin      thm-mint-proc-024     THEMIS FGM Sensor Mechanical Integration Procedure         A    Released                                                 Integration
                                                                                                                            THM_MINT_PROC_024A FGM Sensor MechanicalComplete Procedure
UCB          Turin      thm-mint-proc-025     THEMIS SCM Sensor Mechanical Integration Procedure         A    Released                                                 Integration
                                                                                                                            THM_MINT_PROC_025A SCM Sensor MechanicalComplete Procedure
UCB          Duck       thm-mint-proc-026     THEMIS Mag Boom Mechanical Integration and Alignment       A    Released                                                Complete
                                                                                                                            THM_MINT_PROC_026a Mag Boom Mechanical Integration Procedure
UCB   Turin       thm-mint-proc-027   THEMIS Mag Boom Mechanical Clearance Verification            -      Released                                                      Complete
                                                                                                                          THM_MINT_PROC_027 Mag Boom Mechanical Clearance Verification
UCB   Harris      thm-mint-proc-028   THEMIS IDPU Electrical Integration Procedure                C       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_028c_IDPU Integration           Complete
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-029   THEMIS Particles Electrical Integration Test                B       Released                                                      Complete
                                                                                                                          THM_MINT_PROC_029b_Particles Electrical Integration
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-030   THEMIS Fields Electrical Integration Test                   A       Released                                                      Complete
                                                                                                                          THM_MINT_PROC_030a_Fields Electrical Integration
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-031                                                               N/A N/A
                                      Deleted - THEMIS Deployment Verification Test - covered in LPT                      N/A                                           N/A
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-032   THEMIS Instrument LPT Procedure                             E       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_032e_Instrument LPT             Complete YES
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-033   THEMIS Instrument CPT Procedure                             B       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_033b_Instrument CPT             Complete
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-034   THEMIS Instrument AT Procedure                               -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_034_Instrument AT               Complete
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-035   THEMIS Closed Loop ACS Test Procedure                        -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_035_ClosedLoopACS               Complete
UCB   Turin       thm-mint-proc-036   THEMIS SST Connector Plate Alignment Procedure              A       Released                                                      Complete
                                                                                                                          THM_MINT_PROC_36A SST Connector Plate Alignment Procedure
UCB   Plauche     thm-mint-proc-037   THEMIS Mag Boom Position Calculation Procedure              B       Released                                                      Complete
                                                                                                                          THM_MINT_PROC_037b Mag Boom Position Calculation Procedure
UCB   Plauche     thm-mint-proc-038   THEMIS Mag Boom Restow Procedure                             -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_038 Mag Boom Restow Procedure   Complete
UCB   Turin       thm-mint-proc-039                                                                specific close-out procedures
                                      Deleted - THEMIS Instrument Closeout Procedure - covered inN/A N/A                  N/A                                           N/A
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-040   THEMIS Instrument SPB Deploy Procedure                       -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_040_Instrument SPB Deploy Complete
UCB   Curtis      thm-mint-proc-041   THEMIS Probe EMC Test Procedure                             B       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_041b_Probe EMC Test             Complete
UCB   Ludlam      thm-mint-proc-042   THEMIS Probe Magnetics Test Procedure - replaced by JPL ProcN/A N/A                                                               N/A
UCB               thm-mint-proc-043
      Pankow/Donakowski               THEMIS Probe Vibration Test Procedure                       Rev 5 Released          THM_MINT_PROC_043_Vibration_Rev5              Complete
UCB               thm-mint-proc-044
      Pankow/Donakowski                                                                           N/A N/A
                                      Deleted - covered in -043 (THEMIS Probe Pair Vibration Test Procedure)                                                            N/A
UCB   Harris      thm-mint-proc-045   THEMIS Probe Vibration Test Electrical Configuration        B       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_045B_VibeConfig                 Complete
UCB   Smith       thm-mint-proc-046   THEMIS Probe TV Test Procedure                              A       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_046a2_TV Procedure              Complete
UCB   Smith       thm-mint-proc-047   THEMIS Probe Pair TV Test Procedure                          -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_047_ Probe Pair TV              Complete
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-048   THEMIS Probe TV Functional                                  A       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_048a T-V Functional             Complete
UCB               thm-mint-proc-049
      Pankow/Donakowski               THEMIS Probe Spin Balance Procedure                         Rev4 Released           THM_MINT_PROC_049-Probe_Spin_Balance_rev_4    Complete
UCB   Bester      thm-mint-proc-050   THEMIS Probe CTV RF Compatibility Test Procedure             -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_050_RFCTP-2nd Draft_9-23-05     Complete
KSC   Davis       thm-mint-proc-051   THEMIS Probe Fueling Procedure (KSC Proc)                   B       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_051b_FuelingOps                 Complete YES YES   HAZ
UCB   Harris      thm-mint-proc-052   THEMIS Probe-InstrumentThermal Vac LPT                       -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_052_TV-LPT                      Complete
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-053   THEMIS Probe Pre-Launch Closeout Procedure                           to B
                                                                                                  UpdateReleased          THM_MINT_PROC_053b_ProbeCloseOut              Complete YES
UCB   Berg        thm-mint-proc-054   THEMIS Probe Battery Ops Procedure                          D       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_054d Battery Handling Plan Complete YES YES
UCB   Sholl       thm-mint-proc-055   THEMIS Probe RCS Pressure Test and Leak Check               B       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_055b RCS PressureTest           Complete YES       HAZ
UCB   Elliot      thm-mint-proc-056   THEMIS Probe Rollover Procedure                              -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_056-                            Complete
UCB   Turin       thm-mint-proc-057   Deleted                                                     N/A N/A                                                               N/A
UCB   Elliot      thm-mint-proc-058   THEMIS Probe Lift in Rollover Fixture Procedure              -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_058-                            Complete
UCB   Elliot      thm-mint-proc-059   THEMIS Probe Thermal Vac Chamber Loading Procedure           -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_059-                            Complete
UCB               thm-mint-proc-060
      Pankow/Donakowski               THEMIS PCA Vibration Test Procedure                         R6      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_060_PCA_Vibration_rev_6         Complete
UCB               thm-mint-proc-061
      Pankow/Donakowski               THEMIS PCA Acoustics Test Procedure                          -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_061_PCA_Acoustics               Complete
UCB   Turin       thm-mint-proc-062   THEMIS PCA LV Mate Procedure                                E       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_062e PCA LV Mate Procedure Complete YES            HAZ
UCB               thm-mint-proc-063
      Taylor/Harris                   THEMIS PCA Electrical Test Procedure                                 to -
                                                                                                  UpdateReleased          THM_MINT_PROC_063_draft_PCAElectrical         Complete YES
UCB   Harris      thm-mint-proc-064   Deleted                                                     N/A N/A                                                               N/A
UCB               thm-mint-proc-065
      Taylor/Harris                                                                               UpdateReleased
                                      THEMIS PCA Launch Tower Electrical Test Procedure (at Block House) - to             THM_MINT_PROC_065 PAD PCAElectrical           N/A
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-066   THEMIS PCA Pre Launch Closeout Proc                                  to -
                                                                                                  UpdateReleased          THM_MINT_PROC_066 PCA Closeout                N/A
UCB               thm-mint-proc-067
      Pankow/Donakowski               THEMIS PCA Spin Balance Procedure                           R2      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_067-PCA_Spin_Balance_rev_2      Complete YES       HAZ
UCB   Dalton      thm-mint-proc-068   THEMIS PCA Lifting and Handling Procedure                   B       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_068b_PCA Lifting-Handling Proc  Complete YES       HAZ
UCB   Dalton      thm-mint-proc-069   THEMIS PCA Assembly Procedure                               B       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_069b_PCA Assy Proc              Complete YES       HAZ
UCB   Turin       thm-mint-proc-070   THEMIS PCA Separation System Test Procedure                 E       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_070E THEMIS Sep Sys Test Proc   Complete
UCB   Dalton      thm-mint-proc-071   THEMIS PCA Purge Bag Installation and Removal               A       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_071a PURGE BAG INSTL            Complete YES YES
UCB               thm-mint-proc-072
      Sterling/Chen                                                                               Draft In Progress
                                      THEMIS Probe Simulator to Blockhouse EGSE Verification Check-Out Procedure                                                                 YES
UCB   Curtis      thm-mint-proc-073   THEMIS PCA EGSE Safe-to-Mate                                A       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_073A                            Complete YES
UCB   Harris      thm-mint-proc-074   THEMIS PCA Vibration Electrical Configuration               A       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_074A_PCAVibeConfig              Complete
UCB   Harvey      thm-mint-proc-075   THEMIS PC SSS Removal                                        -      Released        THM_MINT_PROC_075_SSS_Removal                 Complete
UCB               thm-mint-proc-076
      Sterling/Chen                   Deleted - THEMIS PCA to USPP Safe-to-Mate                   N/A N/A                                                               YES
UCB   Taylor      thm-mint-proc-077   THEMIS PCA Launch Countdown                                 G       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_077G_LaunchCountdown            Complete YES YES
UCB   Sholl       thm-mint-proc-078   THEMIS RCS THEMIS Post Fueling Closeouts                    A       Released        THM_MINT_PROC_078a_PostFuelCloseout           Complete YES
UCB   Donakowskithm-mint-proc-079     THEMIS Probes Weighing Record                                -      Released                                                      Complete YES

UCB   Bester     thm-mint-proc-080    THEMIS Probe End-to-End with BGS/MOC                    E     Released                                                   Complete
UCB   Bester     thm-mint-proc-081    THEMIS Launch & Early Orbit Simulations                       # Assigned                                                 L-1 month
UCB   Bester     thm-mint-proc-082    THEMIS Contingency Procedures                                 # Assigned                                                 L-1 month
UCB   Sterling   thm-mint-proc-083    THEMIS UCB Ground Station RF System Sensitivity Test    Draft In Progress                                                L-1 month
UCB   Bester     thm-mint-proc-084    THEMIS Telemetry Format Verification                    C     Released                                                   Complete
UCB   Bester     thm-mint-proc-085    THEMIS Probe Clock Tests                                C     Released                                                   Complete
UCB   Sterling   thm-mint-proc-086    THEMIS RF Chirp Test                                    -     Released        THM_MINT_PROC_086 RF Chirp Test            L-55 days YES YES           HAZ
UCB   Turin      thm-mint-proc-100    THEMIS BAU Removal Procedure                            -     Released        THM_MINT_PROC_100 BAU Removal Procedure Complete
UCB   Taylor     thm-mint-proc-101    THEMIS PFR Close-out from P2 Initial Integration        -     Released        THM_MINT_PROC_101_F2 PFR Close-out         Complete
UCB          Taylor    thm-mint-proc-102     THEMIS Thermal Vacuum Functional Configuration Test
                                                    Probe Top/Bottom Solar Array Installation/Removal -       Released   THM_MINT_PROC_102 TVac Configuration       Complete
UCB          Dalton    thm-mint-proc-103     Proc                                                        -    Released                                              Complete
                                                                                                                         THM_MINT_PROC_103 TOP-BOTTOM SOLAR ARRAY PROC
UCB          Plauche   thm-mint-proc-104     THEMIS Mag Boom Shim Replacement                            -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_104 Mag Boom Shim ReplacementComplete
UCB          Harris    thm-mint-proc-105     THEMIS Pyro Inhibits Test Procedure                         C    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_105C_PyroTest                Complete YES
UCB          Harris    thm-mint-proc-106     THEMIS Battery Trending Test Procedure                      A    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_106a BatteryTrend            Complete YES
UCB          Sholl     thm-mint-proc-107     THEMIS PPMU Safe-to-Mate Procedure                          -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_107 PPMU_STM                 Complete YES
UCB          Sholl     thm-mint-proc-108     THEMIS PPMU Operations Manual                               -    Released                                              Complete
                                                                                                                         THM_MINT_PROC_108_PPMU operational instructions
UCB          Taylor    thm-mint-proc-109     THEMIS JPL Tracking Log                                     -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_109 JPLTracking              Complete
UCB          Donakowskithm-mint-proc-120     THEMIS Facility and MGSE Magnetic Test Procedures           -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_120_Magnetics Survey         Complete YES YES
UCB          Ludlam    thm-mint-proc-121     THEMIS Component Magnetic Test Procedure                    -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_121_Component Mag            Complete
UCB          Elliot    thm-mint-proc-122     THEMIS ESA/SST Purge Hookup Procedure                       D    Released                                              Complete YES
                                                                                                                         THM_MINT_PROC_122d Purge Connection Procedure                   HAZ
UCB          Donakowskithm-mint-proc-123     THEMIS ESA/SST Radiation Source Handling Procedure          -    Released   THM-MINT-PLN-123 REV- DRAFT 23JAN06        Complete
UCB          Sholl     thm-mint-proc-124     THEMIS RCS Recharge to 50psi                                -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_124_RCS low pressure         Complete
UCB          Bonnell   thm-mint-proc-125     THEMIS Probe ESC Closeout Procedure                         B    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_125b_ESC Closeout            Complete YES
UCB          McCauley thm-mint-proc-126      THEMIS Magnetic Screening and Degaussing Procedure          A    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_126a_THEMIS_MAG SCREENING    Complete YES YES
UCB          Sholl     thm-mint-proc-127     THEMIS RCS Pressurization for Vibration                     -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_127 Vibe Test Pressurization Complete
UCB          Donakowskithm-mint-proc-128     THEMIS Handling of Pyrotechnic Devices                      -    Released   THM-MINT-PLN-128 PYROTECHNIC HANDLING PLAN Complete YES         HAZ
UCB          Sholl     thm-mint-proc-129     THEMIS Pressure Test Panel and Line Proof Test              -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_129_PressureLineProof        Complete
UCB          Donakowskithm-mint-proc-130                                                                 -    Released
                                             THEMIS Installation and Removal of Radiation Sources into TVAC chamber      THM_MINT_PROC_130_Radiation Sources Instl Complete
UCB          Bonnell   thm-mint-proc-131     THEMIS MSSS Exposed Insulator Overtapping Procedure         -    Released                                              Overtaping
                                                                                                                         THM_MINT_PROC_131_MSSS Exposed Insulator Complete
UCB          Donakowskithm-mint-proc-132     THEMIS EGSE RACKS Moving Procedure                          -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_132 EGSE RACK PROCEDURE      Complete YES YES     HAZ
UCB          Harris    thm-mint-proc-133     THEMIS Flight Enable Test Procedure                         -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_133_EnablePlugTest           Complete YES
UCB          Harris    thm-mint-proc-134     THEMIS RCS Electrical Test Procedure                        -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_134_RCS_Electrical           Complete YES
UCB          Harris    thm-mint-proc-135     THEMIS PCA Safe-to-Mate Procedure                           -    Released   THM_MINT_PROC_132 EGSE RACK PROCEDURE      Complete YES

UCB          Smith    thm-mint-proc-140      THEMIS Probe Thermal Closeout Procedure                  A      Released    THM_MINT_PROC_140a_Thermal Closeout        Complete
UCB          Dalton   thm-mint-proc-141      THEMIS Separation System Stow Procedure                  A      Released    THM_MINT_PROC_141a SEPSYS STOW             Complete   YES       HAZ
UCB          McCauley thm-mint-proc-142      THEMIS Launch Site Tool Control Plan                     B      Released    THM_MINT_PROC_142b_ToolControlPlan                    YES YES

Flight Operations Procedures
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-001     THEMIS Probe Seperation                                  A      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-002     THEMIS Probe Checkout Procedure (Round Robin)            A      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-003     THEMIS Probe Maneuver Checkout Procedure                 A      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-004     THEMIS Probe Sun-Normal Attitude Manuever                A      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-005     THEMIS Probe Maneuver Pass Procedure                     A      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-006     THEMIS Pyro Valve Open Procedure                         -      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)

UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-101     THEMIS IDPU Power-On and Check-out Procedure             C      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-102     THEMIS FGM Commissioning Procedure                       B      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-103     THEMIS SCM/EFI Commissioning Procedure                   B      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-104     THEMIS Mag Boom Deploy Procedure                         A      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-105     THEMIS SST Commissioning Procedure                       C      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-106     THEMIS ESA Commissioning Procedure                       -      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-107.1   THEMIS ESA Ions HV Ramp Up Procedure                     E      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-107.2   THEMIS ESA Electrons HV Ramp Up Procedure                F      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-108     THEMIS ESA Cover Open Procedure                          B      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-109     THEMIS SPB Door Open Procedure                           -      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-110     THEMIS SPB Motor Deploy Procedure                        -      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Taylor     thm-fop-proc-111     THEMIS AXB Deploy Procedure                              C      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Harvey     thm-fop-proc-112     THEMIS SDT Upload Procedure                              B      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Richard    thm-fop-proc-113     THEMIS IDPU EEPROM Load Order Form                       -      Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Lewis      thm-fop-proc-201     THEMIS FSW Load (to EEPROM)                                     Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Lewis      thm-fop-proc-202     THEMIS Table Load (to EEPROM)                                   Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Lewis      thm-fop-proc-203     THEMIS Clock Correlation/Update                                 Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Lewis      thm-fop-proc-204     THEMIS Restart Ground Systems (ITOS auto-pass)                  Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Lewis      thm-fop-proc-205     THEMIS Build/Check/Load ATS                                     Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Ludlam     thm-fop-proc-206     THEMIS ETC IDPU Debug                                           Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Richard    thm-fop-proc-207     IDPU Power-on (if necessary) and Instrument Startup             Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)
UCB          Richard    thm-fop-proc-208      EFI Sensor Diagnostic Test                                     Released    placed on THEMISOPS (password protected)

Flight Contingency Procedures
UCB          Lewis     thm-cop-proc-001      THEMIS Cold Reset Recovery Procedure
UCB         Harris     thm-cop-proc-002       THEMIS Load Shed Recovery Procedure
UCB         Richard    thm-cop-proc-003       THEMIS Mag Boom Back-up Deploy Procedure
UCB         Richard    thm-cop-proc-004       THEMIS AXB Back-up Deploy Procedure
UCB         Richard    thm-cop-proc-005       THEMIS ESA Back-up Cover Open Procedure
UCB         Taylor     thm-cop-proc-006       THEMIS Latch Valve Anomaly Procedure
UCB         Taylor     thm-cop-proc-007       THEMIS Inadvertent Firing of Pyro Valve Contingency Procedure
UCB         Lewis      thm-cop-proc-008       Deleted                                                    N/A    N/A
UCB         Richard    thm-cop-proc-009       THEMIS IDPU FSW Image Upload
UCB         Lewis      thm-cop-proc-010       THEMIS Negative Aquisition Recovery
UCB         Bester     thm-cop-proc-011       THEMIS Attitude recovery Maneuver to Sun Normal

Science Operations Procedures
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-101       THEMIS Science TIME Definition                             Draft In Progress     THM_SOC_101_TIME
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-102       THEMIS STATE File Definition                                     #Assigned       THM_SOC_102_STATE_FILE THEMIS STATE File Definition
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-103       THEMIS FGM Variable Name Definitions                             #Assigned       THM_SOC_103_FGM_L1_VARNAMES THEMIS FGM Variable Name Definitions
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-104       THEMIS SCM Variable Name Definitions                             #Assigned       THM_SOC_104_SCM_L1_VARNAMES
UCB         Bonnell    thm-soc-proc-105       THEMIS EFI Variable Name Definitions                             #Assigned       THM_SOC_105_EFI_L1_VARNAMES
UCB         Carlson    thm-soc-proc-106       THEMIS ESA Variable Name Definitions                             #Assigned       THM_SOC_106_ESA_L1_VARNAMES
UCB         Larson     thm-soc-proc-107       THEMIS SST Variable Name Definitions                             #Assigned       THM_SOC_107_SST_L1_VARNAMES
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-108       THEMIS GMAG Variable Name Definitions                            #Assigned       THM_SOC_108_GMAG_L1_VARNAMES
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-109       THEMIS ASI Variable Name Definitions                             #Assigned       THM_SOC_109_ASI_L1_VARNAMES
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-110       THEMIS Coordinate Systems Definitions                            #Assigned       THM_SOC_110_COORDINATES THEMIS Coordinate Systems Definitions
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-111       THEMIS SUN SENSOR Science Processing                             #Assigned       THM_SOC_111_SUNSENSPROC THEMIS SUN SENSOR Science Processing
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-112       THEMIS Science ATT and Inertia Determination                     #Assigned       THM_SOC_112_ATTPAIPROC THEMIS Science ATT and Inertia Determination
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-113       THEMIS FGM CAL File and Processing                               #Assigned       THM_SOC_113_FGM_CALPROC THEMIS FGM CAL File and Processing
UCB         Vassilis   thm-soc-proc-114       THEMIS SCM CAL File and Processing                               #Assigned       THM_SOC_114_SCM_CALPROC THEMIS SCM CAL File and Processing
UCB         Bonnell    thm-soc-proc-115       THEMIS EFI CAL File and Processing                               #Assigned       THM_SOC_115_EFI_CALPROC THEMIS EFI CAL File and Processing
UCB         Carlson    thm-soc-proc-116       THEMIS ESA CAL File and Processing                               #Assigned       THM_SOC_116_ESA_CALPROC THEMIS ESA CAL File and Processing
UCB         Larson     thm-soc-proc-117       THEMIS SST CAL File and Processing                               #Assigned       THM_SOC_117_SST_CALPROC THEMIS SST CAL File and Processing

IDPU Flight Board Schematics
UCB          Harris    thm-cop-proc-009       THEMIS BEB Flight Board Schematic                                 Flight Built           Instruments/IDPU/BEB
UCB          Cenario   thm-cop-proc-010       THEMIS DAP Flight Board Schematic                                 Flight Built                                         Instruments/SST
UCB          Gordon    thm-cop-proc-011       THEMIS DCB/ETC Flight Board Schematic                             Flight Built   THM_DCB_SCH_001_DCBETC30AUG.ZIP       Instruments/IDPU/DCB
UCB          Nemari    thm-cop-proc-012       THEMIS DFB Flight Board Schematic                                 Flight Built                                         Instruments/IDPU/DFB
UCB          Domeny    thm-cop-proc-013       THEMIS PCB/FGE Flight Board Schematic                             Flight Built   THEMIS POWER CONTROL BOARD REV 09.DSN Instruments/IDPU/PCB
UCB          Berg      thm-cop-proc-014       THEMIS LVPS Flight Board Schematic                                Flight Built                                         Instruments/IDPU/LVPS
                                                                                                                               THM_LVPS_SCH_001_THEMIS LVPS REV 62.DSN

Instrument Pre Environmental Reviews (PERs)
UCB          McCauley thm-cop-proc-017     THEMIS F1 SPB PER                                                                   thm_per_SPBF1_RFAs.doc                    Instruments/I&T/PERs
UCB          McCauley thm-cop-proc-018     THEMIS F1 SST PER                                                                   thm_per_SSTF1_RFAs.doc                    Instruments/I&T/PERs
UCB          McCauley thm-cop-proc-019     THEMIS F1 AXB PER                                                                   thm_per_AXBF1_RFAs.doc                    Instruments/I&T/PERs
UCB          McCauley thm-cop-proc-020     THEMIS F2 SPB PER                                                                   thm_per_SPBF2_RFAs.doc                    Instruments/I&T/PERs

Flight Instrument Procedures and Test Plans
EFI Spin Plane Booms (SPB) Procedures
UCB           Donakowskithm-spb-proc-420                                                                 -       Released
                                              THEMIS Test Procedure: Vertical Acceptance Testing of SPB Flight Units
UCB           Donakowskithm-spb-proc-423                                                                         Units
                                              THEMIS Test Procedure: Acceptance Vibration Testing of SPB -Flight Released
UCB           Donakowskithm-spb-proc-424      THEMIS Test Procedure: SPB Thermal Vacuum Acceptance Test  -       Released
EFI Axial Boom (AXB) Procedures
UCB           Duck      thm-axb-int-303                                                             -
                                              THEMIS Test Procedure: AXB Thermal Vacuum Acceptance Test         Released
UCB           Duck      thm-axb-int-302       THEMIS Test Procedure: AXB Vibration Test Procedure   -           Released
SST Procedures
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-001      THEMIS SST Qualification Level Vibration Test Procedure    C     Released
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-002      THEMIS SST Acceptance Level Vibration Test Procedure       A     Released
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-003                                                                       Released
                                              THEMIS SST Qualification-Acceptance Level Thermal Vacuum -Test Procedure
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-004      Deleted                                                    N/A N/A
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-005      THEMIS SST Attenuator Mechanism Life Test Procedure        A     Released
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-006      THEMIS SST Bronze Alloy Part Bake Out Procedure            A     Released
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-007                                                                       Released
                                              THEMIS SST Flight Attenuator Mechanism Verification Test Procedure
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-008      THEMIS SST Detector Stack Assembly Procedure               A     Released
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-009      THEMIS SST Magnet and Yoke Assembly Procedure              A     Released
UCB           Lee       thm-sst-proc-010      THEMIS SST Assembly Procedure                              A     Released
UCB         Lee        thm-sst-proc-011 THEMIS SST Attenuator to Magnet-Yoke Assembly IntegrationA     Released
UCB         Lee        thm-sst-proc-012 THEMIS SST Collimator Assembly Procedure                 A     Released
UCB         Lee        thm-sst-proc-013 THEMIS SST HM Switch Assembly Procedure                  A     Released
UCB         Lee        thm-sst-proc-014 THEMIS SST Connector Plate Alignment Procedure           A     Released
UCB         Lee        thm-sst-proc-015 THEMIS SST SMA Assembly Procedure                        C     Released
UCB         Lee        thm-sst-proc-016 THEMIS SST Attenuator Wiring Procedure                   A     Released
MAG BOOM Procedures
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-001 Mag Booms Vibration                                       C     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-002 Mag Booms Thermal Cycling                                 A     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-003 FGB Deployment Test                                       A     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-004 SCB Deployment Test                                       A     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-005 FGB Drop Test                                             B     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-006 SCB Drop Test                                             B     Released
UCB         Plauche    THM-MBS-PRC-007 Mag Boom Torque Margin Test
UCB         Plauche    THM-MBS-PRC-010 THEMIS MBS FGB Z-axis Proof Test Procedure                B     Released
UCB         Plauche    THM-MBS-PRC-011 THEMIS MBS SCB Z-axis Proof Test Procedure                B     Released
UCB         Plauche    THM-MBS-PRC-012 THEMIS MBS FGB Y-axis Proof Test Procedure                A     Released
UCB         Plauche    THM-MBS-PRC-013 THEMIS MBS SCB Y-axis Proof Test Procedure                A     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-101 FGB Bonding                                               B     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-102 SCB Bonding                                               B     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-103 FGB Assembly                                              G     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-104 SCB Assembly                                              J     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-201 FGB Tube Fabrication                                      B     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-202 SCB Tube Fabrication                                      B     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-203 AXB Tube Fabrication                                      B     Released
UCB         Tan        THM-MBS-PRC-204 AXB Flange Fabrication                                    B     Released
ESA Procedures
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-001 ESA + IDPU QUALIFICATION VIBRATION PROCEDURE              A     Released     THM-ESA-PRC-001 REV A ESA + IDPU Qualification Vibration Procedure
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-002 ESA COVER RELEASE COCKING PROCEDURE                       A     Released     THM-ESA-PRC-002 REV A RELEASE COCKING
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-003 ESA MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY PROCEDURE                         E     Released     THM-ESA-PRC-003 REV E ESA Mechanical Assembly Proceedure
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-004 ESA PARTS CLEANING PROCEDURE                              A     Released     THM-ESA-PRC-004 REV A FLIGHT PARTS CLEANING PROCEDURE
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-005 ESA RELEASE PLATE TV ACTUATION TEST PROCEDURE A                 Released     THM-ESA-PRC-005 REV A TV Release Actuation Test Proceedure
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-006 SMA ACTUATOR CYCLE TEST PROCEDURE                         A     Released     THM-ESA-PRC-006 REV A SMA Cycle Test Proceedure
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-007 ESA + IDPU ACCEPTANCE VIBRATION PROCEDURE                 A     Released     THM-ESA-PRC-007 REV A ESA + IDPU Acceptance Vibration Test Procedure
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-008 ESA TORQUE CHART                                          A     Released     THM-ESA-PRC-008 REV A ESA TORQUE CHART
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-009 ESA + IDPU MECHANICAL INTEGRATION                         B     Released     THM-ESA-PRC-009 REV B MECHANICAL INTEGRATION ESA + IDPU
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-010 PURGE CONNECTION STEPS                                    D     Released Space Segment/2.1 Instrument/2.1.3 Electro-Static Analyzer (ESA)/
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-011 VIBRATION TEST REPORT                                     A     Released     THM-ESA-PRC-011 REV A Vibration Test Report
UCB         Elliott    THM-SST-PRC-015 SMA ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY PROCEDURE                           C     Released     THM-SST-PRC-015 REV C SMA ASSEMBLY PROCEDURE
UCB         Elliott    THM-ESA-PRC-016 Purge Pressure Relief and Flow Test Procedure             B     Released Space Segment/2.1 Instrument/2.1.3 Electro-Static Analyzer (ESA)/
UCB         Ludlam                      ESA
                       THM-IDPU_ESA-PRC-016 + IDPU Thermal Vacuum Test Procedure                 C     Released
UCB         Ludlam                      THEMIS ESA Pre-Amp Board & Interface Board Functional Test
Instrument Thermal Procedures
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-001 Frangibolt Thermal Vacuum Qualification Test             D1    Released
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-002 SPB Thermal Balance Test                                 A     Released
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-003 AXB Thermal Balance Test                                       # Assigned
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-004 MAG Boom Thermal Balance Test                                  # Assigned
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-005 ESA/IDPU/SCM PreAmp Thermal Balance Test                       # Assigned
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-006 SST Thermal Balance Test                                       # Assigned
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-121 SPB Blanket Installation                                       # Assigned
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-131 AXB Blanket Installation                                       # Assigned
UCB         Duck       THM-ITH-PROC-132 AXB Tape Installation                                          # Assigned
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-141 MAG Boom Blanket Installation                                  # Assigned
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-142 MAG Boom Tape Installation                                     # Assigned
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-152 ESA/IDPU/SCM PreAmp Tape Installation                          # Assigned
UCB         Smith      THM-ITH-PROC-162 SST Tape Installation                                          # Assigned

Swales Documents (UCB Signature Required)
Swales     Brenneman SAI-SPEC-1148        THEMIS Environmental Design Specification                    Signed Off                                                     Spacecraft
Swales     LeBoeuf   SAI-SPEC-0623        THEMIS Ground Operations Coordination                        Signed Off                                                     Spacecraft
Swales     Brenneman SAI-RPT-0555         THEMIS Orbital Debris Assessment                             Signed Off                                                     Spacecraft

Ground Based Observatory Released Documents
UCB   Harris   thm-gbo-107   THEMIS GBO System Requirements Specification   A
UCB   Harris   thm-gbo-108   THEMIS GBO System Implementation Plan          A
alyzer (ESA)/

alyzer (ESA)/

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