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									                                Position Description
Action Requested:         New position _x_ Revised position ___                       Date completed:      10/28/2010
Prepared by:              Abby Marlow                                                 Phone:               907-229-5188

Note: Employees must be able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations. All
individuals with disabilities are encouraged to seek reasonable accommodation.


CLASSIFICATION/JOB TITLE                                     CLASSIFICATION/JOB #
Tribal Nutrition Team Coordinator

POSITION NUMBER                                              FTE

EMPLOYEE NAME                                                DEPARTMENT NAME/ORG NUMBER

MISSION GROUP                                                SUPERVISOR & TITLE


2. POSITION SUMMARY: Provide descriptive statements which outline the purpose of the position.
Five Major Areas of Responsibility:
    1. Lead the Nutrition, Health and Wellness Team of the CTCLUSI with the guidance of the
       Health Director and the association’s Health Committee
    2. Manage the food and nutrition programs currently in place within the tribal community
    3. Develop nutrition education programs that address the needs of all socioeconomic groups within the
         tribe and build on the assets and programs already in place. Education programs should focus on areas
         of nutrition, food safety, food resource management, maternal and child nutrition, health and wellness,
         food security, cultural food practices and should be designed to address community health issues.
         Health issues to be addressed include but are not limited to diabetes care and management, childhood
         obesity, adult obesity, heart disease, and tobacco prevention.
    4. Expand nutrition programming to support and strengthen community food systems and their
       networks of actors throughout the tribal community. Such efforts should be integrated with
       other programming. Effective programs will build off the efforts already made by the
       association and a network of other tribal organizations and individuals working in community
       food systems.
    5. Present when appropriate or required to the Tribal Council, and represent the tribal nutrition
       community within this facet.

    While the position focuses on management of programs and staff, direct planning and implementation may
    be done by the Tribal Nutrition Team Coordinator when appropriate, or he/she feels necessary. The Tribal
    Nutrition Team Coordinator will report directly to the Health Director.

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                                   Position Description

 3. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Essential functions indicate those key responsibilities that meet one or more of the following
 descriptors: (1) the position exists to perform the function, (2) the number of employees available to perform the function is limited, (3)
 the function is so highly specialized that the person is hired for his/her expertise or ability to perform the function. The percentage of
 duties must equal 100%
                                                                                                              % Of       Function
 Key Responsibilities & Performance Standards                                                                 duties     (Yes/No)

      1. Issuance of leadership in the area of Nutrition, and priority setting for the                        25%               Yes
      2. Program Management and Coordination                                                                                    Yes
      3. Resource and Program Delivery                                                                                          Yes
      4.    Research and Program Evaluation                                                                                     Yes
      5.    Financial and Administrative Management                                                           10%               Yes

      6. Human Resource Management                                                                            10%               Yes

      7. Personal development, other potential duties                                                         10%                No



                                                     Direct                            Indirect
  Number of employees this             6                                   9
  position supervises:
  Job titles of employees supervised: 3 Secretaries, 3 Nutrition Educators/Community Health Representatives
  who also have duties related to curriculum development, 3 volunteers who work with the Nutrition Educators

5. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Select the item below that most closely matches the level of
   supervisory and fiscal responsibility:

       Monitors expenditures against departmental budget; prepares necessary documentation for supervisor
       review/approval; tabulates budgetary data, calculates figures, and checks for accuracy.
       Analyzes departmental budgetary data, verifies figures, and develops budget proposals; recommends
       allocation of budgetary funds.
       Has full responsibility for departmental planning, forecasting and final approval of budget. Indicate
       estimated budget amount: $
       None of the above.


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                           Position Description

 As part of the qualifications requirement, the following Core Competencies are expected of all OHSU
 employees regardless of their position within the organization.

Accountability:                 Ability to establish mutual agreements that result in clear responsibility,
                                taking personal action to accomplish an agreed result and assuming personal
                                responsibility for the results of behavior and actions.

Integrity:                      Actions are consistent with ethical values. Honest in communication and

Diversity:                      Honors the uniqueness of each individual, challenges stereotypes and
                                promotes sensitivity and inclusion. Functions effectively and respectfully
                                within the context of varying cultural beliefs, behaviors and backgrounds.

Respect:                        Demonstrates consideration and appreciation for colleagues, clients and

Service Orientation:            Seeks opportunities to improve the work and work environment to better
                                meet the needs of internal and external customers.

Teamwork &                      Works cooperatively and productively with others to achieve shared goals.
Communication:                  Demonstrates the ability to convey thoughts and ideas as well as understand
                                perspective of others.

Additional competencies listed below apply to employees in a leadership position.

Systems Thinking:               Ability to see and understand whole systems and how elements within
                                systems relate. Works cooperatively with others to use appropriate systems
                                strengths, knowledge and cooperation to improve performance.
Managing Resources:             Meets performance goals and budget targets. Effectively manages
                                departmental resources. Understands OHSU’s financial systems and uses
                                them effectively. Demonstrates the financial acumen for managing budgets
                                aggressively. Effectively manages vendor relationships to maximize
Change Leader:                  Ability to act and provide leadership throughout the change process.
                                Engages employees in the entire process and develops commitment for
                                sustaining change.
Developing Organizational       Ability to recruit, retain and develop high performing individuals aligned
Talent:                         with OHSU’s goals and values. Completes performance reviews and
                                development plans for all direct reports on time.

       Qualifications                            Required                             Preferred
Education:                       BS in Nutrition, RD – Registered             MA of Nutrition Education
Experience:                      In Nutrition education – especially in       Work with low-income
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                                   Position Description

                                          diabetes and weight management, work                      populations, food prep, work
                                          with tribal people and/or diverse cultures                with children, education
                                                                                                    experience in food safety
Job Related Knowledge,                    Diabetes care, team building, people                      Competency in Microsoft
Skills and Abilities                      skills, communication skills, competency                  Office
(Competencies):                           in Microsoft Word, financial management

Registrations, Certifications             None                                                      RD, CDE
and/or Licenses:

Compliance:                               Code of conduct, confidentiality                          None
                                          agreement, applicable policies,
                                          procedures and agreements related to
                                          position within the tribe

7. WORKING CONDITIONS: This may include such items as work schedule, work location, travel and environmental
exposures such as noise, human tissues/fluids or radiation.
The position does require a host of travel. The main base for this position will be held in Coos Bay, OR,
where our other administration is held. Outreach to offices in Florence, OR and Eugene, OR will also be
under the scope of practice. Travel to outreach offices will be necessary.

8. PHYSICAL DEMANDS & EQUIPMENT USAGE: This describes the physical requirements necessary to
perform the essential functions of this position. Example: Ability to carry and lift up to 50 pounds. Ability to stand for four
continuous hours a day.
Position requires the ability to drive, stand for long periods of time, a tribal car will be provided for between
offices, a tribal computer will be provided.


 My signature denotes that this position description is an accurate and correct statement of the
 essential functions, responsibilities and requirements assigned to this position.

                                                Type Name                            Signature                                 Date


                             Please attach a current organizational chart if available.
        Forward the electronic copy of the Position Description to Compensation and retain the signed copy at the departmental level.

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