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									 start                                                          end

              The bee is              The ostrich is
  The                                 gray, black and       The dolphin
              yellow and
rabbit is                                 white.              is gray.
                  The dog                  The cat
                                             has        The butterfly is
                 is brown.
  The                                       black       pink, red, purple,
spider is                                  stripes.     yellow and black.
 yellow.                                                       The bird
                                                               is green.
                                          parrot is
The ant                 The frog          pink and
is black.               is green.          purple.

The fish      The                      The snake is
                        The lion is
 is red     monkey is                 black with red
                        orange and                         The turtle
and blue.    brown.                      stripes.
                          black.                            is gold.
What is my color?

The game is suitable for young learners 8-12 (or weak learners of all ages)
Up to 4 players.
The vocabulary used in the game is animals and colors.
The animal cards should be printed on paper. Do not laminate them. (for each game you need to print
the pictures again, unless you find another useful idea )


Face the cards up on a floor or a table.
Each player throw the die in his/her turn, then goes according to the number. If it says 3 –he/she goes 3
When the player gets to a sentence, he reads it and finds the card with the correct animal. If he doesn’t
know what it says/can't read it or finds the wrong card he loses a point.
Each correct card (reading correctly and painting correctly) gives the player one point (there is a point
sheet to be used).
The aim is to get as many points as possible and finish the game (end). When all the players finish the
game, they count the points. The one with the most points wins the game.
If the player gets to an arrow he/she still has to find the card and color it but has to go one step back. If
he gets to a 2 way arrow he/she loses a turn and gives his/her turn to the next player after him/her.
That means that the next player gets to have 2 turns in a row.
If a player gets to a sentence that has been read by another player and the card has been collected, the
player can't play the turn.
At the beginning of each game, the players write their names on the point sheet and have to fill it in
during the game. They write the name of the animal, the color and the points they get. If a player has 2
turns in a row, he/she can get 2 points.
My advice is to print the game 200% enlarge.
name of player   animal   colors   points

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